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Illegal Occhipinti stickers defacing private property, Lenz campaign blamed

Some reports have come in about some oddity of Occhipinti stickers being placed on the private property of resident's homes.

Reader Occhocincoblowz sent in these pictures showing some inappropriate placement of Occhipinti "bumper stickers" plastered over people's lockboxes on lower Madison Street.  

People on the block are complaining and the Lenz for Council HQ is on the same block.  One person apparently came into the office and said it took him forever to scrub one off on his property.

The man then goes to Tim Occhipinti's HQ and complains about the invasion on his property.  So the Occhipinti campaign tells him they aren't responsible - it's the Lenz for Council campaign doing it!

Have you ever heard of a campaign promoting another campaign placing stickers with the actual voting column listed as a ruse?  Represent!

Hey, this is the same crowd that vehemently complains about "bounties" placed for information leading to the arrest and conviction for vote by mail fraud.  One Occhipinti campaign person who is also part of a small fanatical group of Mason backers described Hoboken residents backing the law as "voter intimidation" on their facebook page.

Don't be surprised if the next time the FBI visits Hoboken to break up some politician's criminal enterprise they demand the agency's top ten most wanted list be banned along with the organization.  You know, the FBI being a danger to the well being of innocent politicians caught up in the harsh and cruel world.

Tim Occhipinti may not be Peter Cammarano but scratch anything on or near his campaign and it's a who's who list of the same people.  From contributors to even the lawyer for his campaign.  The theme uniting them with the Russo clan is the antithesis of Hoboken Revolt's "Love your town."  Theirs is "Loot this town."

An Occhipinti worker in Tim's t-shirt believed to be the offender
Of course everyone knows there's major problems with the special election 4th ward paper ballots too.  There's 559 of them potentially out there with massive vote by mail fraud already alleged.  The anomaly on Tim Occhipinti's ELEC is merely a taste of what's coming.  It looks like the there's going to be in the ballpark of 400 or more vote by mail ballots coming in for Tim Occhipinti. 

When this record haul of vote by mail fraud surfaces, you will see all these people twist themselves in knots explaining it away.  Every single one of them will look at you and tell you how this is just a mere anomaly; it's nothing.

Defacing your personal property to illegally advertise Mr. Integrity, Tim Occhipinti, well as they see it, you should be thanking them.

Tim Occhipinti is on a record pace run of law breaking even as a recent ad trumps his personal integrity.  This with alleged massive voter fraud, defacing private property and an illegal campaign ad already in the can.  What's next?

Talking Ed Note: MSV doesn't do endorsements as policy but we're going to need to come up with a way to address this criminal enterprise before election day.  It needs to be on the record before the election.

In the meantime, if Occhipinti people place these stickers on your property defacing it, you should call the police and ask their assistance.  If Hoboken is lucky, perhaps Occhipinti will actually stop breaking one law before the election.

He looks like he's already hundreds ahead at this point.  What's one more law broken here and there?

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Senior Shuttle Bus hours extended, improvements made

City of Hoboken announces:

Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini announced today that starting Monday, November 1, 2010, the Senior Shuttle bus will begin its daily schedule one hour earlier.  The Senior Shuttle route, which shares a bus with the Red Hop, will now begin at 9:10 am departing the Multi-Service Center on its regular route.  The only difference will be that instead of starting at 10:10 am, it will begin an hour earlier at 9:10 am. Accordingly, the Red Hop route in the morning will end an hour earlier. The Senior Shuttle will continue to operate throughout the day until 3:45 pm, with its last stop at the Multi-Service Center.  The only interruption of this service is during the driver's lunch break from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

"We heard that seniors really needed that additional hour, and we were able to make it work," said Director Pellegrini.

In addition to the extended hours, close tracking of schedule and route performance has resulted in significantly improved reliability. Based on feedback Mayor Zimmer and Council Members Peter Cunningham, David Mello and Michael Lenz received from seniors, many of the major concerns about punctuality and staying on-route are being resolved.  City Hall staff have been monitoring punctuality via the on-board GPS systems and on-street corroboration. Nonetheless, Director Sacs acknowledged that there is a continuing need to improve these services.

"I recognize it's a slow turnaround, but we're working this out,” said Director Sacs. “I'd like to thank all the seniors for their patience and understanding as we step carefully through the process of restoring a critical senior amenity.”

On Thursday, October 28, Directors Sacs and Pellegrini stopped in at the Multi-Service Center during bingo to deliver the update and answer questions. Drivers are now required to radio in to the Parking Utility whenever they are taken off-route by road closures or if they get delayed by traffic.

Seniors may ride all Hop buses for free and can call in to the Parking Utility (201-653-1919) or the Senior Services office at the Multi-Center Center (201-420-2054) to find out about any schedule delays or changes.


City notes openings for crossing guard positions

City of Hoboken announces:

The City of Hoboken is hiring to fill vacant positions for crossing guards. All residents are invited to apply. Click here to view a flyer with additional information.


Hoboken University Medical Center makes important privatization step

City of Hoboken announces:

Hoboken University Medical Center Releases Financial Statements

The City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority continue to make progress towards the goal of privatizing the Hoboken University Medical Center.

In August, an RFP was issued seeking proposals for transforming the hospital from City auspices with the goals of keeping an acute care hospital open in Hoboken with essential inpatient and diagnostic services under ownership that has access to capital, retaining hospital jobs, and replacing the current City $52 million bond guarantee.  

