Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Ms. Mason you know everybody else know about your vendetta with Mr. Brice"

Last night's City Council meeting was in tandem the unofficial start of election season. With six of the nine Hoboken City Council seats up for election this November, the cascade began.

Important issues were on the table. The matter of eminent domain and the City of Hoboken is front and center with BASF and the six acres in northwest Hoboken the City wishes to use for flood resilency, a park and a first ever municipal garage uptown.

Eduardo Gonzalez, fifth ward candidate on the
Carmelo Garcia Ticket asked the council
why they didn't take a developer deal?
The discussions however are confidential
Six votes are required and once again it was Timmy Occhipinti who may have delivered the needed and impending final vote. The ordinances presented on first reading just managed the votes for passage if the same votes are made at the next meeting.

The looming question parallel to this major issue before Hoboken; how did fifth ward council candidate Eduardo Gonzalez obtain detailed information on internal negotiations between BASF and the City?

Gonzalez addressed the council in public portion asking why they did not accept a "free" deal from the developer in exchange for building on two acres.

The issue and Gonzalez's remarks will clearly be part of campaign chatter into November. Deja vu 'all over again' being only one when it comes to developer promises in Hoboken for given things "free."

Councilman Dave Mello inquired how this was possible and what legal remedies are available.

Beth Mason returned from her unannounced, unofficial summer vacation after dropping out of sight July 8th when Hudson Superior Court delivered its final verdict ordering $280,000 in sanctions against the SLAPP-suit she publicly supported when filed by those who worked to advance her political career for years.

Mason told no one why she dropped out of sight and over eight weeks missed four consecutive City Council meetings.

The City Council was forced to address the issue as under NJ law, a council member automatically vacates the seat when inactive and unexcused for eight weeks. The related statute allows the body to forgive two months of consecutive MIA behavior if there's an illness or another reason it deems appropriate.

The closed session forced Beth Mason to linger with the public in the halls of government by the City Clerk's office. She was reportedly heard yelling into her phone at someone after learning the council would have to address the matter of her inexcused behavior under current NJ law.

Vagaries about "family" were apparently deemed acceptable and it was noted previously Mason had attempted to show up for one late July special meeting but its brevity and her lateness precluded her attendance at all. The resolution passed without objection or discussion at the start of the public session. Mason offered nothing by way of public comment. Will she at least return the public's money for her actions?

The literal and figurative second ward City Council seat was vacated last night. Here it was empty as Beth Mason left the dais to go speak in the hallway with Patricia Waiters. The actual seat had been vacated by Mason for unexcused absences over eight weeks as stated in NJ law. The Council voted to forgive the unexplained two month inattentiveness of the former second ward council member reinstating her to finish the term. Grafix Avenger who uncovered the NJ law wonders if one can do so from Virginia?

Patty Waiters, Hoboken's perennial candidate who has replaced Lane Bajardi's role defending Beth Mason and the Old Guard let out some inadvertent truth. In her diatribes at the council, she harped on the elections and directed her vast misinformation on topics ranging from corruption to former mayor and convicted felon Peter Cammarano.

For some odd reason, the former Peter Cammarano umbrella holder also claimed the convicted mayor took no bribe money. For the record, it was $25,000 for zoning variances for a thought developer.

On the list of Waiters exhumations, somehow against all odds the truth leaked out with this statement:

"Ms. Mason you know, everybody else know about your vendetta with Mr. Brice"
                                                               - Patricia Waiters

Talking Ed Note: Since it's election season, the truth unfortunately will be under assault in the Mile Square. MSV would like to clarify two of the latest pieces of misinformation being circulated.

First, MSV has not departed Hoboken. That misinformation apparently has been making its way around City Hall. More unfortunate is a series of public commentary on the fifth ward candidate Eduardo Gonzalez's Facebook page.

Last night, Eduardo Gonzalez spoke against eminent domain and Hoboken acquiring the six acres from BASF in northwest Hoboken. It's absolutely an arguable position but he didn't stop there.

Gonzalez who is the fifth ward candidate on The Carmelo Garcia Ticket went on to question why Hoboken doesn't accept a BASF 'deal' trading on the six acres by taking four for free and allowing two to be developed.

Expect to hear more about developer deals and free. Hoboken has heard lots about free developer deals. Monarch Project anyone?

Councilman Dave Mello inquired for the Corporation Counsel to look into what the City Council has in way of remedies for confidential negotiations being leaked. Where have we seen this before?

Once again, it's the Old Guard showing utter betrayal and contempt for the City and people of Hoboken. Did Councilwoman Terry Castellano hit the wrong button again? (Let me know Terry.)

Next, MSV spoke twice in brief remarks to the council. First on the City Council's taking the high road on the vacated second ward council seat and then public portion. As one might guess the First Amendment was a central subject and the scandalous frivolous SLAPP-suit against a dozen Hoboken residents.

Commenters on MSV see moderation on their first comment only under the third party software system.

Free speech lives here!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Last call for a 6 acre park in Hoboken?

If there wasn't enough already swimming in the Hoboken ether with the council candidate faceoffs this November, the series of legal discussions in multiple City Council sessions on the six acres in northwest Hoboken is up for a vote tonight using eminent domain.

That's not the only big legal issue looming before the City Council.

On the agenda, three votes will take place related to the BASF Cognos-Henkel site.

The mayor in a released statement earlier this week said, "This six-acre property is the City's last remaining option for acquiring such a large amount of contiguous land for open space, and it would provide Hoboken with a unique opportunity to address three of our most pressing challenges - flooding, open space and parking."

Unrelated, Grafix Avenger exploded today with a legal bomb on the four consecutive missed City Council meetings by Beth Mason. The report suggests in Mason's doing so without a legitimate reason, under NJ law she's automatically vacated the seat.

Mason had gone to ground after the Hudson Superior Court's final legal verdict on the Bajardi v Pincus civil case. The verdict declared the venomous litigation against a dozen Hoboken residents a frivolous SLAPP-suit and ordered sanctions against Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and three of their attorneys for over $276,000.

The City of Hoboken must review the NJ statute on the lengthy, unexplained absences by Beth Mason and protect its interests. Any participation or vote by Beth Mason may place Hoboken in legal jeopardy.

Hoboken's City Council meeting is slated to begin @ 7:00.

Beth Mason returned to discover a legally required closed session of the council was needed to manage the fallout from her blowing off eights weeks and four City Council meetings since July 8th. She was required to stay outside the Council Chambers and overheard yelling at someone on the phone while awaiting the council's action. She disappeared after the July 8th decision of Judge Patrick Arre in Hudson Superior Court slamming her pals Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi with $280,000 in sanctions for a frivolous litigation. Mason announced the SLAPP in the July 2012 City Council meeting 15 days before it was filed against a dozen Hoboken residents although that's gone unreported in other local media for years.

Update: First reading of ordinances related to the six acres in a potential acquisition by the City of Hoboken possibly using eminent domain on land owned by BASF passed 6-3.

Voting in favor: Councilmembers Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino, Dave Mello,  Jim Doyle and Council President Ravi Bhalla. The key sixth required vote came once again from Timmy Occhipinti. (If the same six votes vote similarly in two weeks, the action will pass.)

Voting against acquisition: Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Beth Mason.
Next reading in two weeks with public comment and a second and final vote.

Earlier an unplanned closed session of the City Council to deal with the vacated second ward council seat previously occupied by Beth Mason. Since July 8th, she has missed eight weeks without explanation in council activities including four straight meetings into the September meeting.

Under NJ law, a council members automatically vacates the council seat when they are MIA for unexplained lack of participation as here.

An unread resolution allowed Beth Mason to be reinstated to finish her term obtaining approval from all the council members who were forced  under NJ law to consider what possible reason Mason had for the unexplained absences. 

It's unclear what excuse after the fact Beth Mason offered.

Grist for the Mill: Giving'em the Old Guard Push

When negotiations break down and the old methods of keeping candidates off a Hoboken election ballot fail, there's always daylight in advance of "withdrawal" day.

It's the designated date filed candidates can withdraw their petitions and not appear on the ballot. This year, it's thought to be 60 days before the election which would officially be September 4th. That date is confirmed for Board of Eduction candidates.

It's unclear however if that's the case for non-partisan municipal NJ elections this year.

More added pressure for related efforts to give the ole heave-ho to candidates who could get in the way. In the second ward, there's focus on Bonnie Murray, the wife of often failed BoE candidate Brian Murray.

Bonnie Murray made an appearance at Ruben Ramos' fourth ward council kickoff held at his home last week and is unofficially the Carmelo Ticket candidate in the second ward.

There isn't exactly many second ward votes clear across the Mile Square at the Ramos household but ticket loyalty even unofficial ticket loyalty goes a long way toward mutual unity efforts.

In this case it's the Applied Housing votes in the second ward all the rage between Old Guard camps. Second ward candidate Peter Biancamano would love to scoop up those votes but first someone has to give a nudge to Bonnie Murray.

Back in the day, the nudge could be more akin to a tightening squeeze around the neck. Problematically, the Carmelo Ticket wants to return the favor to Biancamano and Frank "Pupie" Raia who were council tickets in a late 2013 slate bid with Timmy Occhipinti atop for mayor reducing the chances of Ruben Ramos toppling Mayor Zimmer.

If the three candidates in the second ward hold past the official withdrawal date, expect the Carmelo Ticket to seize the day in Applied Housing making Bonnie Murray more than a nuisance but a legitimate candidate.

There's a sizable Hispanic vote in the Applied Housing buildings, one historically pliable to arm twisting and other forms of encouragement. Ruben Ramos received strong backing there in 2013 and that influence is transferable to Bonnie Murray.

In 2011, the Applied Housing vote was the last bastion of votes for Beth Mason who had all but squandered any base as a reformer when she threw in with the Russo Clan in her first failed bid for mayor in 2009.

The open question: is a Vote-by-Mail war going to extend beyond the third and fourth wards into the second?

If Bonnie Murray remains a candidate past the withdrawal date, there could be.

Related: One City Council candidate is already publicly volunteering to withdraw if certain conditions are met. Melissa Blanco, a virulent hater of Mayor Zimmer and the Reform Movement offered as much in an interview on filing day outside City Hall with John Heinis at the Hudson County View.

The Carmelo Ticket will insist she do so in order to not detract votes from Eduardo Gonzalez in his bid to unseat Reform's anti-corruption champion Councilman Peter Cunningham.

Blanco who's allegedly unleashed numerous screeds on various sites from PolitickerNJ to the Hudson Reporter and on occasion maybe even MSV also spoke to the mob trying to prevent a hearing and vote terminating Carmelo Garcia's contract last summer.

Unsubstantiated accusations on various issues including corruption have allegedly erupted regularly under various screen names but since the scathing audit report along with the millions of dollars in unapproved spending by Carmelo Garcia in the Hoboken Housing Authority, not a single word by Blanco.

Alleged attacks on corruption instead are posed against HHA Chair Dana Wefer.

Blanco was seen in the charming Garcia contract termination video last summer, "The Fracas."

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column. Got a tasty carrot for Da Horsey? Send it to All email is kept confidential until mutual agreement and is protected by Da Horsey's proven Reporter Privilege upheld under the NJ Shield Law.

In the Mile Square, Local Teacher and Former Students Produce Feature Film

Art is a subjective creation that captures a person’s heart or inflames their soul.  The first prospect is the goal set by D. H. MacAulay and his former media students.  MacAulay and his team of young video/film makers are currently preparing their upcoming feature digital video production, In My Own Mind, a project that is to be shot in Hoboken and Hudson County during the summer of 2016.

In My Own Mind is about a young man whose actions show a positive, well-intentioned artist, who is looking for a woman who shares his romantic interest in having a ‘happy” family. 

