Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bard of Hoboken launches a lyrical fussilade

A horse is a horse and of course, 
he set up a website for open discourse. 

He set up a website not for personal gain, 
and he got attacked by a madman named Lane. (allegedly) 

He covers the beat for stories he is casin', 
And is not well liked within the circles of Beth Mason. 

To cover Hoboken he should be given a hand, 
and now his 2nd Cousin has been spotted on the web in Scotland. 

Da Horsey doesn't do graifx with punchbowls filled with crap, 
He just gets his kin to pose on Google street maps. 

And now while his kin is discovered in the town of Aberdeen, 
Beth Mason and company calls her detractors angry and mean. 

Beth's minions have been busy writing BS letters to the paper, 
but why was there no comment on Bajardi's assault caper? 

Now the people might be turned off by turds I have to admit, 
but this website exists to point out Mason and her supporters are just full of sh*t.

Talking Ed Note: More on this at the Hoboken Journal.

A relative of Da Horsey spotted in Scotland

A relative of Da Horsey was recently spotted in an unusual manner in Scotland.  Apparently Google was out doing their customary photos for their street views in Scotland and obtained this mysterious photo.

For more on this story:

Talking Ed Note: There's some discussion of cyber bullying which is all the rage now after online kid references have been beaten to a bloody pulp.  If this town's politicos could just find an issue to disagree on without the manufactured drama and intellectual dishonesty.

There's plenty of that been going.  For starters, if you want to comment, choosing a name, any name and sticking with it will earn you a minimal amount of respect.

If a comment is problematic you can report it and MSV will handle it with an absolute minimum of fuss and interference.  You guys can regulate yourselves.

Photo: Courtesy of Google.

Improvements slated for pedestrians near PATH Station


As part of a comprehensive initiative to make Hoboken more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, the Zimmer Administration announced today that it has secured $80,000 in additional funding through the Transportation Trust Fund for improving pedestrian safety at Hudson Place.

A letter from NJDOT Local Aid and Economic Development Director Michael Russo to Mayor Dawn Zimmer stated: "On behalf of Governor Chris Christie, I am pleased to inform you that the City of Hoboken will receive an allotment of $80,000 for Hudson Place Sidewalk Improvements."

"We are so thankful to the NJDOT and the Christie Administration for providing this important funding," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "This is one of the highest pedestrian traffic areas not just in Hoboken, but in the entire state of New Jersey. It's a critical junction in our transportation network and the first thing most visitors experience when they arrive."

In 2008, the City was originally awarded $80,000 in funding through the NJDOT’s Safe Streets to Transit program to improve the sidewalk along Hudson Place near the PATH entrance -- the highest pedestrian volume area in Hoboken. The funding went unused and was discovered by the Zimmer Administration in late 2009. Recognizing that a much better solution would be possible with additional funds, the City prepared a plan and submitted the proposal to the State of New Jersey for consideration.

An additional $80,000 was secured, and the total $160,000 in funding will be used to enhance pedestrian safety along this important segment. The plan includes wider sidewalks, shortened street crossing distances, and expanded pedestrian space adjacent to the PATH headhouses.

"Tens of thousands of residents and visitors walk along this narrow sidewalk every day," said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. "We're going to transform this area into a space that is safer for pedestrians, more welcoming to visitors who arrive by public transit, and more fitting of the important role it plays in the lives of the community."

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Master Plan tonight @ 7:00

Hoboken is taking a much needed look at its Master Plan and tonight's meeting in the basement of City Hall is where the conversation starts.  If you can't make it there for any reason, you can do so here at your convenience.

Earlier today, Councilwoman Beth Mason sent out an email release highlighting tonight's meeting.  Last year she introduced a concept plan including a minor league ballpark.  For those that missed it, the details of that story is here:

Recap:  Over 50 residents jammed the downstairs meeting room for the Planning Board meeting with well over a dozen public speakers.  Some technical glitches and apologies for that as operating from the basement not the easiest.

The existing Master Plan was reviewed and many speakers spoke outside the scope of the original and what should be the vision for the future instead requesting their own personal wish list.

Some speakers did understand the underlying issues from the previous Master Plan and spoke about the concerns due to Hoboken's massive development in the 90s and the current glut of condo and housing stock and the negative tax impact (or the woeful lack of one) thereafter.

This is the beginning of the process.  It would be better to hold future meetings upstairs. For a summer meeting the room was overflowing.