A number of interesting proposals were submitted, and last week Mayor Dawn Zimmer and HMHA Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo held two Stakeholder meetings to get community input on the core services of the Hospital. Approximately 30 Hoboken residents and hospital staff members participated in each of the meetings.

“Upon taking office, my Administration immediately began the process of pursuing strategic opportunities to take advantage of the market place so that we can maintain an acute care facility within our City,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Equally important, we want to relieve the Hoboken taxpayers of the approximately $52 million in bond guarantees. I also want to thank all of the volunteers for participating in the community discussions that will inform the Board’s ultimate proposal for the sale of the hospital.”

The hospital experienced a net loss of approximately $16.3 million in 2009, compared with a net loss of $21.7 million in 2008. Previous operating losses have been stemmed, and the hospital is on track to meet its budget for Fiscal Year 2010.

In the past year, the hospital, through the contribution of management and staff, has introduced a variety of enhanced services including the STEP (Senior Treatment and Evaluation Program) Unit, and increased the utilization of the Emergency Room, which saw a more than 700 patient increase for the month of September, 2010 compared to 2009.

On October 27, 2010, the HMHA board reviewed the initial proposals for strategic opportunities from interested parties in closed session, and three committees have been established to consider the proposals: one to consider the quality of the other hospitals that are bidding, one to examine bond-related issues, and another to coordinate continued review of the submitted bids. The board will return with a final proposal which will then be introduced to the community in a public meeting for comment. A state representative from the Department of Health is fully involved in the process.

“The long-term sustainability of the hospital is best achieved by moving forward with the plan to privatize the hospital -- ending the city's ownership and transitioning governance to a new non-governmental entity,” added Mayor Zimmer. “The transition process is now well underway.”


Permit surrender program for Corner Cars motors along

City of Hoboken announces:


Director of Transportation and Parking Ian Sacs announced today that as of last Monday, the recently implemented "Surrender Your Permit" program designed to encourage residents to live car-free reached its first milestone of 21 residents giving up their car and surrendering their parking permit. This means that more than half of the spaces reserved for Corner Cars are already accounted for in just a few short weeks' time. Since then several additional residents have also surrendered their permits.

As residents learn that using Corner Cars can cost $3,000 to $5,000 less than owning a car, the City is realizing fewer cars parked on-street, and those who need their car for daily commutes are enjoying the benefits of a less stressful hunt for a parking space. In addition, residents who move in to Hoboken are much less likely to bring a car with them thanks to the availability of Corner Cars.

"It might not be intuitive that adding car-sharing vehicles on our streets would make the parking situation better, but the results speak for themselves. I'm excited that residents are making the economic decision to sell their cars and eschew the burden of owning a car in Hoboken," said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. "If you don't commute by car every day, we make it easy and enjoyable to live without the hassle and high cost of owning a car. When you do need a car, our Corner Cars program provides cars for rent starting at $5/hour."

“Surrender Your Permit" and Corner Cars are part of the Zimmer Administration's strategy to address the parking problem by also reducing demand for parking instead of simply building more expensive structured parking and encouraging higher rates of car ownership. The programs have received considerable attention worldwide for their innovative approach to chronic urban parking and traffic concerns, including features in the New York Times, University of California Berkeley's Transportation Journal, Discovery Channel's Planet Green website, and the Urban Transportation Monitor, a highly respected industry journal. 

Although Corner Cars membership is very high city-wide, there are few residents in the Housing Authority, who could benefit from the low-cost alternative to owning a vehicle, signed up for the program. During a recent visit by Mayor Zimmer to the Housing Authority to promote the program, more than a dozen residents registered on the spot for Corner Cars.

“I'm proud to support Corner Cars because it's more than just a creative solution to our parking and congestion problems – it’s also about giving all residents, regardless of income, access to the mobility they need,” said 4th Ward Councilman Michael Lenz. “I applaud Director Sacs for the success of the program in Southwest Hoboken and Mayor Zimmer for her initiative to sign up residents in the Housing Authority.”

A common concern about the Corner Cars program is that these cars, placed on-street for visibility and convenience, make it more difficult for residents to find parking. In fact, statistics for car-sharing programs both nationwide and in Hoboken consistently show the opposite. Based on nine years of car-sharing in Hoboken, statistics have shown that for each car-sharing vehicle available in Hoboken, more than 17 households choose to give up their car, and an additional 20 households postpone or choose not to buy a car due to the convenience of car-sharing. Not included in these statistics are the thousands of residents who move to Hoboken and choose to not bring a car with them because of the availability and convenience of car-sharing.

"Surrender Your Permit" is a complementary campaign designed to make the benefits of Hoboken's alternative transportation options evident by offering a host of incentives to residents who choose to give up their cars and surrender their permit to the Parking Utility. Residents in lease agreements with their cars may have to wait a few months before participating, but the program will continue so that the City can make it as easy as possible for residents to live car-free.


Guest of the Stable: Jake Stuiver

I stand by my statement of two weeks ago:  Mike Lenz is the best choice for City Council and essential to getting a southwest park.  While there’s still much to be done to make the park a reality, the one thing that would destroy the prospect forever would be a return to the willy-nilly distribution of zoning variances that have come to a screeching halt under this administration and council majority. 

With three Zoning Board seats up in December that could move that board in a very different direction, the importance of a continued reform council majority to the goal of a southwest park could not be clearer. It came as no surprise to me to be attacked last week by Occhipinti campaign operative Sara Stojkovic for making the fully accurate statement that the park initiative is heading in the right direction thanks to the policies of the Zimmer administration and Councilman Lenz.

I’d like to at least be able to say that Ms. Stojkovic, who supported Peter Cammarano in last year's mayoral runoff, is sincerely and honestly engaging in a debate about an urgent need in our community, with a positive outcome being her primary agenda. However, despite her allegations to the contrary, I am not in the practice of misleading the public with false statements.

Ms. Stojkovic, who pointed to my role as a volunteer bookkeeper in the Lenz campaign but conveniently failed to disclose her own activity on Occhipinti’s team, such as a nearly $1,100 in-kind donation and being listed as an administrator on his campaign’s Facebook page, has become an obstacle to park progress.

From 2004 through 2006, I helmed the Hudson County arm of a grassroots
community-organizing network and used to forward Ms. Stojkovic’s informative Southwest Parks Coalition emails to my volunteer list, and had her speak at some of our monthly meetings.

That all changed in 2007 when Dawn Zimmer, a City Council candidate fielded by the Southwest Parks Coalition with Ms. Stojkovic as campaign manager, disagreed with some of Ms. Stojkovic’s decisions and decided to make a few of her own. One such choice was to include Mr. Lenz in the campaign, prompting Ms. Stojkovic, along with Lane Bajardi and others, to storm out and embark on a personal vendetta against Zimmer and Lenz that continues to this day. Ms. Stojkovic essentially took her bat and ball and went home, starting her own splinter group, the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition. To anyone who’s seen Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” film, with its Judean People’s Front, People’s Front of Judea and other similarly named factions (Q: “What ever happened to the Popular Front?” A: “He’s over there!”), or read George Orwell’s “Homage to Catolonia,” with its countless four-letter-acronymed competing anti-Franco groups, this maneuver played right into historical hilarity.

Sara Stojkovic was with Tim from day one at his HQ kickoff but is not a 4th ward resident
Ms. Stojkovic set up the new “organization” simply as a vehicle to confuse the public and diseminate e-mail bulletins that served as poorly disguised political propaganda pieces for the Mason-Russo contingent. One particularly bizarre screed I received March 25 actually lamented the rejection of a 12-story high-rise at 511-521 Newark Street -- an area in which the group had previously objected to high-rise construction to preserve space for the park. Ms. Stojkovic, who no longer lives in the Fourth Ward, has repeatedly proven willing to adopt any position so long as it opposes those of Dawn Zimmer and Mike Lenz -- even to the extent of actively opposing park progress --and is more concerned about wielding ownership of the park issue and pursuing a revenge fantasy than actually getting a park.

The real Southwest Parks Coalition recognized the urgency of curbing variances in a July 18, 2006 email headlined “Zoning Board continues variances on park land,” and a January 8, 2007 one stating “Mayor Roberts’ planners presented a redevelopment plan for the southwest area of the city. The plan calls for blocks and blocks of 12-story residential towers with a small park with grass on rooftops.”

Once again, the choice voters face this Tuesday is between continued change in the right direction or a sharp, swift reversal to the ways of the past. Please vote for Mike Lenz this Tuesday for continued progress.

Jake Stuiver is the campaign treasurer for Lenz for Council.  The Occhipinti for Council campaign said it was submitting an article several weeks back but did not and instead sent out a press release accusing others of placing "bounties" for the names of vote by mail applicants.  

Tim Occhipinti was invited in August to submit an article on the surplus when Mike Lenz had submitted a guest piece on the topic.  Tim declined to do so.  His campaign was originally told they would be given a second opportunity to submit an article before the election.  They have not responded to emails including one most recently from my attorney, Alex Booth demanding they not use my image and likeness in their political advertisement.  Such use without consent is illegal.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tim spreads his $40 cash and carry message in the Hoboken Housing Authority

This submittal came way by reader Raiser who was obviously inspired by the Weehawken fishy special: "James B, downfall of a wannabe shark."

This is more chum for the waters. We're now entering GOTV time. It's going to be necessary for the 4-2 to out duel the 4-4's paper weighted output. Do what you can to get out the word there's an election in the fourth ward.

If you haven't seen it, Griswell has returned from the shadows and has a hilarious look at some imagined local elections over on Grafix Avenger:

Board of Elections to hear VBM challenges - on election day!

The review today with the Board of Elections turned out to be anti-climatic when no challenges were made surrounding 'The Anomaly' of Tim Occhipinti's initial 79 vote by mail ballots.  The decision made by the Lenz campaign allows further time for gathering and building its case of organized voter fraud to be heard election day.

The process to present the evidence of ballot by ballot fraud will be put before a Board of Elections panel of four people, two Democrats and two Republicans.  A tie vote is required to move the matter along before a judge, a decision of 4-0 or 3-1 opposing ends the matter.

Those results will determine if the next step presenting evidence of voter fraud for Judge Gallipoli's evaluation occurs.  A case may then be presented showing sufficient evidence "on the merits" warranting vote by mail ballots be set aside for additional review and investigation.  On Friday, the judge indicated it was premature as there was insufficient evidence and another avenue for review available via the board of elections.

Start up the carousel on election day, but know nothing happens without the Hudson County Board of Elections agreeing.  

Talking Ed Note: Representing the Occhipinti campaign today on possible challenges was counsel Michael Goldberg and Michelle Russo.

An additional anomaly has arisen: Frank Raia who stated in an interview earlier this week he had no role "knocking on one door," in the vote by mail Occhipinti campaign is listed as a bearer on a number of ballots.  A bearer is given permission to messenger ballots but can not handle more than ten.  Raia's name is believed to already appear on at least five.

Most of the vote by mail ballots have been returned in the mail but a number of "bearers" people who have played a role handling them from voters before arriving to the Hudson County Board of Elections also appear.  And there's problems.

