Friday, November 20, 2009

Please flush after deleting

Almost from the AP:
Dawn Zimmer's personal attorney has filed for a restraining order in Hoboken Municipal Court today, against the person known by various internet IDs, such as "RedHaven," "Professor Pinetap," "Colonelstevens," "David Zenn" and "MarkLower."
This deranged individual was deemed a danger to the mayor of Hoboken by virtue of his obsessive blogging about her, his pathological inability to separate her from natural phenomena like the four seasons, the sun's rising and setting, and the earth's daily rotation on its axis... lastly, this maniac's destructive impulses have led him to ruin the reputation and readership of a popular Hoboken blog with the publishing of his active fantasy life starring Mayor Zimmer.
It is believed that Mayor Zimmer resembles a former flame or his mother, and his refusal to seek psychiatric help has forced Zimmer to seek a restraining order.
The 'final straw' for Zimmer was when this lunatic lamented that "Zimmer/HCDO" would be selecting the replacement for Phil DeFalco, a Hoboken Board of Education member who has just resigned. The paranoid Zimmer-centered fantasies of this individual-- his belief that Zimmer controls the Hoboken School Board, on full display yet again, made the decision, what a Zimmer aide called "a no-brainer"
Mayor Zimmer's office declined to comment on this story.

Disclaimer: the above characters depicted are the sole work of the Grafix Avenger.  Any and all inquiries on copyright, publishing rights or reuse are strictly and solely enforced by the Toxic Avenger. Mile Square View makes no warranty, implied or otherwise as to the authenticity of the Star Ledger story, the obsessed maniac blogger, or even acknowledges who the douchebag is.  Rated G for general audiences, 501(c).  Any and all requests for information on the the Grafix Avenger are strictly limited and will never be forthcoming.  Graphic not sized for scale, your laughter may vary.  Please be careful when disposing. Flush after deleting.

Giving Thanks

We have one more bit of thanks to extend to the audience and this one comes courtesy of those who are doing their part leading into the Thanksgiving holiday.  Join in!  This event comes the day before the big dance:
The Hoboken Housing Authority Commissioner Jake Stuiver in conjunction with Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and Save the Youth Academy coordinator Luis Acevedo present:

The Hoboken Family & Friends Thankgiving Dinner
- A full Thanksgiving meal catered and served for residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority.
When:  Wednesday, November 25th
Where:  The Multi-Service Center cafeteria   124 Grand Street
Who: Seniors from 3:00 - 5:30 and everyone else from 5:30 - 8:00 pm
Thanks to Mayor Dawn Zimmer for her support for this event.  
For more information, call Jake Stuiver at (201) 978-8977 or
Happy Thanksgiving!

Quick note of thanks

One of our goals since we began what we deemed "the experiment" is to go out and ask people fair questions and do some real interviewing on the issues with people who are involved in the process of governing or similarly involved in the town we love. When the election season came, candidates thanked us for allowing various voices to be heard, sometimes more than once.  (Well if you put yourself on the line, shouldn't we at least listen?) 

It didn't take long to find out we had hit pay dirt when our earlier work started gaining a lot more attention than we ever anticipated.  Questions in the summer quickly followed, will you do more?  Well here we are after the election and still at it.  Why?  Because frankly, you guys keep coming back and seem to dig it.  Readership continues to grow even after the election which also has come as quite a pleasant surprise.  

Well please tell a few friends about Mile Square View aka the Hoboken Horse and also let us know what's on your want to see for our to do list.  Clearly there's a need to have a user friendly, intelligent, censor free place for ideas and fair discourse.  You know like a good dinner party conversation or a community.  And the numbers keep bearing it out.  At any given point, half if not more of the readers are returning visitors.  That's a pretty good number with a third spending almost an hour plus in a visit. 

Talking Ed Note: Numerous features are now enabled as noted previously and you can even subscribe to a post or the replies and reply via email if you like.  In addition there's numerous ways for sharing a post, a comment, etc. via facebook, twitter and a hundred others.  The comment feature for posting some remarks and adding a youtube video to it is working well and it's already been utilized.  The last video feature should go live soon and will allow a commenter to actually post their own video comment.  Welcome Aboard!
Da Horsey aka the Hoboken Horse
Hat tip: Hoboken Now, The Hoboken Journal, Hudson Reporter, and photographers Jhnnynewman and Jimmy the K

Parking meters clarified by the Clearview Cinema

During the marathon of the last City Council meeting we took an unofficial break to catch up on some questions we had about the parking meters proposed previously near the new Clearview Cinemas movie theater.  After rival photographer of Jhnnynewman, Jimmy the K sent over a bunch of pictures showing next to no parking spaces available we were concerned.  (Jhnnynewman especially since he doesn't like competing photographers.)

So we caught up to Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs, who like many stood around as lost zombies hugging the walls circling the room for hours to review our findings and compare notes.  Da Horsey was about to open the laptop with the hoof friendly latch to show the powerpoint presentation, but Ian quickly explained the actual location for the proposed meters was not in any of the places photographed.  

As it turns out, there's been a lack of clarity around the location of the proposal.  Ian explained its not the immediate blocks by the movie theater but north of it up on 15th to 16th street between Adams and Grand Streets (if memory serves right.)  He assured Da Horsey if we journeyed up there at that late hour there would be numerous parking spaces available.  We circled back with our colleague and he agreed, it's a ghost town up there.  We declined to take Ian up on the late night sojourn.  He's only a fullback as we learned and that's not enough insurance to go up against any rats.

We thank the Director for the time and the explanation.  Unfortunately as he explained to us, even the chart showing the location at the City Council meeting didn't help a lot of folks understand the potential locations for where meters may be installed.  It's the public's turn now to decide what will be the outcome but we're more assured of the revamped process and the person leading it.

We wish we could say the same about recession soccer.  Who's in charge of tending to the beautiful game now?  With unemployment in double digits, we need it more than ever.

Photo courtesy: Amy Sara Clark / Hoboken Now - Ian Sacs and Dawn Zimmer at the relaunch of the Crosstown Bus