Friday, May 27, 2016

The Liebling Strikes Back! War of words revisited

MSV analysis on "The flip side of hating on the First Amendment."

Yelling "fire" in the public square isn't a Constitutional right but David Liebler is seeing some of his harshest comments in that Mile Square forum put up in lights.

It's not a pretty sight.

Exhibit A - There was this unfortunate lashing out against an imagined foe when David Liebler got himself worked up into an online 2013 election lather:
Touch of defamation? Back in August 2013, Dave Liebler unloaded online to charge "two websites that you employ" while referring to the mayor's husband as "blood diamond boy" 
Hey Dave, did you pay Lane the royalty fee for using that? 

That was in August 2013 before the public relations efforts for Mister Carmelo was all the rage and Carmelo Garcia then saw his contract terminated in the Hoboken Housing Authority. The heat of the Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign was picking up steam and the war against speech all the rage.

Enter the final solution: Liebler's List as Grafix Avenger highlighted the blood thirst to put a pile driver or similar on the First Amendment rights of Hoboken commenters and intimidate them into silence.

With the years long SLAPP-suit full steam ahead, Liebler blustered on Hoboken Patch that he looked forward to obtaining information on the many anti-corruption anti-Old Guard commenters and spoke of Team Old Guard collecting a "complete list" to handle them.

One commenter back in May 2013 in particular drew his ire:

Sadly, for Liebler and cohorts Carmelo, FinBoy and Lane, the SLAPP-suit outed many people! Just not the people they intended as foul political operations with equally disgusting nefarious words and actions were unveiled to all of the Hoboken public. 

Grafix Avenger shows the lack of decorum and civility by one Liebling at the special meeting of the Hoboken Housing Authority back in 2013.

Talking Ed Note: Of course MSV was there for the grand finale in August 2013 and became a target for both violence and theft of property which led to a public safety spectacle requiring additional police resources to retain order and conduct a business meeting in City Hall.

If you proclaim you are against "disgusting" comments, maybe setting an example not lowering the bar is a good place to start.

That and not suing your neighbors? It's all disappointing but Grafix Avenger airs more public meeting behavior of the Liebling striped variety. 

Perhaps an apology to all starting with HHA Chair Dana Wefer is in order? That would be a good place for David Liebler to begin his next public relations campaign in Hoboken.

Then continue right down the line until you kiss and make up with the First Amendment. Chop, chop, c'mon Dave, make it right!

Related: The foul usage of the ethnic slur "blood diamonds" in Hoboken and the alleged original unmasking:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Liberty Humane Society: "Doing the best we can for animals and the people who care about them"

Liberty Humane Executive Director Irene Borngraeber was invited to speak to the Hoboken City Council on the organization's commitment to animals and their service to the community.

Remarks as prepared for delivery:

LHS is a non-profit animal welfare organization that partners with municipalities to deliver progressive animal sheltering and control services. Our facility is just off of the Liberty State Park light rail stop and across the street from the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. We have been working as Hoboken’s animal control and sheltering provider for the last six years.

Animal sheltering and control are state mandated municipal services, but there is a significant gap between what the state requires and what the public feels is an acceptable level of animal care. The State of NJ requires that stray animals be confined by animal control, be provided with basic medical care if they are injured or sick, and be brought to a shelter to be held for 7 days. That’s all. That’s why LHS exists as a non profit organization—so we can raise the additional funds to do more for animals and people in need, and provide municipalities with quality service that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. Less than half of our million-dollar operating budget comes from municipal agreements; the other half comes from private donations and grants. We do this work because we believe in it.  

LHS is a progressive facility that partners with national organizations to implement the most effective policies there are in animal sheltering. Every animal who comes into our shelter is given a full intake exam, preventative vaccinations, medications and spay/neuter surgery prior to adoption. We scan for a microchip to try and reunite them with their owner, and if after 7 days that hasn’t happened we do everything we can to place them with a family that will love them and make them a new home. LHS does not have a time limit on how long an animal can stay with us. The average length of stay for a shelter cat is approximately 60 days; for a dog it’s 34, but we’ve had some animals for much longer.
One dog, Mystery, was the longest dog resident with us for 341 days.

Many of the animals who come to us are in need of significant behavior or medical intervention. We take that on. All of our animals are assessed prior to placement, and we work with a network of trainers and volunteers to implement treatment plans designed to help our animals reach their full adoption potential. We have 16 staff members and over 1,000 volunteers in our database who help with everything from dog walking to cat toy making, to cleaning and laundry, to donor support and marketing. Because our animals stay with us for a long duration of time we need to invest in ways to keep them mentally and physically active. Dogs are exercised at least twice daily, and last year- thanks to the generous support of the Animal Farm Foundation and former New Jersey Senator Robert Toricelli- we have added a new large dog play area and garden for our dogs to run, work on agility, and learn commands off-leash. Generous donors helped us build a free-roaming cat room and an adoption counseling room, so potential adopters can spend time one-on-one with a cat before they decide to take that cat home to join their families.    

