Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Copter City

Since the weekend, Hoboken has been an idyllic if not a winter wonderland with a pace slowing down toward the turn of the year.  The "isolated event" in Detroit on Christmas however has inspired a sudden desire though for folks to go out and ride helicopters over town.  It's been a continuous drone of copters going up and down parallel along the river.  Here's a picture taken just minutes ago.  The sound of their passing is almost continuous today.  Can't say what has brought on this rash of helicopter riding over Hoboken but someone should tell them one isolated extremist doesn't warrant all those carbon emissions.  More copter photos below all taken within minutes of each other.  These are not the only ones, just some of them.

What is it exactly they are looking for?  Can you really see an Islamic terrorist from up there? Oops I said the naughty words.  Not to worry, you'll never hear those words from the folks running the government.  Apparently, they have been tossed out along with enemy combatant.

Photos courtesy Jhnnynewman, intrepid photographer - all rights reserved

Update 1:05 the drone goes on and on...
Here's another photo taken with a bunch of others.  This one made a turn overhead then went over toward the river before assuming its position in line with the others.

Update: 3:20 Will they call it a day at sundown?  This one and others are on the job.

Neighbor's back

How this little guy managed to snag this treat in the frozen winter is a question.  Just flew up this morning perhaps to show off. Breakfast is served.

Photo by Jhnnynewman, intrepid photographer - all rights reserved

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Revolt will not be televised

Hoboken Revolt, the local tax group is looking to move ahead with audits discussed over the course of 2009.  They are urging Mayor Zimmer and the City Council to move ahead. Their website is always available on our blog list.

Sunday morning over Hoboken

But where is that spire?

Click to enlarge   Jhnnynewman, intrepid photographer - all rights reserved

Looking for help from some friends

The Y in Hoboken is making an appeal for support.  If you haven't maxed out on your contributions in 2009, please consider them now or at the turn in 2010.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Charlie Brown the real Christmas Special

With classic Christmas themes and lines from our protagonist Charlie Brown, "My own dog gone commercial, I can't stand it" and from his little sister, "All I want is what I have coming to me" it rings as true today as then.  Here's part three, the shortest clip of three.  Click on the video to go to youtube for parts 1 and 2.  The complete episode in its entirety can be viewed here.  Merry Christmas.

Peace on Earth...


Goodwill toward men

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A miracle on a Hoboken Street...

Somewhere in Hoboken...

Photo courtesy the Grafix Avenger

Sullivans on Washington & Mr. Stinky

Greetings from a withering Mr. Stinky,

Jhnnynewman, intrepid photographer,  all rights reserved

Say hello to my little friend

Visiting for the holiday? (Click to enlarge.)

Season's Greetings

From Da Horsey, SmartyJones

One more eggnog thank you...

This last sip for you political junkies who just can't get enough. Don't worry we won't make you confess, you know who you are and we know when you pass through.  The Wile E Coyote makes one last stop at the Acme company to get some supplies giving you one more holiday surprise: the November mayoral election breakdown by town map via google maps.

Take a look at the 2-6. Maybe the most surprising vote in all the city there.

It's an interesting breakdown and we'll leave it to the readers to try to see straight, but yes all that green isn't just mistletoe.  It's the rampage of a little lady from New Hampshire who can pull off some decent dance moves.  Take our word for it, the lady has rhythm and class to spare.

All the best to you and yours this holiday season from your friends here at the stable.
Mile Square View

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scene over Smartyville

As many of us wind up the year into the holidays, here's a shot over Hoboken, call it the scene over Smartyville from atop the stable. (Click to enlarge.)

Pony Profile: Nancy Pincus

There was some question about the new Zoning Board members and Mile Square View decided it would be good to give some insight into each in our Guest of the Stable series.  One candidate, Nancy Pincus was mentioned on as not well known so Da Horsey started a new series, called Pony Profile.  Nancy Pincus is an architectural designer and graphic artist, and a 13-year resident of Hoboken. After graduating from Cooper Union's School of Architecture in 1986, her first project experience was The Ellis Island Museum of Immigration, which has influenced her professional persepctive to this day on the thought and care with which architects/builders must use when integrating modern elements or entire modern structures into existing 'historc' structures, and neighborhoods. 

She relates to what she sees happening in Hoboken; desires by individuals or developers seeking variances, and the consequences that alter the face of our historic little city. She doesn't view this as a negative necessarily, but believes too little thought has been given to the quality of design, and the value of maintaining the scale, density and unique qualities of our city. Nancy hopes she can provide a perspective to the Zoning Board that will support the growth of our town in a way that compliments our streets and Hoboken identity.  

Nancy detailed her view saying, "We will all be dead in a couple of decades (looking on the bright side), so the changes we make to the town we inherited will be our legacy to the next generation.  What do we want that to be?  We have to be guardians of the  past, without stifling expression and some expansion to accomodate the needs of this generation: a delicate balance.  And of course, there is law and precedent in the mix.  I can guarantee that I will always be fair, and come to each hearing with an open mind."

Nancy lived in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, for two years where again, she saw numerous examples of  the integration of (very) old and modern design.  Overall her experience spans 20 years working as a architectural designer/ project architect on an array of project types for prestigious corporate clients; since her daughter was born she's been consulting part-time; raising her daughter has been her 'fulltime' job. Active behind-the-scenes, Nancy recently worked as the graphic artist for the Kids First campaign, and continues to support the improvement of the public school system in Hoboken.  

Guest of the stable: Mike Evers

I've moved to Hoboken just over 16 years ago, one week before the birth of the first of my two sons.  I've been self-employed as a fundraising consultant working with small to mid-sized charities in the NY/NJ area for the last 23 years and teach at NYU's Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising.  I received an M.B.A. from Baruch College, CUNY after nine years of night school.  Locally, I helped found the Elysian Charter School and served as an officer and trustee for a number of years.  I am currently active with Hoboken's Boy Scout Troop, which will be delivering bags of Christmas gifts to needy Hoboken families this week.
My hope is that the Zoning Board will allow the intent and purpose of the current Master Plan to inform all of its decision.
Talking Ed Note: Mike was named an alternate to serve on the Zoning Board at last Wednesday's City Council meeting.

Boogie Woogie Land

Last night city employees got together and let their hair down at the Elks Club for a Holidays party saying goodbye to 2009.  It's been a challenging year in Hoboken and city employees have ridden the tide like a roller coaster.  That didn't stop them from hitting the dance floor.

Things get loose and yes, that's the mayor herself in red.

Jimmy Farina and friend led a dance breaking in the mosh pit

Things get more festive, was it the elf that did it?

Councilman Dave Mello, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman

Guest of the stable: Jim Aibel

I have been a Hoboken resident for over 30 years and a long-time, active supporter of the movement seeking good and responsible town governance.  It has been enormously gratifying to watch this movement eventually gain the backing of such a large percentage of the community and inspire new volunteers to join the effort to make Hoboken a model of good government.  The substantial response to the Administration's call for volunteers to serve on the Zoning Board of Adjustment is, in my view, a clear demonstration that many community members are eager to roll up their sleeves and get personally involved.     

I am pleased to have been selected from a group of strong and very capable applicants to serve with the incoming and incumbent Board commissioners  in confronting the issues arising out of the continuing wave of residential and commercial development in town.  Creating diversified housing that will sustain our ability to keep growing families in town, developing open and park space, maintaining the character of the town, respecting neighboring interests, creating an appropriate mix of residential and commercial development, and providing real benefits to the community are among the many factors that we must consider while planning and managing future land use. 

Service on the Zoning Board presents a great opportunity to protect the community's interests within the existing zoning and planning framework.  It also is a heavy responsibility, which I do not undertake lightly.  I was a partner in a Newark law firm and practicing litigation attorney for over 20 years.  During the last ten years, I have worked in corporate development and merger integration areas in a substantial New York-based financial services company.  I am a careful listener, have judgment refined by years of experience in resolving disputes and controversies of all types and intend to be a positive influence on the Board and a persuasive advocate for sound and good decision-making in the community's best interests.
Talking Ed Note: Last Wednesday night, two Zoning Board members were added and alternate Jim Aibel moved up to full member.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

$7 Million for HUMC!

In the best possible Christmas gift Hoboken could have hoped to receive, HUMC has just been awarded $7 million from the State of NJ.  The effort was apparently coordinated between Gov. Corzine and Gov.-elect Christie. This is far more than MSV had hoped but we're sure many people will share in a better Christmas as a result.  More  to follow....

Update: 5:45 - the release from the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services lists the awards to hospitals across the State.  Here's the criteria listed by the State:

Applications were evaluated based on the following criteria:  

    • Hospital faced closure or significant reduction of services
    • Extraordinary circumstances threatened access to essential health care services for residents in a community
    • The hospital serves a significant number of uninsured, underinsured and/or Medicaid patients
    • The hospital has demonstrated efforts to make efficiencies and improve facility management and governance
    • There is a reasonable likelihood that the health care services funded through the grant will be sustained after the grant funding ends
    • Impact of updating Medicaid inpatient rates

Related: also has posted the story.  It's notable that Jersey City did well with the grants including Christ Hospital.

City Hall just presented the news;

2010 Budget Compilation

The Wile E. Coyote has put together an accelerated starter program of the Finance Director, Nick Trisante's presentation on the introductory budget to the City Council.  It's a reduced time snapshot and no, Nick doesn't really talk that fast but the audio sounds much cleaner.  The Wile E Coyote saved you 12 minutes.  Thank him later.

Now serving...

City Hall released the following information on the weekend H1N1 vaccinations:

Hundreds Vaccinated at City’s H1N1 (Swine Flu) Clinic Held at HUMC

Hundreds of people took advantage of the City of Hoboken’s H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccination Clinic, which was held at the Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) on Saturday, December 19th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. “The people who put this clinic together should be commended,” said Anthony Oland, who came to get vaccinated along with his two-year-old son Charlie, five-year-old daughter Isabella, and wife Susan Icklan. “Everyone is so professional and attentive.” The clinic was the latest event in the City’s ongoing efforts to help vaccinate members of the community against the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Harvey: $62,000 less for Christmas

Mile Square View confirmed late today CEO Spiros Hatiras is taking a 15% cut in salary for 2010 in his role at Hoboken University Medical Center.  In addition to the $60,000 in savings for 2010 to the hospital, he indicated some pressure applied at the last hospital board meeting on the former CEO Harvey Holzberg to waive the last month of his consulting fee for December.  MSV is confirming this is accurate and the hospital will save an additional $62,000 as a result.

There are several outstanding requests MSV is following up on.  We'll keep you posted as it's our hope the positive cooperation will continue.

Photo Harvy Holzberg courtesy Max Orenstein / Jersey Journal

7:02 Correction:  MSV initially indicated the savings from eliminating the final month of Harvey Holzberg's December consulting fee was $64,000.  The correct figure is $62,000.  We apologize for the error.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hoboken411 attacks local citizen

When we reported on Hoboken411's threat to City Hall and city workers, we noted it may not be long before we would see personal attacks on Hoboken citizens.  Little did we know it would occur so soon, let alone mere minutes after MSV posted its piece.

Richard Pasquarelli, the master of ceremonies at the the protest against Peter Cammarano at City Hall last summer turned out to be the latest target of a Hoboken411 hatchet job.  This one as so many others did not go well when Richard was able to get his reply in, thus silencing the thread there which was quite happily applauding the muddy work of its host.  Perry charged Richard with hypocrisy stating "Pasquarelli has curiously changed his mission statement" from tax cuts and a property reval to a mere complaint about a traffic light.  It's absurdly delusional and in regards to taxes this is in fact a miraculous improvement from the denial of reality right into election day with the mere acknowledgement taxes are going down, although now he colors it by saying it isn't "substantial."  Richard's rebuttal ended any possible continuance of the inane and inept attacks on him with the thread going dead silent since.  Hypocrisy thy name is Hoboken411!

Full disclosure, we met Richard the day of the City Hall protest and consider him one of our favorite Hoboken neighbors now whenever we pass ways as we did most recently at the City Council meeting.  His inspirational efforts in the City Hall protest last summer led to our becoming active at Hoboken Revolt.   Consider this story our Christmas gift to Hoboken411.  Merry Christmas Perry!

Here's Richard in his own words utterly destroying Hoboken411's lame attack:
I wasn’t even really talking about 11th St at the City Council meeting for more than a second, I just mentioned that the light there takes forever to change and when it does, it only lasts long enough to let three or four cars through. What I said was “Maybe somebody could look at the timing of that light”.
BUT, what I WAS talking about at the meeting, if you watch the tape on channel 78, was about putting traffic cameras at the STOP signs that nobody stops at, thus bringing in revenue to help LOWER OUR TAXES, back to the ISSUES. Watch the video, you’ll see what I said.
As far as Zimmer, I’ve been going to meetings and watching the votes by the city council, and as far as I can see, they seem to have OUR interests at heart, not those of the developers or the unethical people in this town who think they DESERVE deals because of who they know. I’m also waiting for the budget hearing to make myself heard about that. For example, as far as the discretionary spending that Trisanti presented, we need to look at that! I don’t know a single person who has had a raise in the last to years and to give our city employees a retroactive raise right now is a disgusting move on the part of the fiscal monitor. I have no qualms about speaking out about that before it happens. There’s just the right time to do it.

And it’s the same for the rest of our Revolt steering committee, who meet every month, ON OUR OWN TIME, and we all have jobs and families too, yet, we have been working feverishly on the hospital issues, pilot payment issues and ESPECIALLY the Union Contracts to make sure that the TAX payers are aware of the kind of deals that are being made. And trust me, if the rest of the people in this town knew what we have heard through the grape vine about the union contracts, there would be another rally tomorrow. And by the way, the contracts are being negotiated by the state monitor, not Zimmer! And THAT is the only place where we are going to make a dramatic change in our tax situation. A reval should be done too, but it should happen AFTER we lower our taxes. If the taxes don’t go down, we still need to do a Reval, we are legally supposed to do one every fifteen years.
So don’t tell me that I’m not involved.

Talking Ed Note: We've been working on our creative photography and photoshop skills.  Although the skies are not filled with evil horned Zimmers, we know this is the unfortunate tortured world Hoboken411 lives and breathes.  Enjoy!

Hoboken political reflections...

With the snowstorm now underway, we couldn't help but notice the sentimental reflections already started for the year over at our colleague's site, the jolly green giant.  It brought a tear to our eye as we thought about all the noble work halted when Peter Camma-Rat-0 was taken down and all the potential for looting the taxpayers with him.

There's a photo up capturing the spirit of those happier days in Hoboken.  In line with this sentiment, we're passing on the extended mourning of the legendary City Council advertisement (in its entirety) now buried as a relic in Beth Mason's fall mayoral campaign.

As a sentimental fond remembrance, we are bringing it back in all its original edited glory for your viewing pleasure.  We're giving this the silver medal for Greatest Fails of the Year.  When Judy Tripodi announced the tax decrease along with the budget's arrival, the contrived lies fell upon themselves, except at Hoboken411 who bravely stood in the face of the truth and kept pushing the Big Lie as long as possible, right into election day.  That massive fail gets the gold medal, beating out even Peter Cammarano's Malibu moment caught on tape by the FBI.  We're giving that historical moment at the Malibu the bronze in a tie with the massive fail of Perry Klaussen's email bomb the day before the election.  The lies piled upon lies did nothing in stopping the blowout 20 point victory by Mayor Zimmer on November 3rd.  Okay, maybe he cost her a 20.5% victory margin.  Wot a loser!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Going Green for the Green

We heard of going green but usually it comes with a cost, as in a cost to the taxpayers, not the other way around. City Hall made the following announcement:
Direct Install Program Release2

Hoboken411 threatens City of Hoboken!

In yet another sad display of self-destruction, or at least the most public we've seen in a long time, Hoboken411 is making public threats to the town of Hoboken and its employees for, well there's no other way to put it: ignoring him.

He's more upset than Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction."  And he's not going to be ignored.  Or he'll huff, and he'll puff and not follow doctor's orders and take his mood medication.  In this case, the medicine he can't take is that the City of Hoboken no longer will tolerate his missing anger management classes.  The word on the street is that his monotonous and sad hatred of all things in the new administration put him over the edge and he can't conduct himself with even the barest thread of decency.  (A reader also said he called one fine Councilman a terrorist for a disagreement with the Corporation Counsel.)

Yup, he's a victim.  And he's going to get you.  Check out the latest rantings of a madman during the last City Council meeting.  Hey, Klepto-Klaussen, Ozzy Osbourne called and he wants his "Diary of a Madman" back.  With this threat to the City and its employees, can attacks on private citizens be far off?

They will not advise 411 when or where that forum is. And that is going to cause them some problems.
[Comment From Guest]
why not?
because they don't respect the independent voice of Hoboken411
This is going to cause legal problems for the city of Hoboken
Because I didn't specifically support (i.e., kiss ass) the current adminstration full-throttle, all directors and individuals at City Hall have been instructed to NOT send information or respond to emails from H411
(Including the free H1N1 shots that are being given out)
[Comment From troll]
I represent the voice of the residents, and the city has decided to be non-transparent on VERY legitimate issues that our residents have
[Comment From Guest]
holy shit so stupid we all rely on 411
[Comment From troll]
such a mistake
This will be on the evening news in a couple weeks
Fair Warning to city officials: When you see a news van near city hall, take the side door or wear a disguise
[Comment From troll]
"the voice of the residents" I know your site gets a lot of hits but...
[Comment From Guest]
really? wtg
I've been doing this for four years, and you cannot get rid of me no matter how hard you try. You're only going to make me stronger
I suggest the city avoid litigation, but that's just my opinion
[Comment From troll]
that sounds like something out of a comic book. or maybe it was obi wan
[Comment From Guest]
[Comment From troll]
THey should answer your emails. And they should get any info out through you that needs to get to the public.
City Employees have been "warned"