Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hoboken Mayor (Unexpired)
35/36 97.22%

Vote Count
- Patricia A. Waiters
- Elizabeth Mason
- Frank Raia
- Nathan Brinkman
- Everton A. Wilson
- Dawn Zimmer
- Kimberly Glatt
Personal Choice

Although the numbers are not final, it's not too soon to congratulate -
MAYOR DAWN ZIMMER on her blowout victory in a field of seven candidates.

Outspent by her top two challengers at the last official count in the ballpark of $600,000 to $100,000, she still managed to overcome additional obstacles including an all out media campaign undermined by the true facts of a tax decreases and the budget release this month.  There's nothing more to add right now other than Mile Square View is proud to have played a role in bringing the true facts to the Hoboken voters a full week ago.

In the end, that truth helped accelerate a fine victory by Team Zimmer.  Kudos also to Frank Raia for running a fine positive campaign.  We do hope he will play a positive role at City Hall and beyond.

Many challenges lie ahead for Hoboken.  This is the first time in many years people can look at City Hall and have hope the sad chapters of the past may finally be over.

"Grist for the Mill" Election Special

Word on the street:

By noontime the vote was strong and vigorous, coming in at 7,000 indicating a stronger turnout than the June runoff election.  This from sources within City Hall also indicated the total number should it double to approximately 14,000 would not necessarily suggest an equal number for both the statewide and city race.

Expectations run that an undervote may in fact put the race in similar range as the June runoff.

Pupie HQ was lively as we stopped by not too long ago.  On background we were told the high absentee ballot figures running rampant around town were in fact completely fallacious.  The absentee ballots run in the hundreds and not in the four figure plus range that was being floated around in wild speculation.

Total absentee ballots in the election are looking pretty firm at this point.  Almost 1100 are currently turned in but not validated.  A couple of dozen additional ballots are arriving now and it's not beyond reason that more may arrive by the 8:00 PM deadline.

We'll check back with more solid data when possible.

No suggestion on confidence of any candidate will be implied or suggested with the polls open.  Please get out and vote.

Horse Sense: The Absentee isn't absent

Historically, an absentee ballot vote grew out of any number of legitimate reasons. A person could not make it to the polls on election day: business out of town, family illness or some problem within acceptable criteria for not performing the responsibility of trudging to the polls like everyone else.  This year, the state of New Jersey has opened the flood gates, you didn't need a qualified reason to vote by absentee ballot.  All you had to do was file a request.  As a result, there will be a record turnout: of absentees.  How's that for irony?

Hoboken has a rich recent history of absentee ballots playing critical roles in election outcomes.  As most may know, Peter Cammarano made up the difference in the last election last June by overcoming a significant deficit at the voting machines.  His absentee ballot tallies were so high, I had to sit down and take an actual calculation as it was approaching 10%.  To say this is high is understating the matter.  His total came in as Da Horsey recalls over 8%.  The Acting Mayor has had so many close elections in her short electoral career she probably needs several drinks just to discuss it.

For historical comparison, let's take a look at the NJ State percentages for absentee ballots in recent elections.  If you click on the link, you can see over several years the numbers have typically fallen between a range of .03 to .06 on average year to year.  So what does that tell you about Hoboken and where this process is heading statewide?
Well you can look at Minnesota as a recent example of bad mojo when the election is tight. Most people are not aware even if they followed that election the role ACORN played in bringing large numbers to the final vote tallies.  If the statewide election is close as some suspect, the absentee ballots will be the decider and without a doubt there will be a great amount of suspicion.  In Minnesota it took months to sort out and legal challenges went on and on. Hopefully the margin of victory will fall outside the balance of any outstanding absentee ballots putting the whole vote into question.  But it's happened before in the early 80s and some suspect with the laws being so permissive for absentee ballot voting, fraud could enter into the equation.

Here the word on the street is that Pupie has the best get out the absentee vote operation.  He's been quoted by third parties for bragging he put Peter Cammarano over the top.  There's some crazy numbers floating out unconfirmed suggesting  his absentee ballots go well into four figures.  So far we've heard exactly the same crazy figure from two different sources. Rumors travel fast in Hoboken.  We're not specifying the number because you'd think us crazy too.  Crossing our horseshoes absentees play no outcome in either Hoboken or the statewide Governor's race.

Let's hope not.  But if it does, you heard it here first.

P.S.  We just got an email reminding us to vote.  We're not naming the candidate either.

P.S.S. If anyone other than the poll worker ask for any information, you do not need to answer.  They are challengers and may challenge with a paper process to follow, then the poll workers decide your eligibility.  But there's already been reports of too much chuminess between the two.  They are not even allowed to question you.

Okay back to our main story, GOTV (Get out the Vote).

