Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taking the plunge to get involved

Hoboken Call to Service

This meeting held last month is an excellent primer on how to get involved and participate in any number of local boards and effectively make your opinions known to those in government.  Attended this event and although it didn't lead to a writeup at the time, the attendance of about 50 people was impressive in and of itself.  We know that figure is accurate as we took a headcount.  We are not counting the jolly green giant who arrived late and under the weather.  Besides, he was more vegetable than human that night.

Hat tip: the Wile E. Coyote, Eric Kurta for providing the video link and synopsis below.

The Citizens Campaign hosted a Call to Service forum on November 17, 2009 to increase awareness of leadership and service opportunities in the City of Hoboken.

The forum is part of a statewide Jersey Call to Service, a public service initiative of the Citizens Campaign to inspire citizens to participate in the leadership of their communities and reverse the tide of government waste and corruption.

The forum focuses on the Hoboken appointments process, including inside tips for seeking and gaining appointment and information about the current service opportunities available.

How low will he go?

Update: 9:10 - ADP is now on record stating its intentions as reported in an email statement to NJBiz - “ADP is not acquiring or taking over First Priority Pay, but has a contract with First Priority Pay that permits us to solicit and then convert...” 
This confirms our earlier report of rumors the actual company was not being purchased but the rights to take its clients.

The bizarre arrest of local businessman Jerry Carter, first reported by Amy Sara Clark at Hoboken Now is making for quite a bit of water cooler chatter.  Jerry Carter, the owner of a payroll firm in Hoboken, First Priority Pay was arrested yesterday and faces charges of terrorizing and kidnapping a woman who also worked for the firm.  

It's quite a lot to sift through and even worse to stomach.  The woman is apparently naive and suffers from a lung condition.  This guy has already beens sprung on $100,000 bail and has a good lawyer working on the case denying all the charges (of course.)  

We spent some time last night going over this with Jimmy the K but the story as one reader PeterR commented earlier has taken an even weirder turn.  The Hudson Reporter details even more of this story with an interview with the respective law enforcement.  As we thought, there was no way they would have made this arrest without information beyond the accusations of the woman involved.  The investigation took place over three months and the police may have been tipped off by an employee who was later charged with embezzeling over $500,000 from the firm.

ADP the company said to be buying Carter's company in August is now silent.  The word on the street is they were buying the client list and already rumors are coming out about all kinds of bad client mismanagement.  We expect that as it gets closer to trial, it will be worse.  Much worse.  Just reading the comments posted on Hoboken Now leads you to believe it can't go any other way.

Photo courtesy Amy Sara Clark / Hoboken Now

Holiday Gift Idea

The sign of a now semi-famous local diner we mentioned last month has now found a new home.  Originally put up for auction on eBay for $50, it got a few bids and finally sold for $70.  No word on if it's being picked up and wrapped for delivery to a location on upper Bloomfield St.  Not yet.  

November 29:
Here's a one of a kind gift idea and only a very select few would appreciate it at least from a certain perspective. This gift idea brought to you courtesy of the one of Da Horsey's favorites readers: the Bank Robber.  So let's try to guess who in the "locked down" community will be the one to go out and spare a certain someone a chance at receiving their just deserve from Santa.  This is one auction begging to be watched.  You will watch and let us know won't you?  Someone should win the auction and give it to our friends at the FBI in Newark to hang on their wall.  Those boys of summer have our eternal thanks.

Photo courtesy Jhnnynewman, all rights reserved.  That means especially the smelly hobo411 uptown.  Let's see how fast he steals this story and backdates it so he can make another false claim of reporting it first.  That's the dirtbag's specialty and we got that story from the real working journalists here.  It hardly surprised us, as we've had readers tell us far worse.  And those were people who had once called themselves his friends!

The highest form of flattery....

The Velvet Revolver sent this in to us and said this is apparently making the rounds. This is one smart little kitten. As they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. We get that a lot these days.