But LHS isn’t just about cats and dogs. Every stray domestic animal found in Hoboken comes to our facility. Over the last year we’ve had a ferret, a tarantula, 3 rabbits, a boa constrictor, 2 parakeets, 2 geese, and a hamster (named Manuel)- from Hoboken alone. Every one of these animals was adopted. This is in addition to the dozens of orphaned or injured wild birds, opossums, and skunks LHS rescued and transported to a wildlife rehabilitator.

But our happiest shelter moments are seeing pets who were lost reunited with their owners at LHS. In Hoboken this happens a lot. In 2015 Obi the Boston Terrier, Kristy the King Charles Spaniel, Gumdrop the kitten, Jill the Jack Russell, Lumpy the Labrador, Otis the Pekingese, Scooter the Husky, Smiley the Yorkie (and more) were all found by their Hoboken owners after contacting us at Liberty Humane. We’re here for Hoboken’s pet owners as much as we’re here for the Hoboken pets who have escaped from their homes, and all the other pets who depend on us and our network of volunteers to care for them and to find them new homes.    

We’re also committed to helping our communities raise the overall level of animal welfare in our neighborhoods through humane education and public services. We run a low-cost public Pet Wellness clinic every Wednesday evening at the shelter; we provide assistance to individual pet owners who are struggling with pet medical or behavior issues; and we just launched our very own mobile spay/neuter clinic, which we would love to bring to Hoboken.  LHS is the only non-profit animal shelter in all of Hudson County and the need is great. In 2015 our services helped more than 10,000 people and their pets.  The excellence of our programs have garnered LHS national attention and funding from leading national organizations dedicated to animal welfare.

Our programs are supported through individual contributions and grants from LHS’s partner organizations, including: Best Friends Animal Society, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Maddie’s Fund, the Animal Farm Foundation, and many others. We’re so pleased to have been recognized by these institutions as one of the most effective facilities of our size, nationally.

But we are very proud to be the organization that Hoboken turns to take care of its animal welfare issues.  Because fundamentally, LHS is an organization with a local focus and we are engaged in the communities we serve.  In Hoboken, we are currently working with 5 different Girl Scout Troops to support shelter pet adoption and public education as part of the Girl Scouts Silver and Gold awards program. We’ve worked with Hoboken Charter School, Elysian Charter, and All Saints Episcopal. We’re thrilled to continue to partner with the Hoboken Comedy Festival; Pier 13; the Hoboken Farmers Market and many more community groups. And of course, I can’t forget Bark in the Park- LHS’s biggest fundraiser of the year and the largest pet festival in Hudson County- that will take place in Stevens’ Park Hoboken on October 1st of this year.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of progressive animal services. Thank you for allowing us to work with a community who cares deeply about its animals. We just signed a new contract with the City of Hoboken that the City Council has already approved through 2016.  Initially, we had requested a CPI increase to our 2015 contract of $71,000, which Director Pelligrini asked us to drop. Understanding Hoboken’s budget challenges, we immediately agreed to a contract that had no increase from 2015.  We are proud to be Hoboken’s partner, and we are committed to moving forward as a Hoboken’s partner, continuing to do the best we can for animals and the people who care about them. 

Thank you very much.

Talking Ed Note: You can make an impact to Liberty Humane Society's mission in numerous way.
You can get involved right here in Hoboken or contribute to the organization's operations:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Eviction efforts denied by Carmelo Garcia against Jessica Coco revealed!


Email surfaces from within the Hoboken Housing Authority proving Carmelo Garcia's involvement in efforts to evict resident HHA activist Jessica Coco for speaking out against Vision 20/20

The failed eviction efforts followed with a death threat only days later against Jessica Coco 

MSV for the first time reveals a similar threat of vandalism at that time against this editor

An explosive email surfaced from within the administrative offices of the Hoboken Housing Authority vindicates Jessica Coco's claims of attempted eviction efforts by Carmelo Garcia against her back in the summer of 2013. 

Garcia at the time of the allegations loudly denied any eviction attempt took place. The alleged eviction notice he claimed was only a "cease and desist" notice surrounding alleged flyer distribution by a HHA activist housing group called "Save the Projects." 

