Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More on the 7 hour marathon

If you didn't have enough stamina to make it through the seven hour City Council marathon, imagine being an elected official attempting to do the city's business, or as in the case of others halting city business. With the last portion coming after the midnight hour, Patricia Waiters the minor former candidate for mayor took it upon herself to offer her five minutes of time to speak on behalf of obstructionist's rights. Her defense of obstruction begins half past the 2:03 mark above on the City feed. We caught most of the diatribe that ran beyond five minutes but for some reason unknown to us, the chair of the proceedings and now City Council President Peter Cunningham sat by long after his timer went off and allowed the screaming to continue for several additional minutes. Perhaps it was a post midnight wakeup call to keep the council members awake. After all they had to keep going for two full hours after the witching hands of the clock struck midnight.

If we could understand the rest of the diatribe, we'd attempt to explain it. But one ludicrous point of defense is more than enough.  We missed the beginning on our video hitting the switch when it was clear this would be Episode X of Patricia Waiters goes wild.

Not to dismiss the etheral issue of transparency, as it's legitimate if altogether undefined. (We've made that point previous during the past campaign.)  But lacking any appointment process other than the historical back room deal where candidates were named on actual resolutions in advance of a Council meeting, the competing interests in this case of having representation for the 4th ward easily outweighed those concerns that would not have changed but merely delayed the outcome.  (As Mister Robinson might add, "Can you say political reality boys and girls?")  Sadly, the investment of the current minority "loyal opposition" seems to be incoherent short of wasting as much time as possible and delaying any progress whatsoever.  Good luck with that guys.

And with that we give you Patricia Waiters.  Although the volume on our recording is tolerable, warning to those who watch the city feed at the two hour three and a half-minute mark.  Her screaming throughout the tirade is painful on multiple levels as it actually distorts she's yelling so loud.  She starts by saying she's tired of going to meetings week after week and going up there playing politics.  Well we couldn't agree more.  How about taking some time off Patricia?

For those on a mac, you can click two thirds along the slider holding the command button.

Talking Ed Note:  Did we forget to get back to you on the hospital?  Indeed we have not.  We are merely loading up for bear.  We ran into our friend tonight, the jolly green giant who is already coordinating some financial folks to verify some technical bond analysis.  It's believed the $52 million in bonds guaranteed by Hoboken carries no insurance.  To pile on more misery of the current hospital's extortion and woeful PR spin presentation, we'd like to thank the current City Council members who put through this monstrosity on the backs of our town and its taxpayers: Councilwoman Terry Castellano, Councilman Mike Russo and "your independent voice," Councilman Nino Giacchi.  Let's toss in a special shout out to former mayor and councilman Peter "the hospital is thriving" Cammarano.  If any of them had any honor, they'd resign now. 

Hat tip: The Hoboken Journal for the reminder on the infamous Cammarano quote.

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Citizen Lenz's last address before Council vote

Mike Lenz addresses queries from Councilman Mike Russo on how he learned and participated in the process of being a candidate for the 4th ward appointment to replace Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  He discusses how he followed all of the information on "the Hoboken Horse blog."  Hey, that means us.  Thanks for reading Mike.  Those that wanna know....

Mile Square View correctly named all five candidates for the appointment. 
Congratulations to the new fourth ward councilman, Mike Lenz.  

Welcome Mr. President...

In a very long late night series of events, it seemed almost uneventful by the time Peter Cunningham was voted and sworn in (pictured above) as the new City Council President.  More coverage ahead on a momentous evening of events for Hoboken, the danger in the shadows looms large indeed.  It's no longer in the shadows now.  Meeting went to about 2:00 am.  There were almost 20 people still holding out with the City Council.  Amazing citizens in this town.

Check back as we will be posting video clips and more analysis of last night's major events.  Amy Sara Clark at Hoboken Now has already posted some excellent stories on the evening's events.  Councilwoman Carol Marsh was also named Vice President of the town council.

Big hat tip:  Amy Sara Clark / Hoboken Now - "the paper" of record