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Monday, April 24, 2017

Guest of the Stable William Bayard: 'Hoboken school choice policy ending'

As a parent of a soon to be kindergartener, the raging emotion of my peers has to do with the sudden decision by the school board to stop accepting "preference" choices in school applications. 

Whereas Hoboken used to be a school choice district, it now is not. The frustrating part of this move is there is no communication of what areas are sent to what schools. Nor is there a public acknowledgement of the strategy or change in policy. Just a very quiet decision and implementation. 

The downside is for families who live downtown and are subject to send their kids to Connors school which is decidedly the worst performing school in the district. 

Years past, parents would submit a few schools ranked in preference to send their child. That is removed from this years application and the town is moving people to "neighborhood" schools. They don't want to publish this anywhere or face the backlash. They also won't articulate what neighborhood streets would send to what school. 

As a Hoboken parent, all of this is very frustrating. 

William Bayard is a pseudonym. 

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Friday, April 21, 2017

DeFusco eyeopener: $87,000 in 1st Quarter fundraising


Councilman Michael DeFusco scores major campaign fundraising coup with 87K in first quarter

In a shot across the bow to his once former ally and supporter in Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the first ward councilman backed up the earlier reports of a major fundraising coup in the first quarter in 2017.

Based on the above original copy filed with NJ ELEC earlier this week, Councilman DeFusco netted $87,838 in the first quarter ending last month.

The tally likely means a face-off will be expected this November for the mayor's seat and three at-large council seats. The results of the November election will hold major consequences for Hoboken governance.

The Hudson County View weighs in with more on this story:

Talking Ed Note: Monies from inside and outside Hoboken are seen in the report. Resident James Vance gave $1,000 but many other individuals mostly outside the Mile Square gave larger amounts.

NJ LGBT offered $500 and Union Local 169 gave $1500.

Among local business, realty with the union are represented among numerous people who live outside Hoboken with Jersey City represented with several individual donors.

Unrelated: The Clerk's Office lost the case earlier today on the Democratic Committee late filings in favor of Peter Biancamano and Ines Garcia Keim. The Old Guard is counting this as a victory since their 2-1 district uptown candidates will be unopposed on the ballot.

The candidates however will not be allowed to be slotted under Phil Murphy and the mayor's Democratic committee candidates on their line. No legal fees will be paid either. Some conclude the massive legal filing by well known lawyer Steve Kleinman meant this was another Beth Mason action.

BoE trustee Sheillah Dallara and her husband Aaron are bumped off the ballot as a result.

When Hoboken was "Delivered Vacant"

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Taxes are going up

No, not in Hoboken but the biggest part of your tax bill will be raised again, courtesy of Hudson County.

Tom DeGise in an exclusive interview with MSV admits Hoboken will see another tax increase, courtesy of
Hudson County.

The rest of this story is MSV Premium and is out to members.

Related: The barbs are flying between the pending Zimmer-DeFusco mayoral camps:

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


City of Hoboken announces:


Tonight the City Council will vote on a $175 Million PSE&G project that will combine the Marshall Street substation with the Madison Street substation and elevate and modernize the substation with the most reliable technology. Both of these substations are over 50 years old and are at risk from flooding. PSE&G has already invested $130 million to upgrade and elevate Hoboken's 16th Street substation, and the Madison Street substation project will complete efforts to bring Hoboken’s entire energy system to 21st century resiliency and reliability standards.

"This project will ensure that all Hoboken residents, including our most in need residents in the Housing Authority, have reliable electricity for lights and heat through future severe storm events and other emergencies,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “All of our residents and our business community need reliable energy, and this project will make certain that we never again have to endure weeks without lights or heat like we did during Sandy. I have also advocated strongly for an innovative design for the substation, and I want to thank PSE&G for continuing to work with the City to create a design that integrates with our urban landscape and replaces the unattractive substations surrounded by chain link fences and barbed wire. With the Council's support, this vital project will start construction this summer and when completed, will ensure a resilient and reliable energy source for our entire City.”

The project would include a land swap through which the City would transfer the lot adjacent to the existing Madison Street Substation to PSE&G in exchange for PSE&G transferring the Marshall Street Substation property to the City. PSE&G would also make a payment of $1.245 million to the City to compensate for the difference in the appraised value of the properties as well as an annual “loss of use” payment of $275,250 until PSE&G has completed the decommissioning and remediation of the Marshall Street Substation property.

View memos to the City Council for additional project information:

And then there were three?

Another entry into the Hoboken mayoral sweepstakes is official. Well at least the initial paperwork is official.

Hoboken resident Ronald Bautista an occasional speaker at council meetings and a vocal supporter for bicycle lanes filed his entry as a mayoral candidate earlier this month.

Bautista's entry means there are three official candidates in the race. Mayor Dawn Zimmer and local businesswoman Karen Nason have already announced their intention to run for the top elected office in the Mile Square City.

Some observers viewed Bautista as a natural constituent of the growing Reform Movement in town but others thought his interests went beyond advocacy for bike lanes with higher aspirations in mind.

This should confirm it. Bautista did not return a call left earlier.

Talking Ed Note: Councilman Mike DeFusco made the news yesterday with word of an exceedingly strong fundraising campaign effort in the first quarter in the 90K ballpark. His mayoral candidacy and the official figures filed with NJ ELEC are questions awaiting answers.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Breaking: Councilman Mike DeFusco raises near $90,000 in first quarter

The big barnstorming event last night for Mayor Zimmer is not all the news that's fit to print in the Mile Square City today.

There's word confirmed from the Team DeFusco camp his first quarter campaign report filed with NJ-ELEC and it's a bonanza of riches almost certain to raise eyebrows.

The reported Team DeFusco net for the first quarter is in the vicinity of $90,000.

A source close to DeFusco confirmed the campaign proceeds approaches $90,000!

How to net $90,000 in the first quarter of 2017?
Be Mike DeFusco and have a bounty of a quarter in fund raising.

The benchmark haul is sure to generate lots of attention, surprise and some heated phone lines in and outside the Mile Square City. If the figure turns out to be in the ballpark of $90,000 assumptions will be made concluding a race for the Hoboken November mayoral and three at-large seats is most definitely on.

The ballpark 90K figure is most likely significantly higher than what Mayor Dawn Zimmer has on hand not counting proceeds from last night's fundraiser. Add last night's tally and at best you're likely to have an on par cash situation for each of the respective if unannounced campaigns.

NJ ELEC will publish online the campaign reports for the first quarter shortly and all eyes will be looking to see if the reported figure is true.

In the meantime, everyone will be sitting back and chewing their cud while swapping stories around the water cooler.

Brace for impact. There could be a very serious mayoral race this fall after all.

Remarks from last night's Mayor Zimmer fundraiser with Phil Murphy

Remarks at Mayor Dawn Zimmer's fundraiser last night, courtesy of The Hudson County View.

For more on this story, please see The Hudson County View: