Friday, December 4, 2009

Okay it's up!

We've posted the complete introduced budget thanks to the Wile E. Coyote, Eric Kurta.
Bam!  We're up first.  

You can print, send it or view on your computer in full screen mode in whatever method you prefer.  Play around and hey, try to have a good time.  Don't get too crazy this is merely the introduction of the budget and there's going to be a lot of work done before this is finalized.  Anyone who tells you differently, well consider the source.  There's been so much Hobo crying uptown it's running all the way down the entire length of the city.

Normally we'd feel a little bad trampling such an easy target but not for the unmanly and continuous pernicious lies foisted on our community.  Read'em and weep Klausfurher, read'em and weep.

Parking Utility Budget

FY2010 Parking Utility Budget

2010 Capital Budget

FY2010 Capital Budget

2010 Revenues

FY2010 Revenues

2010 Appropriations

FY2010 Appropriations

Explanatory Statement - Budget

FY2010 Explanatory Statement

Here comes the budget

It never ends.  Just another quiet Friday.  Hat tip once again to our mighty friend the Wile E. Coyote, Eric Kurta.  We begin with the balance sheet for 2010.  More to come.  Much, much more on the introductory budget.

FY2010 Balance Sheet

New Legal Sheriff in town

City Hall announced today a new Corporation Counsel.  The release follows:

12/4/09: Mayor Zimmer announced today the addition of Michael B. Kates, Esq., to serve as the City of Hoboken’s new Corporation Counsel. Current Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman has resigned effective Monday, December 7th, 2009, to pursue opportunities in the private sector.  He will serve in a transitional capacity as an Assistant Corporation Counsel through January 15, 2010.
Mr. Kates is a partner at Kates Nussman Rapone Ellis & Farhi with extensive experience in municipal law, zoning and planning.  He has served as municipal attorney for the Township of Teaneck, and the Borough of Fair Lawn, as counsel to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for the Boroughs of Closter and Alpine and Counsel to the Planning Boards of Teaneck and Englewood Cliffs.
Mr. Kates has received the highest rating (AV) from Martindale-Hubbell (a national and international database for the legal community based upon peer review), and has been selected, by peer review, as a 2009 New Jersey Super Lawyer in the category of land use and zoning.
“We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to retain Mr. Kates,” said Mayor Zimmer. “His expertise in land use and zoning will be of particular importance, given the numerous development issues facing our City. I thank Mr. Kleinman for serving our City ably and I wish him well in his future pursuits. ”
Mr. Kates will serve on a fixed fee basis of $103,500 per year.  Since he will be an independent contractor rather than an employee of the City, he will not receive health or other benefits from the City.
A copy of his resume is attached.
After two and a half years as the full-time Hoboken Corporation Counsel, Steve Kleinman will be resigning from his position to pursue other professional opportunities. 
“I thank Mr. Kleinman for his service to the City and for remaining through a transition period,” Mayor Zimmer said.  Mr. Kleinman will officially resign from his position as corporation counsel on Monday, December 7th.  He will assist with a transition period until January 15,2010.
 On behalf of the State, Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi also expressed her thanks to Mr. Kleinman for his service to the city and his continued cooperation.
“I think she has chosen a very qualified successor, and I intend to work closely with Mr. Kates over the next several weeks to ensure the smooth transition that the City deserves,” Mr. Kleinman said.    “I am grateful to Mayor Zimmer for giving me the opportunity to serve, and I wish her and her Administration well.”

Talking Ed Note:  Either legal representation just got a lot cheaper or City Hall really knows how to cut a deal.  Bringing a well experienced corporation counsel at a salary like this with no benefits cost to Hoboken?  They need a plaque to mark this day in city government.  The culture of corruption just took a shot to the gut.  

Update: 3:40 - To commenter's questions, we forwarded same to City Hall.  Daniel Bryan, spokesman in a statement responded, "He (Kleinman) was hired at 115k, and although he never received a 'raise' per say, cost of living increases have brought it up to the 117 range over his three years.

Kates' role is full time in terms of responsiveness but not physically being in City Hall. We are working out the structure."


In all the rush of the Thanksgiving holiday, we forgot to mention a new city program and one that is very near and dear to our heart.  Back in the day before we took up the thoroughbred lifestyle, one of our passions outside of the beautiful game (soccer to those who are unaware) was discovering the intensity of the discipline of wrestling.  After the mortal combat in gym class, we scooted over to the open tryouts for the high school team.  Short of joining the military after high school it's a test to see how you measured up physically in a fairly defined mano a mano sport.  After quietly taking barbs from other loudmouths about being there to become the water boy, Da Horsey trampled everyone in the weight category forcing the self-proclaimed favorite to run around the auditorium in a leather bomber jacket to chase a spot in a lower weight class.  That and being named captain of our NYC high school team is one of our fonder high school memories and we hope this program becomes successful in its own rite giving equal or better to all its participants.   Ready.....wrestle!


The City of Hoboken in conjunction with the Police Athletic League will sponsor a free youth wrestling program for children ages six to 14 (no experience is necessary), beginning on Monday, November 30th  at 6 p.m., announced Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Hoboken Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini.
The program facility will be provided by the Edge Wrestling Group at 352 Observer Highway, atop the Hoboken Car Wash.
For more information, contact Brandon Kinney at 517-214-5967 or email at: You can also contact the City of Hoboken at 201-420-2096 for more information.

How much for your vote?

Wile E Coyote Footnote: In 2005, the Roberts Team (Roberts, Cammarano, Ramos, Labruno) spent $1.5 million (!) for two elections (May and June). Roberts received a combined total of 9564 votes from the May election and June runoff. That's $158 per vote.  Mayor Bloomberg holds the overall self-financed record in his last election with $183 per vote.
Talking Ed Note:  The totals for all this year's election expenditures for Dawn Zimmer and Beth Mason also include monies for their respective City Council slates.  It was suggested the overlap is indistinguishable and more fairly represented in those totals. (Click image to enlarge.)
Last, there's doubt that we'll ever see what the final expenditures were for Peter Cammarano's mayoral run.  Since his arrest, good government responsibilities seem to be the furtherest thing from his mind.  We hate when that happens.