Amy Sara Clark at the Jersey Journal posted her story.  She quotes Lenz campaign manager Sam Briggs on more of Tim's anomalies.  "The Occhipinti side submitted more than a dozen votes from people "who are dead" and those that have moved away," he's reported saying.

More to come on Election Day.

Guest of the Stable: Scott Siegel

Mike Lenz Vs. Tim Occhipinti
The Battle For Hoboken’s Future

I am one of the few people in Hoboken who are a friend of both Mike Lenz and Tim Occhipinti. If James Sanford had stayed in I would probably be the only one to be friends of all 3.  I am disappointed when people such as KHoboken (who I agree with 99% of the time) use words like TIMMAY. Reformers should leave name calling to the machine and stick to the issues, which is our strongpoint. So let’s compare the issues.

1)    The Budget:
Mike: Mike is the foremost budget expert I have ever known. His knowledge on details and structure is amazing. He understands that Hudson County taxes are set by an “equalization rate” formula and not by political fiat. Mike comprehends that a surplus is not just a “rainy day fund” but is mandatory to achieve a solid bond rating so we can prudently finance our debt by matching assets to liabilities. A 5-10% reserve is what experts recommend for such action. For example a paved road should last 7 years. Therefore you bond the cost over 7 years, not annually. Hoboken finally has a true, fully funded budget.
Tim: His repetition of the Mason camp’s false $20mm surplus shows that budgets are clearly not his strong point. His lack of understanding on the equalization rate is appalling. Can you imagine if Tim’s world existed? Jersey City would slash their tax rate and sock it to affluent Hoboken in a heartbeat.  Tim once again parodies the Mason/Russo line of reckless financing through the Hudson County note pool. Notes are 1 year instruments. It’s akin to financing a home with a one year adjustable mortgage instead of prudently financing it over 25-30 years. Think about all the homeowners who faced foreclosure by doing exactly this.
2)    Taxes:
Mike: Mike and his team have reduced the municipal levy (the only thing we can control) from $60mm to $57mm a drop of 5%. On December 2nd when demotions and police retirements take effect we should see another decrease of approximately $1.5mm (annualized), or a net  9.25% decrease. They have also prudently reserved $8.5mm for potential expenses such as retro pay, health care increases, tax appeals, lawsuit liability, etc. Mike bravely stood by our Mayor and giving the police a choice- retirements or layoffs. Despite the massive intimidation the Mayor and Mike would not roll over and that’s why taxpayers will see substantial tax relief while almost no one else in NJ will. Mike’s team also supports Mayor Zimmer and Governor Christie’s “tool kit” which has limited a tax rise to 2% (with 5 exceptions, vs. the prior 4% with 13).
Tim: If Tim and the Mason/Russo alliance had their way there would have been no layoffs. He does not seem to understand that over 75% of our budget is personnel. You can’t provide the kind of tax relief cited without addressing this area. By siding with the police over taxpayers Tim has shown that he is not serious about providing meaningful tax relief. By returning the surplus to the taxpayers Tim and his allies will force an equivalent tax rise next year via the factors cited above. Tim criticized Mayor Zimmer for bravely crossing the partisan divide and for siding with taxpayers over unions.
3)    Development:
Mike: Mike has consistently sided with the sensible development crowd. Even if you didn’t like the Mayor’s plan for the NW Edge, it significantly reduced the height and density form the Roberts plan supported by Tim’s team.  Mike opposed Fire Chief Casessa’s plan for a 12 story project on Observer Highway. His opponents supported it. The only thing his opponents can conjure up of is Kyle Engler receiving a one story variance (from 3 to 4 stories). Not exactly a skyscraper. I Tim: Since Tim has never publically spoken of his ideas on development, except to say he is in favor of “smart development” I can only guess. His allies have consistently backed the skyscrapers that we see on Observer Highway and my neighborhood. I would not be surprised if developers such as Mr. Cassesa strongly back Tim. Tim did speak in favor of Peter Camaranno maintaining sole power of zoning board appointments. With 3 zoning positions expiring in December, this is clearly an important reason to vote for Mike.
4)    Ethics:
Mike: For too long the reform movement played the same game with absentees for paid workers. The opposition keeps referring to past elections, but not this one. Mike put forward a “clean campaign pledge” repudiating past actions.
Tim: Tim has not only refused to sign the pledge but is employing the same tactics seen in years past. His Elec form lists 80 individuals who coincidently reside in Housing Authority. Amazingly, all have also Voted By Mail! Expect that list to grow exponentially by November 2nd.
5)    Flooding:
Mike: Mike and Mayor Zimmer led the charge to place the first wet water pump in the 4th Ward, sponsored by Mike. It was slated to go there last. Recognizing that we have limited funds Mike also backed the Emnet sensor technology which will identify exactly where the biggest problems lie so we can use our scarce funds wisely to reduce the flooding even further.
Tim: Tim has given no credit to Mike for the pump and opposed the Emnet project. He does support catch basins as do I, but this would have only a marginal effect vs. the pump.
6)    The Proxy Battle:
Mike: Mike is clearly a supporter of Mayor Zimmer and her team. They have cut the budget, stood against over development and are trying to control spiraling labor costs. A vote for Mike will keep Mayor Zimmer’s agenda in place.
Tim: Tim is essentially backed by the same team that supported Peter Camaranno, better known as the “machine”.  This is not to say that Tim and the others are corrupt like Peter. It is clearly a different vision for Hoboken than what reformers believe in and will return council control to prior majority with Michael Russo most likely becoming the next City Council President.

Trick or treat - give me vote by mail ballots to eat

Although much of Hoboken will be focused on Halloween fun with kid's activities the centerpiece of much time and energy this weekend, another trick or treat will be under the microscope today at the Hudson County Board of Elections - vote by mail ballots.

Although an all encompassing suit from the Lenz for Council campaign seeking to sequester the vote by mail ballots was not granted, the claim of the suit being "bogus" as stated by Occhipinti's lawyer is inaccurate on its face.

If true, there wouldn't be a very interested gathering today at the Board of Elections to review The Anomaly - a near mathematical impossibility of how Tim Occhipinti managed to get dozens and dozens of his 'campaign workers' to mysteriously all request and return to a person vote by mail ballots.  The work required fits the description of a no show job or in this case a no vote at the poll job.

The rather sticky situation was punted in some respects by the judge who said insufficient evidence was presented to grant the Lenz campaign request "at this time" while another mechanism is available - the Elections Board review.

While much of Hoboken is preparing for weekend activities, a war will be going on around the 79 ballots between the two campaigns.  If it was as bogus as Occhipinti's legal counsel claimed, everyone would be out trick or treating, not examining paper ballots. 

For some, the trick or treating has come early.  

Related: Katie Colaneri provided a good local picture (overlooking the headline editors) with her story yesterday for the Jersey Journal with the key quote:

"Right now it's in the hands of the superintendent of elections...," Judge Maurice Gallipoli said in court this afternoon. "Certainly the ballots should not be sequestered... at this point in time."

Talking Ed Note: the bomb thrown by the Lenz for Council campaign is incomplete but the battle is hardly over.  This is going to be contested and fought on the individual level of ballots, and it begins today between 8-10 am.

As MSV had stated leading into this election, several hundred votes by one candidate or another in absentees, now called vote by mail might prove to be a hill too high to overcome.  The skirmish over the Occhipinti 'worker's' ballots today is only a precursor to the hundreds more of his to come.  There's 569 vote by mail ballot applications made, an absurdly high amount by historical standards in this fourth ward election.

Expect a battle of public words to emerge. One side will be saying in effect "look at this" and the other will be saying to even do so is an act of "voter suppression."  Some of them will even have once been part of the reform movement in Hoboken.  They will see no irony now in the company they keep.  They are all "with Tim."

Councilman Mike Russo (c) and Hoboken411 ghostwriter Lane Bajardi hug it out. 

A source close to the Lenz campaign indicated this legal battle would be costly and those who wished to take on the fight should do so with financial support to Lenz for Council.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lenz for Council - hold on, election investigation continuing

Lenz for Council announces:

The reports by our opponents and certain journalists that our case was “thrown out of court” are incorrect and represent wishful thinking on behalf of the Occhipinti campaign.  Judge Maurice Galipoli ruled that our application to have Vote by Mail ballots sequestered was “premature” in part because the Hudson County Superintendant of Elections is in the midst of an ongoing investigation into the clear and solid evidence of allegations of pervasive Election fraud by the Occhipinti campaign.  He did not issue any opinion or rule on the merits of the allegations that are still being investigated.

Evidence of fraud will, in any event, be presented to the Hudson County Board of elections during the challenge process now and after the election.   In light of the substantial evidence already developed and the investigations being conducted by the Superintendent of Elections, we are confident that the ultimate judgement will be in our favor when the allegations are considered on their merits.  

Talking Ed Note: MSV does not comment on releases but in this case must do so to apologize for the incomplete story printed earlier.  The source stated the information came from a courtroom eyewitness.  Initially that information was posted while seeking secondary and independent corroboration.

Bold above is also done by MSV for emphasis.

Breaking: Judge refuses hearing on voter fraud, deems claim premature

In a potential huge victory for the vote by mail operation for Tim Occhipinti, Judge Gallipoli of the NJ Superior Court has 'thrown out the case of voter fraud in its entirety,' according to a source who heard from a witness at the court.

Expect the 'campaign workers' now to be paid in a jiff, hundreds of them who have all voted by mail in the 4-4.  There is no stopping the practice of paying hundreds of people to vote by mail.  Nothing at all. (Presently anyway.)

The Machine is alive and well in the Soprano State.
Long live corruption in New Jersey.

Update 4:00: Here's an update from someone who has direct knowledge of the case, "Judge said application was premature, didn't rule on merits.

An appeal process is anticipated and is currently underway.

Another report framed the key portion this way:

The matter has been referred to the superintendent of elections, but for now the ballots should not be disregarded, said Gallipoli.

On Saturday morning at 8 and 10 a.m. the Board of Elections will canvass the ballots, at which point the Lenz campaign can challenge individual votes.


A statement is anticipated in minutes from the Lenz for Council campaign.

Notice of Court Hearing Lenz vs. Occhipinti: 2:00 today

This note just arrived from the Lenz for Council campaign on the legal case announced yesterday:

There will be a Hearing for Counsel from each party today at 2 pm in front of Judge Gallipoli to get temporary restraint.  Due to the irreversible harm if the illegal ballots are counted (not only to the Mike Lenz campaign but also the Campaigns of Henrietta Dwyer, Congressman Sires, Sheriff Perez, and Undersheriff Schillari), the Lenz Campaign is calling for all Mail in Ballots to be sequestered until an investigation by the Superintendent of Elections and the Attorney General's Office can be completed.

