Friday, April 30, 2010

BREAKING on MSV: Dr. Romano has landed! Franklin Lakes K-8 earns nod

A highly placed education source indicates Dr. Frank Romano, the recent choice by the Hoboken BoE to act as superintendent in the Hoboken school district and who withdrew from negotiations as a blistering internet scorched earth campaign was waged against him - has accepted a similar position for the K-8 Franklin Lakes school district in northern NJ.

The source indicated the Bergen Record may have already reported on the story but MSV has gone ahead to post the unconfirmed word coming off the highly contested race for the local Board of Ed elections held in Hoboken last week.

Dr. Romano who was acting as an Asst. Superintendent in Fort Lee at the time of his consideration in Hoboken was criticized as inexperienced, and seeking too much money to take on the Hoboken Superintendent role.

His anticipated salary acting as superintendent for the much smaller K-8 Franklin Lakes school district is reported to be exactly the same amount that was under consideration in Hoboken: $189,000.

BoE member Maureen Sullivan led the campaign against Dr. Romano finalizing a contract with the Hoboken BoE. Her defeat in a controversial board vote process of 7-2 led to her forming an opposition slate to Kids First called Real Results, the latter finishing last in the elections for four open seats. Kids First then swept the election and will now lead the effort holding six of the nine seats as the search begins again for a Hoboken school superintendent.

Dr. Frank Romano clearly has prevailed by finding  a lead superintendent role so quickly proving his Asst. Superintendent role was no barrier to landing an elevated career position in Franklin Lakes acting as its superintendent in a plum northern New Jersey district.

Talking Ed Note: The only thing worse than Frank Romano earning this nod so soon after the campaign waged against him on local Hoboken internet websites that led to his withdrawal from final negotiations is his landing a job for a prime northern New Jersey school district. The Franklin Lakes school district is exactly the type Hoboken has historically been unable to compete with having a diverse population of students with varying needs in a far greater challenging landscape.

The anger many parents felt in his loss here in Hoboken will sadly be a reopened wound now.  While MSV congratulates Dr. Romano on his new role, Da Horsey's heart is with our fellow Hobokenites who can only wonder what impact he would have delivered to the district.  It's a disappointing confirmation the man's background, experience and skills deserved a chance here in Hoboken.  Franklin Lakes pulling the trigger for the same money and in a smaller and less challenging district proves his value in the free market.  No idle speculation can change that reality now.

- The Jersey Journal's Mark Mauer confirms MSV's story, also reporting the story on
Hoboken Now.

Update: Grafix Avenger has posted a powerful feature and an absolute must read.


Hudson Parking Rule adjustment & Hoboken road work alert!

City of Hoboken announces:

Section of Hudson Street to Return to Parallel Parking

Due to potential liability concerns, parking along Hudson Street between 2nd Street and 4th Street will change from angled to parallel parking, as it was traditionally configured approximately ten years ago.

Hudson County began their resurfacing program in mid-April, including this portion of Hudson Street.

As noted in a memo from Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs, P.E. to Mayor Dawn Zimmer, "the angled parking configuration conflicts with county, state, and national roadway design guideline criteria" and does not provide sufficient width "to safely accommodate through vehicles. Due to this condition, Hudson County would not recommend returning to angled parking."

Because of the liability concerns, Director Sacs recommends "returning the street to the original parallel parking configuration on both sides." All members of the City Council Transportation and Parking Sub-Committee have been briefed on the issue are in agreement with the recommendation.

Talking Ed Note:  A reader submitted a photo of a flyer from Councilwoman Theresa Castellano on Friday stating the angled parking was being changed.


Milling & Paving Schedule (8 am to 4 pm) for Monday, May 3rd  

Milling:                       Garden St. - 12th to 14th streets
                                    Park Ave. - 8th to 11th streets

Paving:                        Garden St. - Newark St. to Observer Hwy.
                                    Newark St. – Willow Ave. to Monroe St.

Best Routes leaving the City (south):

Down 2nd St. to Harrison St. make left to Observer Hwy.
Washington or Hudson streets to Observer Hwy.

Best routes entering the City (south):

Jackson St., Park Ave., Bloomfield St., Washington St. & Hudson St.
(all accessible from Observer Hwy.)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things that make you go huh?

Patricia Waiters made an appearance at the BoE last Tuesday and started by saying she wasn't a sore loser but then proceeded to do everything possible to convince the viewing audience otherwise.  She complained about broken machines (repaired but she claims it remained broke till the polls closed) and stated seniors were turned away.  Somehow she ignores provisional and emergency ballots although they were added to the tallies at the end of the election.  If she feels there's some problems worth investigating she'll need to follow up with the County.

Somehow though Patricia sees no issue with the hundreds of ballots she benefited from due to the Pupie Raia Absentee Ballot Express.  The saddest part is that media folks follow up with her as the Jersey Journal did and no one seems to ask her about these relevant questions or her lack of ELEC filings.  Apparently, since Patricia Waiters has been running for positions since 2006, she doesn't file any.  Of more substance though is the support she received this time around.  To generate fully a third of your vote via absentee ballot is not only disproportionate, but a big red flag when you combine it with no ELEC filings.

As for the audience, she received some heckling and then continued on a full minute and a half past the normal five minute allotment.  MSV has seen the same thing happen in City Council but that was worse coming past midnight.

Okay, you remember Mel Gibson, but here's Patricia Waiters in Conspiracy Theory 2:

Hoboken Health Fair - Saturday 1-5 pm

“Family & Friends”  Event Saturday to Feature Array of Participants

HOBOKEN -- Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Freeholder Anthony Romano Jr., Fourth Ward Councilman Michael Lenz and other members of the Hoboken City Council, Hoboken Housing Authority and representatives of the Police Department will participate, in various capacities, in the Family & Friends Health, Nutrition and Fitness Fair this Saturday.

The event, which will take place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Mama Johnson ballfield at Fourth and Jackson streets, will feature a cooking contest in which Mayor Zimmer, Assemblyman Ramos and other officials will participate as judges. Mayor Zimmer will also lead a bike ride around the neighborhood, in conjunction with some bikes and scooters that will be given away as prizes. Assemblyman Ramos and Freeholder Romano are also supplying food for the event. Ramos, a former City Councilman, once ran a series of Housing Authority nutrition programs similarly designed to promote good eating habits and exercise.

The health fair, which will be the latest installment in an ongoing series launched by Housing Authority Commissioner Jake Stuiver in September, will focus on the theme, “You Are What You Eat.” Local caterer Eric Rodriguez will run the cookoff, and Councilman Lenz, who recently lost over 150 pounds through improving his diet will speak about the benefits of good nutrition. Ian Rintel of Hoboken Golf will supply a mini-golf course on the ballfield.

Health and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini will also be on hand supplying audio equipment for music entertainment, city employee Paul Drexel is helping coordinate various health-screening services that will have tables on the field, as will education-, vocation- and job-seeking service HOPES and the Save the Youth Academy teen-assistance program, whose co-founders, Luis Acevedo and Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, will coordinate many of the event’s athletic activities.
Those who wish to participate in the cookoff must prepare the food in advance and bring it to the event. For the recipe every participant must use, please contact HHA Commissioner Jake Stuiver at

July 4th on The Hudson - Play it again Sam

The Macy's July 4th fireworks will again be set on the Hudson this year meaning Hoboken finds itself a primary viewing area for the sights and sounds. Last year's event was a family atmosphere and a police officer we know and ran into leading into the start said it had been a very peaceful day. The biggest problem was later when folks who came to watch were trying to drive out.

Here's a video clip of the show from last year.  Although the sound was low on the camera, it did capture the finale quite well.

Rent control heats up and with it potential problems for Hoboken

Update: 4.29.10 - The rent control issue has commanded a lot of discussion.  But the heart of the issue seems to be what the city will do to counter what it's risking - a class action lawsuit.  What will Hoboken do in the existing rent control ordinance to minimize the exposure and keep the town from facing very large penalties?

Hoboken is under pressure to update and properly attend to its rent control ordinance most recently highlighted in a Jersey Journal story announcing a class action lawsuit representing owners for 8,000 units.  The law as presently administered is problematic and opened the door to the action when an earlier case declared its application in one specific instance "arbitrary and capricious" last October.  Since then, the battle lines have been forming both inside and outside the court room.  The heat can be expected to rise as the pressure for the town to address limitations of the existing ordinance comes to a head.  The last City Council meeting had several members speak on behalf of the existing ordinance in an ongoing public relations war to earn attention and stymie the forces aligned against it.

The BankRobber submitted the latest salvo on the war, this mailer that spells more trouble yet to come.  Corporation Counsel Kates suggests the resolution is to fix the ordinance.  But will that in the end be the final outcome?  If this town could just get a chance to catch its breath.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's a series of photos from last night's BoE swearing in ceremony.
Hit the big play button once to let it run auto or then hit right or left
on the screen or similar buttons on your keyboard to control.

The photos start near the end of the meeting. Enjoy!

All rights reserved.

The Education Revolt will not be televised....

Better late than never.  Here's the details on the educational protest in Trenton tomorrow:

New Jersey Residents:

Do Something Important!

The 2010 New Jersey Education Reform Rally will be tomorrow, Thursday, April 29, 6pm in Trenton, NJ.  (A screening of The Cartel will occur immediately afterward at 7:30pm.)

The other side has their paid cronies... now it's our turn.  Tell them: Enough is Enough.

If you believe that New Jersey needs Education Reform now -- come to Trenton's State House Annex tomorrow, Thursday, at 6pm -- and tell your friends & neighbors about it. 

(No children will be pulled out of classrooms for this event.)

The Facebook Page for the Rally:

Tickets for the 7:30pm screening of The Cartel at the State Museum Auditorium, available here:

  • Please Join Us 
  • We Need Your Help -- Your Involvement Matters
  • Apathy Won't Improve New Jersey Public Schools
  • It's Your Turn to Be Heard

Kids First - Sweepers take your seats

Last night's ceremony, usually a rather placid affair was charged due to the sweep of all four seats by Kids First and a rather funny moment involving Mayor Zimmer.

Jean Marie Mitchell is sworn in for the one year term (center) as Mayor Dawn Zimmer approaches to take a photo.  The new BoE member's mother, out of town for the event had asked the mayor to take the picture of the family handing over her camera not knowing she is the mayor.  Board Secretary David Anthony, (left) conducted the ceremonies.

Irene Sobolov takes the oath of office with her family looking on.  She was the top vote getter in the BoE election and now begins a three year term.

Leon Gold, a long time active member on the Hoboken scene at many important civic meetings and a former member of the Hoboken Revolt steering committee now finds himself on the other side of the government table.  He's not only a new member on the BoE, he's also the first man to hold that role as a member of Kids First and a three year term.

Rose Marie Markle is sworn in for another three year term.  She is joined by her family and minutes later was given a ringing endorsement from her colleagues to remain Board President for another year.  The crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Mayor Zimmer taking pictures on behalf of the Mitchell family.  She could not contain her fun and no doubt the irony in the moment not lost on Board member Carmelo Garcia seen smiling on the left.

All rights reserved

BoE Swearing in ceremony

Our neighboring blog, the Hoboken Journal attended last night's BoE meeting and filmed the proceedings.  The complete segments of all the new BoE members is now up and available for viewing.

Please take a look to capture the spirit and intimacy of the proceedings.  It certainly is a marker for Hoboken.  These "ordinary" Hoboken moms of Kids First (including Dr. Leon Gold) now hold six of the nine seats.  The challenges they face considering both the town's and State's economic climate are steep.  MSV wishes to extend to them congratulations and good luck in serving the town and its children well.

MSV will have some photos and maybe video later.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BoE - changing of the guard

Kids First gets to bask in the light of their sweeping victory last week with the new members taking their respective roles.  Should be a nice crowd in attendance and this went out yesterday inviting others to be there:

Outreach educating on the power of savings and finance

Save the Youth Director/Founder Luis Acevedo invited Wachovia Bank VP/Branch Manager Luis Diaz to speak to youth on "Financial Literacy" - the importance of personal financial management last week.

Joining them at the Sty Studio was Hoboken Housing commissioner Jake Stuiver to offer some insights on banking, saving and career opportunities in finance.

Workshops will continue in May the second and last Wednesday of the month.  If you have questions or wish to help in this community outreach please email Luis Acevedo at

Monday, April 26, 2010


Reader Mcgato shared a recent experience in the comments here on the uptown smear merchant at Hoboken411:

Cute story from election night and Hoboken411. I had visited this site once before election night and only spent a few minutes on it. After KF swept the election, I posted something on the 411 website to the effect of "maybe 411 should realize that he is not a king maker and get back to simply reporting about what happens in Hoboken, instead of trying to control what happens in town." That comment posted immediately, as had all of my previous posts. Within minutes, it was removed. I tried to repost a few times, but they never appeared. A day or two after the election, I checked this site out further and noticed a similar "kingmaker" (one word as opposed to my two words) reference here. I figured that 411 thought that I was an operative of this site. Silly, delusional man. I just tried to post on another unrelated subject, but it is also blocked. So I guess I am permanently banned from that site for using wording too similar to wording on this site. Too rich.

Da Horsey is shocked, shocked at this revelation I tell ya. We'd say this was probably some sort of accident and Hobo411 was off his meds but we're pretty sure being on his meds makes little difference.

Although Mcgato references the use of the work kingmaker here in our winners and losers feature story on the BoE election, Da Horsey is willing to venture a guess it had more to do with the reflexive bitterness of Das Klausfurherer after yet another stinging election defeat than anything referenced here. That's just his and the Hoboken411 minions SOP (standard operating procedure). Free speech is their most hated enemy. Number two on the enemies list - that would be the Hoboken voters who continually refuse to follow orders and vote for who they are told.  Of course MSV is on the list too.   As many know, Hoboken411 threatened to sue Da Horsey back in February.  MSV's response was to highlight the threat and let everyone know not one inch will be yielded.  Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Can you hear me now?

