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Sara's ultimatum: 'No talking to Michael or Tony'

2007 Council candidate Dawn Zimmer refuses to take orders
from Sara Stojkovic, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Lane Bajardi who she can speak to.

The following analysis is based on actual complete emails shown below and obtained from the Beth Mason campaign in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation. Additional analysis is included from collected MSV sources over years. The opinions here are MSV's own although others may share some if not all of its conclusions.

In 2007, a struggle ensued for control over Hoboken's nascent but rising reform movement as Hoboken residents, new and old realized enough was enough and the rampant culture of corruption could only be stopped by a force equal or stronger at the ballot box.

Among those swimming in those fourth ward campaign waters was the campaign manager for the Dawn Zimmer fourth ward council effort, Sara Stojkovic. Her resignation from that campaign led to her joining full force with Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi in a Mason controlled front group called "Vote Hoboken" seeking to elevate Beth Mason to the mayor's seat.

Under the Vote Hoboken banner, Beth Mason political operatives would attempt to have two rival reform council candidates knuckle under. As part of their desire to see Beth Mason rise above all others, their insistence on having their orders obeyed would in part lead to a permanent split with years long rabid desires for revenge against then council candidates Peter Cunningham and Dawn Zimmer

According to MSV sources intimate to the discussions at that time, Lane Bajardi was the first to insist there be no dialogue or participation whatsoever by either Michael Lenz or Tony Soares on the Dawn Zimmer fourth ward council campaign.

Bajardi would follow that demand with another; Dawn Zimmer's husband, Stan Grossbard must remove himself completely from any involvement in his wife's fourth ward council campaign. The Zimmer family would recoil and reject that demand.

Like Bajardi, the email below shows a singular demand neither Michael Lenz or Tony Soares be permitted to speak to the fourth ward council candidate. Both Lenz and Soares were fourth ward residents and would volunteer on the campaign as others.

For Sara Stojkovic, the refusal by council candidate Zimmer to acquiesce to her demands led her to quit the campaign entirely and join with the Bajardis as an intimate member among Beth Mason's political operatives.

Stojkovic would repeat her take it or leave it demand, Tony Soares or me and be unhappy with the ultimatum's outcome. It led to a finality culminating in many minds with the announcement of the Bajardi litigation by Beth Mason herself in the July 2012 City Council meeting.

With no small irony, Stojkovic would describe her perceived campaign rivals as "the two most dysfunctional malicious misfits in Hoboken."

The abundant irony of taking up with Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi to advance Beth Mason's political career is one left to the reader.

Some long time Hoboken political observers see Stojkovic's departure to the Beth Mason camp as one launching Dawn Zimmer's rise to fourth ward council and as a twice elected Hoboken mayor.

Alternatively, Stojkovic's efforts along with Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi (inclusive of the Bajardi's litigation) may be seen as pivotal in leading to Beth Mason's ultimate political demise.

Sara Stojkovic with then council candidate Timmy Occhipinti in 2010. Her split from reform to the Beth Mason Old Guard camp is viewed by some as pivotal to both Dawn Zimmer's rise to fourth ward council and mayor and Beth Mason's political demise.

The original complete 2013 email between Sara Stojkovic and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi:

From: Sara Stojkovic <> 
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 12:28 PM
To: Kim Cardinal <> 

Subject: what a bad memory 

    • >  On Apr 23, 2007, at 6:08 PM, Dawn Zimmer wrote:
  • >  Sara, >
  • >  I am very sad that our different perspective regarding Mike Lenz and Tony Soares has made you decide to throw away all of your hard work on Southwest Parks Coalition and my campaign. We started this together, and I thought our goals were the same, to get a voice on the Council so we could have influence on the plans for the Southwest. I am sorry to see that your relationship with Kim Cardinal overrides your commitment to your community.
    > I never wanted to hire or stay with Vote Hoboken, but I did it because I felt an allegiance to you, and I felt strongly that I started this campaign with you and I should finish it with you. I am very sad to see that you do not feel the same way.
    > As I said last night, I am very sorry if my actions hurt you. In the end, I just was not willing to completely cut Mike Lenz and Tony Soares out of the loop. I never made a commitment to do that. I make my own assessments of people, and I am not willing to let you and Kim Cardinal decide who I will talk to and who I won't talk with.
  • >  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and thank you for the work that you did on my campaign. >
  • >  Dawn

