Friday, April 17, 2015

Lane Bajardi: in support of the Russo Clan

As part of Lane "I'm not a political operative" Bajardi's extensive behind the scenes Hoboken political activities on behalf of Beth Mason and the Russo faction, there's this little gem from the 2011 ward races.

In the strenuous efforts to see Councilwoman Beth Mason retain the second ward council seat, support for the Russo clan was apparently extended beyond the Mason family checkbook. Mason's short-lived time as Council President was also at stake (and about to end with the re-election of Peter Cunningham in the fifth ward and election of Jen Giattino in the sixth.)

What's good for Beth Mason is good. If that means aiding and abetting the Russo clan, so be it.

An original, complete emails from April 22nd, 2011 from the son of the first ward councilwoman Terry Castellano to Lane Bajardi follows:

Related in the Bench Slapped series,  is an excerpt from this January 2014 deposition in the Bajardi v Pincus civil litigation. Hudson County decades long political operative Tommy Bertoli offered comment on the 2011 Hoboken ward races and the Mason family expenditures on behalf of the Russo clan.

Those comments immediately follow with mention of how Beth Mason came to hire Weehawken based James "FinBoy" Barracato to perform political operations for her in Hoboken. (Did that include work on the Bajardi lawsuit?)

Talking Ed Note: Isn't it reassuring to know that Lane Bajardi and his "not a political operative" wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi "really care" about the Russo clan?

Here too is the smoking gun how James "FinBoy" Barracato has all but become the Hoboken second ward council representative. Beth Mason only "occupies" the seat physically as this MSV story breaking EmailGate so amply reveals.

MSV broke this July 2013 story exclusively and no other media reported on the odd connection of a first ward councilwoman putting the name of Beth Mason's political operative on an email in a request for City of Hoboken legal information.

The word cover-up comes to mind but the common ommission of truth is all too common in these parts among elected officials and what MSV coined the Mason Media Complex which serves them.

Related: The Court's February decision when it threw the Bajardi case out of court mid-trial stated:

“Limited public figures are those who have thrust themselves into the vortex of a public issue or have engaged the public’s attention in an attempt to influence its outcome. When it considered the public controversy prong, the Court must consider whether the alleged defamation involves a public controversy and the nature and extent the plaintiff’s involvement in that controversy.” Berkery v. Kinney, 397 N.J. Super.22222. 

“A public controversy is defined as a real dispute, the outcome of which affects the general public or some segment of it and the content, form and context as revealed by the whole record must be considered. Once a person becomes a public figure in connection with a particular controversy, that person remains a public figure thereafter for purposes of later commentary or treatment of that controversy.” The contentious factionalism present in Hoboken politics constitutes a sufficiently particular controversy to which an individual may have a connection, making that individual a limited purpose9public figure per Berkery. 

The Court finds that Bajardi has been heavily involved in the factional discord; that he has made efforts to inject his talents into the furtherance of one side over the other; has presented himself at various public gatherings in connection with one of the factions; has actively and publicly advocated for this faction; has communicated with public officials on matters involving Hoboken politics and can generally be considered involved in that particular controversy. 

As a result, even though plaintiff claims to have withdrawn from civic involvement as of a certain date, he remains a public figure thereafter for purposes of later commentary or treatment of that controversy. Furthermore, aside from plaintiff’s status as a limited public figure, the issue of Hoboken political factionalism is one of public concern and is, therefore, offered the highest possible constitutional protection. W.J.A. v. D.A., 210 N.J. 229 (2012). G.D.4v. Kenny, 205 N.J. 275 (2011) and Rocci v. Ecole5Secondaire MacDonald-Cartier, 165 N.J. at 149 (2000).

Original Lane Bajardi deposition graphic courtesy Grafix Avenger

Federally-funded Observer Highway construction begins

City of Hoboken announces:

Federally-funded Project Will Reduce Congestion and Improve Safety for All Modes of Transportation

Beginning on or about Monday, April 27, 2015, construction will begin on the Observer Highway complete streets redesign project. The improvements along Observer Highway will include new synchronized traffic signals and dedicated left turn lanes that will create a more organized, efficient, and safer driving experience. Between 2010 and 2012, there were an average of 37 crashes per year along Observer Highway. The new design will reduce traffic delays and prevent collisions. Along with these essential changes, the Observer Highway and Vezzetti Way corridor will be converted to a more pedestrian-friendly street with new, redesigned crosswalk signals and other pedestrian safety improvements as well as a two-way protected bike lane. 

"I am very proud that this project, fully-funded through grants, will create an attractive and safe gateway into Hoboken for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit riders of all ages and abilities," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “While the main purpose of this project is to make the street safer, it will also have the benefit of reducing traffic delays along one of our busiest corridors.”

The project, which will also include a redesign of a portion of Newark Street later this year, costs $2.7 million and is completely funded by grants. The majority of the funding was secured by Senator Robert Menendez through a $2 million Congressional earmark for Observer Highway and a $240,000 earmark for Newark Street. Hoboken was fortunate to have access to these funds as cities across the United States are now no longer afforded Congressional earmarks. 

“Having too often been stuck in traffic myself on Observer Highway, I know what these much-needed upgrades will mean to such a vital corridor in and out of Hoboken. Complete streets accommodate the needs of all roadway users—not just drivers—and this project will help improve the quality of life for residents, make the city more welcoming for visitors and help local businesses grow,” said U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. “That’s why I fought for and secured $2,240,000 in federal funding for the project. A redesigned Observer Highway will make Hoboken’s infrastructure work better for drivers, transit riders, pedestrians, and cyclists."

The combined Observer Highway and Newark Street project is being managed by Hudson County.

“We are excited to undertake what truly will be a transformation of the most prominent county roadway in Hoboken,” said Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise. “The thoughtful input of Mayor Zimmer, Freeholder Anthony Romano and city residents has produced a design that will work better for drivers, bikers and pedestrians. Thanks to our legislative delegation in Washington, led by Sen. Bob Menendez, for securing the needed federal funding for us to move forward with this project.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the project take and when will it begin?
Work is expected to last approximately 6 months on Observer Highway and will take place weekdays from 8am to 6pm. It is expected to begin on Monday, April 27th, 2015. 

What impact to traffic will there be during construction?
All efforts are being taken to minimize traffic disruptions. Police traffic directors will be on hand, and the roadway and sidewalks will remain open to cars at all times. Minimal work will be done on the roadway before 9am and after 4pm to minimize any travel delays during rush hour. Some night work may take place during the milling and paving phases of construction in order to minimize traffic disruptions.

Will Observer Highway be repaved as a part of the project?
Yes. The project will include the complete milling and paving of Observer Highway from Hudson Street to the firehouse just west of the Henderson Street intersection. 

Will any new traffic signals be installed along Observer Highway?
New traffic signals will be installed at Bloomfield Street and Park Avenue. The outdated signals at Henderson Street, Willow Avenue, and Washington Street will be replaced with modern signals. The timing of all signals will be coordinated to improve traffic conditions.

How will Observer Highway change?
Observer Highway will continue to be a two-way road. It currently has two travel lanes in each direction. The new street will have one travel lane in each direction plus dedicated left turn lanes so that turning cars do not slow down through traffic. New traffic signals will be synchronized to allow traffic to move smoothly and reduce backups.

How will the completed project impact traffic?
A detailed traffic analysis has been conducted indicating that travel times will be improved as a result of the roadway redesign. The creation of dedicated left turn lanes will remove turning vehicles from through traffic, reducing backups and rear-end crashes and improving the efficiency and capacity of the roadway.

The addition of traffic signals at Park Avenue and Bloomfield Street will aid vehicular movement in and out of the City. The timing on all signals will be optimized and coordinated to increase the flow of traffic, particularly during peak hours. With the new roadway configuration and synchronized signal timing, corridor travel times are expected to improve during rush hour. 

By optimizing signal timing, increasing left turn queuing capacity, and removing stopped vehicles from through traffic, average wait times at Observer Highway/Henderson Street are estimated to be reduced by 78% during the morning peak and by 59% during the evening peak.

What pedestrian safety improvements will there be?
Pedestrian safety along Observer Highway will be improved through traffic signals with pedestrian countdown timers, a pedestrian walkway on the south side of the street, new concrete pedestrian islands, new ADA curb ramps, replacing select curbs and sidewalks, high visibility crosswalks, and parked cars on either side of the roadway acting as a buffer between traffic and pedestrians. A new sidewalk will be added on the north side of the intersection with Henderson Street, providing safe haven for pedestrians walking on the south side of Newark Street. All pavement markings will be striped in long-lasting, highly reflective thermoplastic which will increase visibility of crosswalks in all conditions and reduce the need for annual restriping of faded paint-based markings. The new configuration will make it significantly easier and safer to walk along or cross Observer Highway.

Will there be improvements for bicyclists?
Yes. Bicycle safety will be enhanced through the creation of a two-way protected bike lane. The protected bike lane will terminate at the easternmost end of Observer Highway near the bus entrance for Hoboken Terminal. A bicycle parking area will be established at the eastern end of Observer Highway to accommodate cyclists riding to Hoboken Terminal. In conjunction with NJ Transit, a protected path will be created along the bus entrance to create a safe entrance for pedestrians from Observer Highway into Hoboken Terminal and the southwestern PATH entrance.

How will parking be affected?
Currently, there are two parking lanes along Vezzetti Way south of Observer Highway. Under the new configuration there will continue to be two parking lanes. One parking lane will be on the north side of Observer Highway and the other parking lane will be on the south side of Observer Highway. During construction, parking along Vezzetti Way will be limited due to the contractor’s construction operations.

Is anything being done about the flooding in the parking area on Vezzetti Way?
As part of the project, drainage improvements will be made to eliminate existing issues that result in pooling of water on the roadway.

How was this plan developed?
The project was planned through a series of community meetings in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and incorporates the goals and recommendations of Hoboken’s Master Plan, Complete Streets Policy, and Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beth Mason political operative James Barracato in last gasp bid to kill HUMC

Beth Mason declared "business partner" email reveals final bid to kill Hoboken University Medical Center deploying massive ad buy and "Occupy Wall St." organizers

Part V - The Hospital

In October 2011, the nexus of efforts to save Hoboken University Medical Center reached a crescendo as the hospital ran on fumes and the sole bidder maintained its position the midtown garage's inclusion was required in any sale for the hospital's long term survival. Behind the scenes, state health officials in Trenton were alarmed by the dire financial situation and whispers said they may have no choice but to order the hospital closed.

Enter Beth Mason and her political operatives led by James "FinBoy" Barracato of Weehawken in a last ditch plan to stop any salvation sale, see the hospital closed and with it the City of Hoboken's finances destroyed.

Beth Mason's declared "business partner" James "FinBoy" Barracato's email
reveals the Mason family efforts to undo saving Hoboken University Medical Center.
That success would mean destroying the City of Hoboken's finances.

In a true, complete email to Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi with Lane Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic in late October 2011, James Barracato, the declared "business partner" of Beth Mason titles his email "Get Ready."

Barracato outlined a massive Mason family ad expenditure to create public confusion and antipathy for the sale countering Mayor Zimmer and the hospital board's efforts and undo the pending sale seeing the hospital's last chance to survive die.

Beth Mason's top political operative who also sits on her shadowy "charity" - the Mason Civic League - outlines further plans to enlist organizers of Occupy Wall St. His hope is they will provide an astroturf demonstration against Mayor Zimmer who with the hospital board are spearheading complex transactional efforts to save the hospital.

Reference in the email to coordinating propaganda efforts with the Star Ledger are highlighted. MSV at the time noted coordinated propaganda efforts showed both the reporter at the Star Ledger along with Mason's political operative ghostwriter at Hoboken411 trying to tip the hospital's closure into a fait acompli.

Those stories both occur on the exact day as the email below as part of a well coordinated final solution to kill Hoboken University Medical Center once and for all.

Kim Cardinal Bajardi responds referencing the desire the parking agreement necessary for the hospital sale "is too much" clearly indicative of hope to torpedo the hospital's last chance to survive.

 Barracato responds saying he will forward legal news from Beth Mason's attorney, Hoboken's former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman on the efforts to block the garage being included in the hospital sale. Beth Mason's business partner then complains about the cost of a birthday cake he's arranging for her.

After Barracato in another email says he's obtaining two cakes, one being gluten free, Kim Cardinal Bajardi responds:

Birthday cake from the Cake Boss for Beth Mason with a celebratory
plus of destroying Hoboken's finances and HUMC?
The exclusive emails in the MSV hospital series shows the plan.

Talking Ed Note: There's no concern expressed anywhere for the 1200 people who will lose their jobs with Hoboken University Medical Center, seeing a 100 year beloved institution closed or the City of Hoboken bankrupted as everyone is on the "same" page.

As noted in part one of the hospital series, the objective was to "destroy the administration." If that political objective meant taking down the hospital's last chance to survive and saddle Hoboken with over $80 million in liabilities, that was all a Mason win. You won't see any of this covered by other local media, they staked out a completely irresponsible position lacking in basic journalistic ethics. But maybe more about the Hudson Reporter editors another time.

The Hospital series is dedicated to the tireless efforts of the hospital board and memory of its key member, Steve Rofsky.

"Business Partners" and Mason Civic League board members: James "FinBoy" Barracto and current occupant of the Hoboken second ward council seat Beth Mason.

Related in the Bench Slapped hospital series:

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Beth Mason business partner James Barracato: 'I'm getting 60,000 emails' from the hospital sale!

The Hospital: Part III:

The Hospital Part IV:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beth Mason's boys of hate and the joy of censorship

Censorship of speech is a major issue in Hoboken. A dozen residents faced the open-ended years long underwriting of a well financed civil lawsuit while others linked in their unpaid public service connected to the Reform movement faced heavy handed legal harassment with approval of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi.

They voiced anti-corruption sentiments, questioned Beth Mason's political operations against the City/people of Hoboken and her Old Guard allies.

At Hoboken411, Beth Mason's boys of hate took their work to advance her political career seriously. The head propagandist wrote the political screeds duly published by the Hoboken411 blog owner. Anyone who got in the way was subject to censorship, Stasi type peering into their personal life or worse.

The joys of censorship wasn't limited to comments from the Hoboken public of a political nature. Here one commenter notes they are not being allowed to respond to another and vociferously complains about censorship. (The name has been removed to protect the innocent.)

Perry Klaussen mocks the commenter in a March 16, 2011 email to his Hoboken411 blog partner Lane Bajardi calling her "a waste of estrogen."

Talking Ed Note: Everyone in Hoboken political circles was aware of the unseemly relationship Beth Mason had via political operatives to Hoboken411. What the public may have suspected but didn't know was the intimacy and the depths of the depravity involved.

Hoboken politicos knew, among them the rabid backers of Beth Mason who eyed the fruits of riding that family checkbook for whatever power, money and prestige they could garner for themselves. They knew about the smears, lies and character assassination on Hoboken411 and knew where it originated.

They remained silent and never made a public protest or voiced concern anywhere. They were as complicit as the ghostwriter in not only lowering the public discourse in Hoboken but doing great harm to the fabric of speech and the First Amendment in the Mile Square.

What a bunch of hypocritical totalitarians. Not a single one of them should be trusted with a pinky on a public institution. Ever.

That goes double for Beth Mason.

Related: For those who haven't seen the full Monty of Beth Mason's political operatives out to destroy a public official, the Grafix Avenger feature showing an actual email timeline of character assassination against former Parking and Transporation Director Ian Sacs is required reading:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sleaze merchant Hoboken411: hating people, a lushy girlfriend and the move to Vermont

Back in May 2012, MSV published an exclusive feature on Das Klaussen, re: Perry Klaussen the sleazy blog owner of Hoboken411. The Mile Square's chattering masses wanted to know if the story was true and if Beth Mason's favorite "news site" was in fact departing to the low carb wildnerness of Vermont?

Lane Bajardi's wife and partner in civil litigation, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi obviously read the MSV story and penned an email to her friend asking if she knew anything about it:

Well in fact she did. A detailed discussion follows with Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic with the latter imparting her conversation with Hoboken's biggest smear merchant. For more on Hoboken411 smear jobs in tandem with Beth Mason political operatives see Grafix Avenger who put together a most insightful series of emails showing a heavily regimented political operation to destroy former Hoboken Parking Director Ian Sacs. (Some might call this a defamation operation.)

As many know, Mayor Zimmer appointed Sacs in place of Johnny "Quarters" Corea. Based on how the Old Guard council members treated Sacs, you would think he was the criminal who scoffed four million quarters from Hoboken's parking meters.

In this original email, Perry Klaussen is revealed proving the MSV sourced story in May 2012 had a true basis in fact. Why Klaussen didn't depart when the getting was good is the sole unaswered question. Isn't it better to keep you head down out of Hoboken politics when people exposing truths in Hoboken left and right are sitting on thousands of your emails?

Maybe Perry Klaussen wants to do himself a favor before the August 2012 story he published on "the Hoboken couple" on the Bajardi v Pincus litigation and pull it down and spare himself further humiliation and an appearance next to a judge explaining it. Sock puppets should be shown mercy even if their brains are more akin to scrambled eggs.

Here's the true, correct email where Das Klaussen's move to Vermont is shown originating with him and gossipy revelations about a lushy girlfriend, how he hates being around people and a somewhat fanciful discussion of a $10,000,000 dowry.

Beth Mason's hive: Hoboken411 and Lane "I'm not a political operative" Bajardi on Hoboken's sleaziest dirtbag of a website is shown for wretched hit jobs detailed on Grafix Avenger against former Hoboken Parking and Transportation Director Ian Sacs.

Talking Ed Note: Another source tells MSV the so-called girlfriend may be lushy but there's no $10,000,000 end of the rainbow low carb bonanza dowry in waiting.

Grafix Avenger knocked it out of the park with this story on the intimate happenings of Beth Mason political operatives on a possible set-up featuring an arrest and coordinated smears on Hoboken411.
Perry Klaussen was merely a sock puppet to Lane Bajardi's villanry. 

Or as the infamous Star Wars line goes among these Beth Mason players, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."

Related: The original MSV story from May 2012: The demise of censorship: Hoboken411 heading to New England, officially ends the dream of a Beth Mason led Hoboken empire.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Beth Mason files more criminal complaints against MSV at court hearing

Last Thursday, a court hearing in Jersey City setting a trial date became the venue for filing additional criminal complaints by Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason against MSV.

The complaints were filed after the hearing by Beth Mason for the alleged snapping of a photo on a smartphone while seated 75 feet away in the lobby Thursday morning as she along with her attorney Steve Kleinman walked on the opposite side of the large open area.

During the hearing the prosecutor for Jersey City stated Beth Mason "recognized she was a public figure" but that didn't prevent her from filing her latest criminal complaints directly after the hearing.

Mason had cancelled three consecutive hearing dates earlier in 2015 after filing a September criminal complaint alleging harassment for being handed a subpoena in the Bajardi v Pincus civil trial.

Beth Mason did not attend the Hoboken City Council meeting the previous night.

Steve Kleinman is the former Hoboken Corporation Counsel when the disastrous early retirement plan unapproved under NJ law would later cost the City of Hoboken $5,000,000. In recent years he's worked for Beth Mason.

As part of his work on behalf of Beth Mason, emails appear with James Barracato, Richard Mason of law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and Lane Bajardi as part of Mason's continuous political operations in Hoboken.

A trial on Beth Mason's complaints is scheduled for May 28.

Attorney Steve Kleinman departs Hoboken Municipal Court last September with Beth Mason after her criminal complaint was moved on a change of venue due to her being a public figure and City Council member. She added another criminal complaint saying an alleged photo taken from about 75 feet away on a smartphone is also criminal harassment.

In late 2011, an email obtained in the Bajardi v Pincus civil litigation shows anger by Weehawken based political operative James Barracato on MSV's premium story on the breaking FBI investigation into the massive electronic hijacking of tens of thousands of emails out of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer's office. (Patrick Ricciardi had surrendered appearing for his role at Newark Federal Court in the massive Data Theft Conspiracy (DTR) ring just days earlier.)

At last month's Hoboken City Council meeting, Beth Mason declared the emails found in  Lane Bajardi's email account from Mayor Dawn Zimmer's office were obtained legally via a public records request. MSV investigated all OPRA requests last year and determined no such request was ever made and approved.

A true and complete email from James Barracato to Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, Steve Kleinman, Beth Mason, Adam Alonso and Lane Bajardi dated November 12, 2011 follows.

Lane Bajardi claimed in multiple sworn declaration to Hudson Superior Court he ceased all "civic" involvement in Hoboken in July 2011.

Related: Earlier story detailing Councilwoman Beth Mason's criminal complaint when handed a subpoena in a white no. 10 envelope at the front of the City Council dais just before the start of the September 21st meeting.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hoboken Mayor Zimmer and Police Chief Ferrante on phoned bomb threat to Neuman Leathers area


Last night, multiple police agencies responded to a bomb threat called into Hoboken Police Headquarters. The threat was made to 66 Willow Ave, the Neumann Leathers building in southern Hoboken, and police took the threat seriously and took all necessary precautions to protect the safety of residents. The building was searched multiple times by the police and was deemed to be neutralized from any threat. Due to the investigation, Observer Highway was closed to traffic and reopened early Sunday morning, once the police determined it was safe for the public. 

The Hoboken Police Department is still investigating the person who called in the threat, and is working with the Hudson County Prosecutor’s office and the FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce to determine where the call came from. 

Police Chief Ken Ferrante gave the following account: At approximately 7:35 p.m., a call was made into police headquarters from a male who stated that he had a bomb and threatened to blow up 66 Willow Ave. Police responded immediately and began an evacuation of the building. Upon completion of the evacuation, the individual called police headquarters again and threatened to kill himself and police, after thanking the police for evacuating the building. The individual further stated that he had several weapons and bombs, and again threatened the life of police officers.  

A series of phone calls continued with a multitude of threats and demands. Based on the severity of the threats, the area surrounding the Neumann Leathers building, which is a large factory and home to over 45 artist and music studios, was shut down. Observer Highway, Newark Street and Willow Avenue were closed and a frozen zone was placed around the building. During the night, the Port Authority Emergency Services Unit performed critical services as the officers performed three searches of the building for the individual and then went in a fourth time with bomb sniffing dogs from New Jersey Transit Police, Jersey City Police and the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department. At 2:30 a.m. the scene was deemed to be clear and safe. 

The Hoboken Detective Bureau, along with the Hudson County Prosecutors Office and liaisons to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force are continuing the investigation with the anticipation of apprehending the caller.

“I want to thank all the public safety officers who responded to the bomb threat in Hoboken last night,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “The officers went above and beyond the call of duty to swiftly respond to the situation and ensure the safety of all residents. In particular, I want to thank Chief Ken Ferrante, Captain Tory Pasculli, Captain Charles Campbell, and the entire Hoboken Police Department, in addition to officers from the Port Authority Police, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department, New Jersey Transit Police, Jersey City Police Department and the Hudson County Prosecutors Office who were working in conjunction with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the New Jersey State Police’s Regional Operations Intelligence Center. Thanks also to the dedicated members of the Hoboken Fire Department, Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and the Office of Emergency Management for assisting in the efforts throughout the event. I also would like to thank Stevens Police, the Hudson County Sheriffs and Union City Police for handling patrol duties in Hoboken for eight hours during this event.”

“There were many requests for information to be presented to the public through media and social media during the event,” said Chief Ferrante. “Based on the dynamics and danger at hand during the event, and the level of the threats and the belief that the individual was counteracting strategies and information that was stated over the police radio, I decided to have all communications be done at the scene, person to person, and to not put any information out which could have harmed our residents and our law enforcement officers that were undertaking a dangerous task during a very tense scene.”

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Barsky Gallery hosts Stevens Institute's Capstone exhibition

The Barsky Gallery announces:

With spring finally here, Barsky Gallery is excited to celebrate Stevens Institute of Technology's Class of 2015 by hosting their annual Capstone exhibition. A salute to the emerging artists and designers who have pushed the boundaries of art and technology, the exhibit promises to take the viewer on an emotional journey through a variety of art mediums. Barsky Gallery together with Stevens hopes that you are able to join in on the celebration of innovation by attending the opening reception on Thursday, April 16 from 6-9pm.  The works will be on display at the gallery from April 15-23, 2015.  All are welcome!

Opening Reception:     Thursday, April 16 from 6-9pm

The Visual Arts & Technology program at Stevens Institute of Technology is thrilled to announce “Threshold,” the senior capstone exhibition. Featuring work by seven emerging artists and designers, the exhibition will be held at Barsky Gallery in Hoboken, New Jersey from April 15-23, 2015.

This exhibition features a range of work being made at the intersection of art, design, technology, and entrepreneurship. Elisa Iribarne Brieva’s acrylic portraits explore emotional states through the use of texture and color. Filmmaker Jay Simms’ short videos incorporate elements of music video, experimental cinema, and art history. Julian Chaves uses projection mapping, sculpture, and custom-built electronics to turn the viewer’s heartbeat into an audio-visual experience. Sarah Quiles, founder of Grumpy Quills, will show her line of “Shadow Creatures” stuffed animals and related branding materials. Dylan Clark’s animation features dreaming animals and empty landscapes to build a continuous and flowing narrative. Tino Ivezaj, a designer, updates iconic albums in LP and CD format with his unique minimalist style. For the past year, filmmaker Dan Zambrano has followed a 65-year-old comedian from Queens for his documentary film project.

The Visual Arts & Technology program, part of the College of Arts & Letters at Stevens Institute of Technology, merges the visual arts with technology, engineering, science, and business as well as humanities disciplines. Drawing on traditional and emerging art forms, students make work that pushes the boundaries of art and design.

For more information, please visit or contact the gallery by email or 888.465.4949.

Barsky Gallery  |  49 Harrison Street  |  Hoboken NJ 07030  |  |  888.465.4949

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Charitable activist Nadia Brice passes after battle with cancer

Manhattan - Nadia Brice passed away at the Visiting Nurse Service's Haven hospice Monday morning after a long battle with cancer. She would have celebrated her 71st birthday in May.

Born in 1944 at the height of World War II in Nazi occupied Vienna, Austria; her father was killed among tens of thousands of other civilians during Allied bombing of the city. After the war, Nadia emigrated to the United States as a young girl settling with family in Manhattan calling the Upper West Side near the American Museum of Natural History home for many years.

Like her mother, she was active in charitable community affairs returning to school as an adult and obtained an associates degree at Laguardia Community College. Her love of people and animals especially dogs and cats made her many friends through the years.

Nadia's will to fight against the odds and injustice of every kind never diminished in life nor her illness. She is survived by her brother Russ and son Roman.

Thomas M. Quinn & Sons in Long Island City is entrusted with funeral arrangements. A wake at 35-20 Broadway in Long Island City, NY is scheduled Wednesday afternoon 2:00 -5:00 and from
7:00 - 9:00 in the evening.

A funeral mass will follow with internment upstate New York where she will rest before the Resurrection near her mother Stephanie, brother George and son Dino.

Any remembrance for the living in lieu of flowers is what Nadia Brice would want most. Her efforts in recent years on behalf of Syrian refugees in the Middle East and the plight of orphans with Russia's aggression in Ukraine are ones she deeply felt.

"Through him, with him, and in him in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all honor and glory is yours, 
Almighty Father, for ever and ever."

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Trial set in Jersey City as Beth Mason seeks criminal conviction for being handed subpoena


Councilwoman Beth Mason's hunt for a MSV criminal conviction

On Thursday at Jersey City Municipal Court, a trial date for an alleged criminal hand off of a subpoena at last September's Hoboken City Council meeting to Councilwoman Beth Mason is scheduled for May 28th.

MSV is alleged by Beth Mason to "forcefully smack"  an envelope on her chest causing her to be "offended and alarmed" at the front of the City Council dais just minutes before the start of the September 17th City Council meeting.

Beth Mason alleged she was a crime victim after she and her husband, Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz evaded attempted delivery of subpoenas two evenings earlier at their upper Hudson Street house.

Richard Mason the next morning on Tuesday however could be heard on the 900 block screaming "NO!" as he lamely attempted to retreat up the stairs to his house from Hudson Street as service was completed. The Bajardi v Pincus trial had been scheduled to start the following week in Hudson Superior Court but was postponed to January.

Last July, Lane Bajardi offered contradictory sworn testimony on Richard Mason's role in his years long $2,000,000 civil lawsuits against a dozen Hoboken residents. In March 2012, he emailed Beth Mason political operative James "FinBoy" Barracato he recognized "going with an attorney Beth and Ricky are comfortable with" is "key." He claimed to be paying for the civil lawsuit but neither he nor Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi could recall while under oath the cost of the litigation in their separate depositions.

Last December, Beth Mason insisted to City of Hoboken officials and the Hoboken Police Department they block MSV attending and speaking at Hoboken City Council meetings. Accordingly, Mason demanded arrest if there was "a look" in her general direction.

In addition to Beth Mason's request to block MSV's First Amendment and Civil Rights attending Hoboken public government meetings, she's publicly followed her criminal charge claiming she and her husband Richard Mason and family are stalking victims. She's also falsely claimed according to a political operative she had a restraining order put in place. A "no contact" order between the parties is in effect until the end of the case.

The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office issued findings on Beth Mason's demands at the request of Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante. The prosecutor's office rejected Beth Mason's demands stating there can be no barring of MSV's right to attend and speak at Hoboken government meetings and arrest would not be a legal remedy available to her.

Beth Mason: alleges she's a crime victim assaulted with an envelope
at the front of the City Council dais
just minutes before the meeting's start.


MSV's Da Horsey, SmartyJones addressing the City Council as
Beth Mason became unglued on the topic of the mayor's stolen emails

Beth Mason represented in court Thursday alongside her attorney Steve Kleinman she will have five witnesses testifying on her behalf. Alex Booth, the attorney for MSV confirmed witnesses will appear on behalf of the defense.

Beth Mason filed a motion to quash her legally issued subpoena last October as did her husband Richard Mason. Their respective motions attempting to limit and block appearing in the Bajardi v Pincus trial was soundly rejected by the court. Each of the defense presented motions with certified emails to the court of both Beth and Richard Mason in connection to "the Hoboken couple," re: plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi, pointing to over seven-thousand (7,000) emails between the parties.

Just before the start of the September 17th City Council meeting,  a Beth Mason paid political operative was heard saying, "Someone has to get him (MSV) out of here." He followed MSV's departure into the lobby before the meeting began after verbally harassing in the rear of the City Council chambers with a previously used line at an earlier government meeting months earlier, "How's your dead brother?"

MSV reported on September 18th two OEM officials intervened to stop an attack by the same Beth Mason political operative in the lobby of City Hall.  The story highlighting that attempted assault included a public notice warning, "should any violence or additional phony police charges occur, Beth Mason would be held responsible" and MSV would "defend itself under the fullest extent of the law."

Beth Mason responded filing a criminal complaint with the Hoboken Police Department the very next day. (See the police summons below.)

Back in November 2012, a repeated assault in broad daylight by Mason's paid political operatives occurred within feet of her on upper Washington Street during the Hurricane Sandy emergency. 

MSV has seen dismissed five legal actions in just over five years. Four of the filed complaints were of the criminal variety including the last filed in September by Beth Mason herself.

All of the filed charges against MSV were generated by Beth Mason or in connection to her political operatives.

A copy of the September 19th criminal charges
filed by Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Alleged weapon according to Councilwoman Beth Mason:  a white standard no. 10 envelope.

Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen
& Katz heard screaming "NO!" while being
served in the Bajardi v. Pincus case.
On September 15th Richard Mason came to the front of his hallway standing behind two glass doors and refused to accept a presented large manila envelope containing subpoenas to appear at the  Bajardi v Pincus trial. The trial date postponed until late January was later thrown out of court abruptly as reported in the NY Post.

After announcing the Bajardi's civil litigation in the July 2012 Hoboken City Council meeting, Beth Mason would later claim it had "nothing" to do with her. The City of Hoboken issued a December letter to both Beth Mason and MSV outlining its rights to publicly participate in government meetings.

MSV spoke twice in the last year at council meetings. The first on the topic of implementing improvements on Washington Street and a month ago thanking Hoboken residents who provided support in the Bajardi v Pincus case.

A one day public trial in Jersey City Municipal Court is scheduled for May 28th.

Beth Mason and her attorney Steve Kleinman (l) are seeking a criminal conviction of MSV after she was served a subpoena to appear in the Bajardi v Pincus case. Mason announced that civil litigation herself during a live City Council meeting 15 days before it was filed in Hudson Superior Court back in July 2012. 

Talking Ed Note: MSV is set to return this week with more of the Bench Slapped series. See Grafix Avenger for more on that story and Beth Mason's fondness for censorship.

The malicious abuse using the courts against Hoboken residents and their First Amendment rights is a serious matter of public concern. You can help in seeing justice prevail against Beth Mason.

or via snail mail,
Check or (anonymous) money order made to :

R.W. Brice
1032 Hudson Street

Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beth Mason expected announcement: 'I'm quitting Hoboken'


In a terse statement rumored to be released later today after a much anticipated indictment of Senator Bob Menendez is announced by the Department of Justice, Beth Mason is expected to follow she is resigning her City Council seat and leaving Hoboken.

The statement may arrive on Mason's favored "news" outlets Hoboken411 and the Hudson Reporter as soon as today. Both publications are said to have held business relationships with Beth Mason favorable to if not hosting her political operations, offering positive coverage or conveniently no coverage at all when dark clouds circled the controversial Hoboken political figure.

Councilwoman Beth Mason rumored to be
leaving council seat and Hoboken.

Mason's political fortunes took cyclical often stormy rides with her enormous political expenditures underwitten by her husband, Richard Mason, a well to do lawyer for Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz's bankruptcy division.

Recent events saw dark clouds hanging over the Masons as a civil lawsuit against more than a dozen Hoboken residents in 2012 was first rumored then alleged underwritten by them for political purposes to silence opposition to the controversial councilwoman and her Old Guard allies. 

