Thursday, December 5, 2019

Councilman Fisher Applauds City Council’s 8-1 Vote In Favor of the $1.3 Million Budget for Hoboken’s First Special Improvement District

Official release:

 The Hoboken City Council voted last night in favor of the $1.3 million operating budget for the Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA), Hoboken’s first ever Special Improvement District. This historic measure passed 8-1 and with this funding the HBA will now turn its attention to implementing its dynamic plan and engaging the community and Hoboken’s local government to vitalize the city’s economy. Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, who is the Council representative on HBA’s Board of Directors and has been a driving force behind this effort releases the following statement: 
“This is a historic moment for Hoboken that will bring the necessary focus and resources for the first time in over a decade to grow our local economy.  Our local businesses are the backbone of Hoboken’s economy and at the heart of what attracts people to live in and visit our urban village,” said Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.     
“This result could not have happened without the input, efforts and commitment of many.  I would like to personally thank all involved including my fellow HBA Board Members and the other property and business owners who volunteered their time for two years to make this happen, Stuart Koperweis of Economic Development Strategies whose leadership got us to this moment, and Mayor Bhalla and my council colleagues who understand the positive and necessary impact this will bring to Hoboken.  Last night’s vote puts Hoboken on a trajectory of economic growth.  I could not be more proud of and excited for my community.” 

Einstein For Hudson GOP Chair to hold Campaign Kickoff December 16th

Official release:

NJ GOP State Committeeman, Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, will officially kick off his campaign for Hudson County Republican Chairman on Monday, December 16that 7:00pm at Mulligan’s Pub (159 1stStreet, Hoboken). Einstein will formally launch the campaign at the party and address friends and supporters. All Republicans in the county who want to build a Republican Party that works for Republicans, not Democrats, are invited to attend.
“The era and error of the Hudson County GOP working for the Democrats is coming to an end; together we can build a better Republican Party that fights for the people against the interests of the machine politicians,” said Sotomayor Einstein. He continued, “Hudson County deserves an opposition party, county voters deserve an alternative to the corrupt policies of the Democrats, and Republicans in the county deserve a county Republican Party.”
Einstein has been active in GOP circles in Hudson County for approximately 9 years. An elected member of the New Jersey Republican State Committee, he was previously on the executive board of the New Jersey State Young Republican Federation, and is a past Chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans. He is founding Chairman of the Hudson County chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, has a regular column in a New Jersey Jewish community newspaper, is the political analyst for local TV show “The Pulse with Peter B.”, and has been published in over a dozen and a half newspapers and websites. Einstein has organized a wide range of grassroots conservative events in Hudson County from bringing the Leadership Institute to facilitate campaign trainings to arranging and representing the right in public debates with left wing activists. In organizing rallies against Senator Menendez’s reelection, helping conservative/libertarian groups earn free media with effective messaging, and more, Einstein has been a tireless advocate for Republican values.

Hobokenhorse continues its policy of offering candidates and local elected officials the opportunity to see published official releases with no editorial comment. Exceptions are made on rare occasion for those who decline any transparency answering a question on matters of public concern or clearly act against the public interest serving corrupt ends. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Who stands to win the special interest loot heading into the NJ Transit Redevelopment vote?

There's public consternation heading into tonight's City Council meeting. Once again, a first reading with a vote is anticipated for the highly controversial Ravi Bhalla - NJ Transit Redevelopment Plan.

Vying for the big special interest money are three not ready for prime time mayoral candidates: Mayor Ravi Bhalla and council members Michael Russo and Mike DeFusco.

The for sale sign is up in front of City Hall but only a select few know it's there. Let the buyer beware who they invest in?

While no official declaration is in the offing, all three are willing and able. They've begun wooing the big statewide construction special interest money banging on the door for another crack at Hoboken.

Councilman Michael Russo has been the loudest and most publicly vocal. Using the council dais as his bully pulpit, Russo pushed hard for a vote on the massive redevelopment downtown only to see his efforts vanquished.

That came courtesy of the good government trio of City Council President Jen Giattino joined by Peter Cunningham and Tiffanie Fisher who moved to jettison it off the council agenda without a vote prior to last month's election. They weren't pleased with the lack of evaluation and study.

Russo is not easily dissuaded and can be expected to look longingly at his colleagues urging a vote of yes in advance of tonight's proceedings. DeFusco may be intercepted by the special interests in the council chamber and given a pat on the back while Ravi Bhalla looks to stand above it all and claim the mantle of attention toward loving campaign contributions. He'll continue to operate in the backroom environs where he's most comfortable. Is that a monkey wrench he's holding?

Before any of them trip over each other in the mad scramble, there's been some modifications to sweeten the pot for the NJ Transit redevelopment and induce support or alternatively, less public opposition.  More than a dash of subsidized housing upped from 10% to fully 20% to sweeten the economic "necessity" of one if not two shiny spiraling residential towers higher into the Hoboken sky.

Is it enough to get this through the first down marker at the 50 yard line? Based on a late night random encounter yesterday; there's a little surprise on its way.

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Related: Last night, the Hoboken Planning Board rejected the NJ Transit Redevelopment up for a vote in tonight's council meeting declaring it "not in agreement with the master plan." Hudson County View covered the story.

Of note: both Tiffanie Fisher and Jim Doyle hold seats on the Planning Board and will vote on the council tonight.

Update: The vote never occurred as the NJ Transit Redevelopment was pulled off the agenda. It's back to square one although some in the public didn't know going in and wanted to voice displeasure leading into an anticipated vote.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Epilogue: 2013 Hoboken voter fraud, enter: 2015's

The end is neigh for 2013 Hoboken voter fraud. With Frank "Pupie" Raia closed out at a surprise sentencing yesterday, questions linger about his three month gift and what's to come.

2015 Hoboken voter fraud is about to whistle in with 2020, front and center.

You didn't actually think the plea deals for voter fraud activities in the 2015 Hoboken election end with Matt Calicchio and Willie Rojas, did you?

Frank "Pupie" Raia saw the luck of the Irish yesterday with a three month sentence for directing a voter fraud conspiracy
using Vote-by-Mail in the 2013 Hoboken election. Better deeds helped lower the toll for the illicit 2013 "One Hoboken" effort for Raia seen here with former councilwoman Beth Mason.
 Merry Christmas Pupie! 

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Monday, December 2, 2019


The sentencing date set of tomorrow for Frank "Pupie" Raia for directing a 2013 voter fraud scheme involving Vote-by-Mail ballots oddly came up a day early with a surprise outcome.

Raia who had failed to obtain a new trial saw several earlier sentencing dates come and go before the surprise announcement this morning he was sentenced in Newark federal court to three months in federal prison with a $50,000 fine. 

According to the Department of Justice spokesman, after serving his sentence Raia will be subject to a year of supervised release. 

Raia's sidekick soldier, Dio Braxton, saw his sentencing originally planned for tomorrow in tandem adjourned.

Frank "Pupie" Raia seen in this vintage pic watching a City Council meeting will be going away.
His sentence of three months will have Hoboken chattering.
Raia faced a maximum sentence of up to five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine after being convicted before a jury last July.
In 2013, Raia was a council candidate backing a mayoral slate which finished third while he came in seventh place and out of the running for a council seat. His efforts opposed to a rent control ballot question were also soundly defeated.
This story is breaking....

WNYC discusses Hoboken e-scooters with Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher

Last week, WNYC radio discussed the Hoboken e-scooter program on the Brian Lehrer Show with Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

The e-Scooter program is on a pause as many Hoboken residents complained about a bad rollout and others continued to complain through last month.

The Ravi Bhalla Administration is looking to Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and Councilman Michael Russo to continue council-based efforts on improvements eyeing a relaunch next April.

The segment above runs 22 minutes.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Pupie & me

UPDATE: HobokenHorse can exclusively report the rescheduled sentencing date for Frank "Pupie" Raia in Newark federal court is set for December 3rd at 11:00.

Will this one hold? That's a question for further analysis in premium later Wednesday.


Frank "Pupie" Raia is set to be sentenced.... in December.

This is the fourth change in sentencing for Frank "Pupie" Raia convicted in federal court last July for leading a voter bribery scheme out of his social club on Jefferson St. in the Hoboken 2013 election.

The repeated delays in sentencing are making people nervous.  

A vintage picture of Frank "Pupie" Raia hugging it out on upper Washington St. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
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This however, is a different story. This is a story about Pupie and a Horse.

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