Another anonymous HHA resident believed part of the activist housing group also claimed to have been served with an eviction attempt but wasn't heard from afterwards, apparently due to fear.

But a true and original copy of the September 3, 2013 email was obtained in an OPRA request to the HHA and shows the desire and efforts to have Jessica Coco evicted were continuing after August 2013 into the succeeding month. 

The actual email unedited in its entirety is seen below:

The email generated within the HHA administrative office is directed to then HHA counsel Charles Daglian and is copied to Carmelo Garcia and another HHA administrator bluntly stating, "Upon receipt of this flyer Mr. Garcia would like to proceed with full termination of tenancy for Jessica Coco based of the false information she has distributed.... about vision 2020."

Vision 20/20 was the undocumented massive redevelopment plan which sought to more than double the size of the HHA in downtown Hoboken and urged approved by Carmelo Garcia. Its rejection by the Hoboken City Council and Mayor Dawn Zimmer led to Garcia's filing the first in a series of civil lawsuits alleging "ethnic cleansing" and political retaliation.

Jessica Coco recounted at the time a HHA worker came to her door and tried to get her to sign the document in a darkened hallway outside her apartment on lower Jackson St. It was one among a consistent series of criminal actions she alleged transpired: death threats, vandalism attacks on her car and repeated break-ins into her apartment with one apparently setting an electronic spy tool which permitted all her electronic accounts being hijacked including a Facebook page called "Save the Projects."

MSV at the time confirmed in confidential communications to law enforcement agencies details of the computer hacking and subsequent threats against Jessica Coco. Similar threats were made against this editor's home in tandem with the hijacking within days of the above detailed action by Garcia.

The following is a complete and unedited series of emails from September 6th, 2013:

The first of a series of emails sent from the hijacked email account, "Save the Projects" was sent to MSV by email at 1:41 PM.

MSV at the time was unaware of the details of the computer hijack but familiar with the facts in a series of criminal actions against Jessica Coco to date and responded a little over an hour later:

The hacker followed minutes later with another ominous threat:

MSV invited further elaboration on which "politicians" to avoid:

No further email communication followed to MSV but several hours later Jessica Coco received a death threat sent through her own email account likely by the same person. 

Talking Ed Note: MSV worked with Jessica Coco to eject the hacker, recover control over her computer, phone and email accounts and collected all the technical data. It was turned over to law enforcement authorities.

Based on information and belief, the technical data points to a suspect in the Hoboken Housing Authority who is believed connected to drug dealing and gang activity.

Under the advice of MSV's attorney, no further details can be published at this time.

Jessica Coco (above) is vindicated and shown as a victim of her eviction allegations by Carmelo Garcia and his consigliere Charlie Daglian based on an HHA email obtained in an OPRA request. 
The email shows who told the truth and who lied in their conflict all along.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Schools, politics and the Hoboken Tutu Dilemma

A firestorm has flared featuring a dancing ballerina, a curious transgender gal and Grafix Avenger
who apparently is awaiting a Statement of the Stick in the middle of it all.  

Roses and Beauty & the Beast producer not included.

It's a story only Hoboken can see happen. Last weekend rave reviews for Beauty and the Beast at the local high school have followed with curious gal dancing or is it Stick's private dancer. It's difficult to keep up.

But keep up we must, thus, the Tutu dilemma. Stay tuned.

MSV analysis on the Tutu dilemma (also known in legal circles as an opinion).

Hoboken schools are the protruding target this November. In 2012, a move to November elections by the presiding BoE was savagely fought by Old Guard adherents who were less than obvious about not being eager to see more voters enter the fray. Something unspoken about the limitations of VBM vote harvesting.

The citywide BoE vote totals the last two years however have seen an emerging increase in VBM utilization re: harvesting. Well over 400 two years ago and the 600 ballpark in the last election means these campaign people are some of the finest urban agriculturalists around.

Grafix Avenger is highlighting what she believes is a coordinated Old Guard political effort trashing the BoE with the aim of snapping off a majority in this fall's BoE election. MSV summarizes some of the players in a potential fall production dubbed "The Tutu Dilemma."

The Players

Anthony "Stick" Romano - First and foremost, the current county Freeholder, anticipated 2017 mayoral challenger and a former BoE official in the bad old darksider days. Stick took credit for the two BoE seats picked up when a tsunami of Vote-by-Mail came in late and saw a potential sweep by the Reach Higher ticket erased.

Stick walked away from the disastrous City Council election claiming he had nothing to do with it. One can believe what one chooses to believe but he did publicly declare war on Reform before declaring himself Switzerland after the results came in 7-2 and the OG was swept assunder on the Hoboken City Council.

The big question: Did Stick call Anthony "Curious Gal" Petrosino "an asshole?" Is a statement to that effect about to be issued? MSV reached out and is awaiting Freeholder Romano's response but would like to know who the mysterious person(s) the conversation took place with on the record.

Anthony "Curious Gal" Petrosino - also self-named prosbus magically showing up with an affidavit for the disastrous SLAPP-suit failure shortly before the first trial date. Petro is a former Asst. Superintendent of the Hoboken school district and saw his full time paying gig cut off when Kids First took the reins and elected not to pay someone full time who was working in Austin, Texas. He sued the BoE and the judge didn't agree with the concept of "A tale of two cities and two full time paychecks." He landed up having to write one to the district. You mad Bro?

Petro currently sits on the board of charter school HoLa and is an acolyte of Frank "Pupie" Raia. In his free time he enjoys commenting as a curious gal and driving around with Pupie on Election Day collecting numbers. He does numerical analysis on the Hoboken BoE from every conceiveable angle except on the hundreds of votes attached to paper ballots, re: Vote by Mail. Also known for frequently responding to the names Lane, Kim, Kimmy and prospuss on Hoboken Patch.

Does he wear a dress for any of his sidebar engagements or does he make fitting recommendations for Stick? Not that there's anything wrong with that. So many questions, so little dress size information.

Peter Biancamano - current BoE trustee. Has not been seen much since his defeat for second ward council last November. His campaign manager Pablo guaranteed victory. Peter must have believed it and thought Monarch Man was destined for superhero status in Hoboken. Reportedly tried to crash a BoE dinner event without a paid ticket.

John Madigan - toot! toot! No, that's not the Trump train. Get on board at your own risk. What does $40 get? 

Brittany Montgomery - not a lot of sizzle. She's one fine actress and reads her lines. Perfectly.

Danielle Miller - may be offered script to produce "Fear and Loathing of BoE School Resources." A tepid tale of how the rich kids plotted to get the poor kids lunch money, pool and parts in a highly popular theater arts program. She's winning plenty with accolades for "Beauty and the Beast." May be presented with a political satire script, "The Tutu Dilemma." Who will play young Stick and what prancing skills are required?

Grafix Avenger - Hoboken's best and Northern NJ's finest satirist on local politics, whether you agree or disagree. Mom to an extremely gifted BoE district student, Little Avenger. Doesn't think the Hoboken schools are a jobs program or no-show job bank. Raised the question why Petro is in Austin, Texas writing "crapademic" fibs about the Hoboken BoE while simultanouesly sitting on the board of the HoLa charter school. Waiting for Godot or a statement from Anthony Romano condemning same. Odds on landslide favorite to show first: Godot. Hoboken bookies declining to take any wagers on Stick.

The as to unnamed production is set for release this November. That's Election Day if you didn't know.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hovie in a landslide

This video courtesy of Hudson County View condenses some of the discussion surrounding the eventual unanimous council vote appointing Hovie Forman to the HHA as a commissioner.

Other applicants attempted to make a case for themselves to no result garnering not a single vote.

Is it because of their previous support of the extremely controversial Carmelo Garcia? Or does racist and anti-Semitic remarks play a role? How about family members in the HHA who were by sheer political magic not paying any rent at all? 

Would any of these things be problematic to "turning back the clock" in the Hoboken Housing Authority?

When MSV interviewed a lifetime Hoboken official about the abuses of people in the HHA, they simply remarked, "that's the way it's always been."

Talking Ed Note: Does anyone find it remarkable that some want, as Michael Russo said leading into last fall's council races, that voters should turn Hoboken back to its former days of "glory."

Hark of the Liebling: 'The lawsuit must go on!'


Hoboken resident Dave Liebler says lawsuit for being tossed out of council meeting continues on

David Liebler protests his ejection at the end of his public
portion remarks last November in the Hoboken City Council.
He's filed a lawsuit with the help of Charles Gormally,
the big development attorney of MSTA.
The First Amendment is a treasured right of Americans - and especially some talking horses.

For good reason, there's no health for a republic if the freedom of thought, expression and opinion are stymied or as in Hoboken's case of some infamy: SLAPPed.

Enter one Hoboken pro-development Old Guard political activist who in the heat of the last council meeting prior to the November council elections may have stepped too far. Or is he owed some seconds from his five minute allotment when he strayed into the muck slamming the mayor by way of her husband?

At a late October 2015 City Council meeting, David Liebler was meandering on some points when he stepped in it. The "it" being his allegations and criticism of the mayor's husband who he claimed is a guru of sorts, the way a previous guru was acclaimed as actually running the mayoralty of one Dawn Zimmer. The eject button soon followed.