Oct 29, 2010 at 2 pm
Hon. Maurice Gallipoli
Hudson County Courthouse
595 Newark Ave (Courtroom 906)
Jersey City, NJ 07306

I'm not with Tim

In the latest youtube political ad from Occhipinti for Council is a new ad titled, "Bringing it Home," and Tim Occhipinti has a surprise guest.

This short ad concludes with Tim speaking to someone at the Jubilee Center.  That person is yours truly.  MSV has a clearly stated policy it does not endorse candidates.  Neither Tim, nor the Occhipinti for Council campaign approached MSV about the use of my likeness or image in a political ad on his behalf.

Occhipinti knows the basic rules of political ads but even if he doesn't his campaign handlers do.  Yet they went ahead and flouted the law.  Again.

Got integrity?

My attorney Alex Booth, based in Union City and who represented me in the assault and theft at the April BoE forum against Lane Bajardi has issued this letter via fax to Jamie Cryan, Occhipinti Campaign Manager:

Violation Jamie Cryan Occhipinti

Really Tim, I understand you are not happy with the exposes here at MSV.  You claim you have integrity yet you violate the most basic rules of decency in a campaign.  You signed off on an obvious scheme of vote buying no matter what is said or concluded in the court case.  Everyone understands the core attack you and your campaign have signed off on against the fourth ward and all the people of Hoboken - as revealed in your latest NJ ELEC.

Last night on the way to cover a meet and greet at West End Station hosted by Mike Lenz and Mayor Dawn Zimmer, I passed by Occhipinti for Council headquarters.  A lot of the regulars were present: Matt and Nick Calicchio. Lane Bajardi, Councilman Mike Russo, campaign manager Jamie Cryan and also Assemblyman Reuben Ramos.

Jamie Cryan was given the heads up last night on the violation of their political ad.  He said it would be taken down.  As of 12:10 today, it hasn't.  Jamie is your word good for anything?  

For the record, this isn't even about which candidate is better for Hoboken and the fourth ward.  This is about a practice that needs to be stopped.  It needs to be stopped now and Hoboken needs to enter into the 21st century of American standardized voting practices not back to the 1950's "On the Waterfront."

Below is a screen shot from Tim Occhipinti's political ad.  Can Tim look to the people in his family and say, aren't you proud of me?  Tim is your father proud of what you are doing?

For the record, again, I'm not with Tim.

Yet another illegal operation, this time a political ad.

Grist for the Mill: Midnight Monday meeting at the Occhipinti HQ Lair


Whispers early this week suggested the massive vote by mail (operation) was being scrutinized and well underway by Monday night. Based on the filed affidavits with the NJ Superior Court, investigators specializing in election law began speaking with residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority and collecting evidence. The evidence in the Lenz for Council complaint, if accurate shows an ongoing operation of vote buying.

Inquiries to a small group of residents produced several alleged cases where housing authority residents admitted to being paid for their vote supporting Tim Occhipinti's campaign in the amount of $40 each. According to the affidavits, residents also identified the individuals involved in the payments for votes.

The two people identified in the complaint are Hoboken 4th ward resident Matt Calicchio and Hoboken perennial officeholder/candidate Frank Raia. The investigation into additional allegations is not over and is in fact still underway.

Word travels quickly in the Hoboken Housing Authority and inquiries quickly got around and apparently back to Tim Occhipinti's campaign. An all hands on deck call led to a dead of night midnight meeting Monday at Tim Occhipinti's campaign headquarters. Another possible problem for Occhipinti's campaign is an OPRA request for leasing information in the housing authority made by the Lenz for Council campaign with a copy forwarded to them. (Residency issues will certainly come up with more examples of illegal voting after lease data is examined.) The two problems together may have spurred the late night call to arms.

Among those in attendance in the Monday midnight meeting were candidate Tim Occhipinti, campaign manager Jamie Cryan, third ward Councilman Mike Russo, his mother Michelle five-dollars-a-tow Russo, Weehawken political operative James Barracato, and Hoboken411 ghostwriter Lane Bajardi.

Although it's not clear with certainty why the midnight meeting took place, it's not beyond concluding the vote for pay inquiries by an investigator along with leasing data in the Hoboken Housing Authority were both valid if unequal factors for concern.

MSV has acquired exclusive video of the midnight meeting participants Monday night. In the video Tim Occhipinti is seen in a white shirt and tie with the other dead of night meeting participants outside of the campaign HQ as it concludes. He later follows Michelle Russo who breaks up the meeting and heads to her car. She can be heard asking if she can have something "tomorrow." Tim Occhipinti is then heard answering her in the affirmative before getting into the back of her illegally parked vehicle.

Councilman Mike Russo seen wearing a red visor then says good night sharing hugs first with Occhipinti campaign manager Jamie Cryan, then Lane Bajardi and finally James Baracatto. He does not hug or shake hands with a fourth unidentified person standing with the other three.

The video ends with Jamie Cryan standing and talking with James Barracato, Lane Bajardi and the fourth unidentified person.

Talking Ed Note: The Lenz for Council complaint filed with the NJ Superior Court will be evaluated on the merits Friday. If the court rules the evidence is sufficient for a hearing, a court date could be scheduled as soon as Monday.

This video is available for use on youtube. Media sources are free to post it and requested to provide credit to Mile Square View.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Matt Calicchio and Frank Raia named in vote buying scheme; Raia rejects charge


MSV can confirm affidavits filed in NJ Superior Court name two well known Hoboken individuals alleging their involvement in a suspected vote buying scheme on behalf of Tim Occhipinti.

Two individuals are named in the affidavits: Matt Calichio, who was mentioned earlier as possibly having problematic ties to the Occhipinti campaign on vote by mail transactions in the Hudson Reporter debate.

The other is Frank Raia, the perennial candidate in Hoboken elections, most recently for Mayor last November as a suspect in another signed affidavit.

Frank Raia denied any wrongdoing earlier today.

In an interview with MSV by phone, Frank Raia categorically denied he was involved in any way in vote by mail fraud.  "I don't know what the hell this is but they are playing with the wrong guy.  I can sue them all for defamation of character and sue them out of the town."

In a ripping tirade, Raia complained, "You haven't seen me knock on one door.  They are sore losers.  They should blame it (the election) on themselves."

Raia continued in a blistering rebuke of the charge in the complaint saying he knew nothing about it, "Whatever I've done, I've done for Dawn Zimmer, whatever they are accusing me of," he stated.  He then added ominiously, "I will sue them all and drain all their money until they're homeless.  Go after someone else."

Raia ended by saying, "There will be repercussions if they play with me.  I put them (Mayor Zimmer and Mike Lenz) there. Without me, she wouldn't be in that chair (mayor's office.)  They will pay.  I will wipe them out.  Go and pick on somebody else.  They're desperate because they know they're going to lose."

The bomb drops on Tim Occhipinti - Lenz campaign files complaint for massive VBM fraud

Lenz for Council announces:

The Mike Lenz for Council campaign has filed a complaint and order to show cause today in New Jersey Superior Court as a result of what we believe to be strong evidence that the Occhipinti campaign has embarked on an organized program of paying voters $40 or more to cast Vote by Mail ballots.  Mr. Occhipinti’s own ELEC filings reveal that out of 79 individuals identified as  campaign workers, 78 cast vote by mail ballots contemporaneously with receiving the payment.    In addition, several individuals have provided affidavits confirming that they were paid in exchange for casting Vote by Mail ballots.

Election Fraud is a serious matter, and the Mike Lenz campaign is confident that the Board of Elections, the New Jersey Attorney General and the Superior Court will review all of the evidence and make the decisions necessary to ensure that Hoboken’s 4th Ward residents receive the honest and fair election to which they are entitled.

Lenz Charges Occhipinti Fraud

A Festivus miracle comes early to Hoboken

No one can quite explain it.  By some unknown unseen power, Occhipinti's 'campaign workers' have almost all to a person found their way to cashing in for $40 each while each is equally fascinated with the paper voting option - vote by mail.   (Designated "captains" get $300 for rounding up those elusive vote by paper mailers, pardon, those pesky 'workers.')

Dozens and dozens of Tim's Truth believers are scouring the fourth ward looking for a festivus poll.  Is that what they meant by poll?

David Cruz the wordsmith Tim Occhipinti has on the payroll to deal with such nefarious problems trotted out some large doses of less than properly distilled spirits to PolitickerNJ yesterday in an attempt to explain The Anomaly saying:

"We're helping out people who need help and they're helping out us."

The "elitists" like to claim, "They're poor people, they must be getting paid to vote."

"They're employment with us is not contingent on vote-by-mail.  It's not a requirement of them."

Meanwhile, Lenz campaign manager Sam Briggs extended another invitation to the Occhipinti campaign, although this one doesn't appear to share the mutual enthusiasm of earlier.

"Mr. Occhipinti has previously requested Attorney General oversight as well, and we call on him to join with us in reiterating that request," Briggs said.  "The Lenz campaign will cooperate fully with any investigation and hopes the Occhipinti campaign will do so as well."

 David Cruz also said many 'campaign workers' have signed affidavits saying they are working in various ways, wearing t-shirts and "talking up the candidate."  Does that sound like a job or a no-show vote it in job?

You don't hear the Occhipinti campaign welcoming the Attorney General into Hoboken anymore now do you?

That's your biggest indicator right there.

NJ State Attorney General Paula Dow - Tim Occhipinti's people don't
seem as enthusiastic now to have the AG investigate the election here.
Earlier they trumpeted so pointing a finger at "bounties."

Talking Ed Note: MSV received the latest Occhipinti for Council press release yesterday but declines to publish it.  It was not provided to MSV from David Cruz nor have any since the release several weeks back describing "bounties" being placed on applicants of vote by mail.  That obvious fabrication stated in a letter to State Attorney General Paula Dow may land up coming back to haunt them.

The latest Occhipinti release is an attack on a local builder who put up a four story home on lower Park. Approvals were made unanimously at the Hoboken Zoning Board for its erection including a variance. It was opposed by a Hoboken resident who lives at the top of a five story unit two doors down.  The builder is supporting Mayor Zimmer and most recently Mike Lenz for council.  The attack in the Occhipinti release mirrors a hatchet job on this Hoboken resident by one of Tim Occhipinti's campaign people, Lane Bajardi.

MSV will not air a regurgitated politically motivated hit job here from Hoboken411 and its little, angry minion.  It looks like a hail mary attempt to change the subject.

But the subject is only coming into focus.  More to come.

Photo: courtesy

The Soprano State - 'NJ needs to say enough is enough'

Anomaly - any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual, or unique. It can also mean a discrepancy or deviation from anestablished ruletrend, or pattern.
In the following contexts, "anomalymay refer to:




With yesterday's big election story on what we'll call going forward "The Anomaly," as Occhipinti spokesman David Cruz called the uncanny support of dozens upon dozens of election 'workers' all voting via vote by mail for his candidate, it's time to look deeper.

As the movie The Soprano State says, it changes when NJ (and Hoboken) residents say "enough is enough."