Sam Rodriguez’s life includes two low paying jobs, as a guard at a gallery and as a customer service representative at a bookstore. It is at the bookstore where he meets his new friends, Ross, and his son, Eric. Sam helps Eric pick out a book for his Dad and helps him with the price of the book, without his father suspecting.

Sam, Ross, and Eric will meet again, but in the local park where Sam sketches in. Sam is inspired by Eric to write and illustrate a book which is titled, “The daily life of being a Dad.”

The art and literary world come together for Sam, as he sells one of his park paintings at the gallery and the bookstore owner, Mr. Cohen, introduces Sam to a publisher who wants to publish his book. But like all surprises in life, Sam’s success is darkened when Eric is found to have sickle cell anemia.

Sam discovers the ups and downs of parenthood, as he tries to help Ross by giving him his residual check. The next book that Sam and Eric work on as he is recuperating in the hospital is titled, “The daily life of being a patient.” While visiting Eric in the hospital, he is introduced to one of his biggest book fans, Dr. Rachel Friedlander, Eric’s doctor and Sam’s future wife. 

MacAulay has been working in film and digital video since 1990 and began his teaching career as a media production teacher in 2001, first with the Hudson County Schools of Technology and later with Hoboken High School, where he is currently still teaching.  He became a teacher because he wasn’t happy with the self-indulgence he saw in the film industry. He says that he decided then, “If you get a rotten apple, don’t go back to the barrel, but pick them fresh off the tree.” He continues, “I decided to work my own orchard so I could make better apples.”

MacAulay and his students have produced short digital videos, commercials, music videos and current event videos.  In 2004, he and students Ingrid Uribe and Jerri Siro won the NJ Young Film and Video Makers Festival, which is a part of New Jersey’s Black Maria.  In 2010, his Hoboken Media Production class won a Telly award for a music video they shot and produced.

In 2010, MacAulay wrote the first draft of the screenplay, In My Own Mind, at the urging of a student. It languished on his computer until 2012, when MacAulay suggested to one of his Hoboken High School senior students that he might be good for the lead.  He gave the student a copy of the screenplay and they decided to produce the project.  However, as they were in the beginning stages of fundraising, with the goal of shooting by the summer of 2013, Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey.  MacAulay decided to put the project on hold. “I didn’t think it was ethically or morally the right thing to ask our friends and neighbors for money for our project when so many had lost so much during the storm.”

This past spring, MacAulay’s advanced class Media Production 2, asked about creating a more ambitious production than a short film. “I told them the story of In My Own Mind, and explained that we could continue raising money for this production or create a new project.”  Three students opted for In My Own Mind and the pre-production process has begun.

Alumni from both HCST and Hoboken High School have been working with MacAulay to raise the $230K budgeted for this project.  They have set up a Creative District listing, Gofundme page, and Facebook page for this project.  

Breaking into the world of independent cinema is no small feat.  That is why Hoboken cinephiles and arts integration advocates should consider lending their support to this exciting new venture.

On October 14 and 21, Johnny Rockets in Hoboken will be donating 20% of their total receipts (not including tax) toward the project.  Interested in participating?  Johnny Rockets will provide a fundraising flyer beforehand to keep track of patrons interested in donating.  

MacAulay and his Director of Videography, John F. Cole (HCST Class of 2004), have started the “shooting script,” which adds shots and angles to the existing screenplay.  Dylan Irizarry has signed on as the Assistant Director.  Current students and future graduates of the Class of 2016, Baltazar Gonzalez and Bryant Vega, are both the producers on the project, Arturo Liranzo is head camera operator, and William Ithier III is 2nd operator.

For further information, please go to If you’d like to help this ambitious team of artists reach their goal:  Plans are in motion to begin production on July 6, 2016 and wrap by August 15, 2016.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First blood: Michael Russo cries "deal" having to face opposition, Raia says 'I'm a giver not a taker'

In the first exchange of blows since the November City Council ward lineups were announced yesterday, the third ward quickly emerged drawing first blood.

Councilman Michael Russo who apparently expected to run for re-election with no opposition whatsoever went on the record claiming a "deal" between his opposition and current nemesis Frank "Pupie" Raia and Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

The mayor is backing a council ticket this fall but has no third ward candidate.

Raia immediately rebuked the notion declaring it "bull crap" and clearly contrasting himself versus Russo saying, "I'm a giver not a taker." He highlighted his decades long service as a founder of HOPES, the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, and Hoboken Board of Education.

Russo is seeking his third term as the third ward councilman and clearly wishes to "evolve" from the person seen on FBI surveillance tape in 2011 when he agreed to a series of bribes with federal informant Solomon Dwek in Jersey City's Whitehorse Tavern. That story was first broken in Hoboken on MSV.

The exchange took place in separate interviews with John Heinis of the Hudson County View.

This video report comes courtesy of the Hudson County View.

Talking Ed Note: In the interview, Michael Russo complained further about the mayor being "hooked up with a developer" who has "multiple projects in the city" concluding it's "everything that's wrong with politics."

While Raia has seen some progress on properties he's owned in recent years, no one has claimed he's received any favoritism and others think he like other local builders have been stalled by the balanced development vision Mayor Zimmer advocates since she took office in 2009.

Did Michael Russo raise any red flag or express concern on any of this in recent years? The answer is very likely a resounding no. The third ward councilman certainly didn't raise a red flag when he was caught on FBI surveillance tape agreeing to a series of bribes related to zoning telling Solomon Dwek to make out a $5,000 check to "Russo for Hoboken."

Russo lives in moderate income PILOTed housing of Church Towers where his voting base is maintained on a "closed" list of tenant vacancies/transactions.  He benefited gaining an apartment when he was only a teenager bypassing numerous others.

It's widely known the Russo family made well into seven figures in real estate transactions and some questionable votes on the City Council may have paved the way for eventual exclusive real estate commissions in northwest Hoboken adding to the haul.

Raia is seeking to reverse fortunes in their previous 2007 City Council contest for the third ward seat.

No Hoboken election, especially one with an Old Guard heavyweight match-up such as this will go without behind the scenes warring and the controversy of Vote-by-Mail irregularities.

Those questions can be expected to mount not only in the third ward race but especially the fourth ward in the area of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Related: MSV set the standard for investigative reporting on the controversial use of Vote-by-Mail in Hoboken back in 2010 and more recently in 2013. Its coverage has been followed by PolitickerNJ, Hoboken Patch and others.

In 2013, MSV filed this exclusive investigative VBM related report.


‘Resiliency Park’ Would Hold at Least 1 Million Gallons of Stormwater to Alleviate Flooding

The City of Hoboken is moving forward to acquire a 6-acre undeveloped property in northwest Hoboken for use as a large “resiliency park” with at least 1 million gallons of integrated flood mitigation capacity. A portion of the property would also be designed with a municipal parking garage, potentially with rooftop recreation or other public amenities. The property is currently owned by BASF (previously Henkel/Cognis), and the project is one of three “resiliency parks” planned as part of the Rebuild by Design flood resiliency plan.

“This six-acre property is the City’s last remaining option for acquiring such a large amount of contiguous land for open space, and it would provide Hoboken with a unique opportunity to address three of our most pressing challenges – flooding, open space, and parking,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Creating Hoboken’s largest park – the same size as Pier A – would provide much-needed open space in western Hoboken, take pressure off our other overcrowded parks, and complement our flood resiliency strategy by being designed to hold at least 1 million gallons of stormwater runoff. It would also add parking capacity by creating Hoboken’s first municipal garage in northwest Hoboken.”

The Hoboken City Council previously authorized the use of eminent domain to acquire the BASF property for open space and authorized the City’s application for low-interest funding from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT) for acquisition of the property. NJEIT loans provide 0% interest on 75% of the loan amount, market rate interest on the remainder, and 19% principal forgiveness.

