Monday, September 28, 2009

Line'm Up!

Hoboken Now is reporting on the ballot positions for the November 3rd winner take all mayor's race.  Patricia Waiters got the first spot, lower half of the photo under C.

Here's how the candidates will appear on your ballot, horizontally, from left to right:

Beth Mason (D), Frank Raia (E), Nathan Brinkman (F), Everton Wilson (G), Dawn Zimmer (H), Kimberly Glatt (I).

Photo courtesy: Jamie Schuh / Hoboken Now

Sign of the Times: Art reflects Life

Yesterday's soggy day brought some relief in the afternoon long enough for people to enjoy the Hoboken Fall Arts & Music Festival, at least until after it ended when a down pour broke out again.  This picture captures it well: art imitating life or is it the reverse.

More pictures after the jump: