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Friday, March 24, 2017

Deep State soft coup attempt vs. whistleblowers in Fourth Amendment warfare

Reports suggest decisive evidence of spying on president-elect transition team arriving today

The fast paced story evolving earlier this week after a Congressional Intelligence Committee hearing where the FBI and NSA Directors appeared is exploding with reports of "smoking gun" evidence of spying on the president-elect and his transition team.

The blockbuster report, filed late yesterday came from James Rosen, one of the examples MSV cited in its Horse Sense editorial Thursday, "Constitutional Carcass," as among reporters spied on by the Obama Administration.

Using FISA warrants, the initial intercepts legally approved led to an untold number of intelligence reports - "unmasking" - revealing actual names of American citizens on the transition team - a felony for each instance with criminal penalties of up to ten years in prison per instance. The law requires American names be protected in any foreign intelligence surveillance unless it sees senior intelligence approvals otherwise. An unknown number of names were kept in the reports and allegedly then widely circulated in the intelligence community.

From James Rosen's report:

"The intelligence is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration, in its closing days, was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump..."

The same report also states the surveillance of the Trump transition team came to light prior to President Trump's tweets on March 4th accusing then President Obama of "wiretapping" him leading into the November election.

The report further states the volume of materials uncovered will need additional days to fully assess. The Congressional Intelligence Committee is set to meet again on Tuesday.

In one of his final acts of office, former President Obama vastly broadened the dissemination of raw intelligence reports. Days before President Trump's inauguration, the Guardian, a UK publication reported:

Under an executive order, the CIA, FBI and other security agencies will be able to access unfiltered surveillance aimed at foreigners abroad, before information identifying or revealing Americans they may be in contact with gets censored out. 

The ACLU and other Fourth Amendment constitutionalists have repeatedly warned about the potential for abuse using the FISA laws for purely political purposes. The ACLU however has not commented on the recent disclosures thus far.

The chair of the Congressional Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes has invited people with information on any illicit spying activities of Americans to submit the information to the congressional investigation.

It's unknown which whistleblowers are behind the pending revelations expected to reach the Congressional Intelligence Committee as soon as today. Reports claim the NSA is cooperating providing supporting documentation but to date the FBI has ignored all such requests made by the Congressional oversight committee.

One alleged whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery who worked at the highest levels of the NSA and CIA, turned over a gargantuan millions of documents: 47 hard drives and 600 million pages.

In interviews with the FBI alleging massive illegal spying, Montgomery is said to have turned over the materials and sought whistleblower status. Freedom Watch submitted a letter to Rep. Nunes earlier this month on his behalf as seen below.

Among the allegations collected are claims of illegal spying on: the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, other Supreme Court judges, another 156 judges and high profile business people including Donald Trump.

Rep. Nunes has not indicated who or how many whistleblowers provided dozens of reports pointing to the domestic spying on President Trump's transition team or how many are "unmasked" in the reports.

President Trump's early conversations with foreign leaders from Mexico and Australia were reported "leaked" to the press. Suggestions are conversations as president-elect were fodder for surveillance including Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who received an early invitation and came to the White House during President Trump's first month in office.

Talking Ed Note: These are serious Constitutional matters involving the Fourth Amendment, the First Amendment and basic American freedoms.

Much of the corporate media are focused on covering up and distracting from the emerging evidence of a potential scandal dwarfing Watergate. About a half dozen corporate entities control most US media outlets, print and television.

Update: 11:30/12:40 - The next scheduled intel investigation hearing will see both the NSA and FBI Directors called back to testify in a closed session.  The attorney for Paul Manafort, who was the manager for the Trump campaign for several months offered to have his client testify. Former campaign manager Roger Stone who briefly worked on the Trump campaign has publicly demanded to testify.

John Podesta, the former campaign chair to the Hillary Clinton campaign who also worked on the Obama White House has seen numerous current and recent financial ties to Russian companies revealed and has made no public comment.

It's unclear if any whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery alleged as one, will be testifying in any closed session. Rep. Devin Nunes, the chair of the intel committee has declined to publicly identify any sources.

Nunes did say, "We have people that continue to come forward to provide us information."

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Horse Sense: Constitutional Carcass

The First Amendment is under attack and the Fourth Amendment lays tattered in a shredder.

What do reporters James Rosen, Sharyl Attkisson, the Associated Press and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich all have in common?

James Rosen has a story and his parents on Staten Island are party to it too. Declared "co-conspirators" against who?

Sheryl Attkisson, a former CBS reporter filed a lawsuit last October against the US Department of Justice for an alleged invasion of her computer. She claims being setup with not only the computer being taken over but several classified documents planted.

The Associated Press saw reporters "wiretapped" for months by the same DOJ.

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich recounted earlier this month how a phone call he took in his Capital Office landed up coming back to him in a DC press story, clearly released by unknown intel agency sources involving Libya. He heard the actual recording in 2015.

Kucinich says the intel collected conversation was made and then leaked for "political reasons."

Who authorizes and then "unmasks" US citizens, reporters even national elected officials in such a manner using the highest level national intel resources?

See the shiny toy and distraction, ℅ CNN: the leader in Fake News.

Talking Ed Note: There's more on all this, far more of course. If you're aware, you'll note the sizable effort to stomp down the emerging truth in a war against the US Constitution and its citizens. Suddenly stories from the usual suspects about "possible" and "suspect" collusion with unnamed sources are popping up as actual evidence comes to the fore. Coincidence?

Where have we seen this routine before and ask yourself, why now?

For those brave enough who can handle the truth; a sneak peek: see what's all the fuss to suppress a congressional investigation with Russia mythology is about. In recent years, whistleblowers have faced more risk than ever before. Why?

One claims to have tried and having failed took drastic action. His name is Edward Snowden.
The next name you may hear if it's not suppressed by the Deep State and its media arm:

Dennis Montgomery.

Today's prequel bombshell is dedicated to one reader who itched for more MSV revelatory stuff.
Well, here ya go.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Councilman Mike DeFusco slates Monday fundraiser at The Dubliner


Councilman Mike DeFusco, the first ward councilman edging toward a possible mayoral run against Mayor Dawn Zimmer is slated to hold a "Pride Night Out" fundraiser at the Dubliner this Monday.

The fundraiser was initially posted on a Jersey City resident's Facebook page, Demetrius Terry, who calls himself an intern to the councilman and is a former aide to Carmelo Garcia in the NJ Assembly.

The fundraiser would be the second for the first ward councilman in as many months. DeFusco has neither confirmed nor denied any intentions to run for mayor this November.

If confirmed, the second fundraiser in as many months would suggest Councilman DeFusco is making a serious bid to raise money to face-off against Mayor Zimmer for the mayor's seat.

Councilman DeFusco wasn't immediately available to comment to confirm the Monday fundraising event. The Facebook entry of his self-declared intern is apparently now missing.

Talking Ed Note: The March 31 deadline looms for candidate filings with NJ ELEC. Is this would be fundraiser part of an effort to tally up?

The City Council is set for a budget hearing Monday night. We'll await to see if Councilman DeFusco shows for either or both events.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No negative light on Hoboken. Capeesh?

The following is a reprint of a MSV August 2009 satirical article with Jimmy Breslin, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who passed away at 88 over the weekend.

Please enjoy the article and "The Good Rat."

Word around town is that Pulitzer Prize winner, Jimmy Breslin now 80 is patrolling our streets looking for stories on NJ corruption. He made an appearance at the Jersey City protest earlier this week. Breslin arrives just days after the passing of “On the Waterfront” screenwriter Budd Schulberg. Schulberg had just visited Hoboken last week for a reading of his famous Hoboken based movie.

Now who would Breslin speak to for background on his book in Hoboken? Well how could he not speak to say Mike Russo, Hoboken City Council representative and someone who might know something.

Jimmy Breslin: So Mr. Russo, your father Anthony, former mayor had some run ins with the law.
Mike Russo: My family doesn’t know nuthin about dat. And if we did, it would shed a negative light on Hoboken.
JB: So you aren’t denying that your father was a party to the culture of corruption in New Jersey?
Mike Russo: All I can say is that my family has nuthin to say about no corruption. It would be negative to be talkin about any corruption in Hoboken.
JB: Well I happen to be writing a book right now about New Jersey corruption. You know I’m 80 years old and could use some helpful background.
MR: If you want to see Hoboken as it should be, consider speaking to our potential new mayor Terry Castellano.
JB: Does she know anything about corruption in Hoboken?
MR: You can ask her but she’s busy getting ready for my wedding. Don’t think she’ll recall anything. You know it wouldn’t shed a positive light on Hoboken.
JB: You seem very concerned about Hoboken’s public image.
MR: I do not, and will not speak bad about Hoboken. We have rules here, no negative light on nutin. It's bad for business.
JB: And what about those who differ and have protested after the FBI’s information released on the former mayor?
MR: They are not the real Hoboken. Ask them if they were born here.
JB: Well don’t all residents of Hoboken have the same rights as other Americans?
MR: They have their rights. And they have the right not to put negative attention on Hoboken.
JB: I think I’m getting the picture here.
MR: Glad that you are understanding.
JB: Last question, Mike, do you know what century this is and have you ever heard of the US Constitution?
MR: Have you ever heard the saying don’t rat?
JB: Recall that came up in, “On the Waterfront” a famous movie filmed in Hoboken.
MR: I refuse to watch that movie or have anything to do with anything negative about Hoboken.
JB: Okay, got it. Thanks.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein For GOP State Committee

From the desk of Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein:

I’m running for NJ GOP State Committee to make our state Republican Party a force for outreach, activism, and engagement. New Jersey needs a GOP that will work with grassroots conservatives and libertarians to elect Republicans in purple and blue areas by reaching out to the many moderates and even Democrats who are tired of high taxes and a growing cost of living. The NJ GOP State Committee is the central organ of the New Jersey Republican Party and is made of committee people elected from each county in our state. Elections are held on the same day as the primary, June 6. Contribute to the campaign for a grassroots pop on the GOP State Committee at:

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken candidates running for elected office may submit guest pieces for publication on MSV to

Monday, March 20, 2017

Grist for the Mill: Here comes Mr. Carmelo now

He's back! Well, he'd like to be while on excursion to Newark where he's making oodles of loot performing in a government role on behalf of that historic New Jersey city in its Department of Economic Development.

Because you know the economic developments he left in the wake of his departure at the Hoboken Housing Authority was oh so impressive. The City of Hoboken recently had to ante up well over $350,000 just to have working locks in the HHA buildings. In government circles this is known as an investment following superior management.

Mister Carmelo isn't officially and politically back in Hoboken yet but he's yapping up a storm based on sources more reliable than the people who sold you Russia collusion hacked the election. By and by, FBI Director James Comey will testify to not knowing what every other snoop agency charged with foreign intelligence gathering has been up to since unconfirmed weekend reports of Project Dragnet leaked out and the gas lighting media will conclude with a lot of other nervous Congress critters and Deep State club members "final."

So what's the yip yap on Mr. Carmelo's Mile Square revival? Reliable sources who admit to not wiretapping but possibly deploying more effective 21st century surveillance say Team DeFusco has been getting an earful from Mister Carmelo about his potential council at-large ticket. He has recommendations on who should be on it and wouldn't you know, he's convinced the first and foremost candidate who should be atop is him.

Carmelo Garcia (r) presses the flesh at Councilman Mike DeFusco's fundraiser last month. He's said to be insistent
he be on any council at-large ticket should the junior councilman get airborne with a mayoral bid.

Team DeFusco rumored to be weighing a press conference in recent days to announce Councilman Mike Defusco's mayoral bid doesn't need the added pressure. While there's silence to the uncorroborated slate with former councilman and late NHSA commissioner Tony Soares and subsidized/affordable housing advocate Cheryl Fallick joining, Team DeFusco is likely more concerned about fundraising numbers.

An end of March deadline for campaign reports will be uploaded around April 15th by NJ ELEC when the state agency disseminates the numbers to anyone in the public curious enough to look. Team DeFusco may not have the best news to report since its first quarter fundraiser last month created all the buzz. There's been meetings with developers and others inside and outside of the Mile Square City but is it likely to generate at least 35K collected and deem a pending mayoral candidacy for real?

Since the council at-large names bandied about on a Team DeFusco council slate aren't going to be writing any large checks, serious numbers need to come from somewhere. The early momentum from the DeFusco fundraiser at Cadillac Cantina may not have produced the kind of numbers likely to impress other would be campaign check writers.

Which brings us back to Mister Carmelo. He's living large pulling down almost six figures two times over in Newark, courtesy of its woebegone taxpayers. He pulled in some coin from around New Jersey for his Assembly seat reelection except State Senator Stack pulled the plug on any such notion. Mister Carmelo has the wherewithal to convince others to ante up or at least he did when it came to Hoboken Housing Authority vendors with seven figure contracts he doled out without informing his overseers on the HHA board.

It may be that kind of "innovation" Team DeFusco needs to make a serious statement to Mile Square City and Soprano State campaign investors. Short of that, a disappointing report on April 15th could short-circuit any ambition Councilman DeFusco holds to run for mayor this year. Campaigns need money, especially when their candidate is relatively unknown and taking on an incumbent with a solid track record as is the case with Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Perhaps, Councilman DeFusco can team up with Joe Piscopo. He's pondering his own gubernatorial bid and has better name recognition. That is a key factor in campaign fundraising, one that the junior councilman may be discovering he doesn't have.

All of this may make Mister Carmelo's loquacious bid to find a political vehicle back on the Hoboken political ladder pointless leaving his sycophants lonely as they sing a revised old Mr. Bill SNL skit song, "Here comes Mister Carmelo nowwwwww."

Well, there's always that frivolous lawsuit he's revived three times to date going back to the summer of 2013. No sight of a settlement offer from the City of Hoboken but this time there's a pending civil action against him by the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Doesn't anyone have a modicum of respect for a political shakedown using the courts in this town any more?

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column. Got a tasty carrot for Da Horsey? Send it to All email is kept confidential and is protected by Da Horsey's proven Reporter Privilege upheld under the NJ Shield Law in Hudson County Superior Court. In farm animals we trust.