Sunday, September 27, 2009

Campaign mud or illumination?

There's a wave of Councilwoman Beth Mason's campaign literature arriving in people's homes this week.  There's been some discussion on whether this actually helps voters understand the issues facing Hoboken or if they are solely negative.  We've heard some opinions on the matter and we'll be revisiting it later.  Here's two, one recent and one from earlier this year.  How similar or dissimilar are they?

Halloween Store Opens in Hoboken

Ricky's the popular costume store chain with locations in Manhattan just opened a store in Hoboken last Thursday.  Located at 222 Washington Street, the place is huge and has everything from masks to full ensembles.  No doubt it's going to be a hit the next month and the folks inside said they may in fact stick around.

More photos after the jump:

That Comment Thing

Recently, we changed our comment system and unfortunately that removed the previous comments including one from someone who called us a jackass.  We left it up as we really don't care and also as a celebration of free speech.  Besides, we know who did it and that "voice" is well known.  

However, we do very much care about freedom of speech, applied responsibly and with respect to one's neighbors.  We also strongly support our colleague and fellow blogger Kurt at the Hoboken Journal who we note has honored a free exchange of ideas and somehow found himself in the middle of nonsense perpetuated by others who need to take a strong long look in the mirror.  Although we don't know the facts that led to the Hoboken Journal going on hiatus, we consider it a strong loss to our community.  No matter what your view on any issue or concern of the day in this town we love, Kurt built a site dedicated to Hoboken permitting voices from all sides, and along with it, a noteworthy audience.  

For reasons of liability and those who care about such things, our comment policy is now posted below at the jump.  It's our strong preference for people to self-modulate their voice and to focus on an issue and not use the internet to attack others. 

If you haven't done so, you can leave a public note or email of support to Kurt at The Hoboken Journal.  We look forward to his speedy return and continued contribution to our community.