Wednesday, November 14, 2018

City of Hoboken pushes ferry alternative site for NY Waterway

The following story comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

Still looking to preserve Union Dry Dock as a family-oriented park site, Hoboken officials held a press conference earlier today revealing that an engineering study indicates another option on the southern side of the city is a better choice for a ferry maintenance facility.

“The result of our engineers, Boswell, reached the exact same conclusion that New Jersey Transit itself reached several years earlier: that Hoboken South – the Hoboken Lakawanna Ferry Terminal – is the ideal location for this type of use,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla.
Talking Ed Note: While its positive for local officials and residents to cooperate and work together on this as any issue, the restated effort here doesn't change the status quo. The Union Dry Dock site continues to be prepped for NY Waterway and there's nothing in the foreseeable future likely to change that outcome short of the Army Corp. of Engineers or senior government officials at the state and federal level.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Referendum rationalization....

and the tears, buckets and buckets of tears. Oh and the Ravi poll that didn't stop a landslide.

The aftermath of the crushing landslide Hoboken referendum to bring back runoff elections doesn't mean only majority elections will return to Hoboken.

A voter rebuke of the destructive "win at any cost" tactics in last year's winner take all mayoral election punctuated with the final manipulation of the Mile Square electorate courtesy of the Ravi Terror Flyer is one message sent.

Days after the landslide vote where by an almost three to one margin voters actively chose to bring back runoff elections; the mayor's office and Ravibots began a desperate spin campaign to alter the perception Mayor Ravi Bhalla is not a lame duck who dreads facing a one on one runoff.

Inside the mayor's office and the inner Ravibot sanctum, a dreary pall hangs over the politics  24-7 everyday mantra in pursuit of higher office.

No political observer of any reputations sees Ravi Bhalla beating a dogcatcher in a one on one race. His scorched earth tactics against friend and foe alike over more than a year leave little doubt he can or will change course.

Far more likely, Bhalla will continue the warfare mentality and slide into the next phase trying to eliminate as many independent voices and good government votes on the Hoboken City Council in 2019 as possible.

The council ward races are a full year off but the bitterness and denunciations after the referendum vote are already reappearing online.

The Ravibots demand for revenge and blood will only escalate from here. They'll look to bring everyone down they can even if Hoboken has to take a hit in doing it. You think a Ravi Terror Flyer part two is out of bounds? Does a bear crap in the woods?

Most of the Mile Square City not nailed down may have to be collected and sold off to Bhalla's construction union pals but that's the cost of doing bidness with no other bids allowed. Expect more in the way of million-dollar bribes to divide and conquer with future massive redevelopment announcements.

Not days after the crushing landslide vote, efforts at spinning the disastrous results for the mayor's office began trickling out. Ravibots proclaimed an unpublished poll deems Ravi Bhalla unbeatable and that he's beloved by all, or close to it.

Who takes a poll less than a year in office believing it meaningful?

The writing is on the wall. Even the inner Ravibot circle acknowledges it amongst themselves.

It's not the preferred cup of tea for at least one of the two mayoral political aides. Chief of Staff John Allen reportedly put his resume on the street prior to the November election. He's accelerating efforts to get a job back into law and out of the heavily politicized mayor's office.

While the latest Ravi poll will not be released, it's being referenced that "all is well" inside the land of Ravibots. What they don't tell you is the pronouncements by Bhalla urging voters to reject Hoboken runoff elections came almost immediately after the poll.

So how's that poll working out for ya?

Talking Ed Note: The bitter referendum defeat won't end with online whining, gnashing of teeth and foaming at the mouth. Expect more political operative directed operations out of the mayor's office against City Council members, especially the good government members standing up for Hoboken's best interests.

You'll think Beth Mason is running Hoboken and possesses Ravi Bhalla. When you least expect the nasty and ugly, expect it. Whispers are the next political operation is underway out of the mayor's office using the exact same tactics deployed by the Harridan of Hudson against Bhalla in 2010.

How's that for irony?

Update: Sources from within the Ravibot world are saying there is a two-fold political plan. If the City Council composition can be cleared or significantly altered in next year's council races, that will pave the way for a vote to overturn the overwhelming will of the voters and eliminate runoff elections in two years. (The referendum cannot be changed under NJ law for at least two years.)

If Ravi Bhalla can't find a political job out of Hoboken by then, Hoboken can expect him to unleash a repeat of the vile and dirty campaign last year seeking to win again with a small plurality in 2021.

That means Hoboken should anticipate the ugliest council ward races next year as Ravi Bhalla savages council people who have refused to knuckle under and do what's best for him.  In turn, the City Council is likely to continue its stance to act independently on what's best for Hoboken.

So, there's the stakes.

Monday, November 12, 2018

City Council President Ruben Ramos: PSE&G Work in Southwest Hoboken Starting Tonight

Official release:

Dear friends,
PSE&G will be beginning underground electric transmission work in Southwest Hoboken that will begin tonight, November 12th and continue through November 20th.  According to the City of Hoboken community alert, PSE&G have stated the work will be completed between the hours of 7pm and 5am, Monday thru Friday at the intersections of Newark St. and Grove St. and Newark St. and Madison St. 
An HMAG article provided this further information from PSE&G:
  • Temporary construction lighting will be installed
  • Concrete / pavement breaking will maximize use of saws and minimize use of jackhammers
  • Sawing/hammering will be limited to 7-10 p.m.
  • Road plates will be installed, to accommodate normal daytime traffic
  • Traffic will be rerouted, to allow exit and entry to and from Hoboken for drivers who are traveling after the rush or are simply caught unaware
Obviously this will cause traffic delays but we hope work will be completed in a timely fashion.
Thank you for your patience and please forward this to anyone you think might be affected by this work.
Ruben Ramos
Hoboken City Council, 4th Ward

Hoboken Veterans Day and World War I Armistice Day Observance

On a crisp sunny day at Elysian Park, approximately 100 people gathered in observance of Veterans Day and the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day, the end of World War I.

Over 116,000 Americans died among 4.7 million in what was called The Great War, the predecessor to World War II. More than half the deaths came about due to disease with the terrible trench conditions and an influenza epidemic.

US Veteran Mark Villamar leads a salute at the conclusion of the ceremony in honor of all Veterans who have served the United States.

Talking Ed Note: Among those in attendance, master of ceremonies: US Veterans John Carey and Mark Villamar, Freeholder Anthony Romano, Mayor Ravi Bhalla, City Council President Ruben Ramos, City Council members Peter Cunningham, James Doyle, Jen Giattino, Tiffanie Fisher, City Clerk James Farina, Asst. City Clerk Jerry Lore, former councilman and Hoboken Housing Authority Chair Dave Mello, former mayor Dawn Zimmer, former State Senator & NJ Majority Leader Bernard Kenny and the former first dog of Hoboken, Buddy.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: 100 year commemoration of World War I at Elysian

Official release:

Veterans Day 100 Year Commemoration of World War I at Elysian Park - Sunday at 11:00 am

Dear friends and neighbors:
A few upcoming events I wanted you to be aware of including one that is tomorrow (Sunday):
Sunday 11/11:  please join me for a special Veterans Day service at Elysian Park commemorating the 100th anniversary of “the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month—signifying the end of “the War to End All Wars.”   This is always a lovely service each year put on by Hobokens own veterans from the American Legion Post 107.  It is expected to be a perfect fall day – crisp and clear - and it is a great way to be a part of our community and salute our veterans.  You can read the HMAG article and learn more about how Hoboken’s role in World War I can never be understated.
Tuesday 11/13:  at 9am at the steps of City Hall, I will join Mayor Bhalla, Ron Hine from Fund for Better Waterfront and 2nd Ward Resident Tina Hahn for a press conference announcing the results of the study we had done to identify the best locations for ferry operations along the Hudson River.  As you may recall, in 2009 NJ Transit did a study which indicated Hoboken’s Lackawanna Terminal was the preferred site and that the former Union Dry Dock site was 6th.  Rolling forward to today, you will hear that the results havent changed much.  This announcement on Tuesday is a continuation of how important this issue is to our community, so if you can join and show your support, that would be great!
Monday 11/19:  At 630 pm at the Jubilee Center Public (601 Jackson St.) we are having a community meeting to discuss Hobokens response to NJs potential legalization of marijuana.  I have recently heard mixed information about what ultimately will be included in the State level legislation given the input from the various state legislators.  In a recent Hoboken Patch article, Governor Murphy is referenced to say that there will be several pieces to the legislation, including expansion of the medical marijuana program. The "biggest mountain to climb," he said, will be legalizing the drug for recreational use. The email I sent on 10/23 gives you color on the draft legislation for Hoboken being proposed by the Bhalla Administration.  Please join us that night to learn more, ask questions, and voice your opinion.  Thank you to the approximate 100 people who have already responded to my email - I will provide specific numbers at a later date, but overall the responses were mixed with specific concerns about safety (more car crashes and second hand smoke) and enforcement (with there be any), preference to not have in any residential zones at all (including I-1w soon to be R-4), and more ok with medicinal only.  That being said, there is support for recreational.
And one quick, yet major, update from our 11/7 Council Meeting that I will write more about next week:
Cost of parking – both legally & illegally – will increase.  At the City Council meeting on Wednesday night, the city council voted 6-3 on second reading to make changes to public parking rates and parking violations that I informed you about in my email on 9/17.  This will go into effect within one month so be on the lookout.  I voted "No basically for the same reasons I identified in my 9/17 email.  More to come… 
Please feel free to reach out at any time via email at or by phone at 201-208-1674 to discuss this or anything else that is important to you.  And please forward this to anyone you think might benefit from this information.  
To all our veterans out there, thank you so much for your service.  
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”

Friday, November 9, 2018

City Council removes Planning Board member

The following story comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

The Hoboken City Council voted to remove a commissioner of the city’s planning board at a rare, lengthy hearing that last nearly two hours during last night’s meeting. 

Holtzman was before the council after coming under fire for sending an email in July that recommended 16 land use attorneys to developers in light of the retirement of Bob Matule, a retiring lawyer who handled a significant number of development projects in the city.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

BREAKING: Alleged Frank "Pupie" Raia voter fraud solider pleads guilty

Official release:

USAO NJ Seal 3
United States Attorney District of New Jersey


NEWARK, N.J. – A Hoboken, New Jersey, woman today admitted her role in a conspiracy to promote a voter bribery scheme, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.

Lizaida Camis, 55, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Court Judge William J. Martini in Newark federal court to Count 2 of an indictment charging her with conspiracy to use the mail to promote a voter bribery scheme during the 2013 municipal election in Hoboken. 

According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:
Camis, Dio Braxton, and others, at former Hoboken City Council candidate Frank Raia’s direction, agreed to pay certain Hoboken voters $50 each if those voters applied for and cast mail-in ballots for the November 2013 Hoboken municipal election. Camis and others provided these voters with vote-by-mail applications and then delivered the completed applications to the Hudson County Clerk’s office. After the mail-in ballots were delivered to the voters, Camis and others went to the voters’ residences and, in some cases, instructed the voters to vote for a rent control referendum that Raia supported. Camis, Braxton and others promised the voters that they would be paid $50 for casting their mail-in ballots and told them that they could pick up their checks after the election at Raia’s office in Hoboken. Bank records show that voters who interacted with Camis and Braxton received $50 checks from an entity associated with Raia.

Raia and Braxton were indicted on Oct. 31, 2018, for their roles in the scheme.
The conspiracy charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 21, 2019.

U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito credited special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Gregory W. Ehrie in Newark, and special agents of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of the Inspector General, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Christina Scaringi, with the investigation leading to today’s guilty plea. 

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Farrell of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Special Prosecutions Division and Assistant U.S. Attorney Rahul Agarwal, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division.

The charges and allegations against Raia and Braxton are merely accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

Defense Counsel: Brandon D. Minde, Esq., Cranford, New Jersey

Ravi Bhalla sees referendum landslide vote crush prospects for reelection

Hoboken's lopsided vote to bring back runoff elections puts Ravi Bhalla's scorched earth tactics on ice

A crushing defeat at the ballot box on the Hoboken referendum to bring back runoff elections combined with Mayor Ravi Bhalla's scorched earth tactics is the talk of the Mile Square.

Political observers keenly note Ravi Bhalla created a vise of his own making (and self-destruction) with his scorched earth tactics before and after a repulsive 2017 mayoral campaign.

A mayoral bid for reelection in 2021 isn't completely dead but the likelihood of Bhalla forging any coalition with any other failed mayoral bids is all but closed. He'd need to win a first-round election with 50% plus one or better, a prospect diminished entirely with Tuesday's referendum vote.

After the repugnant November election last year capped with the Ravi Terror Flyer delivering a victory for him into the mayor's chair, Bhalla sat down with his former friends and colleagues Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.

The meeting concluded with no progress as Ravi Bhalla brought only a solitary agenda item for discussion: issue a public endorsement of him as mayor. That self-centered focus led to the good government trio taking an independent posture on doing what's best for Hoboken on an issue by issue basis such as development while supporting the vast majority of legislation out of the mayor's office.

A month after taking office as mayor, Ravi Bhalla announced in a Friday evening Facebook post he had landed a second job. The public was stunned as Bhalla flaunted his broken promise in the faces of Hoboken residents.

A meeting followed with City Council President Ruben Ramos and Bhalla demand the City Council cease talking or acting on his broken promise not to take a second job. He had no intention of giving up the second job with a Republican land use law firm. Ramos is rumored to have declined that demand and Bhalla cursed him out immediately ending the meeting.

In March, not three months into office, Ravi Bhalla held a fundraiser where he announced scorched earth plans to run a council ticket in next year's ward races. His political aides have been chirping angrily to the council in recent weeks how he will "replace" all of them.

Now the Hoboken public, weary of political recriminations and dirty campaigns took matters into their own hands and rebuked Bhalla with an overwhelming landslide vote against his wishes.

Bhalla had repeatedly urged the public to vote "no" on the referendum declaring it a danger to free and fair elections in the shadow of several arrests and indictments on voter fraud in the back end of town.

The Hoboken public wasn't buying any of it.

The referendum vote leaves Bhalla further isolated as rumors are swirling his Chief of Staff John Allen is actively seeking other employment and looking to evacuate City Hall.

In the wake of the Hoboken voters' smashing rebuke, Ravi Bhalla is whispered to have restarted plans to pursue the NJ Assembly seat occupied by Annette Chaparro.

Alternatively, Bhalla can ramp up efforts to negotiate a HudCo deal to replace Albio Sires in that congressional seat. Sires is set to begin a two-year term come January and many feel it will be his last.

Congressional seats, however, are not handed out like candy. What comes around goes around.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: "Hoboken votes"

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors:
I first want to extend a huge congratulations to Ailene McGuirk, Tom Kluepfel and Malani Cademartori in being elected (and re-elected in the case of Tom) yesterday to the Hoboken Board of Education!  We have seen so much progress and increase in enrollment in our public schools over the last several years, and at the direction of our Superintendent Dr. Christine Johnson.  And I am 100% confident that Ailene and Malani will only add to the efforts that Tom and the rest of our Board have championed.  The future of Hoboken district schools never looked brighter!  
Yesterday we saw a record voter turnout for Hoboken – although I don’t have the final count, we expect the total number to be over 20,000 voters!  These are crazy numbers!!!! There were ~18,389 machine votes, ~1,471 vote by mails so far, and I am ballparking provisionals to be at around 400-500 city-wide based upon what I witnessed on Election Day across multiple polling locations.  
This is more than double the last 2014 midterm anchored then by Senator Booker, 25% higher than last year’s Governor/Mayor race, and 80% of the total turnout in the 2016 presidential race which was record highs.  
And within these numbers 14,607 of you voted for the Hoboken Municipal Question – Do we want to bring back runoffs to our election?  This number is almost as many people as voted in our mayor/council election last year.  And 73% of you voted "Yes"!  
Yesterday was an amazing election for Hoboken, for New Jersey, and for our country because of how many people participated.  The many people who made the personal sacrifice to step up and run for office.  And the record-setting numbers of people who came out and exercised their civic right and voted.  Please consider sending a note or message to any candidate you identified with and thank them, especially those who did not come out on top, because they wanted to serve, they were brave and they gave us choices which makes us a democracy.  
And... although I know people had mixed experiences, I do want to thank all of our poll workers.  It is a grueling long day which starts at 5:15 am and ends at 8:15 pm.  Yes, they get paid $200, but I can tell you many of them come out to be part of the civic process.  And this year I was heartened to hear so many more positive experiences (other than long lines) than negative ones.  We always need more people so if you are interested, just let me know and I would be happy to help connect you with the right person for the upcoming year.  
Please feel free to reach out at any time via email at or by phone at 201-208-1674 to discuss this or anything else that is important to you.  And please forward this to anyone you think might benefit from this information.  
I am so proud of our community.  Hoboken votes!  It's what we do. 
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”
PS: There is a council meeting tonight at 7pm!  Join us in person or you can watch it on Facebook live on the Hoboken page, or you can click HERE for the agenda and the page to watch it online.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Outsider Ailene McGuirk pulls off upset joining Tom Kleupfel and Malami Cadematori on the BoE

According to tallies posted on, the Hoboken BoE will see victories for Ailene McGuirk joining Tom Kleupfel and Malani Cadematori leaving incumbent John Madigan out of a slate win.

The chart tells the story:

Vote-by-mail tallies late are not expected to alter the results.

Related election fare

In the NJ Senate race, New Jersey lived up to its reputation as a national laughingstock or perhaps reached new lows with the re-election of its corrupt Senator Bob Menendez in the midterm election. With higher turnout spurred by the constant post-inauguration warring and in the battle of President Trump campaigning for major US Senate races versus the aligned forces of the media and Democrat Party; Menendez easily bested newcomer pharma exec Bob Hugin. While the result was not as close as some projected, the narrow lead in the US Senate for Republicans widens substantially to the mid-50s.

When the Cook Political Report and others shockingly moved the NJ Senate race into tossup, millions had to be diverted to save Menendez. While those millions proved effective, they cost Senate seats elsewhere as every competitive Democrat Senator who voted against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation went down to defeat.

Senate races deemed "close" by the media and their polling arms failed to see their designed outcomes with Republicans picking up Senate seats in Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri, Florida, Montana and likely retaining Arizona.

Other media hyped races by the Democrat media failed to achieve their objectives in Texas where Ted Cruz saw re-election and Florida where both the governor and senate seat went to the Republicans.

Bob Menendez, corrupt as a skunk and re-elected in the Soprano State.

The Congress, projected to turn in the historical midterm shifts saw nothing by way of the much-hyped self-proclaimed Blue Wave. The Associated Press reported in the middle of the night the House majority is turned by a sliver likely putting Nancy Pelosi into the Speaker's chair.

But it was Fox News, targeted by many as being the sole "opposition" media that called the Congressional races nationally without votes counted in numerous elections and voters at the polls in Arizona, California, Oregon, Montana* and Washington. Shades of media election interference in 2000 with voters having an hour of voting remaining in Florida. Expect that election "interference" to generate major controversy as it may have in fact won the House for the Democrats.

That little Murdoch family globalist play will be a major post-election issue.

You would think it a Deep State plot but like the polling, the "errors" are consistently generated in the same direction. There's going to be significant issues surfacing as the dust clears on the phony Russia Collusion Hoax among other serious criminal matters.

* Montana has since updated its vote totals putting incumbent Jon Tester into first.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla sees utter destruction with runoffs trouncing his desire to avoid them

Many results are not final but what is clear is that Hoboken is voting to bring back runoff elections. This in the face of weak propaganda by Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Ravibots who lamely tried to clear a path for him.

The final tally comes via with more than a 2-1 vote in favor of reinstating runoffs. The outcome is a devastating blow to Ravi Bhalla, Ravibots and his paid political operative Nancy Pincus of Sybil's Cave.

Sign of the Times: Is it curtains for the Soprano State's King of Corruption?

Today, New Jersey finds itself in the national spotlight as some note the NJ Senate race
 may be featured as one of the surprising outcomes.

A truck as seen today in the vicinity of Newark proclaims a familiar message. 
This website was founded in response to the corruption of one Peter J. Cammarano who bagged $25,000 in the parking lot of the Malibu Diner. Higher up the Soprano State corruptocrat chain; there's at present an officeholder who's seen a seven-figure kickback with 5-star vacations to foreign destinations and the ugliest corroborated FBI affidavits detailing underage girls forced into prostitution.

Will NJ live up to its moniker as the Soprano State? It's a sign of the times.