Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Welcome back to Hoboken the new and improved Federal Bureau of Investigation

Hoboken dearly missed the boys of summer back in 2011 when the massive theft of emails in and out of former mayor Dawn Zimmer's office uncovered a massive illicit political operation arrayed against her.

The stolen emails, numbering in the tens of thousands or more spread near and far finding their way to Hoboken public safety unions which were in protracted contract negotiations and the boys of hate at Hoboken411.

In the end, no one went to jail. 

Fast forward to 2019 and the FBI under new Department of Justice leadership in Newark is diving into one of Hoboken's most treasured traditions: voter fraud.

Not a year ago, the Hoboken City Council became a free for all as the topic of voter fraud erupted spontaneously with Councilman Michael Russo recounting, or bragging there'd never been an arrest in Hoboken for voter fraud. 

These days, Russo is a welcomed member of Mayor Ravi Bhalla's inner political circle making recommendations. One rumored consideration anticipates Peter Biancamano's return as a candidate for City Council in the second ward this November on a Ravi Bhalla council ticket.

Last year, however, it was one Councilman Michael Russo speaking on the topic of Hoboken voter fraud saying, "I don't think anyone really bought a vote... Anybody who tells you different is lying to you. When they say someone bought Vote by Mails, no they didn't...."

Four arrests have followed with Mikie Squared finding himself at the epicenter of suspicion swirling around his amassed army of paid campaign workers. Almost to a person, each was paid $50 and their personal ballots using vote-by-mail in the 2015 election. Only 20 among hundreds worked in his Third Ward campaign where he faced no opposition.

The FBI, under new management, has little concern for the local political hypocrisy of HudCo mayors and is not done with Hoboken. Not by a long shot.

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Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher - 'Pedestrian safety'

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors
I hope you are all managing to stay warm.  I consider myself a hearty Rochester girl with too many decades of frigid weather and snow under my belt, and yesterday and today are even cold for me.  Stay warm and please check in on any of your neighbors who are more vulnerable.  Other than the weather...

Last week, a 2nd Ward neighbor was hit by a car at the corner of 15th & Bloomfield.  A car driving north on Bloomfield Street, barely stopped at the stop sign and turned left onto 15th and hit him in the crosswalk in the middle of the day and did not stop.  Thankfully, his injuries were limited to a broken leg.  This is a picture of the Black Jeep (notice the rims and the formation of the stickers on the windshield).  If you have any information please call Hoboken Police at 201/420-2100.
This is a story we are hearing with more frequency not across 15th Street, but across the city.  
Pedestrian Safety has been in our local vernacular for a long time, especially under former Mayor Zimmer, with the main focus being improved street design and planning where we have made a number of positive changes.  Last week, the administration put out this video which highlights Parking and Transportation Director Ryan Sharpe (who specializes in street planning) discussing Complete Streets for Hoboken.  With this video, the administration also announced that they will soon be introducing Vision Zero for Hoboken with their stated goal of reducing traffic-related injuries to zero by 2034.  This is a great initiative and you can click here to learn more about what Jersey City has done since they announced their own version of Vision Zero last February.  
There is certainly more we can and need to do now, in parallel – some lower hanging fruit that focuses on changing the behavior of everyone who uses our streets.  Just after the accident in my neighborhood I reached out to Mayor Bhalla and shared just a few ideas centered around creating a Culture of Safety in Hoboken that we don't yet have:  
  • Branding Hoboken as a pedestrian city - eg. having signs at our entrances that say something like “Welcome to Hoboken, where pedestrian safety is our number one priority”.  
  • Creating a #ShareTheResponsibility type campaign - Although some residents believe car drivers should bear most of the burden of changing behavior, I believe it is as much about making all users of our streets do their part including:  Cars stopping at stop signs, bikes stopping at all stop signs and riding with traffic instead of against, and pedestrians not crossing midblock and not looking at their phones as they cross at an intersection.  
  • Educating Hoboken residents on how they can and need to do their part today. 
  • Creating safety weeks throughout the year and include resident advocacy - eg - residents donning t-shirts and handing flyers out to every car entering and leaving Hoboken that say "Pedestrian Safety is Our Priority" to raise awareness.  
How you can be more involved now:  
  • if you see something, say something.  Take a photo or video and email it to the recently established traffic@hobokenpd.govand also post on social media.  
  • Join the Hoboken Parents Advocating for Safer Streets Facebook Group.  
  • Start a social media/email group in your neighborhood to organize focus on your own street.  
This is about raising as much awareness as possible and you know I believe that more voices are always better.   
Almost every person in Hoboken walks out their door every day to go somewhere.  That means everyone is a pedestrian.  Even if you own a car and use it a lot or ride your bike to and from places.  I know it sounds like I am stating the obvious, but we forget this sometimes when we talk about how best to use our roads.  At the core, we are all pedestrians and ensuring pedestrian safety touches everyone one of us.  And we all need to do our part. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ravi Bhalla's face punchers and calling councilwomen "bitches" who dare to ask a question