At the upcoming Council meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd, the City Council will be asked to vote on three separate measures to 1) authorize the use of eminent domain to acquire the northern parcel of the property for a parking garage 2) authorize a $1.6 million Hoboken Parking Utility bond for land acquisition and engineering costs for detailed design of a parking structure, and 3) authorize a $16.7 million bond ordinance to acquire the larger portion of the BASF property for open space, park design and engineering costs, and for construction costs of the Southwest Park. NJEIT would purchase the bond to provide the low-interest loan to the City.

Update on Southwest Park
Construction of Hoboken’s Southwest Park, which is also designed to hold over 200,000 gallons of stormwater runoff, is scheduled to begin this fall. An archeological review of the site needed to be completed prior to construction. The City Council previously authorized applying for a low-interest loan from the NJEIT for design and construction of the park. The final conceptual plan is available at

Update on 7th Street & Jackson Street Park and Plaza
The Hoboken community is invited to a public meeting hosted by the City Council Community Development Subcomittee to discuss a proposed finalized redevelopment project at 7th Street and Jackson Street adjacent to the Monroe Center as part of the Northwest Redevelopment Area. The project proposes approximately 2 acres of public parks and open space, a municipal gymnasium, advanced stormwater detention to assist in flood mitigation efforts as part of the City’s comprehensive Rebuild by Design plan, and mixed use residential and retail components along the western portion of the site, next to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line. The meeting will take place on Monday, August 31, 2015 at the Jubilee Center, located at 601 Jackson Street and will begin at 7:00pm with a presentation of the project followed by a question and answer period.

Monday, August 31, 2015

BREAKING: Frank Raia files for Hoboken Third Ward City Council!



Hoboken, here's your official City Council lineups for the November elections:

First ward: Terry Castellano (I) vs. Michael DeFusco

Second ward: Tiffanie Fisher, Bonnie Murray and Peter Biancamano.

Third ward: Michael Russo (I) vs. Frank "Pupie" Raia

Fourth ward: Timmy Occhipinti (I) vs. Ruben Ramos and Dana Wefer

Fifth ward: Peter Cunningham (I) vs. Eduardo Gonzalez and Melissa Blanco

Sixth Ward: Jen Giattino (I) vs. Carmelo Garcia.

(I) = incumbent

12:15 PM - This just in - Frank "Pupie" Raia is at Hoboken City Hall's Clerk's Office and he's come bearing gifts for the filing deadling today.

In filing his petitions, Raia is officially a candidate for Michael Russo's Third Ward City Council seat.

Frank "Pupie" Raia seen here at a 2013 City Council forum
is officially a candidate for the Third Ward seat facing off
against Michael Russo.

In additional news, as promised, Hudson Tea Building condo president Tiffanie Fisher also filed today as a candidate in Hoboken's second ward. Beth Mason released a wacky statement on the Hoboken411 blog standing down for a real second ward representative to emerge.

To keep Fisher company on the ballot for second ward council, Brian Murray's wife Bonnie  filed her petitions today too.

With Beth Mason out, Peter Biancamano is expected to also file as a candidate in the second ward by the 4:00 pm filing deadline.

As promised, Tiffanie Fisher seen here at City Hall
filed to be a candidate for the second ward council seat
in this November's Hoboken election.

Hoboken's fourth ward has a trifecta of candidates going head to head. Incumbent Timmy Occhipinti is vying against Ruben Ramos and Reform's Dana Wefer. She made a visit to City Hall earlier today and posted a photo with her brand new baby girl.

Fourth ward candidate Dana Wefer today at City Hall submits her
petitions with her newest family addition: a baby girl.

"She's dead Jim"

The fitting conclusion to the Bench Slapped Series: Beth Mason is kaput.

Bizzarely, a release written by someone on her behalf announced the end of Beth Mason's notorious political career on Hoboken411.

Also known as Hate411, the blog Beth Mason called her "favorite news site" is where her political operatives held reign for years running political operations attempting to control all public discourse.

Fanciful stories were ghost written by fanatical minion Lane Bajardi in an attempt to advance her political career well into 2011 with Perry Klaussen following orders not unlike a sock puppet on censorship and production details right down to what caption to write in a story.

No mention of Beth Mason trying to kill the hospital, Hoboken's finances, her SLAPP-suit support or the fallout following Hudson Superior Court's massive smackdown last month ordering her political operatives to pay over $275,000 for a SLAPP-suit of frivolous litigation.

With revelation earlier this year in a MSV exclusive of her political operatives behind the Nazi Truck, the list of Beth Mason's nefarious actions against Hoboken people appeared endless.

Certainly, there's no mention of the series of emails released in the war against the First Amendment she waged with her political operatives published here and Grafix Avenger.

One key former ally in the Russo faction said at the end of last week, "She's out."

In the end, even the people who took Mason's money to run political operations and advance themselves politically for years couldn't stand her.

Beth Mason gave up the ghost. After millions of dollars spent terrorizing Hoboken to move up the political ladder, she's throwing in the towel and won't attempt to purchase re-election. She reportedly suffered a meltdown after the July 8th Hudson Superior Court legal decision declaring the three year SLAPP-suit by her long time political operatives frivolous ordering over $275,000 in sanctions. Mason then missed four consecutive City Council meetings and went into hiding staying out of sight most of the summer in Virginia.

More to come on the epic debacle of a political "career."

Related: Beth Mason's humorous nemesis, Grafix Avenger published her satirical takeoff on Mason's fall with an expose revealing she's a 50% owner of a Weehawken dive bar with her main political operative, James "FinBoy" Barracato.

The timing of the dive bar's purchase GA notes just precedes the three year running SLAPP-suit which the Bajardis finances showed no ability to fund in the estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars ($400,000 - $500,000) against a dozen Hoboken residents in five different states with more than several lawyers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and California. (Double digits of NJ attorneys had spurned having anything to do with the SLAPP-suit.)

Beth Mason testified last February she had not funded the lawsuit herself (on her $22K City Council salary). She made no mention of her family funds which also squandered seven figures on her "political career."

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pupie Power punking Michael Russo?


That's the hot rumor today as there's word petitions were picked up late Friday on behalf of Frank "Pupie" Raia for the third ward City Council seat.

If true, Hoboken and Councilman Michael Russo may see a repeat of Frank "Pupie" Raia's third ward challenge back in 2007.

That third ward council race was a barn-burner with Raia and Russo going head to head trading blows in a scorching match up.

Does Frank "Pupie" Raia have a summer Christmas present
for Councilman Michael Russo? Could be as petitions for
third ward City Council were taken out late Friday on his behalf.
Pupie Power is on the move!

The race quicky turned into a bruising affair with Raia calling on former mayor and Michael's father, convicted felon Anthony Russo to pay back the City of Hoboken owed approximately $350,000 in restitution.

Michael Russo returned fire with allegations on ELEC reports not filed by his opponent's campaign. Raia countered hitting back at Russo and his cousin, Terry Castellano saying they voted for every fraudulent invoice of Gerard Lisa who bribed Michael Russo's father with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anthony Russo would eventually plead guilty and serve a two year sentence in federal prison.

At the recent June Hoboken Democratic reorganization meeting, Raia was on hand to witness a widely criticized banana republic style takeover from former Hoboken Democratic Chair Jamie Cryan.

Cryan attempted to hold an orderly vote on a pro tem to run the meeting and conduct subsequent votes including for his own position of Chair but the Carmelo Garcia - Michael Russo faction hijacked the proceedings.

A bizarre vote with no tally followed leading to Jamie Cryan walking out as Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano was installed.

Talking Ed Note: To say Raia was not pleased with the highway robbery is an understatement. Now Raia who has a record of helping Hoboken residents through charitable efforts may be mounting another council bid. He currently sits as a commissioner on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

The NHSA is currently constructing a second flood pump uptown for the City of Hoboken.

The candidate filing deadline is Monday 4:00 pm at the City Clerk's Office.