Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gov. Christie: Go ahead NJEA, make my day

Unless you are part of the NJEA, this is one chilling video.  Gov. Chris Christie says he isn't going to back down and all but calls out the union leadership of the teacher's union as indifferent to not only children but their own membership.  

You will either applaud him for it or attack him for what MSV predicted earlier would be charges of hating seniors, children and puppies.  Either way, this is a must see.

Fund on Fraud

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal came to Amanda's Restaurant yesterday to discuss voter fraud and his book on the same topic.  Since Da Horsey was doing a live stream of the BoE budget meeting, Davidd submitted the following report for MSV.

This week you wouldn’t know the Republicans were a minority party in Hoboken. Tuesday night the Republicans of Hoboken hosted John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. Solid turnout packed Amanda’s main room with almost 75 folks paying to attend.  Fund's speech centered on the subject of voter fraud based on his book, Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy. This successful event followed hot on the heals of the Lincoln Dinner that featured education commissioner Bret Schundler this past weekend.  A mixed crowd of GOP and some Democrats attended included local politicos Nathan Brinkman, Mike Novak and Councilman Mike Lenz. None volunteered that they were ‘voting fraud enthusiasts.’  Former mayor Peter Cammarano was not in attendance although his absentee ballot tally approaching 10% of his vote total last spring would have made for some interesting examination.

After appetizers and mingling, Diana Davis started off the evening telling the diners how campaigning for the current Governor, Chris Christie led to the creation of the Republicans of Hoboken. Republican County Chair Jose Arengo spoke next alluding to the county’s high taxes, corruption, and low transparency saying it was time for a ‘real’ Republican Party in Hudson County.  Finally local filmmaker and journalist Bob Bowdon introduced John Fund, a Jersey City resident.

Fund gave a wide ranging talk, touching on the history of corruption in Hudson County and Chicago. The primary thrust of his speech described various schemes to increase voter registration with increased opportunities for fraud throught the creating of 'dead wood' voters, registered votes without an actual voter. Thee organization that he viewed contributing to this type of voter fraud was the one made famous by young conservative citizen journalists: ACORN. His description of the events leading to ACORN’s disbanding brought spontaneous applause.  At the conclusion of his talk, Fund expressed fears that a congressional move toward 'universal' registration could provide more openings for fraud.  He said that a name could be recorded differently on various government lists - creating multiple records for one individual.

In a brief interview after Fund's talk, Diana Davis said she brought Mr. Fund to Hoboken because the topic of voter fraud was of special interest in Hudson County.  She seemed very pleased with the results of the evening and intimated that the Republicans of Hoboken are already lining up another speaker for the Fall. Davis said it'll remain a secret until all the details are confirmed.

Talking Ed Note:  Last we recall, New Jersey's Culture of Corruption continues to fight valiantly to keep any registered voter on the rolls no matter if they have moved, died, or registered in another locale.  Perhaps any discussion on reform should begin there.  Then we can at least separate the real people committed to positive change from the poseurs who are cravenly willing to nullify the legitimacy of our vote.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The first Hoboken BoE live stream ever!

For those who viewed the live stream, MSV hopes you enjoyed the important approval of the BoE budget.  There were some technical challenges - beaming this out from a basement on only a 3G network but the whole meeting was telecast.  Not entirely glitch free, the last six key minutes of the meeting were preserved with a software problem but still capturing a discussion with Business Administrator Robert Davis and Board member Theresa Minutillo and Board President Rose Marie Markle leading into the final approval vote.

The discussion actually reveals some of the work leading to the superb efforts by Superintendent Carter and BA Robert Davis to make cuts without hurting the classroom or cutting any teaching jobs.  The crowd was very enthusiastic and almost the entire board too.  Board member Maureen Sullivan who is trying to gain a moral victory for her Real Results ticket tried in vain to get Robert Davis to reclassify the reductions in the budget to a smaller figure of a couple of million.  Her no vote was the lone one in opposition and her comments were met with applause by one solitary person even though the four Real Results members were also in attendance in the filled to capacity meeting.  Several teachers also spoke in gratitude for the efforts to bring about the "real results" in this budget.

Board member Jimmy Farina acknowledged this as the first ever reduced budget that he witnessed, lauded that achievement as well. April 20th, the public weighs in voting on both the BoE candidates and the budget.

With so many NJ school districts facing dire outcomes, this is really an achievement for Hoboken.  Congratulations to the entire BoE, the board members and administration who worked to bring about this outcome.

This clip runs six minutes.

More big news: Frank "Pupie" Raia announced his withdrawal from the race via letter dated March 29th, citing a conflict being on the HoLa Board of Trustees.  He originally believed he could also serve on the BoE and abstain on matters related directly to the HoLa Charter School.  Learning this was not the case, he choose to withdraw from the BoE race and continue to support the new charter program.  The withdrawal leaves his former slate recently formed of Ken Howitt and Kyelia Colon to continue their respective runs without him.

The clip announcing Frank Raia's withdrawal and the Superintendent's report mentioning the praise from Education Commissioner Bret Schundler can be viewed below:

Related:  Mark Mauer of the Jersey Journal attended the meeting and has a report up too.

Andrew Tavani was in attendance as well and posted an excellent story at

BoE tonight - Live Stream on the budget at 7:00

Tonight MSV will be doing a first ever live stream of the 7:00 Hoboken Board of Ed meeting. Uncensored chat is also available at your convenience.  Enjoy!

Park for free in Garage B

City of Hoboken announces:

City of Hoboken, March 24, 2010 - Ian Sacs P.E., Director of Transportation and Parking, announced today that the Hoboken Parking Utility will resume enforcement of Resident parking permits beginning Monday, April 5th. All residents who have not renewed their 2009 permits for 2010, sent in renewal materials after March 15th, or have received a letter indicating that information is missing from their renewal materials should visit the Parking Utility office located in the basement of City Hall before that date during regular operating hours (8:15 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.) to avoid the possibility of ticketing and booting/towing.

“The renewal process has gone very smoothly this year despite the initiation of updated policies and new software,” Director Sacs said. “I want to thank the residents for their patience and understanding during this process as we resolved some of the fundamental challenges that had previously prevented us from effectively protecting limited on-street residential parking.”

For more information on parking renewals and related matters you can contact the Parking Utility at 201.653.1919 or via email at


The offer is extended (as it was last night) to residents from flood prone areas with a valid parking permit sticker to park in garage B from 8p.m. tonight (March 30th) until 8 a.m. tomorrow (March 31st).


Grist for the Mill: Don't ask for whom the bell tolls...

City Hall is buzzing along quietly with the work of a slow but steady summer bee hive but the activity inside is more frenetic than you would think based on the BoE buzzsaw which has pretty much run amok sucking out the attention in our drama fueled land.

The latest action has staked out a road unpaved with more toil and trouble bubbling to the surface in the ongoing battle where most of the salvos have been aimed at Kids First from the internet keyboard armies of Maureen First's Real Results legion.  This latest salvo returned fire by new Hoboken blog entrant: Graphic Avenger.  Education commissioner Bret Schundler several times Sunday night gave props to the Hoboken Board of Ed for pulling off a maneuver not seen anywhere else in the state: union concessions in education negotiations.  Schundler was focusing on the statewide issues asking for support for the Governor's amendment to empower local BoEs further, but that didn't mesh with some of the latest Real Results attacks on the custodian contract.  The Wild Ginger sushi tasted sour for some guests but they'll rebound sooner than later.  With all this rain, there's plenty more mud readily at hand.

Speaking of sour, what happened to the positive, happy Nathan Brinkman campaign of yore seen just last November?  The Real Results campaign manager's predicted positive campaign appears to have been hijacked in its entirety with unrelenting online mudslinging that saw a potential superintendent turn tail and walk earlier.  And all the Real Results mud is flying in one direction: at Kids First.  (This while Frank Raia quietly assembles his slate and waits until the moment to jump in when the carnage is over.  Pupie didn't even have to pay the $29 dinner fee for the Lincoln Dinner the other night.  He arrived during Q&A and then spent some time speaking with the education commissioner afterward.)  Real Results appears more intent on damaging Kids First then offering any ideas or details regarding how they would do better even viewed against the spendthrift BoE period when Pupie sat on the board.

If this "voice" isn't Nathan's, who's is it?   A look at the similar voting records since last year between Kids First and former slate member Maureen Sullivan makes it pretty clear.  If you can't run on a record of real world differences, well just make it up with pie in the sky platitudes and keep the mud flying.  Is that a path to victory?  Well who said anything about winning?

Uncoordinated as it would no doubt be claimed, this "strategy" also stars the return of the angry little man who weaves a mean conspiracy or two.  When that doesn't click, he's off weaving new ones, naming new enemies who are just politically active citizens donating their professional talents in service to Hoboken (unpaid mind you) and who just refuse to accept the inevitable arrival of the Mason Government-in-exile in any shape or form.  If the creature can not overtake city hall, they will settle for the BoE.  If not that, then scorched earth and hate to all our friends, sorry enemies.  Those loyal to the Masonite crown or pocketbook are smaller than ever but their character assassination morphs faster than their screen names.

Okay, so other than the fiscal revolutionaries taking to the Hospital Board what else is new?  Well the conspiracy theories that have abounded saying Councilman Mike Lenz will assume the role of Business Administrator should be dying a quick death sooner than later.  The search for this position, a high priority indicated by the mayor in a February interview with Da Horsey is coming to an end.  The conspiracy weavers though just don't take to an obvious truth too readily.  A local candidate not far up the road is awaiting the final bow tie of approval before an announcement.  Not quite as far up the road as Fort Lee, MSV wouldn't dare breathe his name if for no other reason than to stave off another round of local internet attacks.  When you are a sore loser of boundless potential, there's no telling which government move you will attack if for no other reason than you can't gin up anything better.

They'll find another bogeyman.  They always do.

Update: The rumor of a hire shortly proved inaccurate.  MSV was informed of this and told there are interviews still to be completed and of course any applicant who meets the knowledge requirements for the state of NJ should also not hesitate to apply.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Passover

Today marks the first day of Passover.  MSV would like to extend best wishes to our brothers and sisters who mark this holiday in their calendar.

Here comes the rain again...

City of Hoboken announces:


  • Observer Highway & Marshall Drive, Harrison Street, & Henderson Street
  • Newark Street & Bloomfield Street
  • Newark Street & Garden Street
  • First Street from Willow Avenue to Clinton Street
  • First Street & Harrison Street
  • Paterson Plank Road at Marshall Drive and Harrison Street
  • Third, Fourth & Fifth streets & Jackson Street
  • Fourth Street from Monroe Street to Harrison Street
  • Second Street & Harrison Street
  • Eighth, Ninth & Tenth streets & Madison Street  (area surrounding Shop-Rite)
  • Thirteenth Street & Jefferson Street

AREAS FLOODED TODAY (Monday, March 29th)

  • Ninth Street & Grand Street

Bret Schundler - NJ education commissioner in Hoboken

New Jersey Education Commissioner Bret Schundler pictured at the Hoboken Republican Club Lincoln Dinner last night.

The event was the fifth consecutive for the Hoboken group.

Although Commissioner Schundler was not appearing in his official capacity, he spoke at length about education and his remarks were detailed on New Jersey's fiscal challenges along with the educational objectives.

We'll have more later on the speech.

Lincoln Dinner with Bret Schundler in pictures

Can't have an annual Lincoln Dinner with the education commissioner in attendance without the local education folks in attendance and they showed up.  The dinner a sold out affair is the signature event for the Hoboken Republican Club, now in its fifth consecutive year.

The Real Results team for the Board of Education was in attendance.

The Kids First team was also in attendance with a table in the front too.

Nathan Brinkman co-host of the event with Peter Morgan, pictured with Frank Raia.

The ever elegant Sean Connelly and a friend, the Corporation Counsel for the former mayor Bret Schundler of Jersey City made some news.  He announced over dinner to Da Horsey he intends to run for mayor in Jersey City.  Ever the gentleman, he kept offering his seat to late arrivals.  We finally convinced him they would find enough seats.

More on the speech to come.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bret Schundler - NJ Education Commissioner Speech Live

Pending approval, this show may be a live broadcast of education commissioner Bret Schundler's speech this evening in Hoboken tonight at 7:00.  Check back then.

Talking Ed Note:  The broadcast, the first of its kind to be streamed live in Hoboken was a success.  Education Commissioner Bret Schundler's speech was shown in its entirety.  The new software utilized apparently had a rotation issue and also the final product was not archived for later viewing.   So with the live viewers watching, we're sorry the archive is not available for additional viewers.  Hope to have this sorted out for the next event.

Education Commissioner Bret Schundler in Hoboken

The new education commissioner Bret Schundler is speaking this evening at the annual Lincoln Dinner in Hoboken at the Wild Ginger restuarant.  While the event is sold out, MSV will be attending and look to do a live stream of his speech.  At the time of this writing, the approval is pending so check back at 7:00 pm and spread the word.  

Mr. Schundler, the former mayor of Jersey City is an advocate of greater rights for parents in education, including school choice and vouchers.  He was approved as education commission by the State Senate earlier this month in a 35-2 vote.  Some of his ideas for education over the last decade include:
  • Increase standards and accountability; decrease bureaucracy.
  • Reform tenure; replace ineffective teachers.
  • Make private school options affordable for families.
  • Allow parental choice; weaken teacher tenure. 
  • Empower families with charters & school choice. 
  • Tax deductions to let urban kids choose schools.
  • Competition to improve the public schools.
  • Best education options to include public, private, or parochial.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

State of the State of the Ed - Superintendent Carter

Hoboken Superintendent's letter to Citizens and Staff 

Dear Citizens and Staff,

There is a famous line from an old classic movie which reads, “We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”  In our case, though, it is good for us to meet like this so that I can keep you apprised of what is happening in terms of the budget process.  The Board of Education unanimously approved a tentative spending plan for the 2010-2011 School Year.  The bottom line is that there will be NO INCREASE in the tax levy for the operation of the Hoboken Public Schools.  This GOOD NEWS occurred despite the current $660,000 loss of current state aid, and the $2.4 million reduction in the 2010-2011 State Aid.  At the Budget Hearing on Tuesday, the data will show current appropriations of $62,013,193, but next year’s appropriations shall be $57,882,147. That’s it!  There is no more to be said.  If this proposed and advertised budget is passed by the Board on the 30th, you have no increase in the tax levy with a lower spending plan.

As presented by the Interim School Business Administrator at the Board’s Budget Workshop on March 22nd, this proposed budget is based in part on the following assumptions:
  1. The board’s budget goal of reducing the tax levy without impacting the educational program still remains in effect. 
  2. The state cut this year’s state aid by $669,000 effective February 22, 2010 without any advance warning.
  3. The state told districts to anticipate state aid cuts for next year of up to 15% of our current state aid total, a cut of $1,400,000 for Hoboken.
  4. The state then cut 5% of the total budget with no advance warning, a total cut of $2,400,000 for Hoboken or $1,000,000 more than we were told to anticipate. This is a 26% cut compared to the Hudson County average of 8%.
  5. The projected balance to be used as revenue in the 2010-11 budget is $2,100,000, an increase of $700,000 over this year’s total of $1,400,000.
  6. The proposed budget for next year includes almost $900,000 from two one time revenues, a $535,000 revenue from a textbook lease program and a $355,000 revenue from the use of second year ARRA federal carryover money.
  7. The projected unreserved, unrestricted fund balance estimated for June 30, 2010 is just over $100,000 dollars.
  8. The proposed budget for 2010-11 estimates miscellaneous revenues which more closely parallel actual revenues in past fiscal years.
  9. The proposed 2010-11 budget includes 14 staff cuts including two (2) principals, one (1) vice principal, one (1) director and ten (10) teachers. Staff reductions will be achieved through attrition due to eighteen (18) retirements, twelve (12) filed and six (6) in process. 
  10. The proposed budget includes a reduction in utilities due to the temporary closing of Connors for renovations with students relocated to the Demarest building.
  11. The proposed budget includes improved scheduling efficiencies with the move of the alternate program from Demarest to the High School Building and the move of the 8th grade to the high school.
  12. The proposed budget was prepared understanding that in addition to the unavailability of large surpluses in future years, the probability of smaller excess revenues and under-expended line items this coming year and the likelihood of flat state aid at best over the next few years, that available revenues continue to decline.
  13. The proposed budget was prepared with the strong possibility of a reduced tax levy cap of 2 ½ % for the next budget cycle together with the elimination of the various tax cap waivers currently available and with the knowledge that dollars below cap any year are permanent for all future years.
  14. The proposed budget was prepared with the understanding that the possible new and lower hard tax cap of 2 ½% will coincide with already negotiated salary increases of 4% in future budget years.
  15. The budget was prepared with the understanding that the administration has operated within the framework of the board’s budget goal, not withstanding the various adverse parameters listed above. 
  16. This budget was prepared given the late notice of state aid received after the close of business on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 with cuts of $1,000,000 more than the maximum we were told to anticipate. 
  17. The revised budgets were “technically” due in the county office today.
  18. This budget is recommended by the Superintendent to the Board of Education subject to the understanding of how the above items will impact future budget years.

    Sincerely yours,
    Peter E. Carter

    Talking Ed Note:  This letter was posted originally on the Board of Ed site but many may not see it.  It's important to note the efforts of the Superintendent and Business Administrator Davis' to present such a professional and well executed plan.

    A number of challenges with reductions in State aid due to the fiscal crisis have been met and that's something everyone should be satisfied with, election next month notwithstanding.  Areas highlighted in red are emphasized by MSV.

    As about 30% of Hoboken taxpayer's bill is for education, this is no small feat.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Grist for the Mill: BoE Limited Edition

Last night the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce held an event and there was a full slate of BoE candidates on hand.  Ken Howitt who proclaimed his independence in a letter to the Hoboken Journal earlier this month explained why he is now part of Frank Raia's slate.

Earlier Mr. Howitt had criticized SmartyJones as not being smart for linking him to Frank Raia when the candidates originally filed.  MSV noted the error and then later posted on the Hoboken Journal we were curious how long it would last.

Unofficially, it's in the ballpark of 15 days!  That's some strongly rooted independence Ken.
Stand strong.  Represent!

Here's a letter from Ken Howitt endorsing Frank Raia for the BoE six years ago.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Phil and Da Mayor - You're invited Friday nite

Forward this message to a friend
An Invitation From Phil Cohen

Friday night, March 26, we are hosting a gathering of friends and neighbors to meet with Board President Rose Marie Markle,  Board Trustee Irene Sobolov,  Jean Marie Mitchell and Leon Gold, four outstanding candidates on the Kids First ticket for the Hoboken Board of Education. 
In these tough fiscal times, now more than ever, we need committed public servants who can lead the Hoboken Public Schools to deliver better results in the classroom, while offering fiscally responsible leadership.

Please come to our home on
Friday March 26th,
from 7-9,
for some food, drink & a chance to meet and speak withRo, Irene, Jean Marie and Leon. Learn how they plan to address the challenges facing our city's public schools. 
We look forward to seeing you and having a great night.
Phil Cohen
206 11th Street
(between Garden & Park)
(201) 963-8586 

Big moves on Hoboken University Medical Center Board

City of Hoboken announces:

Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority Appoints
New Chairperson and Vice-Chair

City of Hoboken, Thursday, March 25, 2010 – The Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority appointed board Commissioner Toni Tomarazzo and Assistant Secretary E. Norman Wilson as the Chair and Vice-Chairman respectively of the governing board at Wednesday’s monthly meeting. Tomarazzo joined the board as Commissioner at the beginning of this year and replaces Kevin Kramer who became Chairman in September of 2009. Kramer cited the need to spend more time with his family, as both he and his wife are expecting their first child in June. Kramer will remain on the board as a Commissioner. Wilson has served on the board since its inception in 2006.

Tomarazzo, a graduate of Seton Hall Law School, is an attorney and works for a financial services firm as regulatory counsel. E. Norman Wilson is a former Hoboken City Council member and is the former director of HOPES, a social services organization.

As an experienced health law attorney, Kramer  provided the Authority with guidance on the many complex financial, legal and compliance issues that hospitals face. As Chairman, he helped HUMC progress in a time of financial instability by building public support, ensuring greater oversight of the hospital’s operations, and charting a course for growth. 

During Kramer’s tenure, the Hoboken University Medical Center opened a state-of-the-art Emergency Department and expanded its Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine.

“It has been my focus since the first day I became Chairman to help this hospital remain viable and become vibrant,” Kramer said.  “I am proud of my time as Chairman and look forward to working with the Authority to continue this trend going forward.”

“I want to thank Kevin Kramer for his service as Chairman of the hospital’s governing board and I look forward to continuing to work with him and the new Chairperson and Vice-Chair,” Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer said. “The road ahead is challenging, but I am confident that the governing board, and the HUMC Administration can work together to implement strategies for the financial well-being of the hospital and Hoboken’s taxpayers.”

At last night’s meeting, the governing board approved moving forward with a process to hire special legal counsel for expert advice on strategies and opportunities that will allow the hospital to transition out of municipal ownership. 

The board will be interviewing various candidates at a meeting to be scheduled as soon as possible.  Chairperson Tomarazzo indicated that she expects the firm which is chosen to have health care expertise and to also help guide the hospital in all financially related matters.

Grist for the Mill: Peter Cammarano enters, stage right


Peter Cammarano apparently met with a counselor in a popular uptown Hoboken coffee shop.  Until now, questions have come from readers about the ex-mayor but not much is of broader public interest.  Some people know the wife left earlier with child in tow and that Hudson Realty is holding the exclusive for sale listing on the uptown Bloomfield brownstone.  But it's this conversation during the colder months that's the gist of this rumor fueled grist.

Although our heroes down in Newark at Club Fed are doing their fine methodical work with the recent conviction of the sultry Leona Baldini of Jersey City,  there's more going on behind the scenes.  Hopes Hudco held the boys of summer in Newark would see their star witness Solomon Dwek stumble before a jury fell asunder leaving the oddsmakers on future cases on the sidelines.

Any of Hudson County Crime Inc.'s hopes were pretty much dashed with that conviction.  A Soprano State ex-government official can crow how they were unfairly stung by the FBI until the cows come home now.  The only person who will listen will be in a nearby jail cell, a local sympathetic editor or a counselor which brings us to the point of this story.

Enter paid counselor, an elderly gentleman doing his level best to keep ex-mayor Peter Cammarano looking on the bright side.  Holding a meeting of this kind in public and talking way too loud is only the latest mistake.

A grand jury contemplating the envelopes of cash passed had not yet come to the fore at the time of this conversation.  The counselor asked if he had any idea on its commencing and Cammarano replied, "No idea."    Discussion about his lawyer arose with the counselor advising he "stay out of the papers" maybe get out of town entirely and "don't let anger" control him. This followed with an inquiry about the estranged wife where Cammarano said in some distress, "She hopes I will fold."  The conversation moved to a discussion about his need to "confide in a friend."  Ironically just last week another source emailed Da Horsey how Cammarano pointedly told them in a chance public meeting they weren't friends, they were never friends and would never be friends. (This after the source recounted an email a few years back where Cammarano discusses how he thinks of them as... you guessed it - friends!.)

The counselor goes on to discussing the very crime itself, suggesting the manner of the money being tendered "wasn't right."  Cammarano replies saying he was set up, this was a sting and all he was doing was "yessing" the guy.  Unfortunately he doesn't explain how this instance turned into several meetings of yes, yes, yes and tens of thousands in real lovely evergreen yes' all caught on tape.  Ignoring those unfortunate facts the counselor tells Peter, "How smart can you be?"  To this Cammarano responds, "Not too smart."  At this they both howled in laughter.

Next the current Governor's name (Chris Christie) comes up perhaps along the lines about an intermediary somehow interceding.  To that the counselor responds, "These people are not your friends."  Gee, how much is that hourly rate again?  This followed with some concern on the overall Cammarano state of affairs and some work perhaps of a volunteer nature and a job offer in some capacity for a NJ construction firm.

Inevitably the discussion turned to politics.  Cammarano spoke about his love of campaigns, "I feel like I was on the most violent roller coaster.  It was a lot of fun. I won't do it again though."  The counselor encouraged him to "do it from the sidelines." On behalf of what potential campaign, it was never stated, but hey this is Joisey right?

Before leaving together, the most apt line - what everyone already knows, "For $25,000, I ruined my life," Cammarano said.

On that final point, we wholeheartedly agree.  But then again, Jersey pols do often sell out for cheap don't they?  The only thing left is the final curtain call of justice.  On that note, the Feds should know that interest on that point in Hoboken remains high.

Talking Ed Note: This website's start came about due to the actions of The Contemptuous Prince.  Without Peter "The Great Condescender" Cammarano there would never be a Mile Square View.

Although "Grist for the Mill" is a rumor column information is sourced.  For this piece, precautions were taken to ensure the source's permanent anonymity.  Besides, Da Horsey will never tell.

Have a juicy carrot for Da Horsey? Well let Smarty know: and it may become grist for the mill.  This article may be reprinted only with written permission.

The Hospital: in line with revenue projections?

Last night the Hoboken University Medical Center held it's monthly board meeting.  Due to a late conflict, MSV missed the action.  And it sounds like something akin to a coup took place.  There was a 5-4 vote with Commissioner Toni Tomarazzo taking the helm on a legal review finance committee.  (We're not clear on what that really means but we'll find out.)

Mark Mauer at the Jersey Journal posted a story on the apparent overthrow of the status quo.  The mayor showed up and expressed concern on the projected figures for this year while CEO Spiros Hatiras expressed confidence the numbers were in line to break even or do better by year's end.  Mayor Zimmer also expressed an interest to privatize the hospital.  That's obviously the right direction to take.

Claire Moses reported on this story with more extensive quotes for  It's an absolute must read.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kids First - "meet the candidates" series now Friday too

This announcement of another Hoboken resident hosting the Kids First candidates just arrived and for those who have questions and can't make Saturday, this is another option set for Friday evening:

Friday night Phil Cohen is hosting a gathering of friends and neighbors to meet Board President Rose Marie Markle, Board Trustee Irene Sobolov, Jean Marie Mitchell and Leon Gold, four outstanding candidates on the Kids First ticket for the Hoboken Board of Education. In these tough fiscal times, now more than ever, we need committed public servants who can lead the Hoboken Public Schools to deliver better results in the classroom, while offering fiscally responsible leadership.

Join us Friday March 26th, from 7-9, at 206 11th Street (between Garden and Park) for some food, drink and a chance to meet and speak with Rose, Irene, Jean Marie and Leon and learn how they plan to address the challenges facing our city's public schools. We look forward to seeing you and having a great night.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skyline's Call to Arms - City Council Zoning Board Appeal

Here's a memo circulating among the Skyline residents leading into tomorrow's meeting on Zoning Board appeals.

The public hearing for the Rey Foods property (509 Newark Street) is scheduled for 7pm Wednesday, March 24th at Hoboken City Hall

This one-time, final appeal to the City Council is because we want them to rule against the Zoning Board's approval of the 12-story building proposed by the property owner. The legal height limit for this property is only 2 stories.
We believe the owner did not demonstrate hardship or economic need for 10 additional stories on this property. Our concern is that the development (extending from the Skyline parking lot to the car wash) will block all Manhattan and Hudson River views from the south side of the building and thereby lower Skyline property values.

We want the City Council to strike this approval down. Furthermore, we want the new City Council to approve the 2004 Hoboken Master Plan (already paid for with our tax dollars) so that there is a professionally-prepared plan to guide development in the city.  

Skyline Board of Directors

Janet DeGennaro - Thanks Officer Bret Globke

This letter is from Mo DeGennaro's wife Janet.  Mo is scheduled to come off intensive care this evening.  His family appreciates everyone who has prayed on his behalf.

Thanks for life saving service

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the family of Maurice 'Mo’ DeGennaro, please accept this as my sincere thanks for the live saving procedures performed by Hoboken Police Officer Bret Globke and the Amcor Ambulance personnel who attended to my husband ‘Mo’ in a most professional manner while he was unconscious and had already turned a purple color.

Without their timely intervention, the staff at Hoboken University Hospital would not have had a chance to follow up with their excellent intensive care for ‘Mo’ who was in a critical state.

Now after more than a week in very serious condition, his condition has been stabilized and he appears to be on the road to recovery. Again, thanks for this great team effort and the leadership displayed by P.O. Bret Globke.

Janet DeGennaro

Kids First - "meet the candidates" series Saturday

Kids First will be hosted by a Hoboken resident for their second in a series of outdoor events in a "meet the candidates" series.  The event will take place on Saturday from 2:00 -5:00 at 923 Castle Point Terrace and is hosted by Scott Siegel.  

Questions: Please email Scott Siegel:

'bout Uncle George

A guest poster commented earlier today posing a direct question to Kids First on the matter of George DeStefano.  In reply, an email was sent by Kids First BoE member Theresa Minutillo:

FACTS;  This was decided in litigation.... Destefano sued the board b/c by stature he has first right of refusal for this position...
The Court decision was in his favor.... not ours...

 salary is $10,000 prorated from 3/15-6/30...
the back pay owed will be paid by the board's insurance company NOT the board....

Happy now?  You know it's election season when stuff like this doesn't even make it a day without being well ground into powder.  Okay on to bigger and more important matters.

Now 'bout that budget, helleva job!

Breaking: BoE budget introduced: $4 million reduction, down 7% with a tax decrease!

MSV received this breaking information:

Last night Mr. Carter and the Business Administrator, Bob Davis introduced the BOE's 2010-2011 budget.  It passed by a vote of 8-0 (Mr. Carmelo Garcia was not present)

Budget FY 2010-11 $57,882,147
Budget FY 2009-10 $62,013,193
Budget decrease $4,131,046
Budget decrease in percentage terms: 7%

Tax Levy FY 2010-11 $36,764,796
Tax Levy FY 2009-2010 $36,761,743
 Tax Levy decrease $3,053
 Tax Levy decrease 1%

-The board's budget goal of keeping the tax levy flat without impacting the educational programs remains in effect.
-The budget includes 14 staff cuts including 2 principals, 1 vice principal, 1 director and 10 teachers. Staff reductions will be achieved through attrition due to 18 retirements, 12 filed and 6 in process. No RIF's (reduction in force) will be necessary, which means no lay offs.

Talking Ed Note:  This introduced budget reflects a significant achievement in very challenging times coming after the reductions in State aid with the financial crisis faced in Trenton.

The key players in this: Superintendent Carter and the Business Administrator Bob Davis represent the advances of being put in place with the changes in the BoE since last year.  Kids First elected last year played a key role in these hires and the impact is evident:

  • a real honest budget presented to the Board of Eduction
  • a first time ever open to the public budget workshop
  • a thorough transparent discussion of the entire budget including reductions and revenues
  • a tax DECREASE while State aid has been reduced $2.3 million.
Bottom Line: Some people need to take a bow.  Superintendent Carter and BA Bob Davis, please approach the podium to receive your awards for service to Hoboken. 

This is nothing short of impressive.  Btw, who was the BoE majority again responsible for these hires?  
A strong rumor says it's these folks.
More to come...

Update:  The tax decrease of 1% is due to State and Funding being allocated to certain categories, re: teacher's salaries, special education, etc. and when the various categories are impacted based on how the various groupings are managed by regulation.

Yet another update: Business Administrator Bob Davis is quoted in a story at

"I would think that if you present a budget that spends $4 million less than the previous year—7% less—if, despite losing almost two-and-a-half million dollars in state aid, you present a budget which lowers the tax levy," Davis said, "one would reasonably anticipate that should be viewed favorably by the public."


Citizens Campaign - Thursday MakeUp Date

The Citizens Campaign will present its Path to Political Party
Service seminar on Thursday, March 25 at 7:00. at St. Matthews Parish
Hall. This course will teach the basics of how local political party
committees work and prepare interested citizens for the June 8
committee elections. The 30 minute course will will be taught by an
educator from the nonpartisan Citizens Campaign.

St. Matthews Parish Hall is located at 8th and Hudson Street.

What Do the Local Political Party Committee People Do?

Every district of every ward in Hoboken elects both a Democratic and
Republican committeewoman and committeeman. The party committees exist
to represent the interests of local voters to the party, and to raise
funds and rally support for party candidates.The responsibility taken
on by each committee person depends completely on the level of
involvement they choose. Many run for committee to promote change in
local government or to help build a political platform. Others see it
as an introduction to the political process or a chance to socialize
with politically like minded neighbors. The local committee people also
represent Hoboken at the county level by helping to choose the county
party leaders.

The June election is a great chance to dip your toe in the political
waters. Only a few signatures are needed to get on the ballot and,
depending on your district and party affiliation, getting just a half
dozen votes may get you elected .

The goal of the Citizens Campaign in sponsoring this event is to
inspire citizens to participate in the leadership of their communities
and reverse the tide of government waste and corruption.

For more information please contact

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kids First holds first of park "meet the candidates" series

Earlier yesterday morning Kids First held their first outdoor gathering to rally supporters and allow the public to meet the candidates in Columbus park.  Among those attending in the group photo: Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Councilman Dave Mello, Councilman Michael Lenz and Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

From left rear: BoE member Theresa Minutillo, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Candidate Leon Gold, BoE member and candidate Irene Sobolov, BoE member Ruth McAllister
Front: BoE President Rose Marie Markle and Candidate Jean Marie Mitchell.

Photos courtesy Kurt Gardiner

Ya gotta have art

A walk along Washington between Second and Third streets reveals a bright spot among some dreary vacant stores available for rent. The former home of Itty Bitties with its for rent sign among them, also reveals a sandwich board advertising an art gallery. Just opened,  inside you'll find an array of varied art; paintings, digital collages, wood cuts, prints and more. 

The proprietor, James Stephenson, says he started the store in reaction to the current economically distressed times.  A Hoboken resident, James describes his goal as promoting local artists with ‘affordable art.’  To that end the gallery features work by local artists, many from Hoboken: Molly Emmons, Joe Velez, Becci Mason, Francine Demeviwaere and Betsy Ely, as well as his own paintings. The gallery plans to rotate their efforts so visitors can almost always expect to see something fresh.  

The gallery is open seven days a week, at 206 Washington Street from 3 - 9 pm, until the store is leased to a more permanent tenant. At that point, the hope is to move, though he isn’t sure where.  Until then he hopes that people will notice the positive change of the Washington St. storefront and curiousity of a "walk by" will generate walk in business.

Story and photos courtesy of Davidd

Real Results Kickoff at Wild Ginger

Real Results held their kickoff at Wild Ginger with good weather last Sunday aiding their move from the second floor of the restaurant to the well trafficked pedestrians along Washington Street Sunday afternoon.

Nathan Brinkman ran operations from the second floor...

While efforts to reach voters went on outside.
Kathleen Tucker in yellow is one of four candidates on the new slate.
Maureen Sullivan's husband John in white is in the background.

Maureen Sullivan (l) formerly of Kids First promoting her new slate

Related: Jamie Schuh posted a story on the event earlier today at

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Which one of these chickens doesn't belong?

The answer can be found at our new Hoboken colleague's website, the home of the Grafix Avenger.

Be prepared, shark steak is being served.

Photo: courtesy of Grafix Avenger and InfotainMe-

Four story building on tap this Thursday at City Hall

Joan Enger, wife of Kyle Enger spoke at the City Council's meeting previous on her family's attempt to build a four story structure on lower Park.  After winning unanimous approval from the Zoning Board, they find themselves delayed by an appeal by Hoboken resident Dan Tumpson.  Apparently Mr. Tumpson lives on the same block where the building would be erected and is actually on the fifth floor two doors away in a five story, ten unit building.  The Engers are attempting to obtain approval again to erect a four story building, 10 feet below where Dan lives. The delay has cost them untold thousands to this point.

Here's a video of Joan's speech to the City Council.  With a hearing to the City Council after the approval by the Hoboken Zoning Board scheduled for this Thursday, the Corporation Counsel Michael Kates stated it should not be given weight with the hearing just around the corner.  Still it's worth a look into the arcane process of what a Hoboken resident can be put through in time and cost to erect a four story 40 foot structure even when many of similar specs are approved and moving to completion.  How many people have lost work or will lose work still to satisfy the objection of a fifth floor resident who doesn't want a building ten feet lower two doors away?

The complete transcipt of Joan Enger's remarks are available at the jump.

Bart Stupak turned?

Bart Stupak, a pro-life Congressman from Michigan is talking to the White House and other House leaders about changing his vote to yes if abortion would not be paid for by taxpayers in a final bill.  MSNBC put up a story saying the deal was done, but then has pulled it down.  Congressman Bart Stupak is part of a pro life group of Congress people apparently critical to any outcome in a vote later today.

He was interviewed by the Washington Examiner minutes ago with protestors sounding off against the bill around him.  According to that late report, there is no deal.  (Ignore most of the media that is telling you this is a done deal.  They just can't help themselves being an open cheering section at this point.)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Republic! Republic!

In the course of human events, there's a time to take measure and this is one of those times. The United States of America is at a crossroads and the nanny state advocates and those crying for it in any shape or form are now placed to impose on the nation a two-thousand page plus monstrosity to take over healthcare no one has read or understands. Consequences of this action are now for the moment still rumor as the regulations in those pages are so burdensome some suggest the medical field will be decimated by departures, insurance companies will be forced to take on charity cases - re: existing preconditions leading to their demise and the ultimate control of yet another industry by the federal government.  Those who believe the bill of goods will lead to better care for less remain among the minority of the fanciful.

Is this any way to run a Republic?  Certainly not one resembling anything in US history.  The Congressional Budget Office is extending vague assurances part of the healthcare takeover will not lead to higher deficits when extracting a medicaid portion.  No one with any interest in reality believes any of it.  Nor should they.

American opposition to the healthcare "reform" a monstrosity of a bill that refuses to die and probably never seen in the country's history is universally opposed by clear majorities no matter who does the poll count but since the first version was put forward at ramming speed last summer, the resistance has grown stronger. And louder.  Today with Congressional approval ratings at all time historical lows, and Nancy Pelosi's own numbers deep in the tank, the "process" takes yet another final turn led by a group of ideologues determined to subdue the will of the people.  Prepared to apply a seldom used minor legislative procedure called deem and pass coupled with the equally onerous wreckage-cilliation, the push by hook or crook with a wink and a nod is what the elites deem to pass on to the back of the proletariat.  That such remote procedural tools have never been used for anything resembling this size and scope matters not.  At least according to these self-envisioned DC Olympus gods.

Whether it can muster the necessary votes on Sunday to squeak through is unclear.  Regardless of the outcome, a last minute rally of resistance is assembling at noon in Washington today.  The last grassroots rally in September generated well over a million people by objective counts.  People paid their way across the country on their own time and were ignored by most of the nation's elites and the media as if they didn't matter.  They were ignored and ridiculed the entire way since the start of Tea Party protests and called every name in the book for daring to take part in public petitions to the government, most for the first time in their lives.  Little old ladies lambasted for daring to stand and speak out on the road to ruin they felt was clearly putting the nation in peril began to look at each other and see strength in their numbers all while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed them as "astroturf" and labelled them Nazis.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation, Benjamin Franklin was asked, "Well doctor what have we got a monarchy or a Republic?  The response: "A Republic if you can keep it."

Tomorrow America finds out.

Talking Ed Note: No matter the outcome tomorrow, a new battle will emerge for the Republic.  The fight will commence on two fronts - first on the national stage and simultaneously for the soul of the Democrat Party.  Democrats led by the Scoop Jackson wing will wage a battle to take back the party from George Soros and his numerous well funded tentacles.  Just you watch.

Update: 5:40 - With a vote anticipated tomorrow Horse Sense is going to again put its uncanny record of success on the line once more. Having most recently predicted Scott Brown the winner for Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy's Senate seat and stated Chris Christie would be the next Governor of New Jersey, MSV goes out on a limb with this one and is stating if there is a vote Sunday, Obamacare will fail, falling short in the neighborhood of six to eight votes.

Horse Sense earlier called the Hoboken election in order from top to bottom only inverting the second and third place candidates.  Horse Sense is a combination of analysis, ear to ground and intuition - not necessarily in that order.  Don't wager, but if you must, please don't bet against Da Horsey.

Demon pass re: deem & pass - not to be confused with Demon Puss (below) has been yanked off the table.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Then Demon Puss Came for You!

the Constitution may cower in fear of the ever approaching creep of Deem and Pass....

But are you ready to face the sheer terror inducing might of


Now coming to a City Hall near you.  An engorged tick like parasite with unquenchable ambition for the mayor's seat and the blood sucking opportunities that go with it.    

You thought you were safe.  No one is safe.  Not the mayor, not the City Council members and most importantly, not you!

No matter how many times you count the election results, she'll just keep coming!
(And so will her job seeking hate411 minions.)

Disclaimer: This movie ad is not paid for by the Beth Mason Endless Campaign for Life Committee, the Beth Mason Government-in-Exile Committee or any of its known subsidiaries including Hoboken411, the I'm Votin for Bet Mason Church Towers Committee, the Little Napoleon Club or deceased former prime ministers of Great Britain.

Demon Puss entity courtesy of the Grafix Avenger

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mo DeGennaro shows improvement

Hoboken resident Mo DeGennaro who was hospitalized earlier this week at Hoboken University Medical Center is off a respirator.  He has also taken medication orally and we've been informed - has befriended his nurse.

A first hand source relayed word that when Mo heard former DCA Director Susan Jacobucci was no longer part of "the State government," it brought a smile to his face.

Da Horsey has also now confirmed this is in fact the case.  There's a new sheriff in town.  And we've been told, "a new Mo."

Godspeed and please join us in continued prayers for his recovery.