Friday, June 22, 2018

City: Weekend Road Closures Begin at 8 p.m. Friday

Official release:

Due to construction work being done to upgrade the underground water meter facility, the following roads in southwest Hoboken will be closed this weekend beginning 8 p.m. Friday and reopening at 5 a.m. Monday:
  • Harrison Street will be closed at Paterson Avenue not allowing southbound traffic from Paterson Avenue to Observer
  • Harrison Street will be closed at Observer not allowing southbound traffic from Observer to Newark Street
  • Newark Street from Monroe to Harrison Street will be closed to both east and westbound traffic
Additionally, westbound lane of Newark (between Madison and Monroe) will be tapered with traffic cones two left turn only lanes onto Grove Street.

Councilwoman Emily Jabbour declines to vote yea or nay on Patty Waiters

Outside of the bombshell scandal unveiled before the City Council meeting involving Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his non-payment abuse of an employee pushing a decade leading to the NJ Supreme Court action against him, two Hoboken Housing Authority seats were filled.

One with zero controversy came by unanimous vote on behalf of Aaron Lewitt, a founder of the Elysian Charter school. He was sponsored by City Council Vice President Jen Giattino and Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

The second planned vote for Eduardo Gonzalez was pulled immediately at the start of the meeting and replaced with bomb thrower Patricia Waiters.

Wait, Patricia Waiters? This Patricia Waiters?

Waiters who has taken race-baiting performance art at the microphone to Al Sharpton-like levels for years in Hoboken, is also the former Assembly aide to ethnic ethics-free cleanser Carmelo Garcia and appeared at the council meeting to remind them she's an HHA candidate. She also insinuated to the nine-member body she won't be far to repeat her allegations they are all racist and launched a bizarre rant at Councilwoman Vanessa Falco who happens to be African American. No assault on Councilwoman Jen Giattino at this meeting; let's call that progress.

The vote for Eduardo replacement Waiters went exactly as MSV predicted and exactly opposite to what Ravi Bhalla's Queen Ravibot and paid political operative propagandist Nancy Pincus claimed. Councilman Jim Doyle unceremoniously voted "no" to installing Patricia Waiters on the HHA board joining the good government trio of Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.

Councilwoman Emily Jabbour
On the Waiters vote, 'I'm here, present'

Then the critical moment with four votes aligned to approve Waiters as Emily Jabbour was up on the roll call.  City Clerk Jimmy Farina called her name to vote.


"Present," as in I wish to indicate I'm here sitting in a chair on the dais of the City Council. "Present," as in sorry running mate Jim Doyle, you take the heat and get called nasty names because I'm not going to walk that plank with you and the good government council colleagues. Jabbour who is five months into an elected position she had little knowledge and less history on local townhall issues perhaps gets a little slack with a primer from the MSV archives back to 2009 on the "The Art of Abstain."

Elected representatives being who they are, can sometimes forget the chief purpose of their presence in an elected body: representation.  Almost always, a vote of abstention requires an explanation, either in the political body where cast but certainly to the public at large. 

When someone chooses to vote present or abstains on a vote, they alienate all the other voting participants of a body and their own supporters, not to mention the entirety of their constituents in one fell swoop.

What's Councilwoman Jabbour's reason for the passive-aggressive action against her colleagues, the good government trio and her running mate Jim Doyle? MSV reached out twice for comment and received no reply.

Meanwhile, Waiters, who reportedly is verbally assaulting officials at BoE meetings with her trademark bomb throwing will only feel empowered to return with her signature performance art at council meetings.

She'll 'be bach' but maybe this time the next assault will be on a different council member. Nothing should be scrubbed from the recording of the council meeting this time.

Update: Minutes after publication, Councilwoman Emily Jabbour offered this comment via email:

"I do not feel that the Council should have moved forward on the second seat for the HHA Board because we didn't publicly notice the names up for consideration. We received Andrew's application at 12:35pm along with another qualified applicant and had received several other strong applications the day before. I had many residents reach out to me in support of Aaron's application because his name was noticed publicly. I did not feel comfortable voting on individuals who had not received the same due process and opportunity for public comment.

I would also note that James Sanford asked us to postpone the vote in order to properly vet all of the applicants. He commented as such during public comment and emailed the Council with this request."

Talking Ed Note: Voting "yea" to a Patricia Waiters on the HHA board: Mike DeFusco, Michael Russo, Vanessa Falco and Council President Ruben Ramos.  Voting nay: Peter Cunningham, Jim Doyle, Tiffanie Fisher and Council Vice President Jen Giattino.

Not voting but "Present" - Emily Jabbour.

The resolution to install Waiters on the HHA failed on a 4-4-1 outcome. Council President Ruben Ramos later nominated former council candidate Andrew Impastato. He submitted his application a year back and is known for working with children at the HHA. His nomination passed easily 7-1-1 with Councilwoman Emily Jabbour voting "abstain."

The HHA board is heaving a sigh of relief. Members Dave Mello and James Sanford both appeared before the council asking for new members. While neither asked that Waiters be nixed, it was implicit as both have been on the receiving end of Patricia Waiters verbal abuse in HHA meetings.

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Municipal Republican Committee Elects New Leadership

Official release:

Municipal Republican Committee Elects New Leadership

The Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee held its biennial re-organization meeting, June 18, 2018, at Willie McBride’s in Hoboken at 6:30pm.

The meeting was chaired by former Hoboken Republican Committee Chair, Diana Davis, well known in the “Mile Square City” since 2000 for having revitalized the local Republican Party and for building a strong Hoboken Republican presence.
The main item on the agenda was to elect a new executive board. The meeting, comprised of a majority of Hoboken elected municipal committee members, unanimously elected Chris Carbine to the office of Chair, Dolores England as Vice-Chair, Joshua Einstein as Secretary, and Kathy DeRose as Treasurer.

“We are looking forward to building upon the already tremendous growth of the Republican Party in Hoboken”, said Mr. Carbine.

The new executive board and committee members are energized for the upcoming election season, particularly in supporting and getting out the vote for United States Republican Senate candidate, Bob Huginand the entire GOP ticket.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Councilmembers Ramos & DeFusco: Ravi Bhalla must disclose clients or resign second job

Official release:

In Wake of Bhalla’s Supreme Court Censure, Ramos & DeFusco Call on Mayor to Disclose Clients or Resign from Second Job

Hoboken, NJ – Just hours after it was revealed that Mayor Ravi Bhalla had been censured by the State Supreme Court for an ethics violation, Hoboken City Council members Ruben Ramos and Mike DeFusco's proposed ordinance that would mandate that the Mayor disclose his clients and compensation from his controversial and unprecedented second job was scheduled to be voted on at last night's meeting. That vote was tabled, however, after Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia publicly declared that he would not enforce the ordinance. This shocking refusal by the city’s attorney to hold Mayor Bhalla accountable for potential conflicts of interest related to his business development job with a politically connected law firm leaves the city open to serious liability and undercuts the public’s trust in the Office of the Mayor.

"It's appalling that after months of the Mayor ignoring the City Council and refusing to accept any oversight regarding his second job that he would then send Corporation Counsel out to publicly threaten Council members last night for simply trying to bring sunshine to this unprecedented situation,” said Council President Ramos. “Transparency is essential to protect the city and taxpayers from potentially damaging conflicts of interest due to Mayor Bhalla's employment at a politically connected law firm, and if the city attorney won’t enforce this then the Mayor needs to do the right thing and disclose his clients voluntarily.”

Ramos and DeFusco are calling on Mayor Bhalla to voluntarily disclose his clients and compensation from the law firm in order to ensure that no conflicts of interest with his role as Mayor occur. If Mayor Bhalla refuses, the Council members are calling on him to resign from the law firm and they will continue to pursue all options to ensure outside employment doesn’t create a conflict with Bhalla's role as Mayor, including but not limited to the formation of an ethics board.

“With Mayor Bhalla now being censured by the State Supreme Court for an ethics violation, in addition to his other past and ongoing ethical issues, Council oversight on this unprecedented situation is more urgent now than ever,” said Councilman DeFusco. “Given Mr. Aloia's refusal to act, we feel that there are only two valid options at this point: either Mayor Bhalla must voluntarily disclose his clients and income generated from his second job, or he should resign and return to his broken campaign promise of serving as a full time Mayor."

