Monday, November 2, 2009

Hoboken411 takes the green

We just got additional information on Hoboken411's advertising payments from the campaigns to this point.

The Mason Campaign has paid $2487 and Frank "Pupie" Raia has paid $2500. Well that at least explains why Frank was left off the Hoboken411 "informational" slime email.  If I was on the Frank Raia campaign I would demand a refund.  They got doubly slimed by Perry and this clear electioneering email violation.

Grafix Avenger weighed in and submitted their displeasure on the Hoboken411 electioneering email with a graphic and well that pretty much sizes it up.

Talking Ed Note: Other than taking an artistic approach, others are now acting to voice their displeasure to the authorities, printing out the Hoboken411 electioneering email and faxing it as stated in reader comments:

Here's the fax number for investigations of ELEC violations:
Requests for Investigations: (609) 943-5280

For anybody who would prefer to forward the e-mail electronically, the e-mail of the County Clerk is: 

In Defense of Hoboken411:
Well we have our first (maybe last) official comment coming in from the less than creative "guest" on the citations against Hoboken411.  They are attempting to make a moral equivalence between ads, random google ads, an editorial endorsement and the electioneering email Perry abused people with earlier.

All we can say to that familiar voice is "Good luck with that."  Please come again.  But at least pick something more original than guest next time.  And how does it feel to be on a censor free site?  Are you sure you are up to this?  Take care of you and yours.  Tomorrow this will all be over.  Except for the ELEC violations squad.  They will be very busy!

Update: 9:05 Our "guest" has returned in comments with silly accusations of payment non-disclosure.  When we get paid for the few blogger ads we'll let you know "guest."  Until then you may need to have your legal citations reviewed on behalf of Hoboken411 so they can begin addressing the ELEC complaints that are arriving as we speak.  Every candidate has taken their lumps and none has been a crybaby, not one.  

Except you.

Hoboken411 Email Slimefest

We are being assaulted with numerous reader accounts of a new low from Hoboken411 with a political hit job email.  Perry Klaussfurher is leading the last second desperate charge, using every email he's accumulated under the sun apparently, including all the people who failed to meet his censorship standards.

The communication is thinly disguised as a please get out to vote note and then quickly goes into attack mode against Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Kimberly Glatt.  Hey Perry, you forgot to include Frank "Pupie" Raia in the attack.

It should be noted that Perry is still pushing the Stophidingthebudget video by Team Mason taken at City Hall's last City Council meeting.  Even with three interviews from Hoboken Now, the Hudson Reporter and Mile Square View, he's pushing the fabrication that Judy Tripodi has already addressed in detail on lowering taxes and the budget's release this month.

We suggest everyone send it back to Perry with the following tag:

Where is the required "Paid for by beth mason for mayor" line in your email ad? This is being forward to the NJ Board of Elections for action. 

Still not enough?

Eric Kurta just sent some updated maps with all kinds of cool push pins showing some different housing centers.

Here's the citywide breakdown on the June Cammarano-Zimmer race.

And here's the first round race in May race: 

Hmmm yum, eat it up.  Are you guys full yet?

Does this help?

Not to be outdone, one reader submitted the above curious as to the impact.  Their feelings were not altogether positive about this tandem and ironically we're not so sure if the Jon Corzine camp feels the same.  After all, they didn't invite the Councilwoman to come up on the stage at the Teak event last week, even after Beth Mason had endorsed him. The Governor did however invite the Acting Mayor.  Well it is her home turf after all. (Click for the full graphic.)

We aren't going to ask the Corzine campaign their feelings on this political work of art.  Seems like they have a lot bigger problems on their hand.  The latest Qunnipiac poll just came out today.  Last week they had Corzine surging into a five point lead, and today their poll has Chris Christie taking a two point lead.  That's a seven point swing in five days!  The third party candidate Chris Daggett once believe to be a real third party threat is now fading.  Much of it is defecting to Chris Christie based on the internals from the Qpac poll.

Yesterday a neighbor told us they had to go to the airport to pick someone up.  The flight was delayed as President Obama was in town for his third visit to push Corzine.  People were circling Newark Airport for hours as a result, awaiting landing permission.  They were really teed off when their flights finally did land.  How much of that carbon stuff gets pumped out as a result we can't say.  But it's all okay, at least it's for a good cause right?  Sort of like Al Gore making tens of millions off of global warming and living in a house using the energy of five American families.

We're reminded of our favorite fifth grade author, George Orwell.  Some animals are more equal than others.  Just depends on how you sort out on the "Animal Farm."

Talking Ed Note:  Da Horsey has already gone on the record handicapping the local race.  But on the statewide race we noticed our jolly green giant colleague at The Hoboken Journal has come out with a banner ad for Jon Corzine.  (Hey Kurt, for $25 million spent on his campaign, at least the guy could do for the free banner is buy you a beer.)

Unlike the local race that we only handicapped, we'll go on record predicting defeat for Jon Corzine.  There's not enough dead NJ voters on the rolls to change this one.  And the Corzine campaign's request to not toss absentee ballots out for bad signatures, if allowed won't save the day either.

The next governor of New Jersey will be Chris Christie.

Have you been robo-ed?

We've read reports about robocalls during the election.  Most of them sound like push polls and they were pretty early in the cycle.  This one seems to be making the rounds late.  Have a juicy carrot for da horsey?  Let us know: smarty

One last endorsement?

We just got a press release from the Brinkman campaign.  We're posting it as is, not a moment too soon, just under the wire.  Anyone else?  Maybe the Cake Boss rethinks and chooses a candidate?  Or how about Eli Manning?


(HOBOKEN, November 2) – Steve Forbes – New Jersey native, CEO of Forbes, Inc., editor in chief of Forbes magazine, and co-author of the 30 percent income tax cut plan offered by Christie Todd Whitman in her successful 1993 run for New Jersey Governor – today endorsed Nathan Brinkman for Mayor of Hoboken.

“City government in Hoboken suffers from the same problem that infects Trenton – the government is just too big,” said Forbes. “It spends too much, and taxes too much, and interferes too much with the lives of its residents.

“Nathan Brinkman wants less government, and more freedom. He believes that that government is best which governs least.

“Nathan believes that private citizens know better than bureaucrats how best to spend their own money, and he understands that Hoboken’s high property taxes are forcing seniors on fixed incomes to leave their lifelong homes, and preventing young families from buying their first.

“Nathan is a free market conservative who has a plan to shrink the size of city government and cut Hoboken’s property taxes. He’ll put the city budget and all city contracts online, reduce the city’s bloated payroll, and return the savings to Hoboken taxpayers.

“I’m pleased to join my friends Bret Schundler and Steve Goldsmith – both of whom served as successful mayors, and who showed that market oriented policies work best in urban areas – in endorsing Nathan Brinkman for Mayor of Hoboken in tomorrow’s special election,” concluded Forbes.

“Steve Forbes is the gold standard of free market conservatism,” said Brinkman. “Through the magazine he edits and the company he leads, he spreads the gospel of individual liberty and limited government.

“I’m honored, and humbled, to receive his endorsement,” Brinkman continued. “We need more people who subscribe to his thinking – and even his magazine – in Hoboken City Hall, and that’s exactly what I intend to bring to the job as Hoboken’s Mayor.”

Forget love, give me the loot

Money makes the world go round but in this election game, money is the mother's milk of politics and Hoboken is no exception.  That fine Wile E Coyote, Eric Kurta, former President for People for Open Government has struck again with a synopsis of all the candidates and their money operations this election cycle.

Which candidate has the biggest financial commitment from Hobokenites?   What candidate is the biggest spender?  It's all there.  So without further adieu...

The queen of the castle and prize for most stimulus money given to the political professional class is far and away Councilwoman Beth Mason.  Coming in at just short of $400K, with her family being the biggest contributor to her campaign at $385K, she's not only the "coolest mom" she must also be the best pal to have on your birthday.

The prize for most beloved candidate appears to be the Acting Mayor herself, Dawn Zimmer.  She's collected the most money from Hoboken residents totaling close to $18K among small contributors of $300 or less of local folk committed to her vision of change.  Her family contribution this election cycle is $35,500 in a campaign of less than $100,000.  Talk about getting the most bang for your buck.  That's one efficient operation.

Frank "Pupie" Raia true to his self-financed word wrote a check to his campaign of $200K and has not taken a nickel from anyone else.  That seems almost a measured and reasonable sum compared to the more than double (in the final tally) of one of his chief rivals.  Frank probably has spent more for Hoboken on his birthday when he'd invite everyone to come on out and have a good time.

Most committed candidate far and away is Nathan Brinkman.  Since the last ELEC, his spending has soared but most of it is coming from family and friends. Since Nathan also was the only candidate to provide income tax filings over several years, his campaign money of just over $36,000 with more than $24,000 self-financed proves far and away he's the most committed.  To top him, you'd need to earn less than 100K and write your campaign a check for over 25K.  (No one else took Nathan up on his offer of showing tax returns so we'll just venture a guess for this award.)

The candidate who wins the award for most judicial campaign war chest is of course Kim Glatt.  Her family contribution is $16,000 to a total election effort just under $41K to date.  We'll have to wonder who showed up for the $300 a head fundraiser.  Since no one we knew attended, it must have been an intimate affair.

The award for most frugal candidate goes to Everton Wilson.  His campaign war chest of $1555 with a grand written by the candidate himself leads us to believe this was actually a Stevens or a bachelor dating commercial more than a campaign for mayor.  At the Stevens debate, he announced he was single and invited the ladies to see him afterwards.  He's a Phd candidate but talk about innovation.

There is no information on the Patricia Waiters campaign as no filing is available.

And these are not final figures.  The GOTV (Get out the Vote) operations are often some of the costliest a candidate incurs in an election process depending of course on strategy and how much of a push they seek to make late.  We fondly recall the unverified story from internet poster St. Paddy Girl who spoke about a guy standing on his bike with a large chain lock around his neck over at Cammarano's HQ yelling after the election in a crowd of apparent GOTV dues members "I don't care if he's the mayor, I want my money for the effin votes!"  (The Feds clearly were a little late on some installment payments.)  I hate when that happens.

Okay so they'll be another update after the election.  And folks make sure to get those ELEC reports in on time.  If the Wile E Coyote catches you you're through!

Talking Ed Note:  Our colleague, the jolly green giant at the Hoboken Journal has this data too and posted the chart of candidate campaign funds we based our story and also an electoral colored map showing the voting tallies in the last election.

A big thank you for the work of Eric Kurta who has researched, compiled and distributed this information so us intrepid bloggers can get it out to folks before the election.

Eric Kurta is also a member of the Hoboken Revolt steering committee.