    • >  -----Original Message-----
    • >  From: Sara and Branko Stojkovic <>
    • >  Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 20:17:05
    • >  To:Dawn Zimmer <>
    • >  Subject: Re: Message from Dawn >
    • >  Dawn- >
    • >  First talk like a person, not a like an artificial politician... "your commitment to community?" I have been committed to the 4th ward for over four years, fighting for Madison Street Park and new open space... Don't belittle my commitment and the work I have done for my community when you are hanging out with the two most dysfunctional malicious misfits in Hoboken who have done nothing for the 4th ward in the last 20 years. Kim Cardinal has been more help to me and SPC since I met her 18 months ago than Lenz or Soares. She's sent people my way to help with or get involved with SPC, something Soares and Lenz never did. At least Kim and Lane have been diligent about attending council and planning board meetings and getting their neighborhood involved in civic action. You only see Soares and Lenz at City Hall when they have a stunt to pull.
      > I'm sorry to hear that you value a relationship with Tony over me. I'm confused by your definition of a friend, someone who threatens to campaign against you and screams at your husband in public? This is someone you need as a friend? Well, I choose better friends than that.
      > Regarding Vote Hoboken, you gave them the "go ahead," not me. The night we met them to talk about the budget outline, you said directly to Michael Oliva "Let's do it." You didn't consult me on that response, you made that statement on your own at that table in front of many people. Are you telling me that you are saying things against your will? If you can't take responsibility for that action, how strong will you be on a council? Are you going to be responsible for your statements?
      > You should have been honest with me and the group from the beginning and said you planned on working with Soares and Lenz. If you had been upfront, it would have given me and VH the choice in this matter instead of having us working under your deceit. You told Oliva, Kim , and me that Mike Lenz is not in your inner circle. Over a month ago you said, "Sara, I have not spoken to Mike Lenz since that day at the Coach House back in January, and I never talk to Tony." Then the day of your filing, when we had a beer at Mile Square you said it again, that you're hurt to think that I don't trust you about Lenz and Soares. And then three weeks ago, after being battered in ruthless e-mails by Tony along with Mike Lenz's ridiculous claims, my condition for coming back to your campaign was that you not talk to Mike Lenz and Tony until after the election. Over the phone, you said explicitly "Ok." So Dawn, you're right, I don't trust you now. You lied to me and other people on your campaign three times, that I know of. The ad was the last straw. I defended you to many people who were absolutely fed up with your behavior, people who said over and over that regardless of how well you may perform on the council, you are a terrible candidate, a prima donna, a person with no political experience in any way who believes she knows best how to run a campaign, but I can't defend deceit.
      > I've worked on a lot of campaigns, and they were fun, but this campaign was not fun. You came off as the ungrateful diva at every turn, every phone call, and it was painful and exhausting for me to field complaints about you from non-Vote Hoboken people among other things. You did not treat people well, yelling, panicking, arguing over everything, and chasing every idea even if it was inconsequential to getting a vote. You didn't follow anyone's advice. You wasted time on a lot of nit-picking, and you're behavior became the obstacle to your own campaign. We do not work well together, but I gave you three months of solid work and financial

    assistance to the campaign- I don't think you'll find another volunteer like me or Jim Vance, but now perhaps maybe the "rainmakers" can handle the next 14 days for you.

    > FYI: You have a huge problem- Musa was given a flyer today. Campos is door-knocking in the HA and distributing flyers today stating something like: Dawn Zimmer is a candidate of Mike Lenz, Tony Soares, and Carol Marsh and they are with the HCDO. Dawn is a liar and a hypocrite, she's running with the Mayor. A different clown, same circus.

    • >  That will hurt SPC too. >
    • >  You need your rainmakers to put out that fire. >
    • >  Sara 

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Beth Mason political operative's target: Hudson Tea resident & a councilman

It's late October 2011 among a coterie of Beth Mason operatives and the topic at hand in an email is a Hudson Tea resident in the crosshairs.

In other words, it's business as usual.

MSV hears a rumor; part of the bonus structure at Chez Mason is summertime timeshares at Chateau Mason. The property offered for use to both Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi in upstate New York was once the former residence of none other than former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Mason said knock you out and as the Bajardi v Pincus litigation demonstrated so vividly, her cabal of political operatives take that work very seriously.

In the original, complete email below a discussion on tracking down a Hudson Tea building resident who dared lift his head and publicly criticize Councilwoman Beth Mason on Hoboken Patch is the subject at hand. Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi writes two replies and wants to know, "Do we have a picture of him?"

The Hudson Tea resident's name is withheld. As Hoboken residents know at this point, this person's name was undoubtedly added to the Beth Mason enemies list for further targeting.

Retaliation against Dave Mello, an at-large City Councilman is put forward as one potential response. While an expensive recall may seem farfetched at first, most observers of Hoboken are aware of the family checkbook available to Beth Mason's dirty politics.

From: Kim Cardinal <>
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2011 10:51 PM
To: Sara Stojkovic <>; James Barracato <>
Subject: Re: post
I think we need to stop giving all of the Zimmers a pass on their do nothing, blame everyone else agenda.

From: Kim Cardinal <>
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2011 10:50 PM
To: James Barracato <>; Sara Stojkovic <>
Subject: Re: post
Do we have a picture of him? 

--- On Sat, 10/22/11, James Barracato <> wrote:

From: James Barracato <> 
Subject: Re: post
To: "Sara Stojkovic" <>
Cc: "Kim Cardinal" <> Date: Saturday, October 22, 2011, 10:49 PM

I think we need to recall Mello first
On Oct 22, 2011 10:47 PM, "Sara Stojkovic" <> wrote:

He's a yuppie who bought at the Tea Building in 2008:


10:43pm on Saturday, October 22, 2011

OOC being that you do not post your real name, i can't help but not listen to what you are saying but please pass on a message on to whoever you serve....she is going to get a surprise next summer in a recall election. even if it fails to remove her (beth mason) from office it will destroy any chance she has at being elected to mayor. us 2nd ward uptown residents are simply sick and tired of her BS, we believe the mayor is actually doing a decent job. end of story 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Beth Mason cabal: threats of violence and pathological lying

Violence real and threatened and the numerous fabrications of Councilwoman Beth Mason's political cabal

In yesterday's episode of the Bench Slapped series, active censorship was revealed in emails directed as part of a political operation on Hoboken Patch with imaginary threats to children.

Lane Bajardi wrote in a March 2012 email to Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, "They are threatening to send their kids in to assault mine. This cannot stand."  

Bajardi made the allegations against Tony Soares, Nancy Pincus, Michael Lenz and this editor. Soares and MSV don't have children and Pincus and Lenz have kids in the public schools nowhere near kindergarten age, as they are far older.

The Bajardis had sent their kindergarten aged son to Stevens Cooperative, a private school in Hoboken. They were later told they would have to find another education venue and attempted to blame two defendants in the litigation but like their case at trial, they never produced any evidence in support of the allegation.