NJ Supreme Court: Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla just shy of law license suspension

New Jersey Supreme Court finds Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla didn't pay employee for six years!

What happened to the money?

It's the day after and a reading of the New Jersey Supreme Court censure of Ravi Bhalla reveals the full gory details.

The Hoboken mayor was an eyelash, one vote from seeing his law license suspended!

Worse, Ravi Bhalla didn't pay his former employee monies owed over years from 2008 and 2009 until a grievance was filed years later in 2015. Only then, in 2016 did he pay over $6,200 in retirement monies owed.

Within the NJ Supreme Court findings:
  • Ravi Bhalla's "nonchalance" regarding his employee's missing monies occurred over SIX YEARS
  • The stated nonchalance occurred while Ravi Bhalla was "under investigation and then disciplined in another matter..." He was reprimanded in that instance
  • The narrow 4-3 NJSC vote came within a vote of suspending his law license for three months
  • 3 votes sought to have Ravi Bhalla's law license suspended; two members didn't participate
  • The decision to censure not reprimand Ravi Bhalla was compounded by his repeated behavior
  • Ravi Bhalla failed to take "any substantial steps" to rectify not making payments to his former employee for "nearly seven years"
  • Ravi Bhalla "despite his promises" did not "return the funds" until 2016 and 2017
  • The employee's funds were not paid until after a grievance was filed in August 2015
  • Ravi Bhalla also failed to make proper Social Security payments for the same employee
  • Ravi Bhalla issued W-2 forms showing payments made to the IRS not made
  • "The question of what happened to the monies is unanswered." NJSC Page 9
  • Ravi Bhalla must reimburse the Disciplinary Oversight Committee for associated costs "in the prosecution of this matter." 
In an official statement on behalf of Ravi Bhalla, his campaign spokesman Rob Horowitz attempted to cover up the actual series of NJ Supreme Court findings saying:

"This was an inadvertent payroll mistake... The employee never informed Mr. Bhalla and then waited seven years and filed an ethics complaint. As soon as Mr. Bhalla realized there was an underpayment, he immediately paid the amount due."

But the NJ Supreme Court's findings differ sharply with that claim. 

Despite his promises, respondent did not review his records, follow up with (Alexander) Bentsen, or ensure that the funds were credited to Bentsen’s IRA. Although Bentsen made numerous requests of respondent to rectify the matter,.. he did not... return the funds to Bentsen until 2016 and 2017, only after Bentsen had filed a grievance against him, in August 2015.

The NJ Supreme Court came within a single vote of suspending Ravi Bhalla's law license for three months.

The complete legal decision rendered by the NJ Supreme Court:

Related: The Hudson County View covered this late-breaking news yesterday and tied it into the City Council's efforts for transparency on Ravi' Bhalla's second job. He is resisting providing their requests for quarterly reports on his outside earnings and client contracts with a Republican land use law firm.

The City Council held off on a final vote on the ordinance for transparency as it explores a possible option for re-establishing a local ethics panel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla censured for 'unethical' conduct by N.J. Supreme Court published a breaking story about Hoboken's mayor, Ravi Bhalla and it's not good.
From the late afternoon breaking story:

From the story:

Ravi's campaign spokesman has risen from the 2017 campaign grave to state:
"Ravi Bhalla accepts, but respectfully disagrees with the ruling," said Bhalla spokesman Rob Horowitz. 
The story ties into the pending ordinance up for a final vote on Ravi Bhalla's second job stating:
Wednesday's council action involves a proposed rewrite of the city code that would require the mayor to submit quarterly reports on any outside employment listing all income and a list of all clients and or contracts. Brian J. Aloia, Hoboken's corporation counsel, recommended to the council in a six-page memo that it not adopt the ordinance, calling the change "invalid and unenforceable."
Bhalla's critics on the council — there are six — have said they believe the mayor's part-time job with the Lavery firm raises potential conflict-of-interest issues.
Talking Ed Note: On behalf of all Hoboken good government advocates, Horsey says:


Grist for the Mill: Ravi to council: 'Shut up about my second job"

Tonight's City Council agenda features a second reading on a demand for transparency surrounding Mayor Ravi Bhalla's second job with the Republican land use law firm: Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen.