Although Peter Cammarano is gone, his friends and their election practices most certainly are not forgotten.  All his old friends have thought the old formula would just go by and no one would really notice.  Word spread quickly here with readers coming in from coast to coast, from Orlando to San Diego.

* Notice you don't see the fourth district of the fourth ward qualifying as an 'anomaly.'
This story is now ready to take the next phase.  Have no doubt, it will.

Related: Timothy Carroll formerly of the Hudson Reporter now with PolitickerNJ has followed up on the story broken wide open here on MSV.  His latest story, "Inside Hoboken's absentee boom," is a marvel with obfuscation galore from Occhipinti spokesman David Cruz.

The Soprano State, part 1 is now playing here in Hoboken at the Clearview Cinema.
Word on the street is part 3 will start shooting in Hoboken soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sign of the Times: ROH wine tasting bash at Amanda's Restaurant

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Republicans of Hoboken hosted a wine tasting event at Amanda's Restaurant Tuesday night and both the wine and the bipartisan group packed the rear room for a very well attended and enjoyable event.

The wines selected for the evening were a fine mix of white and reds to go with the good spirits, and company. Each bottle was numbered and everyone was given ample opportunity to sample and rate according to their personal taste.

At the end of the evening the revelations of professional scoring were revealed. The list assembled turned out to be a mixture all rated with a 90 score and prices from $15 to $45.

Diana Davis hosted the affair with a wide group of Hobokenites from all political circles in attendance.

Photo top: Diana Davis (r) with Mayor Dawn Zimmer and presumptive 2nd ward candidate Tom Greaney.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From the office of Hoboken Democratic Chairman Ravi Bhalla:

   CC pic

Dear Friends,

Have you ever wondered exactly what your local Congressman and County Sherriff do for Hoboken?  On election day next week, you will have an opportunity to cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice for both of these important offices.

To facilitate an informed decision, I urge you to attend a meet-and-greet in Hoboken tomorrow night featuring candidates Congressman Albio Sires for U.S. Congress, and Undersheriff Frank X. Schillari for Hudson County Sheriff.  This is an informational event open to all Hoboken residents irrespective of party affiliation. 

This event is the first time Congressman Sires and Undersheriff Schillari will be in Hoboken to meet with residents and answer your questions.  It is a rare opportunity for residents to meet the candidates, learn their positions on issues, and find out how their offices directly impact our quality of life in Hoboken.  

Additionally, you may be wondering how next week's national mid-term elections, with control over the U.S. Congress at stake, will effect Hoboken.  Tomorrow night presents a great opportunity to learn directly from Congressman Sires about the impact of next week's national elections on Hoboken.

Here are the details:

What: Meet & Greet with Congressman Albio Sires & Undersheriff Frank Schillari
When: Tomorrow, October 28th, 6 pm to 7 pm
Where: Room 84, 84 Washington Street, Hoboken
Host: Hoboken Democratic Party

I hope to see you tomorrow night!

Ravi S. Bhalla
Hoboken Democratic Party

Tim's Truth - almost 80 strong HHA street money kickoff

Fourth ward council candidate Tim Occhipinti spoke last night about his lack of knowledge on the massive operation churning out paper ballots in the HHA.  Today his just released ELEC report shows the early payouts have been already made - for election day work not even here!

Here's Tim Occhipinti's initial list of 80 'campaign workers' who have already been paid, I mean voted via vote by mail.  The list is downloadable.

The Occhipinti 80

Tim Occhipinti - Street money time has arrived!

The election for the fourth ward seat next week is officially next Tuesday but the money is already flowing in the HHA.  The report appearing today on the ELEC site shows some interesting information contradicting all Tim Occhipinti's earlier protests about street money.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Street money Timmy Time is here confirmed not a day after Tim Occhipinti denied knowing anything about the hundreds of HHA vote by mail 'votes.'  Yet already more than two dozen are listed 'working" for his campaign.

MSV has taken an initial look at the report and notes several interesting aspects. There's already over dozens* "campaign workers" appearing in the usual area of the Hoboken Housing Authority - all with that familiar signature payment of $40.

MSV can also confirm the latest (and maybe final) figures of vote by mail from the Hudson County Board of Elections.  The fourth ward is now up to 559 vote by mail ballots!!!

How much do you wanna bet most of these people have voted absentee/vote by mail?

Welcome to Street Money Timmy Time!

A sample of some of the $40 "campaign workers" listed on Tim Occhipinti's newly released ELEC report.
Expect to see this repeated hundreds of times out of the Hoboken Housing Authority.  That report though won't be out until after the election on November 2nd. 

Talking Ed Note: MSV has seen this coming all along and documented it every step of the way.  As we suspected all along, this story isn't over.  In fact, it's only heating up.

Will the other local media catch up?  Don't expect to see this on Hoboken411.  Okay, stop laughing.  The little angry minion doesn't like when you laugh at his "news" conspiracies.

More to come.  Promise.

Here's the complete vote by mail lists for the fourth ward (excluding yesterday).
This list is updated now showing vote by mail ballots returned!

Complete Hoboken4thward10.26.b

And as reader Redrider requested, the Occhipinti ELEC doc for cross referencing paid 'voters' with 'campaign workers.'  Start on that lists on page 13.
Occhipinti ELEC 10-27-10

* The lists is now up to 80. This story is breaking hard.

UPDATE: 2:00 MSV can now confirm that every single person on Tim Occhipinti's ELEC report showing as a 'campaign worker' of $40 payments has also voted in paper ballots - all vote by mail!