Friday, March 16, 2018

City Council votes unanimously to acquire Union Dry Dock

The second and concluding vote to use eminent domain to acquire the Union Dry Dock for $11.6 million went off without a hitch yesterday.

That is until the chairman of NY Waterway Armand Pohan plead otherwise and concluded by saying the matter may need to be managed by "higher powers" among NJ officials.

The Chairman rejected the idea of the NY Waterway business operations being stationed in remote locations such as Staten Island and Bayonne. Ron Hine claimed them reasonable options.
Councilman Michael Russo is sitting on a sixth vote on the Rent Level Board appointment changes passed by the City Council last night. He voted yes but Councilwoman Vanessa Falco flipped her vote voting no. A pending veto by Mayor Bhalla means the entire vote would have to be repeated two more times. Which way does he go?

Talking Ed Note: This story is nowhere near over. On a separate note, Councilwoman Vanessa Falco flipped her vote on changing the appointing powers of the Rent Leveling Board. The second reading passed with six votes but a veto anticipated by Mayor Ravi Bhalla would place the overriding sixth vote into the hands of Councilman Michael Russo. The City Council would have to redo the ordinance again.
Russo and Bhalla are believed working out a BRAND NEW PILOT FOR CHURCH TOWERS. Last night, Michael Russo voted yes while setting himself up as the peacemaker between the administration and the council. After a veto, is Michael Russo going to follow Vanessa Falco and flip too?
The council vote currently means the mayor would retain four seats for nomination and the council would have three plus two alternates. 
As MSV wrote earlier, the ability of the City Council to alter the appointment authority of the Rent Leveling Board is similar to another historical action on the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustment. In 2009, the City Council led by former councilwoman Dawn Zimmer pushed to take all of those appointments from the mayor. When she became acting mayor after the arrest and resignation of Peter Cammarano, the changes were passed by the council.
The advice from the Hoboken Law Department in a memo to the City Council saying they could not act as they are was a ruse. Mayor Ravi Bhalla's similar claims about the appointment authority to all boards being unalterable are equally false. Sad.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Brian Stack comes down the hill

MSV's exclusive analysis/opinion on the latest insider gambits with a burgeoning HudCo civil war

Hoboken's backbiting and ruthless political climate is back! Rank political power plays in the Mile Square City is combining with an emerging Hudco political civil war featuring the Senator up the hill attempting a double play of his own.

Brian Stack a State Senator who doubles as Union City Mayor has been thinking. After mulling over his current two jobs he's added another to his potential list. Brian Stack is vying to be elected Democratic Chair of Hudson County while simultaneously launching a bid to overthrow the current County Executive Tom DeGise with a candidate to be named later. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop denies he wants to be the beneficiary of the office. Not everyone believes him.

State Senator Brian Stack with former NJ Governor Chris Christie as seen in this vintage photo.
Stack had called Gov. Christie the best governor in the history of NJ. Now he's working to become the
Hudson County Democratic Chair and bump off County Executive Tom DeGise leading a Hudco insurrection.
He has Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop on board as an officer and Mayor Ravi Bhalla signed up too.

But first, the uprising.

Senator Stack will visit Hoboken on Monday and speak before a select group of the Hoboken Democratic Committee. The select group not invited includes 17 members; among them the Chair Tiffanie Fisher who is also the second ward councilwoman.

Who delivered on this less than impolite courtesy? Mayor Ravi Bhalla. Hoboken's new mayor has joined an insurrection against the HudCo County Executive Tom DeGise while the latter holds almost two full years ahead in office. Some political observers believe this places Hoboken in a less than favorable position, no matter the outcome of the HudCo hostilities.

While Mayor Bhalla holds no title or official seat on the Hoboken Democratic Committee; he does have underlings who eagerly do his bidding. For months they've been attempting to overthrow the current Chair who is guilty of 1) being an effective Chair 2) being the Chair who didn't bow to Ravi Bhalla last year nor this one 3) selecting after analysis who's the best candidate to back for Hoboken mayor (Jen Giattino) 4) being proven correct she made the right decision all along in the non-partisan mayoral race (as Hoboken voters are now learning themselves).

Attempts at overthrowing the Chair Tiffanie Fisher have been comical. In recent months, the Executive Committee (littered with fresh-faced Ravi Robots) made a play to get the full committee together to update the bylaws with "minor changes." 

Hoboken Democratic Committee member Rachel Hodes
The minor changes proposed were fronted by Rachel Hodes who also doubles as the gal pal to the newly minted position in the mayor's office of Chief of Staff number two held by Jason Freeman. Because when you have the grandest of political ambitions outside Hoboken as the new mayor, one Chief of Staff is not enough.

The bylaws changes were hatched with the idea of sticking a fork in the eye followed with a knife in the back. The minor changes were a pretext for calling a committee of the whole where a coup in the form of a vote would see the Chair's term suddenly end prematurely and then vengeance for lack of subservience to the Chair in the mayor's office would follow. And there would be much Ravi Robot rejoicing.

Hudson County View covered the story and reported on the laundry list of whining and less than factual accusations against Fisher by Ravi Bhalla's would-be henchmen on the executive committe. Among them:

For clarity, let's enumerate the complaints succinctly (1) Tiffanie isn't cooperating with our Ravi-directed coup attempts (2) Tiffanie didn't help us get Ravi all the information he needed to plan the coup (3) Tiffanie ruined our perfectly good (but stupid) coup attempt (4) Tiffanie is really not cooperating with our coup attempts.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and Chair of the Hoboken
Democratic Committee. She's guilty of not being a
Ravi Robot and uncooperative to their coup attempts.

The Hoboken Democratic Committee has been mainly dormant for more than a decade with elections vying between the deceased Reform party and the Russo faction attempting to hold control. The efforts revolved around symbolic authority and maintaining sufficient numbers so the committee could not be turned into a vehicle for routing cash into Hoboken campaigns from out of town. 

More recently, the Hoboken Democratic Committee has been highly active working against Hoboken's longstanding problems with election fraud. One front in that effort was accomplished by making significant changes to see new poll workers installed and problematic poll practices with previous ones eliminated. Plans to help 2018 NJ congressional campaigns is another objective underway. Both reflect major activity unseen in many years on the committee, if ever.

On Monday, Brian Stack will come down the hill and look to reap the support of select members of the Hoboken Democratic Committee. You're all welcome if Ravi Bhalla (who is not a Hoboken Democratic Committee member) invited you. 

If you're the Hoboken Democratic Chair or one of the 17 damned members, you're out of luck.

Talking Ed Note: For those who require another dose of political irony. Who was asked last year to lead the election effort for the Hoboken Democratic Committee under the now defunct Reform banner?

Last year, it was then-councilman Ravi Bhalla who urged Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher to take on the thankless task. She agreed and helped elect numerous people who were inactive locally in Hoboken on any issue eventually being elected the Chair. A bigger plot was planned all along.

That's gratitude for ya.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ravi's second job conflict solution: Wag the Dog

Tomorrow's City Council meeting should see the successful second reading and passage altering appointment powers to the Rent Leveling Board.

The City Council is expected to easily pass and finalize the ordinance dividing the appointment powers of the seven-member body: four for the mayor and three for the council. Two alternates would be also be appointed by the council under the ordinance.

The council may be looking to see the ordinance take effect immediately, waiving the 20-day waiting period. But there should be no rush to do so. Why?

"Hold the frame bro" and wag the dog.
Mayor Ravi Bhalla would prefer a war over council appointment
powers to take the glare off his second job with a NJ politically
connected law firm. 

Mayor Ravi Bhalla will once again look to apply a flailing veto and "frame the issue" by declaring war using taxpayers resources in a possible legal bid challenging the final council vote.

He initiated the fight refusing to nominate to another term two senior board members: Cheryl Fallick and Michael Lenz. Both were strong backers of Councilwoman Jen Giattino last year in the mayoral race.

While Bhalla's warring, legal and otherwise doesn't promise to be effective; it will at least distract from the rising disappointment about Bhalla's second job with a politically connected Republican-leaning land use law firm.

Word is spreading about Bhalla's employment contract and Hoboken's electorate is learning how quickly a broken promise is reflective of true colors. They are swallowing the bitter truth neither enjoying the taste nor its ramifications.

So Ravi Bhalla is looking ahead to a war. Win or lose, he'd prefer battling over City Council appointment powers than how much money he's brought in to date in his second job or the conflict-rich potential it holds without any oversight at City Hall.

Talking Ed Note: Those who do speak to Ravi Bhalla should ask him how much he's earned to date with his second job at Lavery Selvaggi Abromovits & Cohen. Since he refuses to even admit it's a job with a $60,000 salary plus a rich commission structure; his answers should offer plenty of entertainment.

Correction: The council meeting in place of last week's cancelled due to weather is set for tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ravi Bhalla to council: 'Don't undercut my political retaliation'

Official release:

Mayor Bhalla Urges City Council to Reconsider Decision on Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board

Based on a legal analysis provided by Corporation Counsel which notes that the City Council’s proposed actions related to the Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board violate New Jersey State Statutes, Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla is asking that the Council reconsider their intention to transfer appointment authority  of three full rent board members and two alternates from the Mayor to the City Council. Mayor Bhalla is also renewing his prior request for the Council’s advice and consent of Warren Hall and Heath Urban as full members of the Rent Control Board.

“State law is very clear about how appointments should be made to boards.  Any decisions made by board members who are improperly appointed calls into question the validity of determinations made by the Rent Board,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “I hope that the Council will reconsider their actions and provide their advice and consent regarding the nominations of Mr. Hall and Mr. Urban, two highly qualified appointees who I know would serve our community well.” 

Per Mayor Bhalla’s memo (see attached) to the City Council, “On March 5, 2018, the Law Department submitted a legal memorandum advising you that the City Council does not have the legal authority to unilaterally appoint members to the Rent Control Board…This appointment authority rests with the Mayor, upon the advice and consent of the City Council, as explained in the Law Department’s memorandum. Despite the March 5th legal memorandum, this Ordinance is still on the March 15, 2018 City Council Agenda, along with a series of resolutions wherein the City Council appears to be illegally attempting to appoint Rent Control Board members. These items should be removed from the City Council agenda, as you have been advised that you do not have the legal authority to take such actions.”

Talking Ed Note: Mayor Ravi Bhalla has a problem. In attempting to inflict political retaliation jettisoning members of the Rent Leveling Board; he created an instant backlash of people who actually care about the work of the body not politics nor motives with political retaliation.

Intended to inflict punishment for an earlier council appointment bringing back former councilman Anthony Soares to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, the new mayor finds himself in a quagmire of his own making.

Don't be confused; it's a quagmire. The City Council is taking only partial reins with three of seven regular seats to the Rent Leveling Board but for Ravi Bhalla it's another transgression where his focus lies: power.

Unfortunately for Ravi Bhalla and the obviously compromised Law Department, pigheaded and condescending "legal analysis" is not likely to change the tide where the ship of Hoboken is going with this board.

In 2009, the Hoboken City Council debated then opted to remove all appointing powers of the mayor on the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustment. Then a councilman, Ravi Bhalla publicly endorsed the council actions and sanctioned it with his own vote joining the majority in the move.

This Horse is not a NJ municipal law expert but here we are with some of the same members in government who certainly did not forget that 2009 council action on the Hoboken Zoning Board. Councilman Peter Cunningham was working on the council with Ravi Bhalla when the Zoning Board seats became a council only appointment.

Fast forward to today and we have a condescending legal analysis attempting to pull a fast one on the City Council telling them an action to appoint Rent Leveling Board members is improper. What the subservient and compromised legal beagles in City Hall are trying to suggest is that this is impermissible without the legislative changes put into effect. Ravi Bhalla himself claims this applies to "all boards." Wrong.

On Wednesday, any appointment changes on the Rent Leveling Board won't be in effect until the final passage of the ordinance and a 20-day waiting period. Both should be honored as Mayor Ravi Bhalla weighs how he arrived at this sour destination of his own making.

While he's likely fearful this type of council action may continue, he should buck up and admit it was a foolhardy idea to do when the council majority is equipped to easily beat back such poor political maneuvers. 

Is Ravi Bhalla capapble of learning and moving on? Let's find out. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Grist for the Mill: Ravi's war & the Union Dry Dock Condo solution

A solution for the Union Dry Dock battle between Hoboken and NY Waterway is under consideration but some may not like the compromise.

The inlet by the PATH station is described as the winning solution in a location for NY Waterway to fuel their commuter boats. Serving 30,000 customers on NJ's Gold Coast is their ultimate objective and other proposals were far too costly. The alternatives pointed to Bayonne or Brooklyn were not feasible but had been pushed "sacrificing" the environment with far more carbon emissions. But little Buffy and Biffy uptown would be spared what a gas station smells like.

What would go in its place at the Union Dry Dock site? Condos. Lots and lots of condos with seven-figure price-tags and unobstructed NYC views. This will be a mega real estate deal requiring Hoboken a "Port Imperiale" developer. Hoboken will get a wider sidewalk on Sinatra. Win-win?

So too, Hoboken will require lots of lawyers to sort out this complex real estate transactions valued in the tens of millions if not more. Can anyone provide a referral for a land-use zoning law firm who might be available from outside Hoboken?

The Mile Square City should sleep peacefully as the cash register goes ka-ching in the mayor's office. The Corporation Counsel's Office will review everything and make sure there's at least one other law firm signing off on the paperwork for public consumption to make everything appear kosher.

The more zeroes that appear in the deal the less conflicted we'll be told any of this is.

Hoboken Mayor & Developer Leader Ravi Bhalla
Most of the City Council already shut out by the mayor's office according to council members who are not seeing calls returned by Mayor Ravi Bhalla will be presented with the whole deal in the eleventh hour as a fait accompli.

It's only the beginning of Ravi Bhalla's new development plans for Hoboken. While developers are cheering behind the scenes as the revolving doors are churning with them being welcomed into City Hall, the City Council is kept on ice.

The council's interest in the northwest redevelopment is strong as they had urged former mayor Dawn Zimmer to coordinate on a plan. She declined and chose the path of least resistance for re-election before eventually bowing out entirely.

Ravi Bhalla has a different process in mind. He's given the cold shoulder to the City Council with a message, "Don't call me, I'll call you." Development in Hoboken will be his domain and the legislative body will only be told of anything when it's already formulated and ready for final approval.

It's the latest salvo in the war of the roses Ravi Bhalla prefers. The City Council wanted to work with the new mayor but he prefers capitulation to the office of the mayor or nothing. A majority of the council organized and aided the efforts on Union Dry Dock early this year but that's all forgotten now.

Hoboken is a money tree waiting to be shaken with new development. Development money holds the keys to the kingdom, more riches and political ambitions running right through the second floor at City Hall. There's only room for one political bank account for deposits.

In other war news, HudCo is in the midst of a civil war conflagration. For Hoboken taxpayers, it will generate a big yawn but services may be impacted. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and State Senator/Union City Mayor Brian Stack have declared war moving to upset the current County Executive Tom DeGise.

HudCo mayors have been called on to choose sides as Hoboken and West New York quickly issued a follow-up joint statement joining the insurrection. The HudCo annual budget is well over half-a-billion annually. That's right, it's well over $500,000,000, although if you want to watch a meeting of its legislative actions via the Freeholders, it's next to impossible.

Even with a massive budget, HudCo holds its legislative meetings in the middle of the day at 2:00 PM and doesn't spend a plumb nickel to record and air them on public access TV or online. Hoboken contributes tens of millions to the HudCo budget each year but if they want to understand the ways of The Machine, there's little available but darkness.

Did Mayor Ravi Bhalla join the insurrection prematurely and put Hoboken at risk or is he signing up with the winning team? Nothing was released to the Hoboken public through an official press release. The stakes are high but as with his law firm employment contract, there's no transparency to date.

What would Senator Bob Menendez say? He's going to weigh in. Let's see how it goes.

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column. Got a tasty carrot for Da Horsey? Send it to All email is kept confidential and is protected by Da Horsey's proven Reporter Privilege upheld under the NJ Shield Law in Hudson County Superior Court. In farm animals we trust.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Ravi Bhalla makes David Liebler $135,000 richer after throwing him out of council meeting

Mayor Ravi Bhalla is asking the Hoboken City Council to approve a settlement payment to Hoboken resident David Liebler for the tidy sum of $135,000.

At the October 21st, 2015 council meeting, David Liebler in the last of his five minutes crossed a bridge too far in the mind of council president Ravi Bhalla and was thrown out by the Hoboken police on his order.

Or was it an order from on high from former Mayor Dawn Zimmer?

No matter, David Liebler sued as did another ejected resident at the same meeting, long time Ravi Bhalla nemesis Perry Belfiore.

Hoboken resident  David Liebler stands to become $135,000 richer.
Ravi Bhalla threw him out of a 2015 council meeting for saying the words
"Stan Grossbard." Add that figure to another ejected resident of more than 50K

 plus legal costs to the Hoboken taxpayers.

The Hudson County View recounts the First Amendment snafu leading to the proposed settlement.

Liebler had about 20 seconds left five minutes when Ravi Bhalla interjected and then ordered the Hoboken Police to remove him from the microphone. 

The Wednesday meeting of the Hoboken City Council was canceled due to inclement weather delaying David Lieber obtaining approval for the $135,000 settlement.

That comes to $6,750 per second to the Hoboken taxpayers not counting more than $50,000 previously paid out to another Hoboken politico, Perry Belfiore who Ravi Bhalla also threw out at the same meeting.

Both speakers triggered the police action ordered by Ravi Bhalla by saying the magic words "Stan Grossbard."

As a result, Hoboken taxpayers will shell out approximately $200,000 plus incidental attorney fees.

Former mayor Dawn Zimmer was contacted for comment on this story. If one is made available, it will be added.

The Plaintiff, David Liebler settlement amount is $135,000 with $95,000 being paid to the law firm Brach Eichler, LLC
as shown in the City Council resolution.

Talking Ed Note: MSV shared the massive payout settlement proposal by the Bhalla Administration earlier with its MSV Premium readers on Wednesday. 

To sign up for premium, see the link below. $75 no Paypal account is required:

Correction: Perry Belfiore never mentioned Stan Grossbard by name; only posing a rhetorical question about how much influence should a mayor's spouse have on a Hoboken board.

Rocket Man 'Let me give up, please'

MSV will release a feature later today. In the interim, for those who wish to understand how and why the shocking turn of events with North Korea have come about, see the link below.

In a historic announcement late yesterday, the foreign minister of South Korea announced North Korea wishes to have a meeting with President Trump "as soon as possible" on its denuclearization. In the interim, North Korea vows there will be no more missile or nuclear tests.

President Trump voiced his intention to meet on the North Korean denuclearization in May.

The short primer on the how and why on North Korea:

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Questions & Soprano State Answers starring Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla

MSV offers its political analysis/opinion on the Mayor Ravi Bhalla answers to 26 City Council questions

The terse, smirking 26 Q&A "answers" from Mayor Ravi Bhalla to the City Council questions about his law firm employment contract is a blueprint for how the Soprano State entitlement is executed in the Hoboken post-Malibu Diner period.

Let us all take a moment to thank former Mayor Dawn Zimmer for "only trusting Ravi" to pull a stunt like this and mock the entire Mile Square City a month into office while doing so. Legacy.

Look, 25 large in Fedex envelopes is so old hat. We're talking far, far more on the table. Let's feast!

But let's not kid ourselves. The money is already F-L-O-W-I-N-G, of this there should be no doubt. Recall, Ravi Bhalla's new law firm employment contract was backdated to Febuary 1st. Ravi could barely make it a month into the job before the money train started flowing right through the Office of Mayor.

What, you thought this law firm deal has nothing to do with the office? The office was the guarantor of the contract.

For evidence and evidentiary proof just see the second "executed" agreement between Ravi Bhalla and Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromivits & Cohen, the Republican-leaning land use and zoning law firm.

That employment law firm contract is designed with one purpose: generate profits for both the law firm and Ravi Bhalla using the long arm of government as the inducement.

The contradictory rewritten employment contract dated February 16th and 22nd was a hasty maneuver to make it appear on the up and up. The merest scrutiny reveals it isn't.

Let's delve into the gory details but be forewarned. This isn't good government. It's not even the appearance of decent government.

First, the employment contract details were first dumped to the Hudson County View on a Friday night not two weeks back. It was a cynical maneuver to as they say dump the body.

Then the answers to the City Council questions didn't come in the form of any public release from the mayor's office but were dumped to its paid political operative's website with a fanatical bearing to protect her paymaster. Hoboken411 only dreamt of making it this far with Beth Mason.

The lunatic asylum at Sybil's Cave has its privileges.

Ready for more of this Soprano State stew? Let's dumpster dive into the gory details. We begin with Ravi Bhalla answers to City Council questions 1-14.

Question 1. "I have no specific responsibilities." Those throw-in clauses about mentoring law firm associates and providing strategic advice? That's over. The Hoboken public didn't buy it, so Ravi Bhalla ain't selling it.

We're moving on and going with the more craven HudCo "Hey, look at my no-show job." Now pay me $60,000 and I'll move clients from Florio Perucci and everything in my Rolodex at City Hall pronto.

Question 2, 3, 4 - Ravi Bhalla says, "See that PR rewritten employment law contract. Pretty funny, no?"

Question 5 - "How much time will I spend on this? See answer no. 1. Didn't I tell you this is a no-show job? Where's my $60,000 annual salary?"

Question 6 - Think of this Ravi Bhalla answer along the lines of "My smartphone and mobile banking app is my office." Ka-ching!

Question 7 - See answers to questions 1 and 5. "Why won't you take 'no-show job' for an answer?"

Question 8 - 13 - See that tragicomedy Soprano State employment law firm contract. Funny stuff, right?

Question 14 - Travel to a job? See answer to question 6. Nifty ain't it?

Question 15 - Put this in the, "We're sticking to this no matter what gets exposed on the "Trading Places Contract Carousel" down the road. Oh, there's a market trading on NJ municipal contracts but you're not invited to the party.

Question 16 - See no. 15 and "Hey, that's the official answer. Our lawyer told us to stick with it."

Question 17 - See 15 & 16, "Under advice of counsel, I will never admit to a conflict. Ever."

Question 18 - "Meet with clients? I just make it rain right here on my smartphone.  It's a Festivus Miracle."

Question 19 - "I assure you the Fox is guarding the Henhouse with my authorization."

Question 20 - "My political contributor assures me all is well in the Hoboken Corporation Counsel Office. And I believe him."

Question 21 - See no. 19. "I'm quite fond of the 'Fox guarding the Henhouse Model.' I've perfected it."

Question 22 - "Any politco who says they don't like me is fodder, let's milk the hell out of it."

Question 23 - "I'm an expendable city resource and I plan to expend as much to enrich my bank account as possible."

Question 24 - "Mission Accomplished. Hey don't ticket that Brinks Truck out front of City Hall, it's authorized."

Question 25 - "The Corporation Counsel assures you it'll be kosher. But first he'll write me another check. Thanks Brian."

While some may find all this Soprano State - Hudco wordplay entertaining; the joke is most assuredly on you - the people of Hoboken.

Sure, thanks Ravi.

This truth-telling satire is dedicated to Catrina and the very not Not Stempler

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Millennial Leprecon party summons leads to legal threat against Hoboken


A Millennial alcohol-fueled party on Washington St. ended Saturday afternoon when Hoboken police officers arrived and issued a disorderly house summons breaking up the gathering.

Online threats later by alleged tenants and their friends say the action may lead to legal action taken against the City.

Or will it?

The house party in full swing by the second-floor tenants of 508 Washington St. on Saturday afternoon saw four Hoboken Police officers make a visit eventually ending the booze-fest.

MSV in this exclusive report has pieced together many of the facts leading to the party's being issued a summons for disorderly house.

Magee Hickey of WPIX 11 filed this report and spoke to two of the four tenants who saw their house party shut down. One woman tenant said she didn't "understand" why there was any problem as each of the four roommates had invited "8 or 9 friends to their party."

Another tenant admitted in the interview they "created some sort of nuisance I guess."

Feelings about the party being shut down changed at some point. Online, the alleged tenants and their friends have begun making threats of legal action against the City of Hoboken for their bash with dozens being shut down.

One alleged Millennial-tenant offered this threat online to Hoboken saying he's a lawyer and the "city is going to regret what they did today."

A twitter comment appeared later that day attacking Mayor Ravi Bhalla and the Hoboken police chief alleging "12 cops" carrying "rifles & shotguns" were involved in the action taken.

A twitter attack against Mayor Ravi Bhalla and the HPD appeared after a Millennial party at 508 Washington St. went bust. 
12 cops with rifles and shotguns? Where's the evidence?

MSV has collected some details to the story and it does not fit the narrative being offered by the Millennial-lawyer and other alleged injured partygoers online. Attempts to see the tenants comment on their story were ignored.

According to well-placed sources, a complaint Saturday afternoon by a young Hoboken resident near the scene was made to the Hoboken police. The number of people in the unit above was thought a possible danger to the ceiling and restaurant below.

Four Hoboken police officers in regular uniforms went to the door of the house party, knocked and asked to speak to a tenant of the apartment. No rifles or SWAT unit appeared and no Glock-issued guns were drawn. With music blaring, a person answering the door attempted to slam the door in the face of the officer who managed to keep the door wedged open.

No Hoboken police officer entered the apartment at any time with estimates of up to three dozen people inside. A disorderly house summons was issued and the party-goers eventually peacefully filed out.

But another twitter commenter attempted to portray the incident as an overblown unwarranted reaction featuring threats to party-goers. The Boken twitter account requested any photographic evidence. None however, was offered.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante offered a written response to the complaint and action taken by the Hoboken Police on the scene and invited anyone with evidence to submit it. "We have not received any video or pictures at this time from anyone who witnessed the event; either from inside the building, bar or the outside. I welcome and respectfully request that anyone who may have a video to please send them to our Internal Affairs so we can review."

The summons will see an appearance before Judge Michael Mongiello in Hoboken Municipal Court where the tenants will face charges of Disorderly House with a fine of up to $2,000. 

Talking Ed NoteAdditional efforts for comment from the alleged tenants failed to obtain a response. It doesn't appear this story will lend itself to these Hoboken Millennials making a case to join the "Greatest Generation" of Americans who fought in World War II.

All the evidence is apparently not collected but when it is, the idea of a lawsuit against the City of Hoboken may prove foolhardy. 

Full disclosure: MSV previously had exchanges with the alleged lawyer tenant who days ago supported Mayor Ravi Bhalla and dismissed reports here his second job law firm employment contract is a big deal. How the worm has turned. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Ravi Bhalla's new law firm employment contract is the "Talk on the Hudson"

Mayor Ravi Bhalla is seeing more questions on his new employment contract. Even though he'd rather talk about a pothole with the photo op cameras and video recorder going, he's the "Talk on the Hudson."

The "talk" is a radio show hosted by Fernando Uribe who wandered into the issue. He had some difficulty raising the question but finally, some discussion about the secret law firm employment contract spilled out.

The deal began a month after Ravi Bhalla took office as Hoboken mayor and broke a promise to end his legal work at Florio Perrucci and focus on Hoboken full time. Since the details came out about a week ago, more questions and attention are being raised by Hoboken residents, the City Council and wary legal beagles who see an inherent problem with Bhalla returning to a legal sales role while inhabiting the upstairs at Hoboken City Hall.

Here's a key segment transcribed beginning at the 53-minute mark.
Host Fernando Uribe: 

Just a couple of more minutes of your time I appreciate it. Since I have you on today I'm sure it's a question you've been inundated with and I wanted to ask you about it because it's sort of ... I don't want to call it the elephant in the room but speaking of the city council I know recently you've come under some criticism from members of the city council about employment that you've seeked out. I don't know if you're legally able to sort of discuss it on the air tonight or what you have agreed to elaborate on but again some city council members have gone on record let me rephrase that ... council members have gone on record about expressing concerns there's been a lot of chatter online about a recent report in the Jersey journal that mentioned your name around the 20th I believe a few days ago. Anything you want to share with us tonight for our listeners about what's accurate about the attacks what's not accurate, do you feel you're being unfairly scrutinized whether it's by residents or members of the city council about any potential outside employment you're seeking Sir?

Mayor Bhalla:

Yeah... It's par for the course. You know a lot of it is politics. A lot of it is misunderstanding and miscommunication. I just want it to be clear I am a full-time mayor. I sleep, eat and breath Hoboken 24/7. I was at a fire at the 500 block Observer Highway until two o'clock in the morning last night and the things we've achieved in just six or seven weeks as mayor you couldn't do that if you didn't have a full-time mayor. Again the AA+ bond rating, fighting back NJ Transit you know the accomplishments we've done in just such a short time are reflective of my commitment to Hoboken as being a full time mayor. So you know people can say what they want and that's fine it doesn't bother me that's just the nature of beast. But I do want to make clear that my sole priority is the City of Hoboken that's why I ran it's my only, only job to be the Mayor of City of Hoboken.

Host Fernando Uribe: 
Just to be clear again because I'm not an attorney and certainly I don't know the legal language but is there any conflict of interest whatsoever that can arise from this because there has been that accusation and for our listeners tonight a lot of them are Hoboken residents just to be clear is there any conflict of interest whatsoever that's entailed with this?

Mayor Bhalla:

No. I mean anything is possible. If I were a dentist you know there could be a conflict of interest that could arise with respect to my dental practice and if that were to happen that would be addressed the same applies for you know any law firm that I have an affiliation with if there were a conflict you know that would be addressed promptly but my focus 1000 percent is on the City of Hoboken and being the best mayor I can be. Being a full-time mayor is the primary focus of myself and I think the last seven to eight weeks have reflected that commitment. 

The questions keep coming and the contradictions keep repeating with Mayor Ravi Bhalla's new law firm employment contract. Exactly what is a NJ land-use zoning law firm paying Ravi Bhalla for as he is offered a very
generous sales commission to act Of Counsel and bring in clients? That's a lawyer position, no matter the denials.

Hoboken's new mayor says his only job is Hoboken even as he stands to make far more working as a rainmaking lawyer than Hoboken mayor? So what gives, other than the less than truthful answers from Ravi Bhalla? Is the City for sale?

Talking Ed Note: The Lepers of Leprecon washed out with the promotion undercut by the closure of participating bars downtown. No promotion; no mayhem as the bars that did a promotion used the theme Hoboken St. Patrick's Day, an imaginary holiday where revelers pour in and act out their version of mardi gras.

Arrests dropped to four versus 11 the prior year. Service calls dropped at the Hoboken Police Department from 488 last year to 386.

The Leprecon event has been in decline year-to-year since 2012.