Related: The Hoboken Journal posted pictures of the four new members: Nadia Mian and Rami Pinchevsky (Class IV members) and Daniel Weaver and David Dening were appointed as alternates.

Grease is the word...

Mayor Dawn Zimmer & the City of Hoboken
along with Paramount Pictures

invite you to a special premiere of

Wed. June 30th beginning at 9pm

Pier A Park, First Street & Sinatra Drive

Paramount pictures is releasing a sing-along version of Grease in theatres this summer & Hoboken has been offered the opportunity of a sneak preview before it comes out.

Pier A Park is just a short walk from all public transportation including PATH, NY Waterway Ferries, NJ Transit Trains & Buses & Hudson Bergen Light Rail.

Come dressed as your favorite character from the movie and be ready to strut your stuff. We'll have mics setup so you can participate karaoke style.

There will be prizes for the best dressed.

Come early & bring your blanket & a picnic basket.

Co-sponsored by Projected Images of Hudson County, The Hudson County Division of Heritage Affairs, Clearview Cinemas and TheShannon.

For more information call 201-420-2207

To see the movie trailer, visit:

Paramount Pictures presents
A Robert Stigwood/Allan Carr Production
Produced by Robert Stigwood and Allan Carr
Screenplay by Bronte Woodard
Adaptation by Allan Carr
Based on the original musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey
Produced on the Broadway Stage by Kenneth Waissman and Maxine Fox
In association with Anthony D’amato
Directed by Randal Kleiser

Cast:               John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing
Special guest appearances by Eve Arden, Frankie Avalon, Joan Blondell, Edd Byrnes, Sid Caesar, Alice Ghostly, Dody Goodman and Sha-Na-Na.

Synopsis:        Rydell High's most famous graduating class is going back to school.  newly restored print brings the highest-grossing musical of all time, GREASE (1978), to the big screen as a sing-along.  Join Danny and Sandy with your own crew of T-Birds and Pink Ladies for a carnival ride back to hose amazing summer nights!

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Guest of the Stable: Grafix Avenger

Thank you, Horsey-- it is a great honor to be invited as today's  "Guest of the Stable"... well, I guess I kind of invited myself.  So thank you for not saying "No!"   

You see, I made this graphic (above) and since MSV gets a lot of traffic,  I thought I'd hang it up in your stable. Because if a graphic falls in a forest, and no one's there to see it, did it make a sound?

Unfortunately,  I had to go and ruin it with a warning label: "THIS IS SATIRE".   Are you wondering why?   You'd figure that anyone smarter than a box of rocks wouldn't need a warning label on a satirical graphic.  I was surprised myself to discover how many folks in Hoboken are dumber than a box of rocks. And I mean really big, stupid rocks. 

Let me explain. 

I've had a blog, Grafix Avenger (, since the end of March.  Do you know what a blog is?  I can tell you what it's not.  It's not The New York Times, or even MSV.   No, a blog is a rubber room in cyberspace where the proprietor gets to jump up and down and shout.  Or whisper.  Or sing.  Or flip a disingenuous politician the bird.  In my case, it's all of the above. 

Nothing wrong with that, right?  This is America, after all. And, our great country has a fantastic, crumbly old piece of  paper called 'The Constitution', chock-full of scrawly-things called  'Amendments'  which endow our citizens with liberties.   Like this:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The First Amendment. My personal fave.

Because  it allows you and I, like all other Americans,  to express our opinions, popular or unpopular, withour fear of reprisal...  uh, oh.   Without fear of reprisal.  Somebody tell this to the dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks crowd.  They misunderstand the document that is the foundation of American democracy, that so many  Americans have sacrificed themselves to preserve.   We are talking about an essential American right.  Freedom of speech.

But no, these big, dumb rocks have decided the Constitution can be cherry-picked...  for example, a person who peforms an unpaid, volunteer service for their city ( Hoboken, for example)  is not entitled to free speech even though her speech bears no relation to her public service.  Somebody tell that to Liz Markevitch.  Oh yeah, I already did:

Coincidently, ALL of the big, dumb rocks are former or current political adversaries.  Many have been lampooned by yours truly.  So they're mad.  Well, let 'em complain,   I understand that.  But that is not what they do.  No.  They impugn The Critic's public service to our city,  snootily intoning that The Critic can't have free speech AND a role in making a better Hoboken.  I am guessing they want to shut the speech down.  And punish The Critic.  Someone send  Liz Markevitch an American civics book.

