Thursday, February 14, 2019

UDD Clash, Nixle tells Hoboken to take "disciplinary action"

A clash between the City of Hoboken and NY Waterway at the scene of the former Union Dry Dock took place yesterday late afternoon.

According to an exclusive report appearing on the Hudson County View, two NY Waterway boats appeared docked. Final permits have not been issued and resulted in action from the Hoboken Construction office. From the HCV story:

Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher were on the scene at the time of the action and posted to twitter on the matter.

Councilwoman Fisher backed the mayor's action:

The clash is the latest in the disagreement over NY Waterway using the former Union Dry Dock as a maintenance site and City of Hoboken which wanted to see UDD converted to additional waterfront park space. It"s unclear how the latter is possible short of intervention from the governor's office in Trenton.

On the political front, Nixle which turned into a less than savory political vehicle in the mayor's office earlier this year issued a letter giving a message to the City of Hoboken, the mayor's office, the City Council and the Hoboken public.

To encapsulate, Nixle was clear it's in the business of being in the generic announcement business. They  are not unclear about wanting to stay out of dirty politics in Hoboken. Their letter references numerous public complaints. A resolution passed overwhelmingly by the City Council 7-2 stating it "respectfully requests Mayor Bhalla to stop the practice and no longer allow any employee to abuse the Nixle service."

Nixle and its parent company Everbridge say leave us out of it writing it "makes no determination" as to the violations cited. They add they won't opine on a letter out of the Corporation Counsel's Office siding with the mayor's office but Councilman Peter Cunningham did at the last council meeting, disagreeing with the conclusions drawn.

The vendor closes with a strong admonishment however reminding the City of Hoboken (and by extension all its officials, elected and otherwise) that:

"... it is the City's responsibility to take any corrective/disciplinary action against any" user posting/sending "prohibited communications." They qualify further they may act in the future on matters "flagrant" and "disruptive."

Talking Ed Note: Happy Valentines to all and to all my friends. Horsey loves Blue Bird.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: "Monarch, RBD Meeting tonight, Policing & End to Nixle-Gate"

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors:
What is included in this email:
  • Monarch Related Activity
  • More RBD, More input needed - Meeting Tonight at 7pm!
  • Update from Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante
  • Constructive Resolution on Nixle-Gate
MONARCH  I received several inquiries on Monday about observed construction activity on the Monarch site. Namely that there were a couple of small backhoes that seemed to be removing trees and moving some dirt. I reached out to the City and was told that in January 2018, over a year ago, Shipyard “pulled permits” to begin (only) restoration of the pier. This came as a total shock to me and many others who have been closely involved with this, including Fund for a Better Waterfront and other City Council members.  I know that the mayor continues to actively work with the owners to try to find a solution that would stop Applied / Ironstate from building on the waterfront.  Given the timing of the activity, and that the DEP usually restricts any water work between March and June, I am hopeful that this is only a "shot across the bow" and more meant to encourage settlement discussions while continuing to threaten building.  As I mentioned before, in January the City Council passed a resolution for a contract with an appraiser to do an economic valuation of the site as well as a City-owned property (DPW site) that will hopefully help facilitate settlement discussions.  I am told the mayor will be sending out an update to residents.
Tonight is the next design meeting for another part of the Rebuild Design Project on the north end - Zone 3.  
This is the area that begins at 15th and Garden, and works its way South through the alley behind the parking garage continuing across Bloomfield and then turns onto Washington St. running past Soul Cycle, crossing 14th near Madison, and ending mid-block just past Bin 14.  Different than Zone 2, which is a park, this will be more of an urban type design weaving through and around buildings so please come out and see what they are proposing!
Thank you to those who came out last week to participate in the design for the new park at 15th and Park – we had about 40 people on Monday and then had about 70 people on Thursday!   
I have invited the RBD team to present the ideas for the park at the City Council meeting on the 20th, so if you didn’t get a chance to attend one of last week's meeting, you can come or tune in into the Council meeting.  I will let people know once this is confirmed.  In the interim, although the DEP/AECOM project team’s preference is for feedback on forms provided that night, I would still encourage you to email the DEP with your feedback on the three designs below at  I would ask again that you consider providing the following in your feedback as I mentioned in my email last week:  
  • Safety - Not having a main entrance be at the corner of 15th and Park and providing fencing all along 15th and Park to provide a physical separation between the park and two main thoroughfares (think Central Park). 
  • More open green space –Much of the feedback received was that the designs do not provide enough green space, have too much little-used plaza (concrete) space and in particular do not preserve the current uses of the park.
  • Cost to maintain – Design the park to be both beautiful, but easy and cost-effective to maintain.  
The design team has already been taking in this feedback and one of the project's leads said to me that they were thrilled that so many people came out and didn't care what the feedback was, but was just happy to get so much input!  More voices definitely matter!  I do want to give credit to them and say that I think they have done an amazing job getting to this point, and have to date tried to incorporate public feedback into their designs.  So I am confident that further feedback will take this to a great outcome for Hoboken.
  • Meadow - meandering path up and over a hill that hides the structure.  Least complicated design.
  • Ridge - a path to an elevated walkway/plateau with a shade structure; includes a ridge/wall that gives the look and feel of the palisades.  
  • Bloom - a collection of distinct areas in a bloom design with a lot of concrete walkways; this one, although beautiful, feels choppy and difficult and costly to maintain (IMHO).  
Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante was interviewed last week by Hudson County View.  It is a 30-minute interview and it is as interesting as it is informative.  As I said to both Chief Ferrante and HCV’s John Heinis after watching it, it was great questions and great answers.  They cover most topics that I hear about from all of you including, among others, pedestrian safety, the recent drug bust and stabbing, response to potential terrorism threats (and HPD’s coordination with statewide and federal agencies), concerns about enforcement of marijuana once it is legalized and where the line is drawn between Hoboken PD and Hoboken Parking Utility.  I really would encourage ALL of you to grab a cup of coffee or other drink of choice and take the time to watch this great video in its entirety.  A reminder of the important contact information for Hoboken PD (and that if you see something send an email!).  
Finally, as I described in my January 16th email, there were concerns that Nixle, Hoboken's community alert system, was being used by members of the mayor’s office for political purposes specifically attacking certain council members – including me.  Seven council members voted yes (two voted no) on the resolution I sponsored requesting the mayor to direct his team to end this practice.  And six of those seven council members joined me in filing a complaint with Nixle that the City was in breach of Nixle’s Terms of Service which prohibits political and harassing communication.  
Yesterday I received from Nixle a copy of the attached letter from Elliot Mark, SVP and General Counsel of Nixle that was sent to the City addressing our complaint.  The main and most important message is in the first paragraph reminding the administration that they cannot “use any of the Services for political…purposes.”  They go on to say they do not have any reason to disagree with Hoboken corporation counsel’s legal opinion, falling short of saying affirmatively that they agreed with it.  I do believe there is reason to disagree with Hoboken corporation counsel's opinion who was probably conflicted on the matter, but I appreciate that the issue under debate - what constitutes political attacks and harassment - is subjective in nature and would have been difficult for Everbridge / Nixle to evaluate further.  That being said, I was happy to see Nixle state that if the problem continued and became more flagrant and systemic, they would step in.  
As you know, I personally am a fan of pushing information out to people and am happy to see that Hoboken's new communications manager is using the system more frequently to inform residents and that since the January 10th and 11th incidents, we have not seen any more overtly political statements issued using the Nixle system.  I think this is a win-win for all of us.  At the end of the day, I am hopeful that as a result of all of the advocacy - including those of you who also reached out to Nixle directly - that we will see our community alert system used only in ways that benefit all of us.  
As always please forward this to anyone you think may be interested and feel free to reach out via email, text or phone (201-208-1674) about this or anything else important to you.      
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sign of the Times: Washington St. progresses

According to the mayor's office, fully 90% of the Washington St. project is complete. That's the good news even with winter, there's been some sidewalk work on certain days. 

The bad news is the final bill. It's likely to come in over $20 million and far past the deadline. How that works out remains to be seen. There's talk of added funding being paid back for missing deadlines. 

The work in progress at Washington St. & 11th

Monday, February 11, 2019

Campos crackdown, the Feds and the secret they don't want you to know about the Ravi-Russo Alliance

Last week, the imprisoned former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos received more bad news. The state agency overseeing campaigns, NJ ELEC, hit him with campaign fines for $22,000.

When they chose to do it is what's striking. Campos is in federal prison in Pennsylvania for his role in a $7 million illicit car loan scheme. The campaign violations stem back more than a decade to 2007.

Guess who remains in violation to this day and is a BFF of Campos? That would be one Carmelo Garcia. Last seen, Garcia, he of the ethnic cleansing lawsuits and deceased attorney never filed any campaign report on his 2015 sixth ward council race. Zero, zip, nada, nunca. How does Mister Carmelo continue to not only get away with it but profit?

Chris Campos, former Hoboken City councilman currently incarcerated in a federal penitentiary received bad news with
the report NJ ELEC hit him with $22,000 in fines stemming from violations in his 2007 council campaign.
That's a far more complex and detailed story for a federal informant day. Not today.

More on all this with the heat being felt in the Mile Square City as the Feds tighten their grip on Hoboken election fraud and related less than legal enterprises.

No one is to whisper let alone discuss any of this or the New Year's Day gift Ravi Bhalla handed the Russo Clan when former mayor and felon Anthony Russo was welcomed back into the mayor' office as the first order of business.

Ravi Bhalla and Michael Russo, they understand each other. They understand government bidness. It's why the Ravi-Russo Alliance continues to prosper and remain a threat to Hoboken and the remnant of good government leaders in Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.

The Armageddon of Hoboken past, present, and future corruption lie ahead as all the pieces are in place for a full-out war heading to the November ward elections.

The rest of this story is MSV Premium. Members will receive issue by tomorrow. Those who wish to enroll may do so at the link below, no Paypal account required.


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ravi Russo Alliance upended as council appoints Peter Cunningham to hospital board

Councilwoman Emily Jabbour's Ravi-Russo alliance effort upended by good government council trio

Apparently, low information voters and low information councilmembers are fine with the ultimate act of cynicism in putting Councilman Michael Russo on the hospital board.

Yes, the same hospital he with other members of MORTe tried to kill in 2011.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher led a come from behind effort from the good government trio with City Council President Jen Giattino to see Councilman Peter Cunningham appointed over Russo.

Back with more but first, time to go back into the Horsey Wayback Machine. There was no better coverage on the savage battle to take down Hoboken, the hospital and then blame former mayor Dawn Zimmer.

From the archive, live coverage at the City Council meeting on September 21, 2011: SUICIDE MISSION.


Councilwoman Beth Mason said this bond ordinance was "throwing money away."  She said her demands also had not been met. (State regulations govern two of them and she conveniently overlooks it.) Additionally, she complains about the nurse's union who took a pay cut. She actually disparages the bondholders, re: the Hoboken taxpayers who will be made whole. 

Councilman Mike Russo is attempting to point at "investigations" and there is no guarantee the creditors and unions will accept a deal tomorrow. (Better to kill it tonight one can only conclude.)

The fix is in!

BA Arch Liston corrects the record to the assertion by Councilman Russo that the City has a $5 million surplus to utilize. Russo then goes out of control and refuses to allow others to speak.

Read the actual live coverage from September 2011:

Talking Ed Note: Councilman Jim Doyle, what the hell is wrong with you?

After Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher nominated Peter Cunningham, the resolution sponsor Emily Jabbour announced she would abstain from voting. She said due to her involvement with the hospital on the matter. She's not precluded from voting but removed herself although there's no conflict. MSV reached out to her and is awaiting comment on the effort to have Russo appointed. 

Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia interjected as a point of interest prior to the vote, the hospital, CarePoint, retains the authority to decide on any council nomination sent to them.

It would have been quite embarrassing to see the City Council put up Russo and then the hospital to respond back "NO! What are you smoking?" 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Lincoln Dinner in Hoboken - February 26th

Official release:

Republicans Announce Lincoln Dinner

The Hoboken Municipal Committee Executive Board and the Hudson County Young Republicans announced today their launch of a joint Lincoln Dinner on February 26that 7pm in Lola’s Tapas Bar, 153 14th St, Hoboken. The dinner at Lola’s Tapas features a long list of fine food as well as wine, beer, and sangria. Tickets, which are the low cost of $60, can be purchased here.
Chris Carbine, Chairman of the Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee, said “the Republican Party is the party that freed the slaves, supported civil rights legislation, and has always stood for individual freedoms, that’s why we will be gathering to honor one of America’s greatest Presidents.”
Nicholas Codrea, Treasurer of the Hudson County Young Republicans said “this is a time for all stripes and types of Republicans, libertarians to social conservatives, fiscal conservatives to those focused on national security, and more, to celebrate our freedom-loving foundation and our first GOP President, Abraham Lincoln.” Codrea continued “this is a dinner for GOP unity and for honoring the past.”
Lincoln Dinners, an event done by Republican Committees and clubs around the country, honor the first Republican President in history, the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sign of the Times: The Battle of Marine View

Councilman Mike DeFusco scheduled a fundraiser earlier this year. Then, Mayor Ravi Bhalla scheduled a State of the City event on the same night.

So Councilman Mike DeFusco moved the fundraiser to a different evening, tonight. Then Ravi Bhalla's Face Punchers hastily countered scheduling this event:

Who do you think is not invited? 

Should we expect another PIZZAGATE?

Monday, February 4, 2019

Ravi Bhalla's face punchers return to bash Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher in the face


The following report is an accumulation of investigative efforts, analysis, and opinion now into the tenth year on covering Hoboken government, politics, and corruption. The opinions as stated here are the sole responsibility and copyright of MSV. © 2019 All rights reserved.

The newest exposure of Mayor Ravi Bhalla's office in last week's Hudson Reporter story on payroll hijinks and the political attacks on the City Council opens the door to further examination on the abuse of taxpayer monies there.

Whether it's abusing the use of the Nixle system, the City of Hoboken social media or the public's microphone at City Council meetings, the trio of political operatives paid over $300,000 annually in the mayor's office are doing political business for Ravi Bhalla not the business of the people.

Let's revisit the original exposure when Mike Donnelly was first discovered connected to Head Face Puncher John Allen in Ravi Bhalla's office last summer. The revelation after his attacks in first ever council appearance and then almost immediately was compounded with him signing a legal ethics complaint filed in Trenton. The operation has been led out of the mayor's office by John Allen who is a lawyer with Ravi Bhalla's blessing. The odor is errily similar to the earlier issued Ravi Terror Flyer.

Councilman Mike DeFusco blasted the political operation as the photo Ravi Bhalla's office forgot to scrub linking Donnelly to John Allen first appeared here. After that unplanned revelation, complete and utter silence followed from the mayor's office and Donnelly smartly dropped out of sight.

There are 55,000 people in Hoboken and some pictured here but there's only two connected to the political operation of attacks against the City Council members at their meetings pictured. Oh, those magical coincidences. 

With the Hudson Reporter story fueling further scrutiny of the political attacks last year on the City Council orchestrated out of the mayor's office, former Bhalla for Mayor campaign manager, Vijay Chaudhuri attempted damage control from his new communication manager position in the mayor's office. He reportedly tried to get the Hudson Reporter to put Mike Donnelly into their story. That didn't work so after the story came out last week, only hours later a letter immediately appeared from, well at least signed in the reappearance of Mike Donnelly. That's not a coincidence and neither are the talking points of whiney complaints from Ravi Bhalla's political face punchers.

So what drove the face punchers' efforts to using Donnelly, already exposed badly in his earlier first-ever council appearances and a then legal complaint created out of the mayor's office? Once again, Ravi Bhalla's political operatives do Donnelly no favors. They've committed serious unforced errors and it merits further exposure. The letter portion appears in italic:

For anyone who wants to go out and speak against corruption in government at a Hoboken City Council meeting – beware. You may have a City Council member viciously attack your character like Tiffanie Fisher did to me.

Note the overblown political ham-fisted tone. Getting nabbed in a failed political operation last year using the public's microphone at council meetings doesn't make one a victim. It makes them damaged goods and appear wimpy for allowing John Allen & Co. to use them again when caught dead to rights. The phony corruption angle is a nice touch since the letter clearly avoids the recent revelations of shady money deals involving Ravi Bhalla. 

Presumably, everyone gets their start in politics somewhere. For me, it was listening to council meetings where my council representative, Councilwoman Fisher, referred to Ravi Bhalla as “unelectable;” 

Here's irrefutable proof and a terminal error. Exactly when did Donnelly allegedly hear this listening to a council meeting? Let's help Donnelly out here as Ravi Bhalla's political operatives did him another terrible disservice. The allegation fails and goes down in a flaming heap because it simply doesn't exist. No one is going to produce this allegation on any City Council video. Ever.

was the only no vote for our Hispanic director of environmental services; and was the only one not to vote in support of our first African-American director of community development.

Yet another major face puncher error out of the mayor's office. They're literally complaining about two meaningless votes having no bearing on an outcome. The letter writer, not Donnelly, claims this was the impetus to his getting involved. When? Donnelly had already departed the scene last summer when MSV published his connection to John Allen in the above photo. These two inert votes followed months later, another obvious tell that it's the face punchers' gripe out of the mayor's office. They desperately can't contain their desire to eliminate a good government voice on the City Council in Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher. The objective is to eliminate good government voices.

That the reference to these two innocuous votes months after Mike Donnelly had disappeared from the scene additionally proves the letter is not his and is not credible. The citation  of two less than minor votes however came from John Allen friend no. 2 who followed Donnelly later. That political operation out of the mayor's office was thoroughly decimated with the appearance of the next friend John Allen sent in and had report to him AT HIS HOME immediately after


It was the second friend of John Allen who dropped a dud at a later City Council meeting but didn't make it 24 hours before being burned. John Allen friend no. 2 was seen leaving mid-meeting and going right to the door of John Allen. Donnelly couldn't have claimed this as a reason to insert himself as these talking points from the mayor's office weren't his and came long after he went to ground.

These are not the sharpest face punching political operatives, are they?

After expressing my First Amendment rights to speak out on issues I found to be important, I opened my inbox days later to see thorough research done on me, including my age, profession, and misleading — and in some cases, downright wrong — personal information about me published in an email by Tiffanie to her constituents. I found this to be a vicious attack on my character and a blatant act of political intimidation, which is something that I will not stand for.

No rule against using your right to speech, no matter how badly it turns out. Did Donnelly really sign off on this manufactured letter from the mayor's office? He might have sat this sorry embarrassment out. No research needed with an online photo. John Allen screwed Donnelly last year and is royally screwing him over again. 

Her insinuation is that because I’m young, not a lawyer, and haven’t been active before, I don’t have the right or ability to speak my mind on her actions. As her constituent, it’s not just mind-boggling and insulting, but I believe this is clear intimidation by a public official and should be called out for what it is — bullying through scare tactics.

Speak as much you like; the clown show's in town but political operations go sour when exposed.  That's Donnelly's signature on a tepid complaint filed in Trenton. Will he be filing against Ravi Bhalla for his serious financial transgressions? As you can see, John Allen is no super lawyer and no super political operative. Getting busted last year in this political operation isn't an act of intimidation. It's exposure of a political hit job like this letter coming out of the mayor's office. The intended objective is political intimidation against Councilwoman Fisher and by extension any and all council members. These kinds of stunts backfire fast when evidence surfaces as documented here.

Perhaps Ms. Fisher should look in the mirror when she accuses me of launching political attacks. Her recent record speaks for herself:
1. Attempting to strip the mayor’s office of one staff member, despite a legal opinion from the law department stating that it was improper to do so.

Why Ravi Bhalla's face punchers insist on this previously destroyed canard is something only they can explain. They won't. The potential position elimination was for one of the three face puncher positions if someone leaves in the future. Only a mayor's office face puncher could be so dumb to repeat this when it doesn't exist. Councilwoman Fisher has a superb record on and off the council unlike the weak sauce offered in this letter clearly created by Ravi's nasty face punchers. No one should lay this at the feet of Donnelly; these face punchers are not self-aware. There must be accountability in the 2019 budget. This is occurring due to the bloated abuse of $300,000 in Hoboken taxpayer monies out of the mayor's office.

2. Refusing to reimburse a staff member in City Hall for the cost of pizza during a community event.

PizzaGate! A bottom of the barrel complaint only a face punching political operative could love. It's utterly insipid as Ravi Bhalla attempted to spend $130 of taxpayer money on pizza for his self-declared private meeting. Based on the far more serious news about Ravi Bhalla and shady money deals in recent days, you would have thought a lesson would be learned prior. 

3. Fundraised for an alt-right local blog, which posts disgusting and vile things about residents, including using the word “retard” as a nickname.

Hit the eject button and land squarely right into crazy Nancy Pincus Sybil territory. These are some of her favorite lies. This is not the failed rhetoric of anyone other than fabricating Ravi Bhalla political operatives in the mayor's office. It's an obvious attempt at political retaliation for being exposed in a series of corruption stories appearing here on MSV.

4. Attempted to strip appointments from Mayor Bhalla to the rent control board

And the list goes on.

That's it? A dispute quickly resolved more than a year ago about appointments to one Hoboken board? This is the last drink in a string of failure coming from Ravi Bhalla's political operatives in the mayor's office. It's a minor difference under the bridge only a Ravibot could hold dear.

This letter is clearly manufactured from the crybaby face punchers out of the mayor's office. As evidenced, it's very likely, Donnelly never crafted a single sentence. It's dripping with resentment from the self-entitled face punchers against Councilwoman Fisher. These are tired, flacid and fabricated complaints the Ravi Bhalla face punchers tell each other in the mayor's office. It's their laundry list of electioneering not organic concerns of any John Q Public and certainly not one Mike Donnelly.

Vijay Chaudhuri was contacted Sunday to explain his role in this hot mess. Both he and his fellow face puncher political operatives and Ravi Bhalla have remained silent since his dirty money deals that came out a week ago and the dirty money hasn't stopped surfacing since. They can't muster any defense about Bhalla and $70,000 in local government contracts going to his "second job" and his illegal PAC money. These actions are indefensible and everyone knows former mayor Dawn Zimmer would never condone it nor any good government advocate in Hoboken. That of course would include Councilwoman Tiffane Fisher among others. Be ready, these face punchers are getting ugly.

Talking Ed Note: No one would ask friends to reinsert themselves into a previously destroyed political operation. Of course, the victims, John Allen's "friends" didn't know enough to realize that exposure would happen almost immediately. Then again, these overpaid Ravi operatives putting these poor guys up to this are beyond self-indulgent, self-entitled, woefully narcissistic and arrogant.

Any friend deserves better. Both of these exploited friends show the state of the mayor's office is corrupt.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Exposing Ravi Bhalla's overpaid face punchers

Tomorrow, other stories will have to wait as an MSV exclusive exposes a transparent and weak political operation regurgitated with the resurrection of a failed tool by John Allen and Ravi Bhalla's overpaid face punchers. Yes, again.

A mere day after the Hudson Reporter got its toe wet on the political operations being run out of the mayor's office where a trio of these malcontents is paid OVER $300,000 annually, a letter shows up.

That letter is signed by the first of two John Allen "friends" who smartly disappeared after his relationship with Bhalla's Chief face puncher was exposed here on MSV and later spotted in the corner of an uptown steakhouse last summer having dinner with Ravi Bhalla and... you guessed it, John Allen.

Not the smartest group of political operatives ever to work in Hoboken politics. But they do obviously love face punching good government women. High on their target list to bash in the face is the hard-working policy wonk Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

Nancy Pincus, Ravi Bhalla's vile and fabricating paid political operative is using censorship at the cave in a desperate attempt to keep the Big Lies going for her boss.

If you ever post a comment at the dank, dark sewer of the cave, you know it's likely to disappear so take a screenshot and email it to It could be published while maintaining your anonymity showing the utterly craven lengths these political operatives will go: lying, stealing and cheating to eliminate your voice for good governance in Hoboken. In short, it's Ravi Bhalla's overpaid mayor's office with Sybil's Cave working hand in hand as bad or worse than the treacherous former Councilwoman Beth Mason during the worst of Hoboken411.

Let's kick it off with a special Sunday edition. While emoting in a torrential fact less whine, they certainly don't say a word about Ravi Bhalla and his financial misdeeds involving tens of thousands of dollars routed to his "second job" in a Republican law firm. That's the real purpose of his "second job."

These miscreants have no answer first uncovered on the Hudson County View and later here because they're caught red handed supporting corruption. It's the New Old Guard of Ravi Bhalla.

Here's a lame but typical attack against good government council members. Note it's all conclusion and completely devoid of fact. They usually leave the telling of the Big Lies to crazy Sybil, Nancy Pincus. The most power craven will add a few embellishments of their own to her regular screeds of lies.

Actual comment quickly censored by Nancy Pincus at Sybil's Cave.
In the world of Ravi Bhalla operatives, the truth is the enemy and must be silenced.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Hudson Reporter drills into payroll discrepancies and political operations directed against City Council

Better late than never. The Hudson Reporter did a twofer on the recent payroll discrepancies out of Mayor Ravi Bhalla's office and highlighted the political attacks against council members.

Those attacks as it turned out, came from first-ever appearances before the council last year by acknowledged friends of Bhalla's Chief of Staff John Allen.

The reactions and the political operations run out of the mayor's office are more than a little troubling.

Easy kid, you got off light. You didn't know
what you were getting into but John Allen certainly
did and used another friend like cannon fodder.
Both of John Allen's political operations were investigated and almost instantly uncovered here. These are the same friends allegedly signing off on legal briefs submitted in ethics complaints originating out of the mayor's office. Ravi Bhalla knows well how burdensome that can be as he had one tossed at him courtesy of former Councilwoman Beth Mason in 2010.  (Oh but that unquenchable love of face punching.)

The two Hoboken political novices were coordinated and directed by John Allen who, while caught in flagrante delicto in these political operations received the biggest raise, over 7%, in all of City Hall. The council is less than amused with Bhalla's political face punchers and their repeated operations against its members at council meetings. The term face punchers was coined and assigned to the political operatives in the Hoboken mayor's office by the Hudson County View.

Last summer, one friend was seen having dinner with Ravi Bhalla and John Allen and the other dropped his payload at the City Council meeting before delivering himself immediately after to the front door of John Allen. Busted!

Ravi Bhalla's Chief Face Puncher in the mayor' office, John Allen.
His political operations against council members were exposed fast
but he got a big raise anyway and now makes almost as much as the mayor.
Councilman Mike DeFusco defiantly struck back in a public release. Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, a high priority target to see silenced by Ravi Bhalla and his face punchers for her troublesome policy wonk skills asking questions also punctured the political operation against her where race-baiting was seen from the public microphone.

We're talking Ravi Terror Flyer level ugly here.

Councilwoman Fisher, who has yet to announce her intentions to run for re-election this November unloaded on Ravi Bhalla's face punchers. From the Hudson Reporter story:

"Repeatedly since June, certain members of the Hoboken City Council who did not support Mayor Bhalla in last year's election have been subjected to personal attacks... and "each have been identified as having ties to John Allen, Chief of Staff to Mayor Ravi Bhalla."

The howling commenced almost immediately with the usual proclamations of victimization and banshee level lying screeds at Sybil's Cave, where the mayor's political attacks are closely coordinated. Vijay Chaudhuri, the former (or is it current) campaign manager for Ravi Bhalla walked back previous admissions against interest where John Allen acknowledged his friends. Now they're called people John Allen "knows... just like he knows many other residents involved in Hoboken civic life."

In the famous words of former Business Administrator Arch Liston, "Oh, I believe that."

The bottomless pit of fabricating at Sybil's Cave fails to acknowledge the slightest truth of course. What you get is an endless whine of victimhood for the political operation being exposed, Hoboken411 style. That and the crazy hostess delivering a torrent of her vile and vicious "anonymous" comments when not censoring the truth like this:

Talking Ed Note: Look who's calling someone else crazy. How sick do you have to be to write that under the thinly veiled "cloak" of "anonymous" in service to Ravi Bhalla? Grafix Avenger is the home of crazy.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ravi Bhalla identified in new PAC campaign violations


Ravi Bhalla PAC Rush sees excessive campaign contributions.

The money machine in the Hoboken's mayor's office is spinning and spinning. That's the impression the public will get from Mayor Ravi Bhalla's latest campaign filing earlier this month for the end of 2018.

Political Action Committees and PAC monies exceeding Hoboken's 2011 limits highlight Bhalla's latest in a string of questionable money related issues. Among them, several of these special interest groups contributed to Ravi Bhalla beyond legal limits last month.

The Hoboken ordinance states PACs and political committees are limited to a maximum contribution of $500 to individual campaigns. Any excessive amount under the ordinance is non-curable.

According to the Ravi Bhalla ELEC report, there are three separate PAC violations.

Here we go again.

On the back of allegations for wheeling/pay-to-play
HudCo contracts to his Republican law firm "second job," Ravi Bhalla is seen rolling in
illicit PAC monies. In 2011, he passed the Hoboken ordinance he's now seen violating.

A gold rush occurred on the last day of the year in 2018. There's the New Jersey Teacher's union, the NJEA. On December 31st, that union PAC cut a check to Ravi Bhalla for $750.

On the same date, the political committee NY Hotel Trades Council gave Ravi Bhalla $1,000 and yet another PAC, Local 6 Committee on Political Education (NY) kicked in another $1,000.

According to Hoboken's ordinance, contributions exceeding the legal limit of $500 for any PAC/political committees must be returned in 30 days. The Hoboken ordinance states in its penalties clause, that the "violation of this chapter shall be liable to a penalty equal to four times the amount of the contribution made."

The violations of the three related entities here total $1250. The penalties for the violations are $5,000. Under the Hoboken ordinance, Bhalla must return the excessive contributions in 30 days.

The last person cited for violating the Hoboken ordinance was former Councilwoman Beth Mason in the 2012 BoE race. She backed the infamous Move Forward Nazi Truck.

Bhalla is also oddly popular with Inserra Supermarkets of Mahwah, NJ for $2,000, a West New York firefighter for $2,000, his former law firm for $2,000 and the listed owner of the Malibu Diner for $500.

For all these and other oddities, the latest Ravi Bhalla campaign report filing is here.

Talking Ed Note: We're not even drilling into the thousands of campaign dollars spent on "staff" partying in Atlantic City. Would those be Hoboken municipal "staff" employees?

The mayor's office offered no comment early am for this story.

Nancy Pincus, the paid political operative to Ravi Bhalla
caught endlessly in lie after lie after lie.

As previewed, on January 13th, former BoE trustee Peter Biancamano was one of many afternoon and evening interviews conducted for MSV Premium this month. Among the items discussed: the 2015 election and the upcoming 2018 November council elections. The interviews were efforts toward MSV premium released the next day. In a separate unrelated article, Councilman Michael Russo, an ally of Ravi Bhalla was highlighted in "rumored consideration" seeking to place Biancamano on Ravi Bhalla's council ticket. No one from the eternal Bhalla campaign has commented and Biancamano is giving mixed signals about running with an active FBI investigation looking into the Hoboken 2015 election.

Yesterday, Peter Biancamano confirmed by text the MSV interview had in fact taken place as recorded in reporter notes on the 13th. Nancy Pincus with no fact-checking of the parties claimed there had been "no contact," although he admitted to her IN WRITING a phone interview took place. Her blatant pathological lying for Ravi Bhalla is endless. She's wildly lashing out with his recent unseemly exposure and projecting because she was busted as a paid political operative to Ravi Bhalla by the Hoboken Resistance. It's sent her and her little coterie of Ravibot campaign operatives talking to each other (and themselves) foaming and gnashing their teeth as Ravi Bhalla hides from the financial revelations.

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