From signs to the polls

Here's a unique building situation.  You have Dawn Zimmer signs in the windows with a Kimberly Glatt banner just above.  Apparently, everyone is happy with this arrangement.  Or maybe not.

Later today, all the signs will most likely be coming down as a winner should be announced making one campaign pretty happy and six others less so.  Then the real work of trying to get Hoboken back on track begins.

After the Polls Close

Nathan Brinkman's Campaign has set up shop for when the polls close:


(HOBOKEN, November 3) – Hoboken Mayoral Candidate Nathan Brinkman will gather with campaign volunteers and supporters this evening at The Dubliner restaurant at 96 River Street, beginning at 8 PM.

WHO:              Hoboken Mayoral Candidate Nathan Brinkman

WHAT:            Election Night plans

WHERE:         Upstairs Private Room
                        The Dubliner Restaurant
                        96 River Street

WHEN:            Tuesday, November 3
                         8 PM

ACORN fraud in NJ?

Reports of absentee ballots being taken and filled out are already coming in from Newark. In addition the SEIU union is being mentioned as accepting ACORN "workers" to come to New Jersey and be involved in the election in New Jersey today. The report comes from Andrew Breibart's site, Big Government. The site was instrumental in publicizing the undercover videos of two videographer investigators leading to funding (at least temporarily) stopping for ACORN.

In addition the website is now raising alarms, "There are reports out of Camden, New Jersey that voters are discovering that absentee ballots have already been submitted under their name. They did not authorize these ballots. Early reports suggested that the number of absentee ballots ‘requested’ in Camden city is higher than in any previous election. This will no doubt spark confusion on election day."

Gangmembers are reported to have been involved in voter intimidation according to a citizen report now online. The group collecting the citizen videos is Election Journal described on their website as an online community dedicated to raising public awareness of vote fraud and election irregularities. Jake Tapper of ABC News called Election Journal "an organic melange of media, citizenry, community and watchdog."

The group invites citizen participation. "If you would like to volunteer to help maintain the integrity of the democratic process, please send an email to electionjournal@gmail.com. You can use this same email to report any voting irregularities you witness on Tuesday. Also, please send in any of your own documentary video of problems at polling places."

Sounds good to us. Check with Election Journal through the course of the day for New Jersey citizen action on protecting the integrity of your vote.

The Wall St. Journal has also posted a story citing similar concerns and examples of concern regarding ACORN coming in from both New York and Pennsylvania.

It's been already confirmed robocalls on behalf of Chris Daggett were being made by a Democrat Party organization to Somerset County as reported in PolitikerNJ.com.

Hopefully Hoboken will not have any fraud factor in this election.  And perhaps, it will extend to the results in the statewide election as well.

This is the time! Please vote wisely.

Graphic courtesy: www.lowerhobokentaxes.com/

In defense of Hoboken411

Update: The Hoboken Journal has also posted on this story, questioning the spam by Hoboken411 and ELEC concerns.

We've had the same "guest" visit several times now making various arguments in an attempt to defend the electioneering email sent out by Hoboken411 on behalf of the Mason campaign today.

Let's first dismiss Frank "Pupie" Raia as a beneficiary of this email campaign by pointing out the actual Mason Campaign commercial footage posted on youtube under the moniker "Stophidingthebudget."  We've highlighted this youtube video series several times, and have even used it's footage in earlier and current stories.  The camera in use offers some quality footage shot on Councilwoman Beth Mason's in chambers camera during City Council meetings.

Although the email bomb also attacks former Municipal Judge Kimberly Glatt, most of its efforts are directed against the current Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  Regardless, the evidence of an actual campaign commercial posted on youtube eliminates any doubt on who's behalf the electioneering email was sent today.  We would also note, the Mason Campaign at no time complained about the accuracy of our stories in regard to any of the "Stophidingthebudget" videos. Nor do we expect them to do so now or at any ELEC violation hearing on behalf of Hoboken411.

The first email on behalf of Hoboken411 appeared four hours ago:
re: "clear electioneering email violation." 

Taking money for google ads is no different than the goolge ads for Mike Bloomberg on this website I see today, and no different than the Zimmer endorsement in the Journal or the paid ads in the Reporter. If you folks breath any deeper on those roses you will eventually smell the shit that was used as fertilizer.

And our reply:
Well we have our first (maybe last) official comment coming in from the less than creative "guest" on the citations against Hoboken411.  They are attempting to make a moral equivalence between ads, random google ads, an editorial endorsement and the electioneering email Perry abused people with earlier.

All we can say to that familiar voice is "Good luck with that."  Please come again.  But at least pick something more original than guest next time.  And how does it feel to be on a censor free site?  Are you sure you are up to this?  Take care of you and yours.  Tomorrow this will all be over.  Except for the ELEC violations squad.  They will be very busy!