Now, every box of big, dumb rocks has a leader.  In this instance, the Head Rock is loaded with dough.  Which she gets from her husband, Rock-a-fella.  So she doesn't need to attack her critics with conventional methods.  There are more insidious ways, the best money can buy.  Well, they aren't really that good.  But the hapless rocks think they are, and their rocky hubris will be their downfall.  Read about it here:

I have to wrap this up- Da Horsey is charging me per word.   As long as  you understand WHY I had to put the ugly warning label on my  graphic.  Otherwise the buttery-voiced  dumber-than-rocks spokesman would download it and distribute copies to the City Council and the BoE...  crying "But she's FRENCH!".  It's been done before.

In conclusion, I'm thankful everyone knows the difference between a journalist and a blogger, between representational art and  satire, between a photograph and a Photoshop.  Everyone... except for the dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks crowd.

If you'd like to participate in the "Guest of the Stable Series" please indicate your topic and keep the length to less than 1,000 words.  We welcome readers submissions on local meetings, issues and civic events.  Submissions will be published as is and are not protected by copyright other than rights inclusive to Mile Square View.  


Over 100 residents join Hertz car share

City of Hoboken announces:


Less than two weeks after kicking off the Corner Cars city-wide car-sharing initiative, more than 100 residents have signed up for the program.

As of June 28, there were 21 car-sharing vehicles deployed and 115 new members who signed up using the “Hoboken” promotional code. The 42 vehicles in the initial phase of the program are being rolled out continuously.

“The initial response is very encouraging,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “In some cases, residents have been renting the vehicles even before we’ve had a chance to properly paint and mark the spaces.”

Residents who register and use the promotional code “Hoboken” will receive two free years of membership and a $75 credit to their account. A $25 one-time application fee is required of all users. Residents can learn more about the program at
The new Corner Cars program has also led to several inquiries about giving up residential parking permits.

“We haven’t quite had anyone able to sell their car in a week’s time, but we’re already seeing that people recognize the potential savings of doing so,” added Director Sacs.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

City Council President says more to come on garage

City Council President Peter Cunningham and 5th Ward Councilman responded to the mayor's plan for temporary municipal garage services:

"There's more to come on this issue.  While not in a residential neighborhood, I am sensitive to the potential impact it will have in northwest Hoboken.  I am confident that the plans as outlined and forthcoming by the administration will achieve common goals for all affected."

Thanks, Peter

 City Council President Peter Cunningham at last Tuesday's special meeting

Coming this week: year 14 of the farmers market

City of Hoboken's Dept. of Environment Services announces:

It’s Our 14th year as the Hoboken Farmers’ Market.
Located on Washington St. between Observer Hwy and Newark St.
Every Tuesday at 3 - 7:30 from June 29th through October


K&S FARMS, founded by Kevin and Sharon Kyle, was established in 1989.  Its multiple properties include a new addition thanks to the initiative of the NJ State Agriculture Department to preserve farmland in the Garden State.  K&S offers a wide array of vegetables, the bounty of its peach orchard, cut flowers and herbs.  In the fall, they welcome visitors at their East Windsor location (831 Windsor Perrineville Rd.) to pick pumpkins, enjoy a hayride and navigate their daytime cornstalk pumpkin-shaped maze.  In the evening, the Field of Terror comes alive with terror haunted hayrides and a spooky haunted maze. Contact:  609-758-7817,,

UNION HILL FARMS was founded in 1992 by Jeffrey O’Hara.  His large variety of vegetables is complimented by berries in season, potted and cut flowers, herbs, honey and the ever-popular “salsa kits” with tomatillas and jalapeno peppers.  The farm stand, at 25 Cooper Rd., Denville (near Rte. 80)  is open seven days a week from Easter through Halloween.  Union Hill Farms invites individuals, families and groups to take a hayride and pick apples at its u-pick apple orchard and dairy farm on the corner of Plains and Davis Roads, Frankford Township, Sussex County.  Contact:  973-366-0440,

MELICK’S TOWN FARM boasts the longest heritage among its peers in Hoboken, founded in the 1700s by the German immigrant ancestors of 10th-generation owner John Melick.  Primarily a fruit grower with seasonal specialties including berries, peaches, apples and the products of its cider mill, other NJ Fresh produce such as flowers, lettuce and corn is also offered.    Its farm stand is located at:  170 Rte. 523, in Oldwick from March through December, and its Pick-Your-Own orchard is at 19 King Street in Oldwick.   Contact:  908-439-3888,

STARBRITE FARM, a certified organic enterprise (NOFA), John Krueger is the owner/operator of Starbrite Farm.  He has a BS in environmental science from Cook College and has been farming organically since 2002.  Starbrite Farm brings a wide variety of produce from Heirloom tomatoes to flowers, and herbs.  4 Old Orchard Rd. Hardwick  NJ 07825 Contact:  973-332-6935

THE BREAD COMPANY, an organic bakery, was founded by Sally Reinhardt in 1992.  Their products, often still hot from the oven, number the most popular olive-oregano bread and stuffed savory treats, various sweet items and 2-day old selections at half-price.  Something for every diet and taste is available, including sugar and/or wheat-free, and spelt-based foods.  Standing weekly orders are welcome.  The retail shop is open Tuesday through Saturday and may be visited at 113 Walnut Street in Montclair.  Contact:  973-509-2525,

PICKLE-LICIOUS, serving “Olde Tyme New York Style Barrel Pickles with a Bite”, began in 1991 with the efforts of Robyn Brown Samra.  Later, she and husband Leo opened a shop on Manhattan’s Upper West Side (1005-2000).   After the loss of her husband, the decision was made to focus on the mail-order and on-line side of the business, and farmers’ markets.  Now, with the help of her daughters and partner Paul Sharpe, a new retail outlet exists in Teaneck at 763 River Road, and is open Tuesday through Sunday.  The barrels brought to Hoboken feature a large variety of pickles, from full to fractional amounts of hot and sour, to sauerkraut, mushrooms, olives and mixed vegetables.  Tastings are free:  bon appetit!  Contact:  201-836-7800,,

“If you don’t get it local, you just don’t get it.”

David Calamoneri
City of Hoboken
Dept. of Environmental Services
(201) 420-2277

One dream fades, others still remain

Although the US has been eliminated in the World Cup, the passions continue today.  Two huge matches with national pride on the line: England - Germany surely there will be no greater rivalry in the tournament and Mexico-Argentina a rematch of their clash four years ago.

The US has nothing to be ashamed of in its appearance, fighting mighty England to a draw and battling to a victory in a critical game's dying moments.  Here's a video clip of Mulligans in downtown Hoboken where Americans display the true passion for the game loved the world over:

USA fans pack Mulligans in Hoboken to cheer the US on in their World Cup loss to Ghana

England-Germany ESPN 10:00 Kickoff

Argentina-Mexico ABC 2:30 Kickoff

A German flag is displayed leading into the England-Germany World Cup match in Hoboken

Related: Some background on today's huge elimination matches.  Over 200 nations field national teams to make the World Cup finals now being held in South Africa. 

Talking Ed Note: All we have left to say is "God Save the Queen."


Saturday, June 26, 2010

US falls 2-1 in overtime

The United States fell today in its do or die match with Ghana 2-1 in overtime.  Once again, yielding a soft goal at the five minute mark, the US looked uncomfortable the whole first half and midfielder Ricardo Clark a late addition to the starting lineup was pulled not long after a miscue led to the goal.

Tim Howard was uncharacteristically beaten on the short side on a surprise run down the left side of the US defense to give Ghana the early lead.  Clint Dempsey made a brilliant run and was taken down forcing a penalty shot converted by Landon Donovan in the second half, now the all time leader in US history with six World Cup goals.

Ghana the youngest team in the tournament featured half a dozen players under age 25 and took the world trophy for under 20 champions last fall.

For many US players the end of this tournament also means the end of their World Cup careers representing their country at the biggest sporting competition in the world.

Fans standing on Washington Street after the US loss.  The guy in the black shirt was belligerent and perhaps drunk yelling and proclaiming his stupidity.


Three cheers for the red, white and blue

World Cup has taken over the attention and passions of people around the globe.  The US a perennial underdog has fielded a team of veterans with unproven youth and a defense that is somewhat unsteady entering the knockout phase in the Round of 16.  Who starts in the US central defense will be a key component in coach Bill Bradley's choices today.

Today's opponent Ghanna is a dangerous, physical and talented foe.  Their defense has proven to be formidable but their finishing on opportunities leaves something to be desired.  The US will look to run a disciplined tight game and force counters leaving the Ghanna defense flat footed and out of position wherever possible.

This is a rematch of two teams who faced each other four years ago.  In that match Ghanna advanced defeating the US 2-1.  This time the US looks to avenge that defeat and advance to the Quarterfinal.

Players to watch: Ghana's no. 11 Sulley Muntari and USA's no. 10 Landon Donovan 

Uruguay will await the winner having defeated South Korea earlier today 2-1.

If the US gets through this one, the intensity will only ratchet up.  Also keep an eye out for Clint Dempsey, a Texan who backs down to no one.  There will be some physical collisions in this game.  The US may at times appear overmatched.  It will be the fight to come back and execute determining the outcome, for either side.

The US will generate opportunities and so will Ghanna.  Big huge opportunities that will leave you breathless, yelling, crying and screaming.  Scoring a goal in the World Cup is similar to a nation striving to put a man on the moon.  Except it's more emotional.

There's no ties now in the knockout phase.  One team advances and one goes home.  Today and everyday a match is played now.

2:30 kickoff on ABC in high definition.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Breaking: City proposes temporary garage solution

Office of the Mayor announces: 


Mayor Dawn Zimmer will ask the City Council to vote on a proposal for the future of the City’s public works municipal garage at the upcoming Council meeting on July 14th.

“What we are proposing will save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and have no impact on any residential areas,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “No traditional site-based solution comes close to the cost savings of this innovative approach.”

The City currently requires indoor space for vehicle maintenance and outdoor space for vehicle storage. There is the possibility that the City could end up with two garage locations if the City entered into a lease for a temporary new location and retained the existing municipal garage if the developer is unable to close on the sale. Additionally, the cost to retrofit a leased location which we may only need for a few months would cost at least $100,000, not including the cost of monthly rental.

To avoid this scenario, the Administration is proposing a creative solution which addresses the City’s vehicle maintenance and storage needs while saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Administration has decided to outsource all maintenance of its vehicles for 60 days until the status of the existing municipal garage site is clear on the planned closing date, August 13, 2010. By outsourcing the maintenance, the City eliminates the short term need for indoor garage space.

To address the City’s needs for outdoor vehicle storage space, the Administration will introduce a Resolution authorizing the closure of Clinton Street between 15th Street and 16th Street. Appropriate easements will be provided for adjacent property owners. The impact on traffic will be minimal since there are already plans for the closure of Clinton Street beneath the 14th Street Viaduct as part of HudsonCounty's plan for that structure's rehabilitation later this year.

“We’re looking to continually save taxpayers money through out-of-the-box approaches to problem-solving,” added Business Administrator Arch Liston.

These solutions will not impact any residential areas of the community, preclude the possibility of ending up with two garages, and provide significant cost savings to taxpayers.

Get the latest Hoboken news:

Breaking: Gristy Chewables on the Municipal Garage

There's continued movement now on the Municipal Garage front with substantial progress making its way forward.  Although just earlier MSV indicated the Jersey City location had been dropped midweek, things are now looking better on another front.

That option not clear yet is apparently moving ahead and alleviates concern that Jersey City was a lost and best cause for a temporary garage location.  There is a plan and it is moving ahead.

The progress is sufficient enough that next week's special City Council meeting has been cancelled!

This gristy chewable is breaaakkkking.

Talking Ed Note:  On another front Councilman Mike Lenz's kickoff last night hosted by the Stuiver's was a big success with 75 people reportedly attending.

The Hoboken Journal has all the coverage including the councilman's speech.  It's absolutely a must see for the political junkie.

On another front, nothing but gratitude to Kurt the Jolly Green Giant and the Hoboken community.  Thank you kindly for the support!


Grist for the Mill: Municipal Garage - the Realtor Edition

Tuesday night the variables for the Municipal Garage hit the table at the City Council and it's proving to be a challenge even if the issues are now being discussed in a reasonable framework among its members.  Even so, the clock is ticking and the small group who showed up from the public expressed a clear difference with the pace of the process moving forward with those who have a multitude of interests: financial, political, or both.

Dino Bogdanos a speaker at recent City Council meetings on the Municipal Garage, self cast in the role of third ward resident defender, again appeared before the City Council speaking on the issue.  But his appearance doesn't appear to be solely based on concern for residents.
Dino Bogdanos right at Tuesday night's special meeting with an unidentified gentleman to his right.  
He made no reference to any personal role in the potential Jersey City site he advocated.  

Mr. Bogdanos, an owner in the real estate company Corporate Realty on Washington Street told the City Council the option to keep the Municipal Garage in its current location where he estimated  the cost to the city at $96,000 a month is too high a price.  He also liked the Jersey City location stating it wasn't residential, naming several other positive factors with that selection.  His remarks all led to one conclusion - the Jersey City location would be an excellent solution.  

In a phone interview the next day, he told MSV the Jersey City site is viable although the concerns about problems with the site due to any potential opposition by Jersey City Mayor Healy were beyond him.  

When asked about the owner of the Jersey City Marin Blvd. location he stated he didn't know the person.  Concerning any brokerage fee for the Jersey City site, Mr. Bogdanos said there isn't any.  He then recommended government sources as the best place to get additional answers.  That was the sum of the interview.

Later Wednesday afternoon, a zoning official in Jersey City with knowledge of the requirements for the area said Hoboken would not even be able to set up a parking garage at the site without approval from the Jersey City Planning Board.  An interim permit might be a recourse he added, but it would take some time to obtain the approval for what he described as a redevelopment area. 

Late Thursday afternoon, Dino Bogdanos returned two messages on successive days that stated there were follow up questions based on the earlier conversation.  When he heard there were conversations with Hoboken and Jersey City officials and there was problems with the answers in the first conversation, he immediately interjected saying he knew the owner of the Jersey City site and anything suggesting otherwise was in error.  

Told nothing had been written to that point and asked about any brokerage fee involving himself led to lots of one sided commentary where Mr. Bogdanos contradicted himself several times.  He said there should be no issue if he collects a fee.  Then he challenged MSV to find where he collects a fee in "the agreement."  

Trying to merely restate the two questions and obtain a response, Mr. Bogdanos continually interrupted with long monologues but finally he was asked a third.  What agreement are you referring to and are you collecting a fee if the Jersey City location is chosen as the Municipal Garage location?  He wouldn't answer the question and said he could "see where this is going" and MSV "should be careful about writing mistakes."  

Reminding Mr. Bogdanos nothing had been written to this point, he again insisted the earlier conversation where he stated he did not know the owner was a mistake and "you misheard."  He then said he knows lots of owners.  He refused to give a straight answer whether he was getting a fee for the Jersey City location adding he was a good neighbor and MSV should be a good neighbor too.  We're not sure what that means exactly as he spoke 90% of the time and was clearly unhappy. 

Here's the video of his appearance Tuesday night at the 53:00 mark. Hit the small play button first on the lower left and then click along the scroll on the bottom to move ahead to the 53:00 minute mark.

At an earlier City Council meeting, Dino Bogdanos described himself as a simple man of simple truths.  What do you think is the color of the simple truth unmentioned in front of the City Council here?

Talking Ed Note: On Wednesday a source who may have knowledge on the temporary municipal garage process stated Jersey City was no longer being pursued as an option.

For the record, MSV has no issue with anyone advancing business interests.  At the same time, the public has a right to know when business interests being advanced in public policy intersect.

Questions regarding the Jersey City site selection led to the discovery of who brought it to the city's attention: Dino Bogdanos.

Hoboken's Eco Cruise sets sail

Hoboken is coming together showing some spirit in doing what's right for Hoboken's kids.  This sold out event later today will be hosting 28 children along with six adults aiding the effort for a nice outing today.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Director Sacs speaking on the Hoboken-Hertz car share

Last night, Director of Transportation and Parking Ian Sacs held a community meeting at the Jubilee Center to discuss various issues with the public.  A few dozen members of the public attended the meeting to listen and ask questions on transportation and parking issues.

This video is one of several parts and focuses on the Hertz Car Share Program.  To sign up for the program and have easy access to a low cost hourly car rental, please sign up here:

For more details on the program go here:

Best viewed in 720p, high definition - click lower right to choose after hitting play.

The battle for the 4th ward council seat commences

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz kicks off his first event for the November election:

MSV will try to cover all candidate events for the 4th ward council seat.  Please email to

Mental Health Hospital to close?

Office of Assemblyman Ruben Ramos announces:

Measure in Response to Proposed Closing of Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital

            (TRENTON) – Legislation sponsored by Assembly members Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr., Ruben J. Ramos, Jr., and Valerie Vainieri Huttle that would establish to create an evaluation task force for mental health facilities was released Thursday from the Assembly Budget Committee.
The legislators sponsored the bill in response to a line item in Gov. Christie’s proposed budget that would have closed the Senator Garret W. Hagedorn Gero-Psychiatric Hospital – the only geriatric psychiatric facility in New Jersey – at the end of the 2011 fiscal year.  Thanks to a budget compromise reached on the 21st, Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital is no longer slated for closure.
“To put it bluntly, closing the only gero-psychiatric facility in the state is a mistake,” said Diegnan (D-Middlesex).  “The top priority of this task force must be to take whatever actions are necessary to keep Hagedorn open.  The patients and their families deserve nothing less.”
“Rushing the closure of Hagedorn would be foolish and dangerous,” said Ramos (D-Hudson) “We saw how past relocation efforts failed with Marlboro and Ancora and no one wants a repeat of those mistakes.  Before we take any action that will affect hundreds of mentally ill individuals we should be sure that they are absolutely necessary.”
“Rather than simply guessing, or approaching the problem piecemeal, the task force will provide us with concrete data on the status of New Jersey’s mental healthcare network,” said Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen).  “From there, we will be able to clearly see the best way to efficiently, safely and cost effectively serve the mentally ill community.”
The decision to keep Hagedorn open was heavily influenced by the problems that arose following the closure of Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital in the mid-1990’s.  Despite a three-year, phased in closure, the Marlboro closing resulted in severe overcrowding at other psychiatric hospitals, which, in turn, created severe problems in the protection and monitoring of patients.  Hagedorn was scheduled to be closed in just one year.
The bill (A-2866) would establish the “State Mental health Facilities Evaluation Task Force,” which would, at a minimum:
  • evaluate the current and long-term needs for inpatient psychiatric beds in the state
  • assess the availability of appropriate and adequate supportive services in the community;
  • evaluate the effects of patient displacement from state psychiatric facilities on general hospital emergency departments, corrections facilities and homeless shelters;
  • assess the long-term psychiatric care needs of special populations;
  • compare the readmission rates at state psychiatric facilities, short-term care facilities and county psychiatric facilities – by category or facility – during FY 2010 with the readmission rates for those facility categories during the prior three fiscal years, and compare the rate of referrals for treatment from screening services during FY 201 with the rate of referrals during the prior three fiscal years;
  • analyze and estimate projected cost savings that may be realized if ancillary psychiatric hospital services are outsourced;
  • provide a complete analysis of the costs of caring for patients at all state psychiatric facilities, including, but not limited to, a comparison among the state psychiatric facilities of their respective:
    • costs of care;
    • staffing ratios
    • overtime costs; and
    • costs of renovations and capital expenses projected over the next five years; and
  • examine the feasibility of partial closures at each state psychiatric facility and action needed to allow for utilization of the most modern facilities.
The task force would consist of 21 members, including:
  • the Commissioner of Human Services;
  • the directors of the divisions of Mental Health Services, Medical Assistance and Health Services and Developmental Disabilities;
  • two members each from the Senate and the General Assembly;
  • 11 public members from various health and mental health associations; and
  • two public members who have or have had a family member who is or was a patient in a state psychiatric facility.
The task force would be required to hold a minimum of three public hearings, in the south, central and northern parts of the state, respectively, with support from the state Department of Human Services.  The task force would report its findings to the governor and Legislature, along with any recommended legislation no later than February 1, 2011.  Upon delivery of the final report, the task force would be dissolved.
The committee unanimously released the measure.  It now heads to the Assembly Speaker, who decides if and when to post it for a floor vote.


Hoboken Master Plan up to bat


The Hoboken Planning Board will hold a Special Meeting on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 7pm in the Basement Conference Room of City Hall, 94 Washington Street.

The Board is in the process of preparing the Reexamination Report of the Master Plan and the City’s Development Regulations. The Reexamination Report evaluates the community’s planning and development regulation documents and identifies whether the community’s policies or objectives have changed since the completion of the last Master Plan.

The Planning Board welcomes members of the public who would like to add their thoughts as to what the City's land use goals and objectives should be going forward and what new land use policies would help guide the City in the proper direction.

The meeting is an informational meeting only, and no formal action will be taken. The current Master Plan (2004) is available online at: