Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In the aftermath of the fallout, born is the Hoboken Resistance

Reform is kaput. There's nothing more to say about the movement after more than eight years on MSV where the death knell saw one mayoral candidate member turn on another in a cynical divisive mission to exploit and wreck any challenge to the baton handoff last June before City Hall.

The nuclear fallout from injecting the poison of partisanship into Hoboken's non-partisan election and decimating Reform is past. The fallout is here. What's left? It must be a return by Hoboken citizens to a focus on government accountability.

The thousands of readers here are urged to read on and keep an eye on government to ensure maximum accountability. The telltale signs are already ripped from many's eyes as NJ Transit is revealed last night AFTER THE ELECTION making a move on the Dry Dock and downtown Hoboken with the outgoing Zimmer Administration. This, mere days after the election and a union connected PAC spent tens of thousands, maybe six figures to see Ravi Bhalla elected.

Don't say you weren't warned. 

In the end, Hoboken as any municipality gets the government it deserves.

Talking Ed Note: Time for some R&R heading to the hinterlands of the bluegrass state. In the interim, avoid the toxicity of lies, smears and defamation relied upon by those who enthusiastically condescend, lie and manipulate the reader from the cave. There's been far too much of it in this campaign season. As we know, scum on occasion rises and is often visible on the surface and some very scummy individuals placed their petty politics above all. Would you be surprised some don't even live in Hoboken?

The Hoboken Police have additional new evidence late yesterday and there's allegations of a local printer who has been used in midnight flyers in Hoboken possibly recently in this prior campaign. MSV has never had any connection to any political operation with midnight flyers but there's one toxic dark dank cave dweller website which is alleged to have one. All that evidence is now in the hands of the Hoboken police. Let the truth come to the fore!

See you on the backstretch but also see:

The Hoboken Resistance

Mike DeFusco asks for unity in face of being attacked as racist; Ravi Bhalla declines unless he "is absolved"

New Business last night opened the door to the fallout from the Hoboken mayoral campaign. Councilman Mike DeFusco took the floor asking Councilman Ravi Bhalla to come together as a community and stand together as they were both harmed in the last midnight flyer. He played voicemails on his phone lambasting him as a racist he said he had received that day.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla voiced regret for the attacks and declined to support DeFusco until the results of a police investigation saying he would "if he was absolved."

It further fueled the bad blood from the campaign and frustrated both DeFusco and Councilman Ruben Ramos who was astounded at what he was hearing. Mayoral-elect Bhalla brushed off his remarks as grandstanding.

Scroll ahead to the 1:57 and thirty five second mark:

Employee Communication

Talking Ed Note: Insight into the scorched earth victory? Certainly looks that way.

Ravi Bhalla: "We are non-partisan local officials"


In 2013, Ravi Bhalla declares partisan resolution request in Hoboken the effort of a 
"Democratic partisan hack aimed at a Republican Governor"

The Hoboken mayoral election is over and the fallout from the nuke deployed has only begun to rain down on the victims and the victors. Councilman Ravi Bhalla was successful in bringing all the advantage of outside money, a shadowy union connected PAC and establishment influence but lacking confidence for reasons unknown, introduced the poison of party partisanship into Hoboken's distinctly non-partisan municipal election.

With the mayor's success and support waning, the ultimate in destruction was launched to smear and do harm to the superb contributions of a critical reform legislator who was not only a friend to Reform but also a personal friend to Ravi Bhalla for over six years: council member Jen Giattino.

Back in 2013, the concept of partisan politics in Hoboken was anathema to the Reform Movement, its Big Tent philosophy of principles first not party partisanship and the resulting hard fought progress since 2009.

Here's an exchange of emails discussing a response to a Hoboken resident who wants to push a partisan resolution to expand Medicaid in the City Council in February 2013. Let the howls of hypocrisy ring in their jaded cynical ears.
On Feb 18, 2013, at 11:20 AM, Ravinder Bhalla <rbhalla@rsblawfirm.com> wrote:
This is a: Partisan (D’s v. R’s) subject in a resolution;
Where we are non-partisan local officials;
Being pushed by a Democratic partisan hack aimed at a Republican Governor.
Should Assemblyman Ramos be introducing this Resolution in the Assembly?
I’m sure you can tell I’m a bit suspicious about the motives here, since the Resolution itself will have zero impact on the outcome of its substance.  I understand we passed legislation urging more gun control at the last week, but that resolution was topical, did not specify a pending action to be taken but expressed a generic sentiment, and it was not aimed at a particular public official, but was sent to D’s and R’s at multiple levels of government.
Let me know if you have any input as to how to address this matter.

The complete chain of emails follows unedited in reverse chronological order among Council members Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Stan Grossbard.

From: stan grossbard <stan@radiantcut.com>
Subject: Re: Resolution to urge Gov. Christie to expand Medicaid
Date: February 18, 2013 at 7:29:25 PM EST
To: Peter Cunningham <cunninghamforhoboken@gmail.com>
Cc: Jen Giattino <jengiattino6@gmail.com>, Ravinder Bhalla <rbhalla@rsblawfirm.com>

IMHO the provision in the CC rules re new business ought to be strictly enforced on all sides - ie in order to introduce non agenda items there must be a written statement setting out facts establishing exigent nature as defined in CC rules and the statement must either be accepted by the CC president or passed by a majority of the CC in order for a vote on the item to be permitted.  

It's hard to see the exigent nature of this - there's no such thing as a grandstanding emergency.  It seems to me that if it missed the deadline it must, by the CC rules, wait for the next meeting.  

On Feb 18, 2013, at 7:14 PM, Peter Cunningham wrote:
I agree with All your comments. I shot it down on the basis that it missed te deadline, if they want to bring it up in NB - fine. Councilmembers can or do as they wish.

Peter H. Cunningham

On Feb 18, 2013, at 5:39 PM, Stan Grossbard <stan@radiantcut.com> wrote:
Think it may b time to say that its time for the cc to stop grandstanding on issues that have nothing to do with its job and start focusing on the jibs u were elected to do and then say you will be abstaining on all resolutions that involve national or statewide issues that involve matters over which the cc has no authority.  Let it pass 4-0.

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Jen Giattino <jengiattino6@gmail.com> wrote:

I know this is nothing more than a political game.


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Talking Ed Note: As stated during the election, the Reform Movement had worked through great effort and sacrifice under a Big Tent for years where all who adopted the principles were accepted no matter what party they were registered or Independents with no party.

The only aspect that changed was the cynical manipulation of voters for power in this last election. It worked seeing an election day victory with almost one-third of the vote last Tuesday. Thus is born, the new Hoboken political caste system.

Peter Cunningham: Here's to the victors and "one of the ugliest campaigns" in Hoboken history

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors, 

Tuesday night’s post-election results were sobering to many of us.  The message of hope we tried to deliver from our candidates for Mayor and Council was overshadowed by factors in which we had little control.  Given the short runway and limited funding sources at the start, we were severely handicapped, but felt strongly about overcoming these odds.  

With the exception of time, money, and party affiliation, I wouldn’t change a thing.  There are always parts of a campaign to tweak, but the major things were out of our control.  The Bhalla campaign knew that and took a bet which paid off.  Unfortunately, the overall result was one of the ugliest campaigns on record in Hoboken.  Even though we didn’t win, I am happy to congratulate the victors.  I hope our campaign message of inclusion, accountability, and constituent services will resonate as priorities with the Bhalla Administration.   My door is open to each of of the newly elected with any help I can give.   

Lastly, I extend my thanks to: my family and all of the other candidate families who also experienced the stress of a campaign day in and day out; Jen, Jim, Jason and Sal for being great candidates, our volunteers who demonstrated a commitment like none other, our Campaign Steering Committee, and above all, you the voters who believed in Jen and her team.  We love you for your support and hope to earn it again in the future.  

Councilman Peter Cunningham

Monday, November 13, 2017

Toxic "person of interest" identified in midnight flyers?


Hoboken Police obtain new evidence in midnight flyers investigation

Nancy Pincus claims innocence, fears DeFusco Campaign allegation/action

MSV can exclusively report the Hoboken Police Department has obtained critical new evidence in the midnight flyer attack on Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

The new evidence provides clarity in the ongoing investigation identifying new leads. Rumors of additional police interviews reportedly have taken place in recent days with more expected leading to a person of interest.

Two midnight flyers appeared in the last Hoboken mayoral campaign with one coming days before the election last Tuesday attempting to link Councilman Ravi Bhalla to terrorism. The flyer backfired leading to an astounding turnout of over 15,000 Hobokenites going to the polls. Fully a third sympathetically voted to elect Bhalla Hoboken's first Sikh mayor in a six person field.

An earlier midnight flyer against Mike DeFusco linked him to Old Guard politicos including the notorious Carmelo Garcia and former councilman Chris Campos who was convicted earlier this year of bank fraud. Another version of that midnight flyer appeared with the words "Crime Family."

The DeFusco campaign is furious about the flyers. Councilman Mike DeFusco denounced both in the strongest terms a week ago last Saturday. His campaign believes the flyers were detrimental to his campaign efforts when he came in second last Tuesday.

Additional frustration comes with reports of DeFusco's attempts to work with the Bhalla campaign to present a united front in the Hoboken community. His initial efforts to contact Ravi Bhalla on the terrorist flyer were reportedly ignored. Post election efforts to see a united front with a reward to identify who is behind the midnight flyer attacks were similarly rebuffed by the Bhalla camp. DeFusco's sister announced a GoFundMe over the weekend leading to conviction for the midnight flyer attacks against her brother and Ravi Bhalla seeing more than $6,400 pledged. 

Councilman Bhalla has instead been seen on a media blitz showing the midnight flyer directed against him on TV with DeFusco's name on it. The flyer is a hacked version of an earlier DeFusco campaign mailer further enflaming the first ward councilman.

Some suggest the lettering added is similar to the hack on the DeFusco "Crime" Family midnight flyer.

The weekend paper stated some people believe both flyers were created by the same parties. Al Sullivan wrote, "Some sources believe both flyers were designed by the same people... The second flyer aimed at Bhalla actually seems to have helped Bhalla by giving him a sympathy vote, which some believe it was intended to do."

Over the weekend, Nancy Pincus claimed innocence with the midnight flyers. She also claimed she was innocent of "creating" the DeFusco Crime Family flyer.

Sybil Cave toxicity has led to fears there the DeFusco campaign
may be planning action against Nancy Pincus.

Talking Ed Note: Nancy Pincus, the controversial and toxic avenger blogger at Sybil's Cave responded to an innocuous comment here fearful the DeFusco campaign is preparing action against her.

MSV does not add important story information by way of the comments section. Story information appears independently or by way of an update.

Last week, Nancy Pincus published an article alleging criminal activity by this editor in a Hoboken polling station. This is her second criminal allegation against MSV in recent weeks. An earlier story she published made an allegation of perjury. The Pincus allegation of voter poll criminality was completely crushed as MSV followed with  a breaking story of a major election violation uncovered by this editor. Nancy Pincus is revealed conspiring with the Russo Clan publishing a false and defamatory hit job. Last week, MSV publicly requested a retraction.

A comment late Friday about possible big news was not about Hoboken. The councilman has made his national partisan positions central to his mayoral candidacy. One can expect that to continue or as one independent observer noted about the recent media blitz by Bhalla, "He's already running for his next position."

MSV's reference late Friday in the comments section is connected to the rumors of wider unrelated Hoboken news. #TheStorm

Specific details of the newest evidence obtained by the Hoboken Police have been withheld to preserve the integrity of the investigation.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Sign of the Times: Anatomy of a Campaign Hit Job

The graphic below features a compilation of the hit jobs on a noble public servant, Jen Giattino. Congratulations to Ravi Bhalla and Dawn Zimmer for the successful smears against their ally and "friend" Jen Giattino.

What prompted it other than a leaked poll published on MSV?

Reform's eulogy, the end of Hoboken sovereignty and more Sybil Cave defamation

The election is over and the die is cast for better or worse. Hoboken returns into the hands of special interests as the flood of outside monies impacting its local election is now the de riguer standard. 

Vive Le Special Interests! Let us worship in the shadow of the rising NJ Transit towers!

Hoboken pay-to-play ordinances have been rendered inert and Hoboken Reform is over as its cynical controllers opted to destroy the concept of the Big Tent centered on the principles of lower taxes, transparency and good governance. 

You can be an advocate of political violence and an honorary member of Hoboken Antifa but registered Independents, Libertarians and Republicans are the political equivalent of untouchables in the new Mile Square caste system. Oh, and all the Democrats who didn't follow lockstep with the orchestrated baton toss from Mayor Zimmer to Ravi Bhalla in one fell swoop. That means all of them who backed Jen Giattino. How dare you "mutiny" against a back room deal with the democratic process! 

What's truly beyond the pale is the amount of lying, smears and destructive attacks in the Hoboken mayoral election this year. The irony being that it was so bad by the self-proclaimed "positive" Bhalla campaign than some others. Of course Sybil's Cave led the way into the gutter as its fanatical HQ online, always eager and enthusiastic to lie, cover-up, and trash people: be it honorable council members, those not following the Hoboken Antifa party line or an election challenger for voting integrity.

Nancy Pincus-Russo, Clan member
Some people like Nancy Pincus did zero work but got a Bhalla campaign challenger badge to show up in the 4-1 right before the polls closed to obtain voting tallies off the machine. That's zero service to voting integrity, 100% service to politics.

If lies and taking the most spurious garbage peddled was helpful to the Bhalla campaign, Nancy Pincus-Russo was all-in. That is, when she isn't creating the many "Deep Uvula" voices in her head. Ok, sometimes she has a co-creator. Who can keep track of all Sybil's personalities?

Here's an Election Day rerun on only some of her lies from her insanity. Nancy Pincus writes of this credentialed election challenger who worked all day in 4-4 and the 3-1, "Meanwhile, I couldn't help but notice that the photo taken in 220 Adams of a horse loitering in a polling location that he was not assigned to Challenge in, well..."

Nancy, if you don't want to see your false and defamatory lies exposed further, maybe you should finally learn when it's time to shut the pie hole, step away from the keyboard and go pet the cats. Stick to the creative writing with your "Deep Uvula" and similarly made up characters.

There was no "loitering" in any polling station." It's called working in the polling station. A picture of anyone walking through the lobby of a building is not "loitering in a polling station." There's no polling station in the building lobby at 220 Jackson.

More lunatic lies courtesy of Nancy Pincus-Russo: "In his own words he was credentialed to challenge in 3-1. So then why was he in 4-7? What was he doing there?"

If the deranged were a tad less dumb, lazy and an insipid Bonkers for Bhalla hack, one might identify the locations where the polling is done for the 3-1 and the 4-7. Not so when you're so eager to do the hatchet work for the Russo Clan. The polling for the 3-1 and the 4-7 is in the same community room at 220 Adams. Duh!

Sybil Cave's core values this election season

Does Nancy Pincus-Russo stupidity end there? More fabrications followed with this moronic garbage:
"Does he disagree with what witnesses have alleged -- that he talked to voters, tried to persuade them to vote for Jen Giattino?"

What witnesses? This stupidity was already declared false and defamatory. Oh yeah, in front of the building, I did ask someone if more rain was in the forecast? That's not electioneering you dolt. Another person who supports Ravi Bhalla also asked to meet me there to say hello. That's what normal people do even when they support different candidates: talk. Versus what you do, lie.

Nancy Pincus-Russo then acts like she's somehow innocent of the repeated false accusations and defamation writing, "No need to get mad at ME." There's no reason to be mad with your litany of lies. You are a certified fanatical liar for Ravi Bhalla. This is once again a proven fact.

Here's a suggestion, re: a request. Go retract your false and defamatory lies Nancy Pincus-Russo! Not that people will be returning your childish text demands anymore. 

Is there anyone, a lawyer or someone with common sense who can get Nancy Pincus-Russo to stop? Not likely, they will defend if not praise her bad behavior, defamation and scurrilous lies until the next time she steps into it which won't be long now.

Talking Ed Note: The election night win wasn't so celebratory for the Bhalla campaign. Word of an "enemies list" filtered out from Moran's. Among those named for retribution for daring to dissent, a Horse. There's whining yet about the Grist column on the leaked poll and the revelation of the special interest PAC first reported on MSV and later the Hudson County View.

What's wrong with these "bitter winners?" After smearing the reputation of Hoboken's finest public servant in City Council President Jen Giattino, what more blood do you want? 

Go ahead, make my day.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A "major election violation" in Hoboken


Yesterday, MSV alluded to a "major election violation" at the polls.

Here is what occurred midday at 220 Adams Street in the 3-1. The following is a photo sent up to the Hudson County Board of Elections showing a Hoboken resident sitting at a table going through a book of voters who signed in to vote earlier that day.

The voters' signed materials are being reviewed against a spreadsheet. The man in the photo is George DeStefano, the Hoboken CFO at City Hall.

Those poll worker materials are not allowed to be touched by anyone under NJ law but the certified municipal poll workers. Destefano was in the polling station going through the booklet of signed in voters. As seen in the photo, he has no credential to be in the room while sitting at the challengers table.

George DeStefano is seen with the voter's booklet after they signed in
during the vote. The booklet of the voters with their signatures is seen
in his left hand.

A closer view of the voters' signature book held by George DeStefano.
The Hudson Board of Elections sent a representative who arrived and demanded to know who was illegally accessing the voter data. He then went over to George DeStefano and asked him for his challenger credentials. DeStefano having none attempted to point to something on a pillar but was thrown off the premises. He would return later that day with approved credentials saying aloud, "Thanks for letting me update my list."

The Hudson County Election official announced a warning to the entire polling station that no election materials of the voters be touched by anyone other than the poll workers and declared it "a major violation."  The same warning was issued across to the other side of the room for polling station 4-7.

Talking Ed Note: Anger at the Hudson County Board of Elections was registered by the illicit activity. Reportedly one person said if any similar violation as the one that took place by DeStefano occurred, he would be "locked up."

The incident led to the eventual stalking of one Horse with a photo taken in the lobby strolling by and fed to Nancy Pincus for her false and defamatory hit job later the same day. Maybe she should change her name to Nancy Russo.

MSV would like to thank the Hoboken Police Officers who worked both in the 4-4 and the 3-1 polling stations. In particular, the two officers in the 3-1 were a great help during the vote and provided some light-hearted relief through the long end of day hours. To all the poll workers who put in such a hard effort through a long day and were so very kind to this farm animal, thank you.

Minutes after the election incident, Councilman Mike Russo appeared with coffee and sandwiches. He would later return with pizza. Thanks again Mike. It's not personal, just election integrity business. Service.

A tale of election integrity and Nancy Pincus fabrications

The challenger credential in yesterday's
Hoboken election where MSV worked in
both the 4-4 and 3-1 from 6:00 am until
the polls closed at 8:00 last night.
Yesterday, a journey began on election day in the early hours to prepare to enter the belly of the beast as an election challenger. That path began in the infamous fourth ward district of the 4-4. Later certified credentials would be presented at the 3-1 working there at 220 Adams until the polls closed.

It was in the 3-1 where a major election violation was uncovered involving the Russo Syndicate. When word got back to the Hudson County Board of Elections, an effort to take vengeance followed. Nancy Pincus was the tool of the Russo vengeance.

With the "major violation" reported up the chain to the Hudson County Board of Elections and their public response at 220 Adams, a photo in the lobby area was taken and passed to Nancy Pincus of Sybil's Cave. She then took the photo and heaped on the lies without talking to anyone making up false and defamatory accusations of "loitering inside 4th ward polling location (220 Adams) allegedly asking voters to vote for Jen Giattino!!!" Nancy Pincus' allegations are completely false and defamatory. In recent days she also made an earlier criminal accusation of perjury. She calls this her "work" for Hoboken.

Nancy Pincus is seen here as previously proven, a fanatical liar for Ravi Bhalla. She lost all sense of decency when Reform was detonated at the June press conference at City Hall and a back room deal was hatched before the public as Mayor Zimmer withdrew from the mayoral election and simultaneously announced her endorsement of Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Nancy Pincus dumpster dove with the Russo Clan and couldn't care a shred about a fact or the truth.

Nancy Pincus at the Stevens mayoral forum performing her Bonkers for Bhalla effort.
There's no lie she won't stoop to in her fanatical support.
She's gone right into the gutter with the Russo Clan making another false and defamatory attack about certified and approved challenger work yesterday.
Hey Nancy, got a shred of ethics?

Talking Ed Note: More to come on the story of a major election violation during the vote yesterday.
In all fairness, MSV must thank Councilman Mike Russo for the pizza to the poll workers yesterday.
Thank you Mike. But the truth is the truth and it's going to be reported.

The Hoboken Municipal Election results

Here are the final tallies  for mayor from the Hudson County Board of Elections:

The order of finish: Ravi Bhalla, Mike DeFusco, Jen Giattino, Anthony Romano, Karen Nason and Ron Bautista.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla won the mayoral election and will take office
as Hoboken mayor in January.

For Hoboken City Council at-large:

Vanessa Falco, Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour are elected council members at large.

On the Hoboken BoE, Hoboken Proud saw a clean sweep.

Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro easily won re-election to another term.