Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tsunami makes direct hit - Can you hear us now?

In what has already been called the biggest political upset in the life of most living Americans, Scott Brown defeated the Bay State's Machine Candidate Martha Coakley.  In a comfortable five point win MSV predicted earlier, the shockwaves flow across the nation and reverberate all the way back to Washington D.C.

For those who are less than attuned to the details. Massachusetts turned a 31 point pirouette just a year since Obama took office.  To call it a landslide itself is merely an understatement as the seat controlled over decades by the Kennedy family has been turned in a full half pike gainer by the swimmer from the dirt.

They'll be more to say.  But let's put it this way: people in Hoboken talk about decent government and fighting for transparency and basic good government and this is an answer on the national level especially to the bill being written by anonymous people in back rooms with the vast majority of Americans in opposition.  Teabag this.

Can you hear us now?

Marsha wins! - Boston Globe

The Boston Globe put up a page showing Coakley beating Scott Brown in a close election gaining 50% of the vote to 49% with 1% going to the independent.

We're trying to investigate how they managed to do this with the polls not closing for several more hours.  No comment was available from the State Media.  The Boston Globe, part of the NY Times company referred all calls to Rahm Emanuel's office and Democratic Party Senate Committee Chair Sen. Robert Menendez.

(No, we aren't that good in photoshop.)

UPDATE: 7:15 - The Boston Herald, competitor of the Globe reported, "Bob Powers, vice president of communications for the Globe, blamed the goof on the Associated Press. Here’s his statement:

"AP was testing an election data feed to its Massachusetts clients. During corresponding tests at our end, the feed of AP’s hypothetical test data was inadvertently posted for a few minutes on a single subsection page within our site. As soon as the error was discovered, it was removed. We regret the mishap."

- Marsha's campaign held a press conference at 5:00 pm (no one carried live) claiming there were ballots with Scott Brown's name already entered.  The memo released to the press was dated yesterday.  The plan now seems to be to stop Scott Brown from taking the "People's Seat" for as long as possible.

Da Horsey in a private email to the big green vegetable and other Hoboken residents has gone on record with a horse sense prediction of a 5% or better victory for Scott Brown.

The Boston Globe map showing Martha Coakley defeating Scott Brown is apparently hitting a lot of searches nationally.  We are getting visits now from Coast to Coast and states all over in-between.  Welcome fellow Americans. The Republic yet lives!

Enter Governor Christie

Guest of the Stable: Scott Siegel - More gristy blowback?

   Whatever the outcome tonight is a historic night for 2010. At 6 PM Chris Christe will be sworn in as our new Governor and more surprising is the special election in Massachusetts(e).
Normally a Republican would lose by 20-30 points. Instead if the polls are correct Scott Brown will become their newest Republican Senator for the first time since 1972. Both follow a similar trajectory (along with Gov. elect Bob McDonnell of  Va). Across this country people are tired of massive pork barrel spending, government intrusion in  our personal lives and of course higher taxes. The healthcare plan is even unpopular in Massachusetts. AG Martha (or Marsha as Pat Kennedy calls her) Coakley has run a condescending lackluster campaign and figured that she would coast to victory. The most telling moment however came from former White House Chief of Staff David Gergen. After peppering Brown with hard questions such as the Second Amendment and abortion he lobbed a non Curt Shilling softball to Coakley asking her “what was toughest thing during your campaign?”. Then came the killer. Asking how he could vote against health care when it was Ted Kennedy’s seat, Brown calmly explained that it was the peoples seat. Like Coakley the question was dripping with condescension. Then the President made fun of Brown’s truck which has 200,000 miles on it. President Obama couldn’t help Corzine or Deeds and will probably fail here as he did for the Chicago Olympics and global warming in Copenhagen. Even if Brown loses the closeness of this race is astounding. After cash for cloture with special deals in Nebraska and Louisiana the public view on this healthcare proposal fell further down. Maybe now politicians in New Jersey and DC will get the message. When a citizen has cash flow problems the prudent thing to do is to cut spending. The Democrats in Trenton and Washington have chosen to max the credit cards. Tonight the blowback begins.

Talking Ed Note: Scott Siegel is an active participant on the local Hoboken scene and has been a long time resident of the Mile Square City.  He's often seen at City Council meetings weighing in with reasonable suggestions and observations on the local issues of the day.

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Grist for the Mill - Bay State Senate Election Special

This is a Bay State Alert Special:

In the battle of the teabaggers vs. the fisters, it's not looking too good for the latter.  Something is already amiss.  The forward progress thinking people are already resorting to paternalistic attacks blaming the woman.  Is it over already?  Well it seems within the inner circles it in fact is as we've tapped into a larger network over the last week and the low key approach of working through the holidays while Marsha Croaking was on vacation drinking mint julips to her anointed victory and now she's going down in flames.  Attacks in the White House are even pointing fingers at Sen. Robert Menendez, just recently in town on Friday to collect, I mean sanctify federal funds for the Jubilee Center.  (He later went to make his collection pickup at Amandas Restaurant where he was honored with an event  at $250 per head.)  No word on if that gets you a job in any of the local hospitals.

The call has gone out, "The Redcoats are coming, The Redcoats are coming!" but Obama's visit to Boston on Sunday may not produce the intended affect.  The Redcoats appear to be falling.  Again?  I hate when that happens.

Update: This is an emergency announcement from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Bring out ye dead!  Bring out ye dead!  Bring you ye dead right now for roll call.  The Bay State has over 100,000 dead voters on the rolls and another 500,000 no longer in the state.  They are mobilizing this critical vote as we speak.  MSNBC's Ed Schultz and Chrissy Matthews are promising they will do their level best to make a more tropical, banana republic in the northern hemisphere if that's what it takes.  Intrade has a late surge on these efforts taking hold.  Patrick Kennedy doesn't think Marsha is out of it either. He says Marsha can do it! Turnout is said to be very good.

Rahm Emanuel has a plan to vote on the Senate bill as is if the unthinkable occurs.  What Senate bill?  The one being labored over with the House bill behind closed doors right now.  There's still a solid third of Americans supporting this "health care" bill even though no one knows what's really in it.  The old Soviet Politburo was more transparent.  Maybe they can send over a former KGB head of communications on how to inform the people of their approved rights.  Or else.