A litany of lies and savage cringe-worthy attacks are dropping like so much sludge below sea level in the overloaded Mile Square City sewer lines.

The Martin Luther King holiday weekend was selected for delivering more fanciful lies and outrageous hate. The reason? A question at the January 2nd City Council meeting followed by other council members' questions at the next in what was dubbed PayrollGate.

Like the Jersey Journal and the Hudson County View, the news reported here highlighted the lack of an answer to a basic question raised prior to the January 2nd City Council meeting about increased salaries inside the mayor's office.

City Council President Jen Giattino inquired on the morning of January 2nd why the mayor's office, bloated as it is at $300,000 in Mayor Ravi Bhalla's first year grew larger in 2019? By way of comparison, former mayor Dawn Zimmer had one aide at $35,000 in her first year.

Seeing no truthful response from the Bhalla Administration, the Council President posed a simple question during the council meeting that evening. For asking that one question, Jen Giattino was called a bitch on the City of Hoboken Facebook page by Ravi Bhalla's paid political operative, Nancy Pincus. She runs the fanatical blog for Ravi Bhalla, coordinating directly with the mayor's office in an endless stream of filth and fabrications against the good government councilwomen Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.

The scummy attacks there make Hoboken411 look like a Pulitzer Prize-winning operation in its heyday. As a prescient revelatory paid political operative exposure previously declared, Ravi Bhalla owns it.

The Bhalla Administration cover-up

No answer came at the January 2nd meeting leading to additional reasonable questions at the last City Council meeting, this time by most council members. Among them: Vanessa Falco, Mike DeFusco and Peter Cunningham but only one council member is being declared one of the "bitches" at Ravi Bhalla's paid political operative blog site for merely asking questions, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

If the Hoboken public awaits any transparency from the Ravi Bhalla Administration; it's received none. Maybe the mayor, one year in office is too busy wheeling HudCo contracts to his second job at a Republican land use law firm.

How it started. The Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia and business administrator both stated on the record at the January 2nd meeting there were currently four employees - four mayoral aides on the mayor's office payroll - into 2019.

That's no fault of any question by any council member. Its' a statement of fact.

Did anyone see a Nixle alert with an explanation by Mayor Ravi Bhalla or his $300,000 army of political face punchers? Nothing but vile attacks spewed at increasing levels with zero answers to the public.

Let's examine the latest fabrications and see them quickly implode as further face punching fabrications against the Hoboken public have ensued.

Listen to what Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia said in regard to Mayor Ravi Bhalla bringing in criminal defense attorney John Lynch. He states: "Mr. Lynch was hired to do an investigation..."

Is that why a criminal defense lawyer is needed, to answer investigators?

Now listen closely to what Aloia says when the criminal attorney was hired. He delineates the exact timeline on the Bhalla Administration efforts to hire this criminal defense attorney and states it began around January 6th and was confirmed on January 8th.

Click on the video to hear that exact portion in the meeting.

Now, according to the anonymous paid political operatives connected to the Hoboken mayor's office and relayed to another confirmed Ravi Bhalla paid political operative outside it; the reason for the NJ Municipal Joint Insurance Fund (JIF) providing a criminal defense attorney out of Union City is simple. It's this website raising questions about the potential allegations over weeks surrounding the Bhalla Administration.

But the first time those questions were raised wasn't published until January 10th. And no one else asked those questions: not City Council President Jen Giattino, not Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and not any other council member.

Oh, the lies paid political operative liars tell when their aim is to deceive.

The Bhalla Administration's criminal defense attorney request & calling councilwomen "bitches"

Further, Aloia states it was the Bhalla Administration that contacted the JIF seeking assistance of his referral for a criminal defense attorney. There's no evidence the JIF is reading or that questions asked by council members in the two January council meeting required their assigning a criminal defense attorney to Ravi Bhalla's office of the mayor for "an investigation."

The City Council couldn't get straight answers from the Bhalla Administration. Why would an investigation be needed in 2019 if a "separation agreement" for a former employee took place last year?

Add this to the latest litany of lies being shoveled "anonymously" at the Hoboken public. There are more tissue paper thin lies about a payroll error but if that were true, would it take months to be addressed by their paid political operative liar-on-call?

These latest lies and vilest attacks followed, calling councilwomen bitches. Because they dared to simply ask a few questions at two council meetings. Enter Ravi Bhalla adding another communications manager on the payroll in early December who ran his dirty mayoral campaign at almost $25,000 in salary more than the last.

Expect more anonymous lies, fabricated finger pointing projection and vileness spewed at the Hoboken public. The only people responsible for any of this less than transparent disaster are in the mayor's office. Take a bow Ravi.

Talking Ed Note: In yet another less than transparent maneuver discovered in claims, Ravi Bhalla tried to shovel a $7,500 raise under the radar to his Chief of Staff John Allen. Upon discovery, that went over with the City Council like the Hindenburg's arrival in New Jersey. The City Council immediately reversed the less than transparent increase.

It's only January. If you thought the disgusting race-baiting attacks orchestrated out of the mayor's office against the City Council was the end of the vile behavior, think again. Hoboken will be lucky if it can make it through November and its council ward elections without the appearance of another well-timed Ravi Terror Flyer.

It was Martin Luther King Day yesterday but with Ravi Bhalla's well-paid political operatives and their unquenchable desire for unchecked power, it's strictly Macolm X's motto, "by any means necessary."

Monday, January 21, 2019

Liars are gonna lie

The hysteria is reaching a feverish pitch along with a coterie of well-established fabricators, endlessly talking to themselves over and over and well, fabricating.

Anyone impressed with all that "anonymous" lying? Where's the mayor's office and the mayor providing documented proof contradicting what was said mere hours and days ago?

It's clear that the exclusive about Payroll Gate has sent some rats scurrying over and into one another, lying with furious anger that comes with the limited exposure of the truth.

The truth doesn't always set you free. Sometimes, it sends you to jail.

More to come.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Criminal or Coverup, PayrollGate explodes!


The following exclusive investigative report is an accumulation of MSV's efforts, analysis, and opinion now into the tenth year covering Hoboken government, politics, and corruption. All the opinions as stated below are the sole responsibility and copyright of

City Council learns high-powered criminal defense attorney brought in by the Bhalla Administration to "investigate" its payroll discrepancies after prior communications manager's separation agreement 

Hoboken PayrollGate lands like a bomb on City Hall

In a stunning development, City Council President Jen Giattino learned her query on inflated payroll inside the Hoboken mayor's office has led to the Bhalla Administration hiring a criminal defense attorney.

At the first council meeting on January 2nd, Giattino inquired about an odd increase in payroll out of the Hoboken mayor's office.

Her query saw offered first incorrect information of "partial" salary adjustments among three mayoral aides and later, the discovery that four mayoral aides were on the payroll with two communication managers simultaneously.

Both the public and the City Council saw nothing by way of clarification on any details about the oddity last month or prior to the January 2nd meeting.

Behind the scenes, however, the Bhalla Administration was scrambling.

After her initial announcement last night, Giattino stated she'd been given dozens of pages on the matter including a "separation agreement" apparently for former communications manager Santiago Melli-Huber.

Enter criminal defense attorney, John Lynch, who briefly said he was in Hoboken on the matter for an unspecified "investigation" and "potential litigation."

Lynch is a criminal defense attorney based in Union City.

Senior criminal defense attorney John Lynch last night appearing before
the Hoboken City Council.

The criminal defense attorney was hired at the recommendation of Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia through the Joint Insurance Fund (JIF).