Talking Ed Note: It does warm the heart to know the predicted post-election bitterness is in fact alive and well and biting the hand that feeds him.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

BoE election aftermath: winners and losers

Since MSV had the most comprehensive coverage leading in to the BoE election, it's only right to follow up in the election aftermath. Here's the official MSV scorecard:


Kids First - the victors can savor the sweep as the voters who pay heed to a BoE election are the most involved voters in town. Typically BoE elections generate only 10% of eligible voters but not even a nasty mean spirited internet blogging campaign could suppress voter interest enough to take the moms (or the budget) down. Kids First and its supporters celebrate a huge victory over two competing slates but it faces greater responsibility now to reach out to the Hoboken community while continuing their battle of reducing waste, administrative overhead and past BoE misdeeds while ensuring student quality standards in a challenging economic climate. Leon Gold was eloquent in recognizing this responsibility even in the midst of victory. A very large win and endorsement from the voters to continue that platform.

Theresa Minutillo - people won't say it, but this race was as much about the personal ambition of unseating the real "Goddess of Reform" on the BoE as competing ideologies. Battle hardened from years of skirmishes in the trenches while the minority, Minutillo embraced an internal challenge putting it on the line from the very beginning offering to find common ground on claimed "spending differences" with former slate member Maureen Sullivan and then when spurned agreed to a comprehensive interview answering every single question MSV could throw at her. That interview lasted almost two hours! MSV only wishes it could have published it so voters could have heard her take on Maureen Sullivan's 'false' claims and predicting Kids First would "kick their" you know what. In the end, she lived up to that too.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer - she too laid it on the line again, endorsing a group that initiated the groundswell for her November victory in the mayoral election last year. Proving true to form employing yet another successful grass roots effort, no one can argue with the real results. Her "critics" six months into her true term, re: haters can't decide who they hate more now, her or Kids First. The voters again rejected a brand of pettiness, grandstanding and hollow criticisms without a positive agenda voters can envision working. Mayor Zimmer stood tall again in the face of it. Her belief in the Hoboken voter seeing through the muck proved out yet again. There's no time to enjoy the moment though. Rumblings over the November 4th ward council election have already begun for the critical swing vote on the City Council even as the town yet eyes its sovereignty from State financial control.

Rose Marie Markle - targeted by Real Results in the campaign as a BNR aligned with "the machine" an online campaign attacking her personally in the end proved a failure. Online political operatives for Real Results failed to duplicate the success that ended Dr. Romano finalizing a contract with the Hoboken BoE. The personal attacks were never returned in kind but won't be forgotten by her and close BoE observers. She showed restraint and dignity in handling the gavel as BoE President and facing down her opponents smears. She gets to hand over the gavel to a colleague while relishing another three year term.

Irene Sobolov - attacked similarly by the same political operatives for Real Results, her skill in speaking to the issues in a relaxed, comfortable manner remaining positive all the while impressed observers on all sides. Demonstrated quiet resolve and her elevation in the election as top vote getter is the best sign of the positive elements in the electorate coming together - both old and new Hoboken. A long time proponent working tirelessly on behalf of the schools, her next challenge is how much leadership to exert within a strong voting majority.

Liz Mulholland - Kids First campaign manager, she tirelessly embraces the job of promoting good governance at the BoE while serving on point to the public as KF's community outreach - a year round full time job. One of only a handful you will find attending BoE meetings year round, she disproved the notion of Hoboken moms lacking the professionalism and "education" to run a campaign. She's not in it for any glory but she earns kudos just the same.

Ken Howitt - although he claimed to be an independent early on before being rolled into a late Frank "Pupie" Raia slate, there was no other candidate who presented their positions better. Demonstrated a strong knowledge of education issues and conveyed an emotional connection to those concerns in his appearance at the candidates' forum. Hoboken would be well served by his participation in the town's BoE issues in the future.

Kyelia Colon - she failed to win a seat but earned accolades and more than a thousand votes for voicing concerns overlooked by most. Her vote only begins to reflect the respect and esteem she is held by many. She joined Da Horsey during the second half of the forum and made a very favorable impression sitting on our left (more on this at a later date.) Should play a major role working with the new majority representing an important voice for the community. It would be a great benefit to Hoboken in her doing so. She also was featured before the election as a "Guest of the Stable."

Interim Superintendent Carter and Business Administrator Davis - their efforts on behalf of the Hoboken residents and children were the basis for the underlying election cycle's battle lines. They remained officially neutral but were constantly correcting misinformation by Real Results at recent BoE meetings. Hoboken is rewarded by their continued service not to mention patience. The best example was their humorous and detailed explanations on the theater program not being under threat by the BoE as Real Results literature claimed. While doing so Maureen Sullivan was repeatedly seen nervously staring at the ceiling hoping the issue would pass before more damage would be done to her slate. Is she going to provide her list of hundreds of out of district students to Mr. Carter now?

Michael Lenz - Hoboken's all powerful bogeyman or reformer depending on who you talk to, he retains some luster for his effort toward the Kids First latest victory. Does it carry over to his run in November for the 4th ward city council seat? Much of that still depends on who the opposition is and how unified it emerges. That effort may be divided or sit out until the following May when the 4th ward will do it all over again.


Maureen Sullivan - the family effort to derail the finalization of Dr. Romano's contract emboldened her ambitions leading to her forming the Real Results slate. Although she denied doing exactly that in her Kids First "resignation" letter to the Hudson Reporter, ethics questions remain with rampant evidence online available should anyone request an inquiry. But with her isolation on the BoE, is it even necessary? Maureen went from being in the front of the room at then City Council President Dawn Zimmer's mayoral inauguration last summer to attacking the very people who propelled her to a seat in less than a year. Thought victory in a small town could be had while refusing to answer any questions leading in to and during the race from both the Hoboken Journal and MSV. But that's all old hat and now so too is Maureen First.

Hoboken411 - once again proving a barometer of Hoboken elections, as in whatever he touches turns into a turd. His self-proclaimed kingmaker status has been utterly repudiated by the voters in a series of elections. (Should we give him a W for Cammarano last spring?) The uptown smear merchant falls below even the old National Enquirer standards and his fellow minions have only each other to share in their vindictive toxic consolation of hatred. Now a slow motion trainwreck, Hoboken voters have figured out they can pass through to see about store openings and closings while ignoring the absolute worst variety of yellow journalism. Expect his bitter invective to continue as his once lively website dwindles in public comments under the brutal hand of his censorship and toxic ghostwriter(s). The spiral down the toilet and the bitter vitriol he's become famous for with even more inanity and excuses for his predictions proving to be absolutely useless will no doubt continue.

Beth Mason - she claimed neutrality in the BoE race in an interview with MSV then later saw her husband Ricky days before the vote endorsing Real Results in a letter to the Hudson Reporter. The veneer of plausible deniability is fooling no one. MSV's interview with the Councilwoman after a City Council meeting concerning her position tied her up in so many contradictions, she may have even confused herself. Notwithstanding her claim of restarting taping at the BoE this year "for transparency," another political internet ad may have been forestalled by merely asking the question. Tellingly she appeared to throw in the towel, not sending anyone to film the final BoE meeting before the voters concluded the matter, perhaps deciding it wasn't worth the cost of even dinner to pay a cameraman to do so. Give her credit though, she does at least answer questions as a public official if you push her to do so. And she'll move on to bigger and better things. Some voices suggest she's laying the groundwork to get behind a candidate for the 4th ward November city council race. His name closely rhymes with a famous Van Halen song from their first album. And any success there could undo plans the mayor has of moving an agenda forward.

Frank "Pupie" Raia - people don't discuss it publicly but MSV will. When is there going to be something done about the self-described "King of Absentee Ballots?" His machine operation generated hundreds of the 400 plus total absentee votes. This in an election that is in ridiculous disproportion to not only the victor's total tallies but the final vote itself. John Fund's recent visit on voter fraud has made no impression whatsoever and this absentee ballot operation shows an utter lack of respect for democratic values and the vote in Hoboken - and in the 21st century no less. Frank may be on the official loser list as a result, but he's officially a winner with MSV for not adding John Madigan to his slate, officially or not. So thanks Frank!

Nathan Brinkman - sincere and idealistic but still misguided in how nonpartisan elections are won in Hoboken. He signed on to the Maureen Sullivan family bandwagon without doing his homework embracing ideology over character (again). The refrain referencing just that, "Lonegan, Lonegan, Lonegan" fell on deaf ears as he again embraced a top down approach to winning a local election. You build exposure and roots of support from the ground up in Hoboken not the other way around as evidenced by the last two elections. That concept hasn't gotten through yet. Worse he's now seen by Hoboken voters as having embraced Hobo411 and a nasty online operation. It may be unfair but that may be a lasting voter impression. After his positive campaign in November for mayor where he added real value in the debates, it's most unfortunate.

John Madigan - even though he came within a hundred votes of landing the third three year seat on the Board, Hoboken showed how close it really is to returning to total disaster should he have won a seat on the BoE. Anger directed at Kids First was turned to Frank "Pupie" Raia for not including him in the absentee ballot operation. Reports of Madigan's behavior arrived on election day and it wasn't pretty. One day, there's a law enforcement story coming and it won't be about the complaint for bad language targeting a BoE member with her child on the street.

Real Results - for a new slate some members performed fine but couldn't escape the association with the nasty online work of political operatives on their behalf. It may have hurt their cause more than anything else other than Maureen Sullivan herself. Although to a member, they conducted themselves well and were not visibly part of that online ghastliness, both elements handicapped them right out of the gate. Running on no clear winning issue, the focus of all criticism was singularly pointed at Kids First made worse by the mean spiritedness of their online "supporters." Worse, they advocated positions that added up to no significant difference in a budget of tens of millions of dollars. How you can say you are for budget reform and not spell out significant reform on that point proved insurmountable. Other public positions revealed a lack of knowledge about the BoE, sometimes advocating ideas not remotely possible under NJ law. Who shoulders the blame? Her way or the highway Maureen Sullivan - not campaign manager in name only Nathan Brinkman.

Rainout won't stop Mile Square Theater's ball game today

Friend of Hoboken Dean Kemph sent in this last minute notice on one fine alternative to enjoy the day and baseball regardless of the rain:

Today, kids, is your last chance to see this terrific play at the Monroe Space Theater at 8th & Monroe Streets at 3:00 PM.  We had one of those rare "whole family" outings last night and caught it so I wouldn't have to hide from Chris O'Connor the next time I saw him.  Really great stuff. Very funny. For those with kids -- mild and brief sexual innuendo, but Emory at 11 has seen far worse I'm sure and it will go right by young ones.  It was particularly revelatory for me as a kids' coach and I think it should be mandatory for all coaches.  If you don't see at least a slice of yourself, you're not looking.  Also not to be missed by anyone with an endemic love for the national pastime.  For everybody else, it's merely wonderful. The Mile Square Theater has been doing fantastic work and this is a chance to see an amazing, professional performance just a few blocks away on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Just do it. 

PS - If you're one of my team, we are NOT yet rained out today -- stay tuned.

More Info: 
Mile Square Theatre
Chris O'Connor, Artistic Director

A comedy about baseball, Little League, and what it means to win the game.

by Richard Dresser

What does it mean to be a success? Is winning the only thing that matters, or is it how you play the game? For Michael and Don, two coaches of the same Little League baseball team, their answers are clear – and completely opposite. Richard Dresser’s ROUNDING THIRD is a hilarious look at how our culture is teaching our kids— and our parents— to deal with competition and success.

Starring Liam Joynt and Matthew Lawler
Directed by Marc Stuart Weitz


Friday, April 23, 2010

It's official: Rose Marie Markle completes the sweep!

Hoboken Board of Education President Rose Marie Markle officially was designated the winner for the last outstanding BoE seat this afternoon after a count of outstanding provisional and emergency ballots. The final margin of victory was 72 votes with a tally of 1388 versus 1266 for John Madigan.

Congratulations again to Rose Marie Markle and Kids First on a remarkable four seat sweep.

Photo: Rose Marie Markle (r) pictured with Kids First Campaign Manager Liz Mulholland at the post election celebration at Maxwell's.

Related: Andrew Tavani of has posted the official confirmation.

BoE Results, the winners and losers

MSV is awaiting the final count of outstanding provisional ballots today as many to put the final period on the BoE election earlier this week.  John Madigan needs almost all of them in any hope to overtake Rose Marie Markle for the remaining three year seat.

As noted earlier, the candidates almost to a person were sincere in their runs and spoke well on their respective positions.  There were no harsh words among them and one can hope they will stay involved and participate in the issues at the BoE in the future.  Hoboken needs their participation.

Check back this weekend as Da Horsey will provide some additional insight into the election results and what it means for Hoboken.  Some of you have already noted in the comments Hoboken411 failed yet again to steer Hoboken voters his way with his typical tired slanted coverage.  So yes, Perry Klausfurherer does make the list, but can you say how high?  Tune in this weekend to find out.

For now we'll note Slash has put out a new song with Ozzy Osbourne.  It's fitting in looking at the BoE and guessing who you think this one could be about.  It's entitled "Crucify the Dead" as in you can't do it.  MSV promises it won't either.

Here's Ozzy and Slash commemorating one BoE member who some are already speculating may not even want to finish out their term.  Part of the lyrics and the rest at the jump:

We had the same dream
Lived life to extreme
A loaded gun jammed by a rose
The thorns are not around your head
Your ego cut you till you bled
You cannot crucify the dead
To me you're dead, yeah

Sunday Brunch to help foster children find a home

MSV is passing along this invitation to support a worthy cause this Sunday.  As the weather is not the best for the great outdoors, folks may want to consider this option to put their hand in and stand up this Sunday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm to support finding permanent homes for children of abuse.  Turning Point here in Hoboken is the sponsor and host.  The event will be held at 1420 Sinatra Park Drive.

Friends Family and Neighbors,
There are many worthy causes in Hoboken, Hudson County and the greater New York metropolitan area.  One of our most respected in our area is CASA, for the great work they do to protect the interest of abused and neglected children.  This Sunday the Turning Point will host an event for CASA. 
Please consider making a donation to Hudson County CASA and joining us for great breakfast treats at the Turning Point.  The attached post card provides additional details.  Thanks for the consideration and let me know if you have any additional questions. 

Peter Cunningham

Uptown road closures limited at rush hour

City of Hoboken announces:

HOBOKEN, NJ, April 20th, 2010 -- Heeding to the concerns of uptown residents, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer today announced that the ongoing street repaving program on 14th, 15th and 16th streets would be curtailed during the morning rush hours to prevent traffic backups at major intersections.
This project has resulted in significant traffic tie-ups, especially at the intersections of Bloomfield and Garden streets and Park Avenue, Mayor Zimmer said. Residents are concerned about the situation so this action was a necessary at rush hour periods.
Effective April 21, the City is altering the traffic flow in the area. Between Washington Street and Park Avenue, both 15th and 16th streets will be closed from 8 am to 12 pm. At 9:30 am, 14th Street between Willow Street and Park Avenue will be closed for paving. The traffic light at 14th Street and Willow Avenue will be in a blinking mode with six sheriffs officers and two Hoboken Police officers will direct traffic in the area.
Hudson County initiated the month long road resurfacing project last week. Work will continue throughout April on the following dates, which are subject to change.

An Asphalt scrapper machine in lower Hoboken earlier today.  Photo courtesy davidd

Thursday, April 22, 2010

City of Hoboken announces:


Hoboken is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with a series of community-wide “green” initiatives in an effort to beautify the City and raise awareness of the environment.

“Hoboken is an urban oasis meant be both enjoyed and respected by its citizens,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We thank the many committed community organizations for pitching in and helping to make Hoboken a little more green and clean.”

Mayor Zimmer’s Administration is committed to implementing environmentally friendly initiatives to both reduce energy consumption, costs, and improve the quality of life for Hoboken residents.   Recent efforts include the Council’s approval of a city-wide car sharing program.   An interconnected Hop bus system with a GPS locator will soon be launched, as well as the implementation of the City’s energy audit to install sensor lighting in all city facilities. 

Through the help of community organizations and the City’s Department of Environmental Services, efforts have begun to beautify the City. Last weekend, members of Grace Community Church devoted an afternoon to cleaning up Church Square Park, the amphitheater at Sinatra Park and at Maxwell Place Park.

Also, on Tuesday, Hoboken’s Daisy Scouts from Troop 12038 hosted a tree planting in Elysian Park to mark the Earth Day anniversary. They will host a similar celebration with a planting scheduled on Friday in the planter boxes along Sinatra Drive.

The Boy Scouts from Troop 146 honored the environment and the community’s veterans with a flower planting at the WWII memorial last Sunday.

This coming Saturday, the “Hoboken Volunteers” from OMI, Inc. (a Hoboken based company) will be cleaning up and planting at the Community Garden on Third and Jackson streets.

There are numerous tree plantings planned in the near future. The City will be planting a tree at the Wallace school on April 30 to celebrate Arbor Day. In early May, the City’s Shade Tree Commission will be planting 75 trees, provided and planted by the NJ Tree Foundation. Students from the Hoboken Charter School will plant a number of tree saplings as well. An additional 50 tree saplings, donated through Hoboken resident Jean Talerico, will also be planted in the City by the Department of Environmental Services in the coming weeks.

HHA - Hosts Spring Health Fair

STY Academy Co-Sponsors May 1 Event; Mayor Zimmer to Lead Bike Rides

HOBOKEN -- The Hoboken Housing Authority and Save The Youth Academy are hosting the Spring 2010 “Family & Friends” Health Fair on Saturday, May 1, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the Mama Johnson ballfield at 4th and Jackson streets.

The health fair, which will be the latest installment in an ongoing series launched by Housing Authority Commissioner Jake Stuiver in September, will focus on the theme, “You Are What You Eat.” HHA residents are invited to participate in a cooking contest that will be judged at the event, and winners will receive gift certificates to local restaurants.  (The cooking contest will consist of a recipe we will disclose in advance and have people bring the finished product to the event.)  Fourth Ward Councilman Michael Lenz, who recently lost more than 150 pounds by dramatically improving his diet, will participate in the contest and speak about the benefits of a nutritious diet. Mayor Zimmer will be one of the judges.

Several bicycles and scooters will be given to children as prizes, and Mayor Zimmer will lead a bike ride around the neighborhood, as she has at previous health fairs in the series. There will also be an obstacle course, run by HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and Police Athletic League Director Robert Gohde, and a karate class sponsored by STY Academy Director Luis Acevedo and taught by Ray Rodriguez.

Various other health-and-wellness organizations will have tables at the event, including HOPES employment- and education-assistance services, Hudson Perinatal Consortium and North Hudson Emergency Services, which will provide health screenings. Healthy refreshments will be served and music and other entertainment will be provided.

The event will be followed with another Hoboken Housing Authority health fair in June, which will build on the lessons and activities from this one.

Talking Ed Note: This event takes place one day before the town's Arts & Music Festival.  HHA Commisioner Jake Stuiver is working with Transportation Director Ian Sacs to finalize a route map for transporting HHA residents.  

Update: Here's the transportation details:  

Housing Authority residents as well as senior-housing tenants route to the Hoboken Art & Music Festival on Sunday, May 2. Service will run continuously from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a one-hour lunch break for the driver in the middle of the shift.

The stop locations are:
1)  220 Adams -- pick up seniors from there and Merion Towers (400 1st Street)
2)  221 Jackson -- pick up Housing Authority residents from there, Harrison Gardens and Andrew Jackson Gardens South.
3)  Corner of Fifth and Jackson -- pick up HHA residents from Andrew Jackson Gardens North and surrounding buildings.
4)  501 Madison -- pick up seniors from Columbian Arms.
5)  Corner of Ninth and Clinton -- pick up Christopher Columbus Gardens residents.
6)  Fox Hill Gardens
7)  First and Garden -- Festival drop-off, pick-up point

The recipe for the contest is at the jump:

Liberation of Hoboken nears with new Business Administrator Arch Liston

Hoboken is approaching the end of fiscal state control and with it the requirement a Business Administrator be appointed.

Arch Liston appeared at the City Council meeting last night selected in the appointment by Mayor Dawn Zimmer from among dozens of resumes submitted for the position and multiple interviews of different candidates.  The City Council in its advise and consent role approved the appointment requesting to review the salary request of 150K at a later time.

Although there was some noise about access to resumes via the City Clerk's office and process of committee reviews - every Councilperson had ample opportunity to obtain information and meet and speak to the candidate before the City Council meeting last night.  Mr. Liston's proposed salary of 150K comes with no typical 20% cost added in a benefits package, but he was criticized inaccurately for possibly obtaining a flat increase of previous compensation in the range of 12%.  Factor in the savings from a benefit package and Mr. Liston would come to serve Hoboken at an even lower cost. 

Business Administrators in our area typically earn upwards of 185K with a benefits package pushing the overall cost to well over 200K  In due course, the City Council will review and finalize compensation for the role.  Godspeed.

Hoboken and the City Council needs to get it done.

Photo: Arch Liston appearing before the City Council last night.  All rights reserved.

Related: Claire Moses covered the meeting last night for

City Clerk Jimmy Farina honored with proclamation

Mayor Dawn Zimmer is joined in a standing ovation by City Council members rear and the City Council audience in recognizing the decades of service Jimmy Farina has given Hoboken noting his 36 years of service on the Board of Education.  Currently Jimmy Farina serves as the town's City Clerk.

The Jersey Journal also noted the milestone.

Jerry Lore named Asst. City Clerk

Among the announcements and events last night at the City Council meeting, Jerry Lore was named Asst. City Clerk.  He joined City Clerk Jimmy Farina at the Council desk working during last night's meeting.

MSV heartily congratulates Jerry on his achievement and has seen his efforts first hand. It's a pleasure to salute his work on behalf of the City of Hoboken.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

City Council - Business Administrator up @ 7:00

Tonight's City Council meeting will be anti-climatic after the Kids First sweep last night unless you can grandstand on the credentials of a potential Business Administrator this town absolutely must have before regaining its sovereignty from the State.

Not much excitement on the resolutions list other than that item.  You can find the agenda here. Details of the resolutions including Arch Liston's resume are available here. Review his resume if for no other reason than to understand why the inside word is he stood heads and tails above the other candidates.

You can probably catch the portion on the Business Administrator candidate Arch Liston and then the 9:00 pm showing of The Cartel at the Clearview uptown.

Sounds like a plan.

For those who wish to watch at home, tune in at 7:00 and join in the live censor free chat.
Hoboken411 will hate you and your free speech here but it's all angry losers there anyway.
MSV hears its sour grapes time over there again after an election.  What else is new?

Tonight in Hoboken: one night only - "The Cartel"

Folks are still buzzing over the huge Kids First victory and there's a big finale to the election with the movie on corruption in education in New Jersey being featured here in Hoboken at the Clearview.

Yes, there's a City Council meeting but no biggie and you can catch it on replay.  Do yourself and your town a favor and invite a couple of folks to the new theater tonight!

The showtimes are 7:00 and 9:00 this evening!

Bob Bowdon, the Director of the film was interviewed by

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