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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

End of an era?

Tonight the Hoboken City Council will hold its second regularly scheduled meeting and on the agenda is an appointment to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

The campaign to see over 30 years on the board for one Frank "Pupie" Raia weighs in the balance.
Will we witness the end of an error in Hoboken public institutions?

One Hoboken sans Pupie?
Last weekend our man Sully, re: Al Sullivan, who is actually more a Bayonne-Jersey City beatnik lauded Pupie indirectly by vociferously complaining again about the 2013 One Hoboken ticket he underwrote with the noxious Beth Mason. According to the political columnist, the ticket was part of some phony campaign and Hudson Sludge he deemed a swerve.

The mayoral and council at-large ticket's investment seeking power under the campaign name Beth Mason ran for mayor under in 2009 can hardly be described by any rational human being as intending to aid and abet Mayor Dawn Zimmer's re-election. The idea Beth Mason invested in the ticket with Pupie to help Dawn Zimmer is as absurd as the Russian hooker "dossier."

Who knows, maybe the Hudson Reporter columnist will find some shred of evidence to support his conspiracy theory. Then again, evidence of any kind is no longer required for many these days. Putting anything into print is deemed sufficient to posit the craziest conspiracies for the masses who aren't only brainwashed but demand more material to show off to their friends.

In the interim, a friendly suggestion for Sully. Pick up the phone and speak to the people you're writing about and you may actually find a clue. At least if there's any interest in accuracy.

MSV will have more on all this in short order. One Hoboken, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

For now, Hoboken awaits the council meeting tonight and the end of an error. Jolly good show Council President, call the vote!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Three days out...

It's three days before the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States and the frothing, the foaming and propaganda by the Deep State and much of its machinery, subsidiary lemmings, dupes and assorted cranks continues apace.

One big question unasked by its media militants concerns Hillary Clinton who may be in dire need of a presidential pardon even more than originally thought.

In a release garnering next to no media attention a week ago on a Sunday, during the NY Giants - Green Bay game the FBI released several hundred emails never seen between the former Secretary of State and among others, loyal political operative Sydney Blumenthal.

The newest email batch is the fifth release of Hillary Clinton's emails by the Feds. (Seen below with government redactions withholding classified details.)

Blumenthal, a well known former journalist and hatchet man for the Clintons looked to make major financial gains in Libya after its government overthrow and being blocked from getting a job at the State Department. Among those Clinton emails, scores clearly delineated as classified. Access to such information is restricted and loyal political operatives without clearance are not among those permitted to receive them. No yoga or family related wedding emails appear anywhere in the batch.

Worse, it's known that in addition to sensitive US intelligence being mishandled by Clinton herself, the email address of Blumenthal was also compromised meaning that the emails very likely fell into the hands of foreign intel agencies. The FBI action on a Sunday night leading so soon to the Inauguration this Friday appears to have been made to preclude or discourage Hillary Clinton's name from showing up on a list of those pardoned in the coming days.

Penalties for mishandling classified information are severe but the charges escalate dramatically when the crime of espionage is added when the data falls into enemy hands. A former NJ judge says espionage is on the table among serious potential charges.

Coming on the heels of several failed political operations to undo the election results, a fabricated document about the pending President Trump called a "dossier" to make it sound credible originally commissioned to a UK dirty tricks and former intel agent by Jeb Bush's people and then funded by Hillary Clinton people has recently gained national attention.

While the document circulated for months with little notice other than a left wing story in Mother Jones, most saw the obvious telltale signs of a hit job with obvious headings not used in US government agencies and dismissed it as wishful thinking.

Laughable on its face, the document was referenced on CNN who linked their online story to the actual document on the NBC backed website Buzzfeed as part of a US intel briefing. A pending president has clashed with the political heads of US intelligence pointing to their role in the hatchet job and smears embraced by rabid partisans as newsworthy.

Over the weekend, Bob Woodward slammed the document recounting a bizarre story of Russian hookers hired to pee on a bed by Donald Trump in a Moscow hotel as garbage. Of the intel "effort" to see it elevated to senior intelligence briefings immediately leaked to the press, he was more polite calling for "intel chiefs" who "made a mistake here" to do the right thing and "apologize."

There's been nothing like this ever occurring with a US President about to take the office. The Deep State is writhing in agony as change is truly arriving in Washington DC. Not only trillions of dollars are at stake but deeply entrenched political interests, globalist and otherwise.

There's never been this much gnashing of teeth since Ronald Reagan was sworn-in and every loyal registered Democrat repeated the line nuclear war was not far off. But hey, we can discuss the lamestream media on another day.

Lets' not quibble about who murdered who or who would like to assassinate and launch acid attacks on unsuspecting US citizens attending inaugural events this week (which will be almost entirely ignored by the Lamestream Media).

This is a happy day.

Related: An investigative report on a conspiracy to commit acid attacks on people attending an inaugural event this week at the National Press Club building in DC has been reported to federal authorities.

The planned domestic terrorist attack by disgruntled Leftists is seen discussed on hidden video featured by a conservative undercover videographer from Project Veritas on YouTube. The release yesterday has gone viral without much if any media coverage.

Horsey thought you should know.

Update: Glen Greenwald, no political compadre to Donald Trump recently wrote on The Intercept:

All of these toxic ingredients were on full display yesterday as the Deep State unleashed its tawdriest and most aggressive assault yet on Trump: vesting credibility in and then causing the public disclosure of a completely unvetted and unverified document, compiled by a paid, anonymous operative while he was working for both GOP and Democratic opponents of Trump, accusing Trump of a wide range of crimes, corrupt acts, and salacious private conduct.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Eminent Domain authorization against Academy Bus requested by Mayor Zimmer

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced a request to the Hoboken City Council for approval of eminent domain authority for a one acre parcel of land owned by Academy Bus in downtown Hoboken.

The council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.

Academy Bus owns a one acre parcel of land in southwest Hoboken.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer is asking the City Council for eminent domain authority
to move on the property.

Discussions for some time between the City of Hoboken and Academy Bus over the downtown  land of approximately one acre has seen acrimony and apparently a negotiation gulf in the millions of dollars.

Academy Bus began a public campaign last August, one of the most quietest times in Hoboken during the year to engage the Hoboken public against any such eminent domain action.

According to Mayor Zimmer's Sunday night release (see below), the approximate difference in valuation for the property may be in the ballpark of close to $10 million. The mayor's release doesn't name Academy Bus but implicitly states they've "left the property vacant for years" and are "demanding $13 million or high density development."

Academy Bus hasn't publicly voiced their asking price for their downtown property in the southwest corner of the fourth ward.

The proposed ordinance set for Wednesday was put on the agenda by the Administration and did not indicate any City Council member sponsor or co-sponsor:

The ordinance requires five votes for first reading on Wednesday. Per City Council rules, the vote is held on first reading with no comment among council members. Six votes would be required for any succeeding ordinance on financial terms after an appraisal is conducted on the property.

Last year the City of Hoboken successfully purchased almost six acres of land from BASF in west Hoboken at a cost of $30 million. The southwest park construction is underway and the final price tag for that project and purchase cost is unclear but will exceed $5 million all told.

On Friday, Hoboken saw a civil judgement awarded by a Hudson County Court jury of $5 million to Maxwell Place. An earlier City of Hoboken eminent domain action resulted in the jury award against the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

That decision is likely to see an appeal.

Talking Ed Note: Reading some tea leaves, this action may take some by surprise including current members of the Hoboken City Council. After all, it's an election year and three at-large City Council seats will be up in November currently held by Ravi Bhalla, Jim Doyle and Dave Mello.

Last April, MSV published this story on the increasing conflict over the one acre owned by Academy Bus and the City of Hoboken below:

Hoboken eyes expanded acre from Academy Bus for Southwest Park

The City of Hoboken is aiming to add another acre of land toward a Southwest Park.

The projected $4.5 million price tag squares with earlier similar costs potentially using the power of eminent domain over a lot with the same owners as Academy Bus for the downtown land.

Negotiations are anticipated based on a weekend report:

The Zimmer administration says it has met with the lot's owners to negotiate the purchase of the 1-acre lot, which is adjacent to the planned site of Southwest Park on Observer Highway. For their part, Academy's owners released a statement Friday saying they looked forward to "a constructive and informative discussion" with city officials over the fate of the property, which the city values at about $4-5 million.

The current .9 acres of land acquired is set for the initial Southwest Park. A plan for flood resiliency is part of the scope for construction as outlined in 2014.

City park illustration.

Mayor Zimmer requests eminent domain authority against Academy Bus

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Hi Smarty Jones & MSV readers,

It has been a top priority for me to ensure that all Hoboken residents are a short walk to a park.  We have just acquired six acres to build Hoboken's largest park in Northwest Hoboken and reached an agreement for two acres of parkland at 7th and Jackson.  Now I write to ask for the community's help to ensure that Southwest Hoboken also has at least a two-acre park to enjoy like every other neighborhood.  

Last week, I talked about the importance of a large park in Southwest Hoboken to FIOS 1 News.  Take a quick look:

The one acre Southwest Park is currently under construction and we are trying to acquire the second acre for a fair price to Hoboken residents and taxpayers. We purchased the first acre for $4.5 million, but the property owner for the second acre, who has left the property vacant for years, is demanding $13 million or high density development.  In order to negotiate a fair price, I need the Council to authorize the use of eminent domain.  The parkland acquisitions in Northwest and Southwest Hoboken would not have been possible without eminent domain as a negotiating tool.  Without this authorization the expansion of the Southest Park is unlikely to happen.

Please come to the City Council meeting at City Hall (94 Washington St)  this Wednesday at 7:00 pm to speak during the public portion at the beginning of the meeting, as well as the council meeting on Wednesday, February 1 at 7:00 pm.  A larger park in Southwest Hoboken is important to our community and we need to prioritize residents over developers. 
As I mentioned in the FIOS interview, some of the features in the Southwest Park include a much needed dog park, WiFi powered by solar power and storm water detention to help prevent flooding. 
I hope to see everyone at Jack's Cabin (61 Jackson Street) this Wednesday after the public portion of the Council meeting as we work together to ensure a decent sized park for the Southwest neighborhood as soon as possible.
Many thanks to all the residents who have already taken the time to speak with me about this!

Thank you,
Dawn Zimmer


Friday, January 13, 2017



The North Hudson Sewerage Authority's earlier action to install a second pump on the inlet between Maxwell Place buildings sees jury verdict in Hudson Superior Court of approximately $5,000,000 for eminent domain action.

The details are not altogether clear but a Hudson County jury has awarded the buildings at Maxwell Place approximately $5,000,000 in a civil lawsuit for the eminent domain action taken to have the North Hudson Sewerage Authority install the Mile Square City's second water pump.

For the moment, it's not clear if the award is against the City of Hoboken, the North Hudson Sewerage Authority or both.*

MSV reported first the second Hoboken water pump has been a resounding success in West Hoboken in the area of Shoprite. But now the cost for the implementation may skyrocket as legal action by Maxwell Place which opposed the pump's nondescript installation underground between its buildings has seen a lofty sum in a jury award for:


A letter is reportedly circulating among Maxwell Place residents referencing the huge sum awarded earlier this week in a jury trial.

No immediate comment is available from City Hall or the North Hudson Sewerage Authority at the moment. Expect a follow-up story on this breaking MSV exclusive.

Update: The letter circulating among Maxwell Place residents called the award of $5,058,900, "fair and just compensation."

Expect a follow-up story on this breaking MSV exclusive. This story is breaking...

* This story is updated to reflect the award is against the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and not the City of Hoboken. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Horse Sense: Pop the Pupster and send him on his way to exile

Why the Hoboken City Council must select a NHSA commissioner who is not Pupie

It's January and the Hoboken political class is chirping who will emerge to challenge Mayor Dawn Zimmer's bid for a third term this November.

As all aspects of politics and particular to Hoboken are oft akin to a circular firing squad, there's a commissioner's seat up for a council selection.

Let the firing commence!

Frank "Pupie" Raia is an anachronism. He happens to be one of the most colorful characters in Hoboken Sopranos history and on occasion is the most entertaining interview no matter the subject matter. He does more than a modicum of good with local groups such as Hopes and his family acts similarly, often quietly in non-publicized, charitable activities.

Then, there's the dark side. As a developer who came up from the rough and tumble streets of the Mile Square City, Raia benefited with land deals making him wealthy or very wealthy as he's known to tell everyone. His regular entry into politics with more failure than success saw him as the Board of Education President a decade ago. An independent audit reviewing that period reeks to this day with the bad practices, mismanagement and outright corruption.

Of course there's the sizable vote farming operation mostly in the Hoboken Housing Authority and senior buildings yet with us today. Raia's name has come up more than once alleging pay for votes. MSV broke the acquiescence on the practice in 2010 where Raia and the Masonista ape were both named in the alleged effort. 

The ensuing publicity and statewide attention led to an investigation by the NJ Attorney General's Office but didn't dampen the swarmy practice of hunting out votes for allegedly $35 or $50 a pop. In 2013, MSV followed with a post-election report where voters lined up to collect on their "duty."

This activity took place outside the Raia hangout on Jefferson St. What more needs to be said?

Frank "Pupie" Raia (l) with notorious Masonista and frivolous litigant Lane Bajardi back in the day at the scene of
the Hoboken City Council. Raia teamed up with Beth Mason in 2013 running a disastrous mayoral ticket where
he finished in seventh place among council at-large candidates. 

Realism of the Hoboken political variety demands an examination of last year's North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) vote. It was inconclusive if Raia would actually get another term sending his "service" at over three decades on the NHSA board when the council convened. In the end, public pressure from Hoboken's reform oriented grassroots finally popped the bubble of the Pupster's bid.

Some of those same votes can be expected to be repeated. Councilman Michael Russo who almost faced a mano a mano war for the third ward council seat with Raia is certainly going to lead any votes in his favor for old time's sake. Alright, it's not for old time's sake but at least for the Old Guard's sake. That's to be expected.

The two votes lining up for Raia from the reform oriented council were the chief concern. Last year Councilman Peter Cunningham lent his support to Raia when not a single person in a town of over 52,000 submitted an application other than the 25 year incumbent. That offered some cover when Kurt Gardiner, a reform stalwart made a late entry to the position.

This year however there will be no such excuses for any councilman. Councilman David Mello prefaced his vote last year calling the Pupster his "friend." It wasn't pretty but when the landslide tally commenced, Mello got off the Pupie friendship train and hopped on the Gianticus Express.

Now we're in an election year coming off one of the most decisive election victories at the Board of Education, always a precursor for the mayoral race. Who among a reform party slate needs Raia? No one.

So this time come next week there's no excuses. There's three perfectly suitable applicants available to bring fresh perspective to the NHSA. Pop the Pupster bubble, press flush and end it already. 25 years on one Hoboken board is beyond enough. See ya in November.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Office of the Mayor announces:


Mayor Zimmer invites members members of the community to complete an online survey as part of the planning process for a 4-acre temporary “pop-up” park in northwest Hoboken. The survey, which will be used by the City’s planners to help decide which amenities should be featured at the pop-up park, can be completed at

A community meeting will be held on January 19 from 7pm to 9pm at the Jubilee Center, located at 601 Jackson Street, to present a concept for the park that incorporates feedback from the survey.

“The pop-up park will be a great way for the community to immediately enjoy this space while we work on the long-term planning for what will become Hoboken’s largest park,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

The City of Hoboken recently acquired the former 6.1 acre BASF property in northwest Hoboken for use as a “resiliency park,” which is proposed to include at least 1 million gallons of underground stormwater detention, as well as a new above-ground parking garage, the first municipal garage in western Hoboken. The planning process for the permanent 5.4 acre park, which would be the city’s largest park, is anticipated to start in spring 2017.

Plans are now underway to create a temporary 4-acre “pop-up” park so that the community could start to enjoy the benefits of this site by this summer. The pop-up park is a temporary public space that is anticipated to be open by summer 2017 and remain until construction begins on the permanent "resiliency park."

Individuals or businesses interested in donations or sponsorship opportunities for the pop-up park can email

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Grist for the Mill: Camp Romano on mayoral candidate musical chairs - "Never happened"


Camp Romano issues denial of mayoral candidate discussion with Councilman Mike Defusco

A major Hoboken election year is full of skullduggery, posturing and occasionally bomb throwing. There's millions of dollars at stake; a far cry from the trillions of federal dollars with the corresponding yelping but in Hoboken it's the per capita griping which matters most.

No HudCo municipality goes faster and deeper into the sewage treatment than Hoboken when the mayoralty stakes are on the line. The rough and tough who fancy themselves such in Hudson County  cringe then shy away from the Mile Square City during election season.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano share a
lighthearted moment last year as they weigh dueling candidacies in 2017.

Nothing in Hoboken is too untoward: dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck, repeatedly abusing the courts with political power plays in both civil and criminal court and leaning on those soft reform types with some old style On the Waterfront muscle. If the wannabe thugs could only decide, "To be a thug or to be whimpering crybaby "victims."

Yesterday, MSV reported two independent sources claimed Councilman Michael DeFusco showed deference to Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano on a mayoral run in 2017 but offered if the senior official chose not to do so, the first ward councilman is "ready to go."

The conversation reportedly took place last month in the long holiday stretch when Hoboken politics settles into one of its rare freezes. Now there's push back, although of the generic, anonymous variety.

MSV measurably uses unnamed sources when the information isn't available or won't reach the public without some political cover. It comes with some caveats, as one former Hoboken councilman of some strategic renown once offered in a sidebar during an interview, "I know one thing. Don't lie to Horsey."

On Saturday, Grafix Avenger published the fundraiser invitation now heard round the world and forced MSV to move faster on its developing story with interviews ongoing early Monday. Yesterday's news took some by surprise and the reactions came throughout the course of the day.

The Romano camp however did get back to MSV on Monday on two separate fronts. A source close to the Hoboken freeholder flatly denied any conversation on mayoral candidate musical chairs took place last month. "It never happened," they insisted while declining to be named for the story.

Thus this chewy grist-able finds its way to the oft right but unconfirmed rumor column.

Hoboken election year 2017: it's spy vs spy
and political operative vs political operative.
The mayor's seat is the high stakes.

In the pantheon of Hoboken elections seasons, consider this not the endgame but the opening bid. Some believe Freeholder Romano will eventually run for his current seat again but leave the mayoral sweepstakes to others. Last fall, Romano saw a heaping of HudCo officials show up and headline his fundraiser after the fallout of a premature launch announcing NJ Senator Cory Booker as the special guest speaker fell through

As an epitaph to the this opening gambit, Freeholder Romano would later weigh in at the end of yesterday. To the question of whether Councilman DeFusco had proposed stepping up as a mayoral candidate if he declined to do so, MSV only received a terse, "no comment."

If the latest tidbit proves true and Romano with HudCo backing sticks to the upper chamber of county government for a more assured incumbent bid, the Hoboken mayoral sweepstakes will be there for the taking. 

There's only one Mayor Dawn Zimmer standing in the way. Let the games begin!

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column. Got a tasty carrot for Da Horsey? Send it to All email is kept confidential until mutual agreement and is protected by Da Horsey's proven Reporter Privilege upheld under the NJ Shield Law in Hudson County Superior Court.