Friday, December 2, 2016

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Friday December 2, 2016

City of Hoboken

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Community: Park Ave Bridge to Close Friday 7pm - Monday 6am For Rehabilitation Work

Dear Horsey & MSV readers,

The Park Avenue Bridge will close to traffic in both directions starting at 7:00pm tonight, Friday, December 2nd and will reopen at 6:00am on Monday, December 5th in order to continue rehabilitation work on the concrete deck and joints.

All jackhammering work will end at midnight.

Traffic will be detoured through the Willow Avenue Bridge in both directions.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sign of the Times: NHSA second pump for Hoboken passes another big test

For the second time in as many weeks, the second pump installed near Maxwell Place met heavy rains and the call of duty.

The North Hudson Sewerage Authority once again can take a bow as what was once swampland a century ago is now the residential area of upper west Hoboken seeing no flooding Tuesday evening.

Heavy rains Tuesday night saw not a glimmer of the historically typical flooding in west Hoboken.
The North Hudson Sewerage Authority with pump no. 2 is a resounding success.

photo courtesy Jhnny "to the butter" Newman

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Carmelo Garcia & version no. 3 of his lawsuit survives

Insta-analysis on Carmelo Garcia's lawsuit in version no. 3 surviving a motion to dismiss

Last month, Carmelo Garcia in his third lawsuit suing everyone, survived a motion to dismiss against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her husband.

This third version adds a NJRICO claim and this allegation like so many others survives for the moment.

On a motion to dismiss, the court will give every "inference of fact" to the plaintiff. This is all good and well until you must show actual evidence supporting your allegations. Should your allegations turn out to be lacking evidence and be nothing more than a big steaming pile of lies, perhaps there's confidence in one's ability to convince others the lies are true notwithstanding the lack of evidence.

Would anyone think such is the case involving one Carmelo Garcia?

Previous versions of the lawsuit were flushed with the first in 2013 thrown out in its entirety and the second mostly thrown out of court.

Here's the original Hudson County View news story yesterday followed by the legal decision.

Talking Ed Note: Having covered the Hoboken Housing Authority extensively through the period of Carmelo Garcia's late reign, it's not overstatement to say much of the allegations here reek of untruths.

The idea Mayor Dawn Zimmer and HHA commissioners, past and present had any interest in directing, controlling or installing her policies to take any personal advantage with contracts, vendors, etc. within that agency is on the basis of all evidence and analysis here utterly false.

The evidence points in the opposite direction and many of those revelations were unveiled on MSV in a number of exclusives.

Carmelo Garcia pocketing money from vendors doing business at the HHA:

HHA audit spells trouble for Carmelo Garcia:

Carmelo Garcia complaining about an ethical HHA board to his wire:

Carmelo Garcia sued by the Hoboken Housing Authority:

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On the comeback trail?


Multiple sources suggest there is a potential Hoboken mayoral candidate contemplating a bid in 2017:

Beth Mason in an earlier photo mulling over an issue on the Hoboken City Council
Reportedly often out-of-state with Virginia a regular destination where a small inn was purchased and previously mentioned on MSV, a Beth Mason third bid for mayor is suggested as under contemplation.

Other sources previously close to the controversial lightning-rod aren't denying the matter; they're simply not talking. A well-funded bid for mayor would throw a likely matchup of Freeholder Anthony Romano vs. Mayor Zimmer on its ear.

MSV reported just earlier in premium one former campaign manager in Mason's 2011 re-election bid for City Council, Ryan Yacco was one of several senior political consultants set for Team Romano.

2017 should be a typical Hoboken year in politics. Which of course means intrigue and surprises.

Talking Ed Note: At first this rumor tied to witness sightings of Beth & Ricky Mason the morning after the election was thought inconsequential and inconclusive. It's changing based on succeeding days and multiple sources since. Always go with multiple sources; a Horsey tradition.

Consequently, the national scene sporting a Hillary Clinton concession on Election Night than taking it back to join recounts in victorious Trump states is also said to be part of a comeback strategy by sources close to her.

Ron Fournier, Associate Publisher of Crain's Business and political writer at The Atlantic suggested exactly that in a series of twitter posts.
The series of tweets reached national attention first reported on midwest right of center blog, The Gateway Pundit. The story has been picked up by other national publications. Give the corporate media a couple more days and see if they will touch the third rail.

Monday, November 28, 2016

MSV Premium: The Hoboken Realignment begins

Out later today is MSV Premium analyzing the election outcome and the Hoboken realignment begins as nationally others fret about same while select efforts are paid by unknown parties to seek recounts in three cherry picked states.

There's no recount in Hoboken and no second chances for some eyeing a seat upstairs at City Hall.
More than one person is thinking about it.

The interweaving between national, state, county and one little Mile Square City is running apace.

Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano (r) is atop the list of mayoral contenders
in 2017 against Mayor Dawn Zimmer vying for a third term as Hoboken mayor.
Carmelo Garcia not included?

Lots of Grist for the Mill post-Thanksgiving in MSV Premium out to members.
If for any reason you didn't receive yours, email

Friday, November 25, 2016

Hoboken Realignment

The delay in MSV Premium didn't mean it's not coming only that the Thanksgiving reaping or is it heaping grows ever higher.

Some additional sauce on the mash.

He's baaaacccck!

Last January, Frank Raia (l) departs after the vote appointing Kurt Gardiner (r) to the NHSA.

Frank Raia who saw over a quarter century on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority with a potential additional five years interrupted is seeking a return with another Hoboken commissioner seat opening up early next year. Word is the application is already submitted and NHSA commissioner Tony Soares has indicated he's not seeking reappointment.

Council members are being lobbied and at least one other applicant is officially seeking the seat.
While the nominal pay of $5,000 annually should motivate applicants, one unconfirmed source says Raia wants to buffer his service for a taxpayer paid pension. It's unclear if his health insurance benefits can be renewed at the taxpayer's expense. Previously, the health benefits perk was eliminated in Trenton by Gov. Chris Christie. Raia managed to get an exception allowing him to keep the perk until his plan for another five year term failed.

Here we go again. Can Hoboken get past this unquenchable need for feeding at the trough?

To apply for this Hoboken board position or any other, please see the downloadable application at the link:

The rest of this story is MSV Premium and will be released to members Monday.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dean Kemph, Long-Time Hoboken Political Activist, Passes Suddenly at Age 61

Courtesy of H-mag

Dean Kemph, a former Hoboken resident and long-time government reform activist passed away suddenly this week at the age of 61. He is survived by his wife Anne Torpey and two daughters Emory and Delia. 

Dean, originally born in Barrington, Rhode Island was a part of the Hoboken reform movement in the 90s and through the early 2000s. He was known for his sardonic wit and willingness not to pull any punches, even to those community activists or politicians he was inclined to support. He later moved to Weehawken but would still opine from the hills of his new residence on the political goings on in the valley of politically charged Hoboken. 

To read the whole story: