Monday, September 14, 2009

Race for mayor: and then there were three?

We're not quite a field yet but Hoboken Now is reporting that Beth Mason is a go and will announce at the Brass Rail officially for the office of Hoboken mayor on Tuesday.

In addition, we also discovered that Nathan Brinkman, a co-founder of Hoboken Republicans and fund raiser for Steve Lonegan's bid for governor on the Republican ticket earlier this year is obtaining petition signatures for a possible run as well. (Chris Christie would eventually win that bid.) Brinkman had been spearheading a fundraising effort on behalf of Lonegan to bring in $340,000. Would that amount be formidable in a Hoboken race for mayor? You bet.

Pictured: Sean Connelly (in dark suit) former Jersey City counsel and advisor under Mayor Schundler leads the Brinkman petition collection efforts Sunday afternoon near the Italian festival.

Update: 5:25

We've received some additional information regarding the impending campaign of Nathan Brinkman. He's in! Unconfirmed sources indicate an official statement will be forthcoming after this week's filing deadline.

In addition, this will not be a minor entry but a well funded effort led by the former consultant to former Jersey City mayor Brett Shundler. The former Jersey City mayor as many recall shocked Hudson County with an out of nowhere campaign and made Jersey City an example of good governance not unlike Rudolph Giuliani's efforts in New York City.

You heard it here first.

The more things change....

The more they stay the same. This version of the Mason 2.0 mayoral campaign has some familiar themes to voters. Perhaps it's more than a little familiar. To those who recognize it, perhaps it's because this new message is crafted from another similar candidate's message this past spring.

Can you guess which candidate?

Here's a hint: Paul Swibinski was in charge of that eventual winning bid. And it appears he's now running the show here too.

Piri! Piri! First Open Photos!

While it's probably not best to open a new restaurant while a longstanding festival is scoring all the local patrons, Piri Piri's doors are now open.

As you can see from their specials board yesterday, they are keeping to their tradition with a steak cooked in the Argentine tradition, a mother's shrimp dish and for dessert, what else: flan.