The law firm employment contract, effective back to February turned Hoboken on its ear with Bhalla's broken promise exposed to leave his previous law firm and make Hoboken his singular work focus.

The Corporation Counsel, Brian Aloia, a political contributor to the Bhalla for Mayor campaign approved a legal analysis on the City Council's transparency request calling it illegal.

As a result of that obvious conflict, no one's persuaded.

The City Council, undeterred, went ahead at its last meeting and approved the ordinance 7-2 on first reading seeking details on Bhalla's earnings to date and who his clients are. The only two council votes against transparency in the public interest were Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour. Both were running mates with Bhalla last November.

Ravi Bhalla is quite unhappy with this attention on his second job as he has been throughout. City Council members are on the receiving end of his alleged complaining phone calls today in a last-ditch bid to flip votes.

We get it Ravi, almighty dollar.


Talking Ed Note: The City Council should hold firm and seek the minimum transparency on Ravi Bhalla's second job. The public has a right to know, end of story.

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Horse Sense: Going OG for the HHA

Or how many seats does it take to control the Hoboken Housing Authority Board?

Tonight is the last City Council meeting before summer recess. It's loaded for bear as the Nanny State Cometh. Businesses have it too easy in this small mile square municipality, courtesy of geography, so plastic bags must be banned in the Republic of Portlandia Hoboken.

Then there are the open seats on the HHA and fears by some about one jawboning accusation of racist as the tool to get an HHA board seat going back to the bad old Carmelo Garcia days. That little problem about the wild anti-Semitic statements at public meetings with doing "the right thing not the white thing," yeah, that's a problem too.

Which brings Hoboken to the latest First Amendment controversy as the Council President Ruben Ramos has decided one HHA commissioner has gone a bridge too far. Or rather, he's gone too far supporting the US Constitution and American law endorsing common sense with the run on the border.

Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner Hovie Forman shared the humorous thought above on his personal Facebook page. The concept of mocking the literal run on the border is apparently offensive and Ramos is calling for his seat to be vacated.

How Forman can't serve the HHA constituency is said in this typical jargon of code where upholding American law is overlooked even as elected officials swear to uphold the law, American law mind you, must go unsaid. Hoboken and by extension America must be a "welcoming city" to any illegal entrant for any reason. How else can you overthrow the local rabble who resist the globalist "progressive" light upon them? Get those voters here pronto!

No one will find odd the political class here or in Washington's swamp, both Republicans and Democrats are highly supportive of "transforming" American with a replacement population. It's not news but there's an industry with billions of dollars at stake annually. The cries of "for the children" are not actually supportive of the pre-election narrative.

The vast majority of children arriving on the US southern border are not entering with any parent. They are being used as a cover for drug cartel smugglers and worse, HUMAN TRAFFICKERS. Entire domestic business models are dependent on an industry where each child arriving in the US through illicit means is worth over $50,000 in related business.  

The industry dependent on this entire system of maintaining and increasing illegal immigration using children is deemed "Faith Based Immigration Services." Some would call it code for legalized human smuggling and of course, there's the slave labor benefit. Hard to distinguish who is the coyote on each side of the border.

If you abused kids inside the US like this, you'd be charged with child abuse and see the child removed. But there's an entire business model for this going on and it's dependent on the political racket which is dishonest and being resisted by a real resistance against the open borders rabble: the American people.

Hovie Forman is in the sights as a targeted local political flavor. Should he lose his board seat because he dared post a meme on his Facebook page in support of American law all local elected officials take an oath to uphold?

As if.

Two Hoboken Housing Authority seats are up for a vote tonight. The HHA board consist of seven members with four making a majority. There are already whispers with a desire to replace the board with a majority to then fire the current Executive Director Marc Recko.  He's had to take over an agency beset with financial problems and bring it back to life. This before a scam civil lawsuit saw a settlement of $700,000 to the former ED, Carmelo Garcia.

You know who is paying for most of that? The residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority. Not their insurance carrier, the HHA itself, the residents.

The more you know...