Friday, September 18, 2009

Crated away!

The Hoboken Police and Jersey City Bomb Squad finally completed the removal of all dangerous materials from 632 Garden St. They used a special disposable chamber. It did some sort of internal processing. You can see the swinging arm to the left of the device that seals any dangerous materials in the picture. (Click photos to enlarge.)

And finally, that unit along with the two Jersey City Bomb Squad Vehicles has left. The Hoboken Police are still in the building. We have no idea what remains for them to complete. One rumor was that there was some home made ammunition and this had to be disposed of as well. But there's no confirmation on that. We're reluctant to pass along even that as so much bad information has been going around today, along with some other very bad mojo. It started with this poor man Frank (Francis his official name but we aren't using his whole name without confirm), and continued with plenty of screwballs along the way.

Was it something in the water?

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Hoboken411 Theft

We emailed Perry Klaussen. If you notice he's now taken today's photos that were specifically copyrighted per the exact story and posted them without permission on his website.

He claims a "reader" sent them to him. We have served notice to him twice now via email. Our attorney is clocking it now.

Then again, it would be fun seeing someone try to produce how they got the photos given to them in court. (That's what my litigator said. Industry humor I suspect.)

Update 7:15: Well Perry did the right thing and removed the copyrighted photos. We've saved the offending page per the attorney's direction. Unfortunately, we can't print the mocking email he sent though as we were advised it would be detrimental to any potential action.

A little idea lifting is flattery, but this isn't the Piri Piri story. Let's put it this way, if you want to do such a thing, it's better to be far away like in Brazil where copyright law is harder to reach you. The Portuguese food is also cheaper. Copyright infringement as I have been told, can be very expensive.

A posted apology is much cheaper. See one we just did yesterday as an example.

Bomb Squad still working

Indications are that it's going to be a while still. They are carefully packaging and cataloguing all items before moving them. Garden Street between 6th and 7th will be closed during this time.

Police are much more relaxed now that their survey shows no explosives. There was some concern about terrorism earlier but that was quickly discounted. Ironically enough, just today, the suspect who traveled from Denver to New York City found with bomb materials in his car is now going to admit to terrorist ties to Al Qaeda. He initially denied he had any ties to Al Qaeda or terrorist intentions.

Apparently, discussions are underway for him to plead guilty.
The Daily News is also reporting of a plea to terrorism deal with the Afghan national.

Some people may recall that terrorists going back to the first attack on the World Trade Center launched their plans while staying in Jersey City.

Jersey Bomb Squad on scene in Hoboken

Although the suspect was arrested this morning, the police were concerned about dangerous materials in the home. They restricted the block and took all necessary precautions for the residents and their force. Currently, the Jersey City Bomb Squad is performing a complete sweep of the premises.

The suspect was said to have brandished a .45 revolver and the weapon recovered. The police could have been in a dangerous situation with the suspect, but managed to subdue him without any extreme force.

The home is described as being "a mess" with an arsenal of guns that are legally owned. Some additional armaments may also be on the premises, some of which may be World War II vintage grenades. Some found and they were classified as inert. A specially designed mobile storage truck has been brought to the scene and looks to being prepped for the storage and removal of all of them.

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Bomb Squad in Hoboken

We withheld pictures and this story at the request of the Hoboken Police Dept.
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Pictured above is the suspect from 632 Garden St. He is said to reside at that location and may be a veteran possibly with some personal issues. Hoboken Police, EMS, two trucks from the Jersey City Bomb Squad and a bomb sniffing dog are on site and tending to a clean sweep of the location.

The police issued a statement on an action on Garden St. near 7th St.:

At approximately 11:15 A.M. this morning the Hoboken Police Department received notification that an individual brandishing a weapon had been sited on Garden Street between 6th Street & 7th Street. Police were dispatched to the area and apprehended the individual without any incident. At that time, police officers on the scene were made aware that the individual in question may have had other weapons in his place of residence located on Garden Street between 6th Street & 7th Street.

According to Public Safety Director Angel Alicea and Police Captain James Fitzsimmons, a preliminary search of the apprehended individual’s residence is being conducted. To ensure public safety and provide access to emergency vehicles and personnel participating in the search, Garden Street between 6th Street & 8th Street has been closed until the completion of the operation.

Local schools have been notified of the incident and all precautions have been initiated to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

Updates regarding this incident and the closure of Garden Street between 6th Street & 8th Street will be provided as soon as new information is available.