After the case was thrown out of Hudson Superior Court last month, emails in the case became public between Beth Mason and her long time political operatives revealing to the Hoboken public a sick twisted pathology of lies and viciousness and turning them into total pariahs in the Mile Square City.

Beth Mason's frequent public image problems were an almost constant occurence in her once aspiring political career. While thumped twice by Mayor Dawn Zimmer for the top seat at Hoboken City Hall, Mason's never say die political operations with numerous political consultants on the payroll always propelled her into controversy and the news.

Mason was at the epicenter of speculation in the massive Data Theft Ring conspiracy (DTR) looting tens of thousands of emails out of the mayor's office and investigated by the FBI back in 2011. After months of refusals to answer about her involvement in the theft, she infamously announced in a live City Council meeting, "Unless there's proof, I'm going to say I didn't steal those emails."

Later that same year, a threaded eye of a needle sale saving Hoboken University Medical Center was facing constant disruption by Beth Mason and her political operatives who worked feverishly inside and outside of Hoboken to see the hospital sale stopped and the 100 year old institution closed. The attempted sabotage outraged the Hoboken public as the City teetered on bankruptcy if the sale was not completed. Mason in the end outrageously claimed she and her Old Guard allies secured the sale in a last second save of face vote in an emergency council meeting.

Last month in the Hudson Superior Court, Beth Mason's long time intimate political operative sat in a Jersey City courtroom as a judge noted evidence of Mayor Zimmer's stolen emails were found in his email account. The defamation case against a dozen or so Hoboken residents was abruptly thrown out of court mid-trial for lacking evidence.

Previously, a well known paid Beth Mason thug escaped conviction for going to the school of a former sitting BoE official and screaming at her and her kindergarten aged daughter on school grounds. While escaping a finding of guilt due to a lack of conclusive evidence, a Union City judge presiding over the case washed his hands of the matter describing it as "Hudson County dirty politics." Mason never offered any apology to the Hoboken mom for the thuggish behavior of her employee.

In 2012, a notorious BoE campaign sponsored by Beth Mason involved what was called the Nazi Truck. The truck ran a video flashing a Nazi flag tied to a fishing pole held by the owner of the once popular blog Hoboken411. Outrage at the display over two consecutive nights throughout Hoboken led to both local rabbis calling for an apology: one they would never see.

Earlier this year, the Nazi Truck owner first revealed to MSV he was paid by Beth Mason's long time Weehawken based political operative and identified the other person with him as a Mason thug. 

With the anticipated indictment later today of Sen. Bob Menendez, a few last Mason dead-enders hoped the infamous Mason family checkbook would splurge one more time and make a run for his US Senate seat after his possible resignation. The Mason family has flooded Democratic political committee coffers across New Jersey and leverage was once thought possible to see her propelled if not out of Hoboken via elected office then through another less circuitous route. 

A neighbor of the Mason's however said all was not well at home. "Ricky is very unhappy with her and divorce papers are being filed," they said while asking not to be named. "All of this malicious court abuse stuff found its way back to his law firm and hasn't gone down too well. She'll be leaving Hoboken soon." 

Asked where Beth Mason may be heading, the neighbor said others on the block were surprised but pleased with the news and pointed to a small 11 room inn in Virginia that Mason purchased last fall. "The maid told us she's going to be living in one of the rooms at the inn. Ricky doesn't want to wait until a divorce, he wants her out."

One soon to be unemployed political operative for Beth Mason summed up the sudden change of circumstances for his client saying, "What comes around goes around. She's done."

Hoboken for the moment is waiting in eager anticipation.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lane Bajardi admits seeking financial support from Beth and Richard Mason to sue Hoboken residents

At his July 2014 deposition, Lane Bajardi made some inadvertent admissions about the lawsuit between himself, co-plaintiff Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Richard Mason of Wachtell, Litpon, Rosen & Katz who is the husband of Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Asked if he's telephoned Richard (Ricky) Mason for financial help, Lane Bajardi would offer a stalling and rather curious answer.

"Be more specific."

Be more specific?

Then asked if he's asked for financial help from Richard Mason "for anything other than this litigation," Bajardi answers simply "no."

The contradictions come fast and furious as the desire to stem the exposure flows and Lane Bajardi suddenly becomes argumentative on what his answers mean.  Excerpt from the July 16, 2014 deposition of Lane Bajardi:

Seconds later, Bajardi would contradict himself saying he was asking Richard Mason for help identifying lawyers in his case adding this odd conclusion "that is to the extent of what I recall." 

Later in the deposition, Lane Bajardi is asked how many times he's requested of Beth and Richard Mason assistance so he can sue Hoboken residents. Bajardi finds this question ultimately impossible to answer with any approximation.

Lane Bajardi offered contradictory answers when asked about asking Beth Mason's husband Richard Mason for financial help to sue Hoboken residents. Most of them never had a single, specific allegation against them, a requirement under NJ defamation law and evidence of a SLAPP.