Saturday, October 24, 2009

Legal usage or Free Speech?

There's more controversy on the use of public property since our Friday editorial.  This time it's Beth Mason's campaign once again garnering the spotlight.  Apparently, a Hoboken resident unsympathetic to the Councilwoman's campaign had a problem with the use of a lamp post being used to prop up the triple Mason sign.

Is it legal to use a lamp post to hold up campaign signs? We're guessing no, but of course we're not getting paid by any campaign to support such an endeavor.  We took this picture on Thursday not long after our man in the street interview with Frank "Pupie" Raia.  The outdoor campaign workers sitting outside (rear left photo) had carried out the sign and placed it against the lamp post, apparently for better viewing on Washington St.  And no it wasn't being put there "temporarily" for loading anywhere as that less than credible blog claimed.  (But you knew that already didn't you?)

Photo: Washington St. outside Councilwoman Beth Mason's campaign office.  A pedestrian looks askance at the triple Mason propped against a lamp post for viewing. Click photo to enlarge.  All rights reserved.  (Yes that means you Perry/H411.)

City Council Meeting - Reader Revulsion

Last week's City Council meeting, the last chance for candidates to make a show of their candidacy in that forum before the November election hasn't escaped the attention or the revulsion of our readers.  One email submittal included their feelings on some behavior with the illustration below:  

Disclaimer: Mile Square View makes no representations on the application, usage, effectiveness of the above pictured product.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or a total douche bag is purely coincidental.  Void where prohibited.  Da Horsey makes no claim, accepts no warranty implied or otherwise in regards to the effectiveness of said product and its misapplication now or in any future City Council meeting.  Use only as directed.  Do not use or apply while operating a motor vehicle, heavy equipment or City of Hoboken business.

Inserted douchebaggery is for display purposes only. For recreational use only.  No user-serviceable parts inside.  One size fits all.  Jolly Roger, Monty Python and the Holy Grail not included.