Monday, December 7, 2009

A day that will live in infamy...

Today marks the day in 1941 when the United States suffered at the hands of a Japanese sneak attack.  It's also a reminder of the threat totalitarianism poses to freedom in all its forms.  When the State says it's benevolent and benign beware.  Your freedom is at risk of being taken away just the same.

This second video is of an Iranian student protests today.  The Iranian government in preparation shut down the internet to prevent the communications within and outside the country.  Today is an anniversary there of three student deaths in 1953.

Yes, I am the greatest

We get lots of love letters from readers, especially from fillies asking about our rumored unicorn pedigree.  But Mile Square View is printing this one from Avilla because it almost sounds like it can pass the Penn & Teller bullshit test.  Like if you remove the Penn & Teller from the test.
"I just wanted to congratulate you for the success of Mile Square View website.  The informative and humorous pieces are awesome, but what I admire the most is that you're the only website in Hoboken that can perform these mighty tasks.  The only website that is fearless to tell the truth and expose the mental derangement on another website.  The facts expressed on Mile Square View are a breath of fresh air and are the only true words ever written except maybe a couple of chapters in the Bible.
Congratulations on breaking exclusives and doing real news and not sitting in your house all day making things up when the mood altering medications run out fueling delusions of grandeur and power.  You're the only hope for Hoboken.  Save us!
Oh golly gee, we couldn't have said it better if we hadn't written it ourself.  Good Monday everyone.

Talking Ed Note:  If you really feel the need to check in on Hoboken411, we suggest you do so via the google cache.  The hits just keep coming that way.  As in the slide down to the gutter where such things find their own level.  

Update: 3:10  A reader, yes a real reader sent us a heads up on the new low the bitter loser at Hoboken411 is willing to go.  Well he's now comparing the newly elected mayor to a monkey.  Good thing our mayor is white thus leaving Hoboken411 a couple rungs left yet to go below sewer level.
Congratulation to Perry Klaussen and Hoboken411 for demonstrating a new low.

Is this because we called you fat?  Yeah you're fat.  And we're not retracting it.