Friday, January 15, 2021

Antifa & BLM Marxist leader arrested for role in DC riot at Capitol

John Sullivan, a self-declared leader of the Marxist group Black Lives Matter and Antifa was arrested yesterday by the FBI for his role in the riots on January 6th at the Capitol. 

Sullivan filmed events including the shooting of an unarmed woman and Air Force veteran and is heard exhorting violence saying among other incriminating statements "let's burn this shit down"

Utah BLM Marxist leader and Antifa activist John Sullivan who promotes "revolution" seen in this
mug shot from an earlier arrest in 2020 at another event where a man was shot.

Much of the US media has pushed a narrative the rioting was caused by President Trump's remarks at a rally at noon but his remarks urging peaceful protests to follow his speech don't match the timeline of actual events. People at the Capitol report protestors had assembled more than a mile away before his speech had ended. 

The same media had similarly concluded Antifa was not participating in the riot but other witnesses and video suggests they led the violence planted in the front and like John Sullivan donned Trump paraphernalia to blend in.

Subsequently, some of those who participated in the riots planned to force entry into the building prior to the day as seen on Facebook and other internet message boards. Those people who numbered approximately several hundred were dwarfed by the hundreds of thousands who came and protested peacefully at the event.

Sullivan however was recording and is seen with a CNN reporter, Jade Sacker celebrating their "success" at the riot. Among the recorded remarks Sullivan says to the embedded CNN reporter:

"....we're going to burn this shit down," Sullivan brags to his tape. "Let's go. This shit is ours. Fuck yeah. We accomplished this shit. We did this shit together." 

In addition, Sullivan with CNN reporter Jade who has also worked for NPR, NBC and other left wing media outlets admits to breaking a smashed window inside the Capitol and is heard saying, "Fuck the blue! Fuck the blue!."

Sullivan was earlier questioned by the FBI and released but his brother turned him in and considers him part of a group of hundreds involved in planning to infiltrate the protest at the Capitol. The tapes made by Sullivan are now in the hands of law enforcement. Although he told the CNN reporter he would delete incriminating portions, he failed to do so.

It's not clear if the video showing the CNN reporter embedded with a BLM/Antifa member will see law enforcement action. Jade is heard celebrating the riot taking credit with Sullivan exclaiming, "We did it!"

YouTube censored an earlier complete video but the NY Post has published a small segment of it. Federal law enforcement also maintains a complete copy.

Although an edited version has been removed, YouTube has apparently forgotten to remove John Sullivan's original video where he's seen exhorting violence leading to the killing of Ashli Babbitt.

Google won't allow the video to be shared. You have to go to YouTube and approve viewing there.

John Sullivan with CNN Reporter inside the Capitol, "Let's burn this shit down," can be heard past the 4:27 mark. 

The complete federal criminal complaint is available at the link:

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

President Trump speaks against political violence yet again

It must be lonely at the top when you publicly make a call for peaceful protesting a week ago and find yourself being attacked by rabid Democrats but President Trump appears used to it.

Earlier Wednesday in a national address released by the White House, President Trump decried political violence and again urged Americans of all political persuasions to refrain from violence.

This as his call at a rally before hundreds of thousands of Americans attending a DC rally for voting integrity  a week earlier led to a Nancy Pelosi directed impeachment vote today with zero due process, zero hearings and a never-before-seen in US history same-day afternoon impeachment.

President Trump had remarked to the huge throng of supporters prior to the controversial certification vote on Capitol Hill, that those in attendance join to "peacefully and patriotically let your voices be heard." 

But even before President Trump's remarks were finished, the timeline of events shows a group of protestors had assembled at the Capitol Building intent on getting inside before the 1:00 pm proceedings. Democrats had closed the public gallery claiming the Chinese Communist Party Virus as the necessity to do so.

Antifa infiltrators were confirmed in attendance and they led the front of the protest dressed in their fascistic black bloc uniforms while others blended in with at least some succeeding in convincing local security to open the gates. Later, they instigated the protesters to enter the building with some breaking glass although heckled as Antifa and stopped at least once by the crowd before the doors would oddly be opened by security police inside.

President Trump urged peace and "law and order" from the White House; a common theme he's stated numerous times as Democrats encouraged violent protests often leading to assault, looting of businesses and arson with dozens of murders across the country last summer.

The Democrats went ahead with a political plan to try and prevent President Trump from holding office in the future even in the face of volumes of growing evidence of election fraud in the battleground states. 

The House voted to approve a second impeachment with not a single public hearing in what even Democrat constitutional experts Dr. Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz describe as destructive to the US Constitution.

While the US Senate won't be taking up the matter, NY Senator Chuck Schumer (D) is salivating at the prospect of conducting an impeachment trial even with President Trump being out of office, cited once again by Constitutional experts as another illegal act.

Welcome to 2021 and the Fascist Left. Their cancel culture agenda is already dousing the First Amendment rights of Americans and in the pipeline they're working on "domestic terrorists" legislation to make dissent a criminal act.

Here's a sampling below of some of the actual remarks pointing to demonstrable insurrection and sedition to go with the four years of repeated coup efforts. 

One coup effort failed last year when a sham impeachment against President Trump was rolled out for crimes in Ukraine committed by Joe "Ukraine extortion" Biden. The Biden family has been under federal investigation for well over a year based on the surrender of a laptop owned by Biden bag man Hunter who collected millions from a Russian oligarch connected to Putin, an energy concern in Ukraine and many millions more from Communist China. 

Don't forget it's 10% (or more) for the Big Guy, Joe Biden that must be kicked up.

Talking Ed Note: If you've asked yourself how the Soviets and Nazis were able to get away with mounting human rights abuses, you don't need to read a history book. It's happening right before our eyes. 

Where's the evidence of any "insurrection?" As in the prior sham impeachment, there is no actual evidence of anything alleged. It's all hatred and a blatant power grab to go with the blatant election fraud in Election Theft 2020.

And the Leftist intelligentsia cheers it all on.

'Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.'

What you heard yesterday you did not hear. 

Listen to those who tell you what to hear.

How come they tell you what was said, but don't show you the person who they claim said it?

Talking Ed Note: This is the most dangerous time in living memory in the United States. The Constitution is being trampled, another sham impeachment is railroading its way forward and the First Amendment is under a massive coordinated assault by Big Tech oligarchs coordinated with the Democrat Party.

Yet, so many people are so completely brainwashed; they will argue with you over what was never said and claim it was. Words spoken nearly yesterday.

Rewritten, restated, redone. Completely Orwellian.

Today is akin to "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." People who appear perfectly normal can go completely batshit crazy with TDS by a simple citation of fact. No fact as it may, can deprogram. 

Some who once claimed election fraud is bad have decided it's perfectly fine now. Now election fraud is good and of Election Theft 2020 is great. They smirk saying there's no evidence.

No evidence.

No evidence. 

No evidence.

Evidence could go on all day, over many days. No court hears evidence and witnesses. All have failed.

Rocking out and locking out election monitors in Election Theft 2020. It's so Beijing Biden cool.

Antifa and BLM are seen as involved in agitating and leading the protests breaking inside the Capitol Building last Wednesday. One BLM leader from Utah was questioned and claimed his presence inside the Capitol Building was for educational purposes. Special privileges for special rioters

As usual, the video evidence of protestors stopping Antifa infiltrators breaking windows has never been shared by the Lamestream Media. 

1984 is rolling out in 2021. "We've always been at war with Oceania," and who controls the present controls the past. Even if the words were barely spoken yesterday.

2021, the Year of the Big Lie. Go on, rebut this. I double dare you.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

His truth is marching on...

 No crime, no evil nor any treason will stop the light of His truth.


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

President Trump calls for calm and peace in the face of Election Theft 2020

Hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered in DC and heard President Trump give a speech on the 2020 election where he would systematically lay out entire categories of election irregularities and fraud across battleground states.

Later, a small group of protestors would break off and storm the Capitol Building in protest after word of a letter from VP Mike Pence got out. Pence wrote he would decline requests from numerous state representatives for more time to examine the vastly increasing evidence of election fraud in their respective states.

His letter released before completion of President Trump's speech stated he would go through with what he described as "ceremonial" duties in the certification process.

President Trump requested everyone return home peacefully.

A busload of Antifa and BLM is confirmed by law enforcement to have infiltrated the crowd and pretending to be supporters of President Trump in a false flag operation. (Photos linked here.)

President Trump's remarks seen below have been completely censored again by Big Tech and are likely being distorted by DNC Media which continues to gaslight the American public claiming there is no evidence of widespread election fraud in Election Theft 2020.

Grist for the Mill: Ravi Bhalla wants a job as a judge and Election Theft 2020 unravels

Special Grist for the Mill - Election Theft 2020 Edition

Ravi Bhalla who back in 2011 sought escape in a failed bid to the NJ Assembly from the City Council is pursuing a new avenue to get out of the Mile Square City.

He wants a judgeship. The pay of a New Jersey judge is far better than of Hoboken mayor, in the range of 175K or more and the two job gig moonlighting with a Republican law firm wasn't cutting it. 

So as this election year begins and the revival of rampant voter fraud nationally paves the way for a big comeback locally, an exit visa with a far better paycheck than the reduced mayor's gig for little more than 100K appears far more appealing.

It's a far better option than resorting to a terror flyer. 

Yesterday, more voter irregularities across the board reappeared to the shock of no one as Georgia sees two likely Senate seats heading to the (D) column

It shouldn't be surprising since the same bad election mechanism remained in place and none of the election irregularities were addressed. Which after Dekalb County, Georgia holding back its vote to only 42% when other counties across the entire state had mostly reported. It's led led to this graphical allegation. Again?

After Michigan Senate candidate John James was thwarted seeing a sure victory depart in similar overnight vote spikes last November, the election "efforts' are if contested almost complete.

A number of states having obtained only a limited cursory view of the massive election fraud and irregularities began trying to unwind state certifications. The globalist oligarch establishment and their media allies along with Big Tech are not feeling it.

They are feeling Election Theft 2020 and The Steal.

Legislatures in Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia are reopening and trying to decertify with increasing evidence of massive election fraud  and irregularities on behalf of the compromised corrupt and mentally flailing Joe Biden. Efforts reaching out to seek additional time are being met with more doors shutting and zero transparency in DC today.

In Arizona, a subpoena to review election materials by the Senate Judiciary Committee has been met with obstinance by the state's election supervisors and the issue is dragging out before a judge. 

In Pennsylvania, State Senate leaders sent a letter to DC asking for more time as hundreds of thousands of phantom and problematic ballots have surfaced in new statistical analysis

The Wisconsin legislature reconvenes with its legislature attempting to undo its problematic certification which the State Supreme Court agreed the law had not been followed. Absentee ballots in the many tens of thousands were created, collected and counted illegally with the problems of dead of night voter spikes seen in the dead of night on Election Day.

In Georgia, a judge will finally hold a hearing on upholding the state signature matching law in Fulton County. A secret illicit agreement between Governor Kemp, the Secretary of State and Stacey Abrams last March nullified the legally approved security standards. The nullification of basic election integrity lead to the outrageous outcome and scene taped in State Farm Arena where election monitors were shuffled out due to a fake pipe burst and ballots pulled out illegally tabulated in the tens of thousands.

Last night, more election monitors were illegally blocked in Fulton County, Georgia from observing absentee ballots. Why not? It's worked like a charm from Detroit to Philadelphia and Atlanta. Who will stop them?

What all these states hold in common is the utter lack of transparency akin to banana republics where the election ballots and machines are blocked from any review or scrutiny. This on top of massive legal violations of state law against the US Constitution to create the exact chaos desired as Jimmy Carter warned with absentee ballot fraud in a 2005 Election Integrity Commission

Every institution is failing nationwide to address let alone examine any of it. Speech is being censored with Big Tech leading the way and cancel culture is the new wave of fascism blared out lovingly in Maoist proportion. 

The election box is blatantly vaporized into standards below Afghanistan and the globalist media glorifies it gaslighting over the airwaves any challenge is baseless and there is "no evidence."

The courts time after time dismiss cases without examination of a single witness and block introduction of massive evidence showing widespread voter fraud. This is old hat here in the Soprano State.

The corruption is utterly depraved and close to complete. In this systematic destruction of the republic, Ravi Bhalla would make a super judge. It's a perfect fit.

Election Theft 2020 for America, the former home of the brave and land of the free is not. Well, as for the revolution, it's mostly peaceful. 

Related: More illegal action in Georgia this past week. Under Georgia law, it's illegal to prevent election monitors. Once again, they did it to no consequence although as indicated here, a judge reportedly was very displeased an order signed by the court was required to do so. But, they broke that court order too.

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column but its success makes it the most popular column in all the Mile Square City.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Speaking into the bubble, 2021 is so woke!

 If you are not a Holocaust denier or an Election Fraud denier, it can be dangerous to step into the 2021 Woke Bubble.

Have no fear, Horsey is here.

There's so many myths to puncture, it would take days to destroy them all even succinctly. To celebrate the New Year; we're not celebrating because realism insists otherwise, let us begin with a salute to 2021.

How many of these myths, fabrications and flat out gaslighting did you bite on or swallow whole?

  • President Trump is an agent of and under the influence of Russia & Putin
  • HCQ is dangerous and ineffective against the Chinese Communist Party Virus
  • People in Florida defy science and most will be dead.... soon.
  • Schools are dangerous and children are dying all over from the CCP Virus
  • Open Borders is necessary even during a pandemic
  • There's no evidence of widespread election fraud
  • Science says a facemask protects you and it protects me from the CCP Virus
  • Republicans who fight for election integrity are "arsonists" guilty of treason & sedition
  • Lockdowns started in Communist China are effective there and everywhere
  • A vaccine should be distributed based on eliminating "white privilege" first
  • Antifa is only an idea
  • Hunter Biden's laptop is Russian disinformation
  • Wearing a mask between bites of food is helping stop the spread
  • President Trump broke the law asking for examination of irregularities in the Georgia election.
  • Joe Biden is right, the Chinese Communists are "good folks"
  • CNN, the NY Times, Amazon Post, NPR and MSNBC speak truth to power
  • The CCP Virus is naturally occurring
  • Deaths connected to the CCP Virus are accurate and 100% all Trump's fault
  • This pandemic is like the 1918 pandemic
  • We've always been at war with Oceania

A yes to 10 or more entitles you to membership in the new Democrat Party.
12 or more affirmative answers means your membership to the CCP is approved
15 or more approvals and you are entitled to reparations from a group approved to hate, start with Christians. 

If you said yes to all of the above, you've scored a perfect score and win a free copy of Mao's Little Red Book. 

Remember, 10% for the Big Guy.