Why has the Bhalla Administration hired a senior criminal defense attorney for a former employee who worked inside the mayor's office for eight months and apparently departed not with a resignation as previously announced but under a separation agreement?

A public announcement from the Office of the Mayor declared the departure a resignation, effective the end of November and then later amended to mid-December.

A separation agreement of any kind between a municipal employee and the mayor's office and City of Hoboken suggests an added financial benefit and waiver to any and all future claims to litigation.

Any settlement package however agreed upon would require City Council approval and nothing of the kind was presented to the legislative body by the Bhalla Administration.

First, let's review the series of facts that have come to light at last night's City Council meeting.

Let's go to the videotape!


Key comments:

Council President Jen Giattino, on not immediately diving into closed session on the "payroll discrepancies" out of the mayor's office and newly revealed "separation agreement" with the former communications manager.

"There's been no transparency with the public or the council (on PayrollGate) and if we only discuss things in closed session; it will continue."

Councilman Mike DeFusco to Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia:
"...excessive payment for a (former) employee? What litigation are we talking about?"
"Why was an employee on the payroll that was no longer employed with the City?"
Aloia offered no response and DeFusco said that had nothing to do with any (potential) litigation.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher to Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia.
"Why wasn't the JIF notified when you thought there was potential litigation previously? Why did you wait until January 7th?"

"We're trying to decide are we erring on the side of transparency or are we erring on the side of what feels like a coverup?... It's pretty damn frustrating."

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: Nixle system "used for political propaganda for the mayor and political attacks"

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors:
2019 is off and running with a lot going on.  Below are some up and comings, updates and dot connections and remember, everything in RED is a link.  I also wanted to let you know that the City Council had its reorganization meeting on January 2nd with Councilwoman Giattino (6th Ward) being elected (8-0-1) as Council President for the 4th time/3rd in 4 years and Councilman Ramos (4th Ward) being elected (8-0-1) as Council Vice President.  I was elected council representative to the Planning Board and will be advocating for you on the following City Council subcommittees:
  • Revenue, Finance, and Infrastructure – Chair for the 4th year.  Its what it sounds like – Budget, all infrastructure projects, and also administrative topics.
  • Community Development North – NW Park, North End redevelopment plan, any redevelopments in the northern half of Hoboken.
  • Zoning – mainly looks at updates to our zoning code.  
  • Affordable Housing – looking to find ways to add affordable housing in Hoboken.
  • Health & Human Services – this includes the recreation department.  
Last week the Appellate court rendered what I personally believe will be the last ruling in the long litigation.  You can read the ruling HERE.  Effectively what this means is that Applied / Ironstate has no further barriers to being able to build.  This has been a frustrating process for everyone involved.  This being said, I and many believe that if offered a better way to keep or exceed their economic value in the Monarch site, that Applied / Ironstate would consider and arguably prefer not building there.  It is a difficult site to build on – not only would they have to reconstruct the entire platform, but given DEP environment restrictions on not building in the water during migration season, the time to build will be longer than other buildings.  Additionally, although the building feels big – it is actually only 150K square feet across 77 residential units with a lot of common space that will be costly to build and does not generate revenue.  
Mayor Bhalla has been in negotiations with Applied/Ironstate and at the last council meeting, the City Council approved hiring an appraiser to evaluate both the Monarch site and the Hoboken’s DPW garage.  Once the city has a better understanding of what the net value of Monarch is we can then better understand if there is a trade that can happen that would be satisfactory and beneficial to all parties.  So more to come...  PS on this – I am told that Toll has included Monarch in its sales materials for its nearby properties.  They don’t know more than any of us – they are just having to protect themselves and disclose the possibility of it being built.
I am befuddled.  More meters.  Increased rates.  I wanted to include some sort of link that would give you more information, but alas, there are none...  As I have stated before, I opposed most of these changes mainly driven by the City’s lack of communication on such an important topic.  But one, in particular, I want to make sure you are aware of is that electronic meters have been “installed” citywide converting all free, four-hour visitor parking to metered parking.  To use the meters, you need to either use the ParkMobile APP or call them and pay by credit card (see sign below).  
Latest update.  City Council approved an ordinance for 3 medical marijuana dispensaries on December 19th.  I voted 'no' because the legislation does not include, in my opinion, the proper oversight and management of the licenses (one person is contemplated to make those decisions as opposed to a board/committee).  Two of my council colleagues are working on making revisions that will hopefully address this issue.  Of note, Hoboken was not selected as a location by the state for the dispensary so we will not see establishments anytime soon.
That night I sponsored a parallel, protective ordinance that would have temporarily made all other marijuana establishments a prohibited use under our zoning code until after the State voted and we agreed on a plan for recreational use in Hoboken.  This would give us time to figure out what makes sense for Hoboken, and not allow applicants to circumvent the process and seek and receive approval from our land use boards / officers.  This type of legislation was passed in a number of cities across New Jersey, including many of our neighboring ones like Weehawken and Union City.  Although I thought I had the support of most of the council going into the meeting, I was surprised when only four voted in favor so it did not pass.  
Here is an interesting article that wrote this week on the subject.  It focuses mainly on the revenues that NJ would make (if passed) before NY legalizes it.  And the revenues we will lose once NY does.  Think specifically what this would mean for Hoboken both before and after NY legalizes it.  At the State level, there is still no agreement (ie. not enough votes) on what the legislation should be put forward.  More to come…  
As part of our regular discussion in our infrastructure subcommittee meetings including yesterday’s, I have urged the city to provide better updates on Washington St. which they did yesterday.  Long story short, we are in the final stages with the hope that the project will be completed in April.  11th and 13th street corners are being finished and paving north of 11th street will occur when the weather is warmer.  You will see work happening up and down Washington Street to address final punch list items which are normal for a project like this (or any project).
Of note, although we will be re-installing the bases at the corners, we have not yet decided on the design for the 11th street intersection to replace the baseball that is being removed.  This is what was proposed by the administration, that the council politely suggested should be reconsidered.  Any suggestions are welcome as we look at redesigning it.
With a new year comes a new communications manager for the city of Hoboken and apparently a new philosophy that the City’s emergency and community alert system should be used for political propaganda for the mayor and political attacks against certain city council members.  The two messages that are prompting this are the ones sent out on January 10th and January 11th.  Not only is this not appropriate on any level, it is also a breach of the Terms of Service under the city’s contract with Nixle.  Nixle is an important tool for our community and one that we should not risk losing because of actions like this. 
I appreciate the feedback that several of you (and others) sent to me, other council members and the mayor about your frustration with the politicizing of community messages.  I encourage more of you to do so and, if interested, to come to the City Council meeting tonight to let the entire council know that it is not acceptable and help us nip this in the bud.  
I have reached out to the mayor and business administrator on this (no response yet), have sponsored a resolution requesting an end to this practice that will be voted on tonight and will be submitting a letter today from six of nine council members to Nixle requesting that they take action as well (yet preserving this important service).   Please note that nothing is stopping the mayor from using his own personal / campaign email for whatever message he wants to put out, but we feel strongly, and I hope you do as well, that Nixle, as a city platform, or the communications manager, as a city employee, should not be used for political purposes.
Hoboken is a very special community as I know all of you are aware.  And a hidden strength of our community is the many examples of our broad commitment to those with special needs.  The Hoboken Special Needs Parents Group is one of those many examples.  Founded by two amazing moms (both 2nd ward!) - Sheillah Dallara, who is also on Hoboken’s Board of Ed, and Megan Yavoich, who is also a children’s ministry leader at Hoboken Grace.  They and the group are a wealth of information for parents who are seeking more support, resources and information as they care for their children with special needs.  Please go to the HSNPG website to find out more information.  And I hope you will attend their first ever Support & Resource Fair on 2/2.
I want to thank everyone who donated to my fundraiser for the Together We Rise shopping spree for foster teens.  Because of your generosity, we raised almost $1000 to help fund a shopping spree for 10 teens.  I have to say, that it was a very moving and emotional experience.  Any child separated from their family is only done so for safety reasons.  The goal is to keep families together.  But sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  Teens in foster care are particularly heartbreaking to me because they are often less apt to find a forever home.  
At the event, I shopped with two sisters – 14 and 16 - who were together in a loving foster home.  Although typically not allowed, the foster mom shopped with us and helped them decide how to spend their money and you could see how much the girls seemed to appreciate and love their foster mom.   You are also not allowed to ask about their story, but the foster mom told me how good both girls are and how both want to be with their mother but their mother disappoints them weekly by not showing up or to not doing the things required to regain custody.  It was heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.
But the most amazing person is the guy in the photo below.  A young guy, he was with us all day taking pictures and was a wealth of information.  I just assumed that he was one of the team running the event.  But no… he is Danny Mendoza who founded Together We Rise in 2008 when is was 21 and in college.  You can read about his brief story HERE...
I spoke with Danny about the possibility of doing an event like this closer to our own backyard, maybe at Newport Mall and will also speak to the incredible Bev Savage, our Hoboken neighbor, who runs CASA for Hudson County.  Let me know if you would like to help put this together.
Finally, with this, we officially start together the last year of my first, four year term serving you.  If this past year is any indication, it is going to be a constructive, albeit bumpy year.  I want all of you to know that I am 1,000% committed to working and getting things done for you.  The reality we live in is that we are in an incredibly political environment like Hoboken has never seen.  And my guess is with the upcoming elections this fall for all six ward seats, and a mayor who has announced that he wants to run a slate against all incumbents (whoever decides to run), that it probably won't change.  But notwithstanding the politics that you may witness, know that often not seen is the constructive dialogue between the council and City Hall, that A LOT gets done, that I regularly communicate with the mayor on important issues, and that the city council votes in support of the mayor’s agenda 90+% of the time.  
As always please forward this to anyone you think may be interested and feel free to reach out via email, text or phone (201-208-1674) about this or anything else important to you.   
Best wishes, 
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”

Nixing the truth

The second meeting of the City Council is set for tonight and the biggest threat is to the truth.

This isn't about the recent propaganda with false if not defamatory fabrications claiming the good government councilwomen in Council President Jen Giattino and Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher held a meeting with Academy Bus to look at and "push" their development plan.

That's a Shadowy fabrication touted in the usual dark, dank bowels from the usual political operative suspects, paid and unpaid.

Let's nix that fabrication so we can address a real, actual problem up for council consideration tonight.

Call it NixleGate or nix the matter outright. A continuous political operation being run out of the mayor's office is creating a snowstorm of problems, legal and political.

Not a week ago, the odd political blast using the Hoboken notification system, Nixle, saw that release out of the mayor's office to "inform" the Hoboken public about an imaginary threat to one of three existing mayoral and very political aides working on behalf of Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

That distraction intended to move people off the scent of the unanswerable question about how many mayoral aides are being carried on the 2019 Hoboken payroll. It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle of belated confession and subterfuge. Hey, there's an Administration to protect here.

Lots of bellowing, hot air, and outright lying that one of the said mayoral aides, Jason Freeman, faced the ax, courtesy of the City Council. In truth, the only threat was budgetary to a singular future position if any of three politicized aides departed. A proposed council ordinance last year would keep a limitation to two mayoral aides should any of the current three exit. Or is it four?

For reasons unknown, Ravibots and their fire-breathing fabricators attempted to elevate Freeman as some sort of martyr-in-waiting. Why was Freeman's name being tossed out as cannon fodder and not John Allen, Chief of Political Operations and race-baiting staged council activities? It's all backfired but not before a circular argument was released after the fact citywide using the Nixle system.

According to some engaged citizenry, that's a blatant breach of the Nixle terms of service. Tonight the City Council will take up that question among others connected to the escalating and monumental problem of exactly how many mayoral aides are on the Ravi Bhalla payroll.

It's a murky mess featuring propaganda efforts and massive fabrications with weeks of reverse-engineering apparently in overdrive attempting a fix for what Hoboken residents were told didn't exist.

The first victim in this massive political scheming out of the mayor's office is the truth.

Talking Ed Note: Also on tap, when does a Hoboken mayoral office employee resignation actually become official? Just like those payroll blips growing inside the office of the mayor, the Hoboken public awaits an explanation. 

Maybe a legal beagle can walk down the hill from Union City and explain it to everyone. Apparently, having three lawyers in John Allen, Ravi Bhalla and Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia are no longer sufficient.

Nothing to see here, move along. Ignorance is strength, we've always been at war with Oceania and three or four mayoral aides, litigation and theft of service have always been with us.

Don't say you weren't warned. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Grift is a grift

With all the explosive corruption eruptions blowing up in 2019 in the Mile Square City, it's easy to get lost in the pile of investigations.

But let's return back to one very real and the odd odor emanating out of the mayor's office.

Hoboken as the rest of this known universe is into the third week of January 2019 and there's no public answer available out of the mayor's office as to how many mayoral aides are on the taxpayer's payroll?

How many mayoral aides have been on the payroll into 2019? How many in December?

And of course, why?

At the last City Council meeting, Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia agreed with the business administrator the magic number is four.

What has the public learned since? Well, nothing from Ravi Bhalla's mayor's office other than distractions pointing fingers using the official notification system to draw attention away from the central questions at hand.

So here we are heading toward the end of January and this fundamental question of public interest or is it public integrity surrounding the mayor's office is the unanswerable question.

Now, why is that?

She said it's a scandal. She's so cute when she says scandal. Stay tuned.

Update: 2:25 pm - Call it an act of God, Horse Sense or what have you but there's smoke coming out of the upstairs at City Hall. Fasten your seat belts; it's going to blow. Lawyer up!

Monday, January 14, 2019

FBI arrest threatens extinction level event for Hoboken voter fraud

The following report is a cumulation of MSV's investigative efforts, analysis and opinion investigating Hoboken voter fraud, now into the tenth year. The opinions stated below are the sole responsibility and copyright of

Arrest for alleged Vote-by-Mail voter fraud in senior building sows fear and trepidation across Hoboken

Pattern of paid "campaign workers" by the hundreds nearly all voting-by-mail in 2015 Hoboken council elections parallels 2010 fourth ward special election placing Councilman Michael Russo at the epicenter

Ravi-Russo Alliance strategy for November council ward races jeopardized

The arrest Friday of William Rojas, 68 at Fox Hill Gardens, a senior building of the Hoboken Housing Authority sent shock waves across Hoboken.

Following three arrests months earlier connected to the 2013 Hoboken mayoral election; this arrest paves the way for further law enforcement action connected to the 2015 Hoboken council elections. 

That singular arrest signals an ongoing probe putting others in jeopardy where hundreds of paid "campaign workers" almost to a person similarly cast ballots using vote-by-mail ballots.

While Rojas is an exception, almost all of those "campaign workers" were listed on the campaign reports of Michael Russo, the third ward councilman up for reelection this November. 

The Department of Justice alleged Rojas was a campaign worker for a yet unnamed Hoboken campaign with payment for Vote-by-Mail ballots paid by check by an unnamed PAC.

In 2015, Russo faced no opposition on the ballot in his ward council race but reported approximately 245 paid campaign workers, mostly for $50 each. (See graphic below.)

2015 campaign records show Councilman Michael Russo as the inexplicable hub with hundreds of paid "campaign workers" in 2015 but only 20 of almost 245 among his reported listed "campaign workers" worked in his ward race.
Almost to a person, each of those campaign workers would vote-by-mail in the 2015 Hoboken council elections.

In 2015, Michael Russo spent approximately $15,000 for listed campaign workers, an amount he also declared loaning to his campaign for the same election.

For an incumbent facing no opponent, Russo's war chest was largely spent on hundreds of campaign workers outside his ward, mostly in the fourth ward (just under 150 campaign workers) and (68) in the fifth ward. 

The fifth ward campaign workers all share another factor in common. Every single one of the 68 listed on Michael Russo's campaign report filed with NJ ELEC lives at the same address: 311 13th Street. 

That's Fox Hill Gardens, the uptown senior building of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

A sample of the pages of campaign workers listed at Fox Hill Gardens in the fifth ward paid by Councilman Mike Russo who ran for reelection in the third ward. William Rojas arrested for alleged voter fraud using Vote-by-Mail is however not among them.

The 2015 fifth ward council race featured Reform stalwart and incumbent Peter Cunningham who faced Eduardo Gonazalez backed by Russo on a cooperative slate of six ward candidates across the Mile Square City.

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