Lane Bajardi's allegation as many by both him and his wife is sheer fabrication. 

In an email from Beth Mason's "business partner" to Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi, Mason's years long Weehawken based political operative James "FinBoy" Barracato voices his desire to exact violence. There is no response decrying the intent of the email. (The defense however did not receive all the court ordered discovery and recognizes it wasn't forthcoming.)

MSV encountered the Mason cabal violence and reported same during the Hurricane Sandy emergency right on Washington Street near the Mason Civic League location which doubled as the headquarters of the controversial Move Forward Nazi Truck BoE campaign.

In multiple certified documents to Hudson Superior Court, the Bajardis claimed they left "civic" activity "by 2011" and were no longer involved. Numerous emails produced from plaintiffs prove otherwise.

In the complete and original email below, Beth Mason's political operative states plans for the 2013 Hoboken municipal election saying "we" $%^# "them" in reference to the upcoming 2013 campaign, more than a year away.

James Barracato doesn't say I, he says "we."

From: James Barracato <> 
Sent: Friday, February 3, 2012 3:51 AM

Subject: Worth noting

It is worth noting that as the scholar and gentleman my Teamster father raised me to be it is taking all I have not to beat the fucking shit out of one of these people for attacking you and your son online. Fucking losers. Now we fuck them in 2013 and feel good about it.
James Barracato (201)-920-2124 

Talking Ed Note: One of many plaintiffs' certified fabrications to Hudson Superior Court involved the April 2010 BoE forum incident where Lane Bajardi mere minutes before the cameras began rolling attacked and robbed a camera off my person in front of numerous witnesses in the audience.

Additional emails show Lane Bajardi fabricated not only to the court but in emails to Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen and even his own lawyer, an associate of the firm of Elise DiNardo.

Bajardi in a sworn deposition claimed the BoE forum robbery never took place although a Hudson Reporter story backed up MSV's claim and six witnesses were produced to the court.

Lane Bajardi never produced a single witness to the court and claimed there had been no opportunity to do so in his sworn July 2014 deposition.

Update: At his July 2014 sworn deposition, Lane Bajardi is questioned to offer evidence of his so-called claimed threats by four Hoboken residents. The questions are posed by Nancy Pincus who made several attempts to see Bajardi offer a relevant answer to the question she in any way threatened his kid.

Lane Bajardi offers more non-answers and fails to show any evidence to support his allegation.

Original graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Joys of Censorship and a looney leprechaun

In the fall of 2011, Beth Mason gave her "soldiers" the order to collect online comments against "member of our." The email order sprurred her "business partner" James Barracato and ubermensch backer Lane Bajardi off to collect everything in the Hoboken blogosphere.

By March of 2012, the operation was fully underway and a meeting with Beth's husband detailed by Lane Bajardi depicting imaginary threats from people associated with the Reform movement. Repeated requests in depositions for Bajardi to point to any such threat produced no coherent response (or no response at all). Similar requests to produce the claimed threats from his attorney produced no evidence of any kind.

Here however, Lane Bajardi rattles his tin cup to sue others. In an email titled "Some of the latest threats," a partial email to Richard Mason at his work address at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and his wife Beth Mason with James Barracato and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi on March 4, 2012. The bold parts are from the Lane Bajardi original:

The only way the police will pay attention is if I show up with a lawyer to make them. The only way to stop the harassment and threats in this alternative universe created by Nancy Pincus, Roman Brice, Michael Lenz and Tony Soares is to get a lawyer who will go after those responsible. They are threatening to send their kids in to assault mine. This cannot stand. I need help to unmask these horrible people and punish them for their unlawful trespasses. 

Later, a curious exchange with Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and her friend discus the joys of censorship on Hoboken Patch. From a partial email celebrating the discovered tool of automatic comment deletion on Hoboken Patch.

From: Sara Stojkovic <>;To: Cardinal <>; 
Subject: How many licks does it take?Sent: Fri, Mar 16, 2012 1:23:25 AM

....At one point the article had over 146 posts, but it took me over 4 hours to delete ThisMeansWar and all but two of Pincus'. As of this email, the article has gone from 146 posts to 109.

On Mar 15, 2012, at 10:34 PM, Kim Cardinal wrote:

You are simply amazing. No, they never leave the keyboard. I need to invent a new term for Pincus. Stalker or Internet terrorist doesn't begin to cover it.

From: Sara Stojkovic <sastojkovic@gmail.comMarch 15, 2012 10:58 PM

 Ha! Now it got fun - I'm really jerking them around. I got it all the way down to 105 comments and it's freaking them out because now they realize Patch comments can be censored.

After doing it so long I doubt now that it goes through Clare. I think it's automated either locally or at a central national Patch server and if a post gets 4 or more flags (you have to leave the site each time) then it removes the offensive post about 85% of the time. I got so good at it that I would flag 4 comments in the same article leave the site immediately by using my bookmarks and then come back immediately and flag the same comments so the posts were coming down in 4 to 10 minutes. I got it almost automated on my part so to speak, I could cook dinner and make phone calls to MN and still keep the deleting process going.

But of course, it will all come back up because they have nothing else to do. Oh well. Now we know we can screw with them and Patch.

BUT- if we organize and do this periodically, where we wipe out a whole days worth of their posting work, the zealots will be furious with Patch and start posting berating comments about Clare and Patch and then thy'll have to create articles on MSV and Pincus site devoted to bashing Patch censorship. Seriously, best way to get back at Clare and Patch..... 

The love of censorship harkens back to the good old days on Hoboken411. Perhaps the return of a looney leprechaun is in the wings?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Beth Mason on mayor's stolen FBI investigated emails: 'it's legal'



Beth Mason insists emails alleged stolen out of Mayor Zimmer's City Hall Office and part of the 2011 FBI investigation later found in Lane Bajardi's email account were obtained legally.

Last Wednesday night a conversation inadvertently started by First Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano on an innocuous $200 transcript bill reopened the Pandora's box on the massive theft in the 2010-2011 Data Theft Conspiracy Ring (DTR) of electronic information stolen out of the mayor's office at City Hall.

After Councilwoman Castellano inquires on a transcript portion of a bill submitted by Mayor Zimmer in the Bajardi v Pincus civil litigation in her official capacity, it's Councilwoman Beth Mason interjecting a disturbing unfounded claim.

 Beth Mason insists the alleged emails stolen out of the Mayor's Office and investigated by the FBI in 2011 were obtained though an "open public records request." MSV however investigated the emails in question last year and disputes any such conclusion. (See Talking Ed Note below.)

During the Bajardi v Pincus trial last month, the court concluded these emails illicitly obtained from Mayor Zimmer's City Hall office were found in Lane Bajardi's email account. The same emails had been turned over among tens of thousands from plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi to defendants in the case last year.

Bajardi offered a variety of reasons on the mayor's emails finding their way into his email account before and during the trial. In a deposition last July, Bajardi, in reply to a question from Defense counsel Kerry Flowers if he had received the mayor's stolen emails from Patrick Ricciardi said "not directly" and if he did the emails were "of a very benign nature." He added that he'd never looked at the information sent to him by Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411. The contradictory answers would be supplemented with Bajardi declaring he had never seen them the weekend of February 27th when they were sent with his approval from Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen.

At trial, Lane Bajardi would present new alternative testimony claiming the mayor's alleged stolen emails were not on his computer. After an intense 20 minutes of cross examination by defense counsel Stephen Katzman, the court ended the interrogation after Bajardi's counsel admitted the emails were part of the discovery turned over from the plaintiffs to the defense.

In the unedited video clip of Wednesday's council meeting below, Beth Mason contradicts the notion the mayor's emails were stolen. Council President Ravi Bhalla in reply, concludes her claim those emails were legally obtained with laughter and replies "No, that's not the case."

Beth Mason then falls silent as the Council President references how those emails reached unauthorized persons. 

  Talking Ed NoteMSV investigated all possible legal avenues on the emails allegedly stolen out of Mayor Dawn Zimmmer's Office in February 2011 examining every OPRA request filed in the City Clerk's Office over months last year to determine if any were legally requested and obtained.

Related emails (see below) among a batch found their way to a senior Hoboken Fire Department official and then were trafficked to Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen and routed directly to Beth Mason's intimate political confidante and his political content ghostwriter Lane Bajardi. In the email to Lane Bajardi, Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen bluntly states the emails included are part of denied OPRA requests.

At a minimum, MSV concludes there was NO OPRA request made and approved for confidential emails in the Mayor's office on a Wednesday afternoon, February 23rd, 2011 which found their way to Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen and Lane Bajardi legally several days later that weekend.

MSV investigated all OPRA requests from December 2010 through March 2011 and concluded there was not any approved OPRA request(s) for those emails nor is it remotely possible to do so in two business days.

If Beth Mason has OPRA evidence to prove otherwise, she should make it available to the public.

Beth Mason also declared there's a conflict of interest. Perhaps there is and the US Attorney's Office and FBI should be speaking to her to identify that conflict. The conflict may be of the criminal variety.

The following is the complete set of emails presented in a trial exhibit in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation.

Stolen Emails Alleged From Mayor Dawn Zimmer's Office at trial: Bajardi v Pincus.

Related: MSV's original story filed last month:

An actual sample page from MSV's OPRA investigation last year:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Beth Mason: stolen emails out of mayor's office 'legally obtained'

Beth Mason declares emails stolen from mayor obtained legally

At the City Council meeting Wednesday night, an innocous $200 bill submitted by the mayor for work in her official capacity led to a wild claim issued by Councilwoman Beth Mason about the mayor's stolen emails.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano inquired why the City should pay the bill and was told it related to a subpoena the mayor received in her professional capacity. The bill was for a transcript portion in the Bajardi v Pincus civil litigation thrown out of court last month. The mayor was set to testify about her stolen emails the same day the long running case was tossed.

Castellano bitterly refused to accept the limited explanation and Beth Mason followed interjecting that the stolen emails obtained out of the mayor's office were perfectly legal via an open public records request.

Did Beth Mason say which stolen mayor's emails were obtained legally?

Was Beth Mason referring to the stolen emails found in Lane Bajardi's email account as stated by the judge in the Bajardi v Pincus case or the 60,000 emails her "business partner" and political operative James Barracato said he was getting between the hospital board and Mayor Zimmer?

Both questions require an answer except you'll never see that happen at the Hudson Reporter / Hoboken411! The Mason Media Complex will protect Beth Mason, even from herself.

Word on the street says sniper kitty Milo was recruited to keep lookout
perched atop City Hall to fend off Beth Mason's political operatives from
further looting of emails out of the mayor's office.
Beth Mason claimed Wednesday the mayor's stolen emails were legally obtained.
MSV will be providing the exclusive story on the latest breaking Beth Mason scandal.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hoboken411 calls Board of Ed official "an angry c#%!"

Hoboken411 and Lane Bajardi emails offer more ugly revelations: political vengeance & the "c" word against BoE official

Hoboken411 and its tied with an umbilical cord censored political content over years via Lane Bajardi serving to advance Beth Mason is in deep water again.

Yesterday, emails between Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen and Lane Bajardi showed the interest in inflicting punishment on local Hoboken businesses for political and self-serving purposes.

The story appeared on Grafix Avenger with the Hoboken411 email stating,

"Attack the businesses they like..."

Councilwoman Beth Mason called Hoboken411 her favorite "newsite" and tried to make the totalitarian website known for heavily censoring dissenting views against her and her agenda an official City of Hoboken website in 2009. She was reportedly seen with Hoboken411 Perry Klaussen at uptown eateries. The nature of their meetings has not been identified.

The sordid revelations between Hoboken411 and Lane Bajardi don't end there. In an email from January 2011, Perry Klaussen the owner of the Hoboken411 cybersewer forwards an email to Lane Bajardi from a BoE official who titles an email "response to Maureen and footnote for 411" that she denied attending any "junket" paid for by Hoboken taxpayers. The email is in the form of a letter directed to Maureen Sullivan with a footnote critiquing Hoboken411's "sources"

The letter directed to Maureen Sullivan with a footnote of criticism calling Hoboken411 "a waste of time" elicits the unhinged epithet from Perry Klaussen to Lane Bajardi.

A true and complete email follows with only the name of the BoE trustee removed.


Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 5:27 PM

To: Lane Bajardi <>

Subject: Fw: response to Maureen and footnote for 411

Fyi what an angry cunt

Sent from Hoboken, NJ or perhaps elsewhere in the world...

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 17:17:07 -0500To: <>

Subject: response to Maureen and footnote for 411


A friend's daughter who apparently frequents 411 briefed me on some things that appear to be submitted by you. FOR THE RECORD....I NEVER went on any JUNKET....As the representative for NSBA I thought it
would benefit our district for me to attend. FOR THE RECORD....the cost to the district would have been minimal approximately $300.... I was using my own air miles and rather than incur the cost of the

conference hotels I searched and found lodging for half the price of NSBA hotels.
You should have given me the benefit of the doubt to reach out to me and I would have clarified your misconception.

FOR THE the NJSBA legislative committee member for the past 5 years, I have traveled on SATURDAYS to attend the meetings in TRENTON. Never once did I submit a gas receipt or toll cost....which is allowed.Perhaps you should do the math and come up with an estimate of what I DID NOT COST THE TAX PAYERS.

With regard to this trip......I also intended to use my personal reward points etc to keep the cost minimal
There has been NO PURCHASE of ANY train ticket as my means of travel. A car rental could be an option with my points .

I have NEVER abused my position as a Board Trustee and I am disappointed that you would submit posts that would give the public reason to believe differently.


*A "XXXXXX" Footnote: Here's a reason why I consider visiting your site a waste of time...YOUR SOURCES are not reliable...My true Allies continue to support and encourage me to run and I have every intention of doing so. 

Councilwoman Beth Mason's "favorite newsite" Hoboken411, is revealed in a series of problematic emails publicly released since Bajardi v Pincus as acting much like her friend "not paid for friendship" Lane Bajardi in political operations against the people of Hoboken.

Proposed budget shows 0.9% increase this year

Hoboken's proposed budget introduced Wednesday night at the City Council meeting includes a potential tax increase of 0.9% or  $1.1 million.

The City's health benefits seeing another seven figure increase this year is described as the driver.

The slight increase represents the smallest tax increase since Mayor Dawn Zimmer became acting mayor back in the summer of 2009. Last year Hoboken saw its largest increase by the current mayor of less than 2%.

The slight proposed increase represents a municipal tax increase of $21 on a Hoboken home valued at $518,000.

Since 2009, overall taxes are down approximately 10% as prior years saw tax reductions under Mayor Zimmer.

Hoboken's Board of Education anticipates a tax increase but the largest portion of Hoboken resident's tax bill - Hudson County - has led with massive double digit increases in recent years.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi: 'Let the mayor go down with the hospital!'

The Hospital - Part IV

As the fall of 2011 was upon Hoboken, nerves were frayed with a looming disaster if negotiations were not completed with the tenuous circumstances in a pending sale of Hoboken University Medical Center.

Among the Masonista cabal, it's a polar opposite concern. The desire to "destroy the administration" and the hospital with it as Beth Mason's senior political operative put it months earlier may be slipping away.

In the email below, gnashing of teeth begins with the realization the hospital may survive. There's worry Beth Mason may not be able to pull off the political operation and succeed in sabotaging the sale of HUMC.

The talking points constructed for a Beth Mason release below would go nowhere as depositions taken showed no illicit behavior of any kind and that process came to a halt. The"conditions" for keeping the hospital at least seven years were already set many months earlier and a poison pill Mason hopes to inject would never get off the ground.

Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi rabidly writes, "Re: I say let Dawn go down with the hospital!"  (Some Masonistas refer to the mayor only by her first name as they are unable to accept she's been elected to the office. Mayor Zimmer soundly defeated Beth Mason although vastly outspent twice two years earlier in 2009.)

Anger is openly voiced at the possibility the hospital sale may be completed and Beth Mason could reverse course or outright fail to shut down the hospital, destroy 1200 jobs and place Hoboken on the verge of bankruptcy.

An inaccurate figure of ten million is casually mentioned in bonding for the hospital. The Old Guard council members would vote down a $5.5 million bond proposed by the mayor and Gov. Christie would step in with the money saying partisan politics in Hoboken would not rule the day and force the hospital's closure.

No such figure of ten million in bonding was presented but it's an inaccuracy likely due to the frustration HUMC may survive. Politically that would be seen as a victory for Hoboken and credit also to Mayor Zimmer, an outcome that will lead to further Masonista gnashing of teeth.

The failed prediction stating, "the hospital will never survive," would too end as another Masonista dream unrealized.

A complete, original email from September 20, 2011 follows:

Related in the Hospital series of Bench Slapped:

The Hospital: Part I:
Beth Mason operative on efforts to save HUMC: "They can really destroy the administration if they work things properly."

The Hospital: Part II:

Beth Mason business partner James Barracato: 'I'm getting 60,000 emails' from the hospital sale!

The Hospital: Part III:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Das Budget introduced in City Council @ 7:00

Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 is available here:

Hoboken get's its first glimpse of Das budget for 2015. The full agenda tonight is here.
There's also a $45,000 contract for community composting? For real?

Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi - 'Hunt down citizens against Beth Mason on saving HUMC'

Late October 2011, the public heat was turned up on the unnecessary blockage of the last piece of the hospital sale. The midtown garage, a key component in the approved hospital sale and its potential survival had earlier been approved in a narrow 5-4 vote but a second council vote to waive the 20 days for the ordinance to come into effect immediately failed as it required six votes.

Not one among the infamous "Council of No," the Old Guard council members is willing to merely step aside and allow the hospital sale and with it, the midtown garage to be completed. The Hoboken public saw the action for what it was.

Outraged at the obvious late attempt to sabotage the hospital sale they would show up on a Sunday afternoon at the public call of Mayor Zimmer to support a resolution asking the council to step aside and allow the garage and hospital sale to be immediately completed.

Saturday morning, one day before the emergency council meeting a Hoboken commenter, Greenhaven, mocks the Old Guard council minority asking if they will avoid the emergency council meeting Sunday "hiding under their own beds."

The commenter goes on to further insult Beth Mason's husband asking if he's hired "a private militia" to provide security to protect the Old Guard council members from the "citizens they swore an oath to represent?"

Here's the reaction in an original complete email between Lane Bajardi's wife and fellow civil litigant Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Beth Mason's political operative "business partner" James Barracato of Weehawken:

Beth Mason made strenuous efforts to sabotage the only possible bidder for Hoboken University Medical Center in 2011. More recently, she's been trying to have MSV arrested to block its participating in Hoboken government meetings but the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office refused saying that's illegal and would not be permitted. Mason filed phony criminal charges against MSV last September. 

Talking Ed Note: MSV's opinion/analysis on this story and the above email exchange follows. Here, there's no concern expressed for the 1200 jobs and the $80 million the City of Hoboken will be on the hook for should Hoboken University Medical Center be forced to close.

In the alternative Masonista echo chamber universe, Beth Mason being held to account and lambasted for her role in attempting to sabotage the only possible bidder for HUMC after months of negotiations in the complex $100 million transaction is the problem.  It's Hoboken resident outrage cast as "threats."

Beth Mason should be protected FROM the people of Hoboken and those calling her to account should be hunted down (and presumably arrested). At the Sunday emergency council meeting, Beth Mason would enter with a Hoboken policeman on one side and her well known thug on the other. Residents would spontaneously erupt during the meeting calling for her recall.

The original Hoboken Patch story: shows Hoboken residents quite concerned on what are the visible attempts to sabotage the completion of HUMC's sale so it can remain open. As many know, the hospital has been in continuous operation for almost four years since the sale, expanding its scope of services to the Hoboken community and beyond.

The echo chamber around Councilwoman Beth Mason wasn't interested in any of the normal, reasonable concerns surrounding HUMC. They wanted to see it shut down, by hook or by crook and give Beth Mason's family checkbook another opportunity seeing its infamous negativity inflicted on the Hoboken public: pointing fingers, lying to the community on its culpability and "destroying the administration" and the mayor and City of Hoboken with it.

Turf track: Councilwoman Beth Mason after attempting to avoid a supboena in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation filed criminal charges against this MSV editor in late September when handed one right before the late September council meeting. There were at least 20 people standing around the front of the City Council dais just minutes before the start of the filmed proceedings.

Beth Mason's attempted to have MSV arrested for participating at Hoboken government meetings since. Hoboken officials responded to her requests to block this editor's First Amendment and civil rights by seeking the additional advice of the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office.

The HCPO informed the City of Hoboken and Beth Mason there would be no arrest of MSV for appearing and/or participating in government meetings.

More to come...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


The Hospital - Part III

Hoboken was days away from seeing saved Hoboken University Medical Center in late October 2011 and with it the more than 100 year old institution.  Add to the list the City of Hoboken itself which backed the hospital with tens of millions in bonds. The cost to wind down the hospital was estimated in the neighborhood of $80 million. Hoboken runs on an annual budget of approximately $100 million and bankruptcy was being whispered inside City Hall.

With the hospital all but saved the sale is days away and passage of the midtown garage is approved by the City Council on a party line vote 5-4 as council members Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Timmy Occhipinti all vote no. The garage transfer via the ordinance's passage will go into effect in 20 days.

There's only one problem. The hospital doesn't have funds to make payroll through the 20 days as told at the preceding council meeting by Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin and the buyer says it can't execute the sale without the garage so the hospital can succeed.

As Mayor Zimmer makes a direct appeal to the public to attend a special emergency meeting of the City Council on a Sunday afternoon asking the 20 days be waived, not everyone is looking to see the hospital saved by merely having the City of Hoboken stand aside and see the hospital sale be completed.

It would costs Hoboken nothing to allow the ordinance to go into effect sooner but it would cost 1200 jobs and the City everything if sabotage succeeded.

In the emails below, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic discuss just such an internal Masonista plan hatched to crush the hospital sale by installing a poison pill into the transfer of the hospital garage.

The sabotage under discussion is to "haul ass" and collect signatures and make the garage transfer a ballot question by referendum. A delay of this magnitude would ensure the absolute destruction of Hoboken Universtiy Medical Center.  (No bidder put forward a viable offer except one and the complex transaction required months long efforts from early January 2011.)

The references below to the insiders working on behalf of Beth Mason to achieve that objective appear to be her Weehawken based political operative and "business partner" James Barracato and her husband, Ricky Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

Object of Beth Mason's disaffection: Hoboken University Medical Center.

Complete original emails from October 25, 2011 follow:

On Oct 25, 2011, at 9:45 PM, Kim Cardinal wrote:
What is Beth trying to get on the ballot? What election?

--- On Tue, 10/25/11, Sara Stojkovic <> wrote:
From: Sara Stojkovic <> Subject: Re: OK...please clarify
To: "Kim Cardinal" <> Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 10:12 PM

Two days ago, James and Ricky told me that the city should let the public decide on the parking agreement.

Per James: The ordinace doesn't go into effect for 20 days. You notify her you plan to challenge it and haul ass to get the 3,000 signatures needed to get it on a ballot for a special agreement.

Per Ricky tonight: And a lot can happen in the next 20 days. 

On Oct 25, 2011, at 10:37 PM, Kim Cardinal wrote:

Yes, but which ballot? We don't have another city election until 2013. Would there be a special election for just the referendum in December? January? 

From: Sara Stojkovic <> Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 11:10 PM
To: Kim Cardinal <> Subject: Re: OK...please clarify

You will have to ask James and Ricky. I've been talking to them for two days and they've given me bits and pieces of info (in 24 cryptic emails) but not the whole picture. I don't want to ask any more because they'll mistake that for interest in helping Beth.

I'm just going to wait and see what Beth sends out tomorrow. 

Related: The hospital part I:

Beth Mason operative on efforts to save HUMC: "They can really destroy the administration if they work things properly."

 The hospital part II:

Beth Mason business partner James Barracato: 'I'm getting 60,000 emails' from the hospital sale!

See also: MSV referenced the threat of a Beth Mason referendum on the garage sale in this 2011 story:

MSV had it right all along. What did the Hudson Reporter do other than uncritically publish a press release (on a Sunday of all things) of the "Council of No" taking credit for "saving" the hospital in a literal last second about face to save same.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Never met or spoke but Lane Bajardi calls woman a "C#%! of the first order'

Lane Bajardi's vicious "c" word attack against Hoboken woman he never met

Lane Bajardi, the intimate and snug political confidante to Beth Mason over years used a ghastly epithet, the "c" word in another email against another Hoboken woman.

Bajardi never met or spoke to the woman, a Hoboken mom, but he apparently viewed her as a threat to Beth Mason's political agenda. That woman, Nancy Pincus would later become a fixation and an obsessive political target of Bajardi for years. In turn, the Hoboken mom would later host the widely read satirical Hoboken political blog Grafix Avenger.

Lane Bajardi and his wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi would file a $2,000,000 defamation lawsuit against Grafix Avenger, this MSV editor along with about a dozen other Hoboken residents in 2012.

Lane Bajardi's apparent belief Pincus made online comments unfavorable to Beth Mason would lead to an out of the blue vicious attack email to Mason's Weehawken based political operative James Barracato. In a 2011 email the following year, Bajardi would use the same "c" word against another Hoboken woman to Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen, who promptly repeated it himself.

The Hoboken woman popularly now known as Grafix Avenger, is someone Lane Bajardi would viciously assail although again, he'd never met or spoken to her. His belief she was writing online comments on local websites favorable to the Hoboken reform movement and not supportive of Beth Mason was apparently sufficient.

Grafix Avenger like another Hoboken woman who would later be described in a similar misogynistic assault, held no public job in Hoboken nor sworn elected office of any kind. She did hold however hold a one three year term on the Hoboken Zoning Board and that seat became the objective of years long political attacks.

GA as she's sometimes called would start the satirical website called Grafix Avenger later the same month. The following is an original and correct email between James Barracato of Weehawken with Beth Mason, Richard Mason at his work address for Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, Hudson County media maven Paul Swibinski, Phil Swibinski, civil litigant Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and her husband Lane "I'm not a political operative" Bajardi.

Alarm bells go off among a coterie of Beth Mason's innumerable political staff with concerns in a March 2010 email  titled: Hoboken Horse blog. The discussion centers on what "the end game" is for MSV as the article's BoE election analysis is upsetting the apple cart of political fun and games. Beth Mason's Weehawken based political operative James Barracato asks of the others, "What are we going to do about this idiot?" (Two years later Hoboken would find out.)

Later the same day, Lane Bajardi would pen a reply. Referencing his gaze over the entire Hoboken blogosphere, he would suggest there was one Hoboken woman writing on several different local forums claiming she held screen names on each. For no discernible reason he followed writing this email:

Less than an hour later, James Barracato bypasses the Lane Bajardi thesis on screen names and inquires writing "Who is Hudson Shrimp?" The reference is likely to a comment on the Hoboken forum.

Bajardi responds to the inquiry saying he's unsure but "this people are all twisted liars."

The next day James Barracato pens an idea for his next political operation writing:

The person thought to be Tony is well known former councilman Tony Soares who is a dwarf. Barracato is believed by many to have penned a little read website called In statements under oath however, Lane Bajardi claimed not to know who was writing under the screen name Hudson Shark.

Separately, Lane Bajardi would testify under oath at trial last month saying he also did not know what James Barracato did for work other than own a small dive bar in Weehawken. MSV exclusively revealed earlier Councilwoman Beth Mason's financial disclosure forms declared a financial interest in a company of the same name: Cooper Place.

Mason testified last month James Barracato is a "business partner."

Defendants in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation obtained at least four figures of emails between Lane Bajardi and James Barracato. Hundreds of wireless communication records between Barracato and the Bajardis were also obtained in discovery but additional records between the parties including court ordered land line records were withheld from defendants.