While an earlier belief of Lenzbian control proved to be so much fiction with even the Old Guard finally recognizing it as mythical, emails obtained via the "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit surfaced showing the mayor's husband offering his opinion on the never say die dare doings of Mister Carmelo in the Hoboken Housing Authority. This became fodder for the "guru" mantra the Old Guard has repeatedly succumbed, a not too obvious sexist rant Mayor Zimmer can't actually be the mayor at the helm of City Hall.

That the mayor's husband voicing his opinion is evident in the emails which were released by the Carmelo Garcia camp in his years long "ethic cleansing" lawsuit is not in dispute. What's also clear is he was ignored by HHA commissioners considered aligned with the Reform movement. Hey, even the Mahirishi couldn't quite manage that guru thing over the Beatles in the end.

Mr. Liebler didn't get that part of the memo evident in the emails. So too, many in the Old Guard which have been intent on Reform's destruction if not the Mile Square City itself if power, money and jobs are not squandered handed to them.

The demise of the Old Guard, most recently with Reform's stunning 7-2 council victory last November following the mayor leading her ticket to a sweep in the fall of 2013 has seen the guru theme added to its lengthening list of failed political strategies.

David Liebler is however still suing the City of Hoboken for getting the hook with about 20 seconds left in five minutes of public portion time.  He disputes the seconds left and claims his rights were violated by way of the MSTA (Mile Square Taxpayers Association) attorney Charles Gormally, who filed the civil complaint.

In an exclusive interview with MSV, Liebler who has worked for the 2009 mayoral campaign of Frank "Pupie" Raia, for the always controversial Beth Mason and most recently backed the 2013 mayoral campaign supporting Ruben Ramos remains clear on his the lawsuit against the City of Hoboken.

The show must go on!

Among the Old Guard, Liebler has without exception always been an amiable chat over the years and occasional guest writer on MSV, (he's averse to the use of Vote by Mail as an Old Guard staple food at election time). But his own view of the First Amendment has not been as consistent on the subject of online commenters in Hoboken. In that vein, he proudly voiced his support on Hoboken Patch for the 2012 SLAPP-suit, earning no accolades here.

To his credit, he was back to his more amiable self after the SLAPP-suit was interrupted mid-trial last year and thrown out of court. Like many in Hoboken, Liebler read the the massive revelations of the SLAPPers' emails here and on Grafix Avenger which showered much truth on the political activities and false allegations.

But now it's Liebler crying foul on the First Amendment, although he once also decried the millions in legal bills against the City - now he's seeking to add his name to its payee list.

The rest of this story is MSV Premium and will be sent to member emails later today. 
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hoboken Historical Museum event this Sunday

A Garden State of Mind” Presents Writing by Hoboken Students,
Hosted by Hoboken Historical Museum and Party With Purpose

Live reading on May 22, at 3 p.m., at the Hoboken Museum, 1301 Hudson St.

Hoboken, NJ – On Sunday, May 22, there will be a public reading for student participants, teachers, family members, classmates, and poets to celebrate the publication of A Garden State of Mind, an anthology of student writing from five Hoboken schools. The event will be free and open to the public. 

In November 2015, poets Andy Clausen and Teresa Carson went into five Hoboken schools (Hoboken High School, Elysian School, Hoboken Charter School, HOLA Charter School, The Hudson School) and conducted workshops for about 100 students in the classes of teachers Allison Addona (Hoboken Charter), Regan Michaels (Elysian), Randi Roberts (The Hudson School), Denise Chakov (Hoboken High), and Adina Medina HOLA). 

Selected students then participated in an after-school Master Class in February 2016 at the Hoboken Historical Museum, led by Clausen, Carson and Hoboken Historical Museum’s Poet in Residence, Danny Shot.

On May 22, the poetry anthology A Garden State of Mind will be distributed as the culmination of the project. Copies of the book will be given free to participants and offered for sale to the public for $5. 

“The poetry in this collection, by students, teachers and professional poets, is the poetry of place, our place, Hoboken,” says Danny Shot. “Hoboken is a rapidly changing community. The city’s students have captured the essence of the city as it stands at this moment in time. How we see ourselves fitting into—or not fitting into—this place is the overarching theme of this collection.” 

Shot adds, “While we have many different schools, we still share one community. Hoboken’s young people and teachers come from diverse backgrounds, yet we share this place in the second decade of the 21st century. By reaching out to our community’s children, as well as teachers, our goal is to enliven their interest in writing and literature and spark their desire to visit the Hoboken Historical Museum with their families.” 

This project was made possible by a generous grant from Party With Purpose.