 Almost all of the obtained communications between James Barracato and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and fellow civil ligitgant Lane Bajardi focused on Hoboken politics and political operations on behalf of Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Lane Bajardi with his wife Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi in late July 2012 filed a civil lawsuit against a dozen or so Hoboken residents alleging defamation and demanding $2,000,000 from each. Some were accused of saying the Bajardis were political operatives working for Beth Mason.

Last month Hudson Superior Court threw out Lane Bajardi's civil lawsuit mid-trial saying his case failed to show any damages or evidence proving his allegations. He claimed his job as a newsreader at 1010 WINS was harmed and could be damaged but the court ruled he presented no evidence whatsoever to support his claim.

The graphic in the original MSV story above was credited to Grafix Avenger and may have been the trigger for Lane Bajardi's vitriolic email.

Talking Ed Note: Wednesday is another Hoboken City Council meeting. At the previous meeting two Hoboken residents gingerly offered polite questions to Beth Mason receiving no answers.

Are Hoboken residents expected to attempt obtaining public transparency out of Beth Mason after more than a dozen residents were sued for more than two and half years for daring to voice opposition to Old Guard corruption and Beth Mason?

Unlike Hoboken elected officials, residents pay for their attorney fees out of their own pockets.

Who carries the mantle for Hoboken residents?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bet Mazin: &%#@ all you Zimmerists, I hope you all drop dead!

It's come to my attention that some of you may be hearing something about emails, tens of thousands here and tens of thousands there. First, it's important you know I didn't authorize or release any emails for you to read in the Blojobaye litigation.  You should not read any of these emails nor speak of them in my presence or to anyone in Hobroken. Anyone who does I assure you, there will be hell to pay. And I should know, that's my residence in waiting after I depart the mausoleum on the hill. 

So too, there may be a few emails or 60,000 rumored to have been obtained in an effort at transparency in the hospital sale. Once again, I can assure you any alleged illicit activity in obtaining these rumored emails was not authorized by me. This was more likely well intentioned efforts by my good friends at the Hobroken Reporter to show the truth about the evil Zimmerists. They are always fighting to bring you all the news that we deem fit for you to read.

It's possible you may have heard about a Hobroken Reporter business partner who is distantly connected to me and claimed to obtain these rumored 60,000 emails. This is a pure fiction made up by a  misguided lowly temporary employee who is not a paid political operative affiliated with me, my civic charity or shell companies. As I've testified in Hoodsin Superior Court, I don't pay any of these political operatives to do any of these civic activities. Sometimes people are a little overeager and do my stuff without my expressed authorization. On occasion, I call them friends just to help their self-esteem. Sometimes a thug or punk gets a little help from my many shell companies. That's all handled by my professionals who run them on a day to day basis. I have no role in any of those decisions and unless there's proof, I'm going to say I don't have anything to do with it.

Some may have accidentally read unauthorized emails discussing political operations on my behalf. You should know that these are merely volunteers who support me in making Hobroken better. Volunteers can make a mistake now and then but we as One Hobroken community must unite behind efforts on behalf of Hobroken as it continues to suffer under a vast Zimmerist conspiracy. 

Now some of my volunteers may have strayed slightly but none of them will be joining up with all those unpaid Zimmerists. Who pays any of those volunteer Zimmerists and all these Hobroken boards? No one that's who!

What's important is that you know I will be hiring more professionals who will be making staffing changes to improve my efforts for all Hobroken. 

Together we will destroy this Zimmerist conspiracy among us once and for all. In the interim, &%#@ all you Zimmerists, I hope you all drop dead!

Looking down benevolently upon you all,

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lane Bajardi and his Beth Mason pals & their Russo corruption problem

Masonista lament: 
"We're all getting labeled as Russos, synonymous with corruption"

Wednesday's emails like all the others is a Hoboken smash hit. People can't get enough of the inside revelations of Beth Mason's intimate senior advisors: the venom and nasty backbiting of their rudderless, hollow policies and the downright foul stank Beth Mason surrounded herself with in attempting to advance her political career.

If Hoboken had to have its local hospital destroyed with 1200 jobs wrecked and see the city itself bankrupt, there wasn't so much as a blink of recalcitrance. (More on that later.)

So due to popular demand here's more on the Masonista frustration with the corruption associated with the Russo clan. While publicly aligned with Councilwoman Beth Mason and her Russo clan allies or the third ward of La Famiglia as Lane Bajardi called them, privately there was recognition a price must be paid for a marriage made in hell.

Call it hypocrisy, call it stupidity, just don't call them Beth Mason political operatives. Then it's off to Hudson Superior Court with a demand for $2,000,000 in over two years of litigation and expenditures in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in five states with at least six lawyers.

All that kicked off by a "Hoboken couple" who were unemployed for most of the two and a half preceding years and just happened to have special "friends" in Beth and Ricky Mason.  (Beth Mason says she had nothing to do with it. Of course she herself publicly announced it 15 days before the civil lawsuit by Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi was filed in July 2012.)

Hey that was the party line then and this is now. So here's to another Fun Friday for everyone.
These are complete and original emails from April 2011:

Oops, Michele Russo: which leads to this reaction:

Fellow Masonista Ines Garcia Keim chimes right in:

Then this reply, "We're all getting labeled Russos, synoymous with corruption"

Lane Bajardi shares thoughts about hiding some of the Russo clan corruption problem after the FBI videotape of Michael Russo agreeing to bribes for zoning variances surfaced:

Lane Bajardi and Michele Russo hug it out at a political party on Washington Street in January 2011.

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken corruption history and a view into the Russo clan corruption:

Not off the hook Former towing operators sentenced one tells FBI that both Russos wanted bribes