Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Good Ole Days

The Wile E. Coyote, Eric Kurta submitted this classic purview to Old Hoboken.  The funny part is how people talk about the good ole days in Hoboken.  Well watch this and tell me what was so great about it.  Without further adieu here's Mayor Russo, Councilman Amato and Councilman David Roberts in a 1993 City Council meeting.  Enjoy.

Horse Sense: It's dead Jim

Not much beats repeats of the original Star Trek.  The story lines were pretty original and offered some social commentary without beating you over the head with it like much of the heavy handed rabble coming out of Hollywood today.  Avatar is just the latest example but TV has been steadily providing the same lousy diet too.

One person called their Congressman, in this case it's Barney Frank who offered the bleak assessment on the damage wrought from yesterday's tsunami.  Looks like the breakdown is occurring on multiple fronts and the bravado about passing the government's total control and regulation of the health care industry yesterday is dead, for now anyway.  As most Americans actually are for real health care reform, it's frankly astonishing this farce made it this far but the power grab is what it certainly was and Scott Brown articulated consistent opposition to it riding a liberal Democratic state to a shocking victory.  Even with Obama's visit on Sunday, the tide was not halted and the freight train of the voters seeking real change came to the forefront.

The Raw Story has the details on the first hand account of the call to Barney Frank who apparently just decided to take the call.  It's definitely worth a read.  Reality striking has a funny ring to it.  We don't think we'll be hearing much about teabagging now.  The second Boston Tea Party just hit, in a big you know what way.  Funny how history repeats itself.

Related: Sen. Menendez discusses the loss of independent voters and the need to recapture the "change" mantra.  We note it's odd to proclaim yourself change agents when you have been running Congress since the end of 2006.  Hey, good luck with that!

More of the same at TPM.  Let the kvetching commence.

Guest of the Stable: A Hoboken Mom

Here's a Hoboken mom's notes on last night's BOE meeting.   Claire Moses, our new colleague doing professional and original reporting on all things Hoboken also has a story up at

Three Hoboken High Students were presented Certificates by Superintendent Carter for their hard work in being awarded the Blaustein scholarship. The Bloustein Scholarships are awarded to students throughout New Jersey ranking top in their class.

The new Interim BA, Mr. Davis, presented some preliminary budget information for next year in anticipation of releasing the Draft Budget in a week or two. Mr. Davis indicated the new budget may included a 4% decrease with no increase in the tax levy. The Draft Budget will include an Executive Summary, detailing data with supporting documentation and a  ten year history. The Board will have two months to work on the budget and hold public workhsops.

Ms. Tremiditi gave a presentation on the recent State Test scores. Not all schools have made AYP (annual yearly progress), some made Safe Harbor (some improvement on AYP). Two schools are in SINI (school in need of improvement). Ms. Tremiditi noted that three Education Specialists have been hired to provide support and professional developemnt to the teaching staff in the areas of Langauge Arts, Math and Special Education and that this appears to be well reviced.

Both the Superintendent's agenda and the School Administrator's agenda passed, including the transfer or reassignment of about 60 or so employees,  previously misallocated administrative items etc. (as per the audit and Corrective Action Plan) and /or employees charged to state/federal grants.

The Board accepted the Ms. Cella's resignation (live item).

Student population was discussed.  Wallace = 788 students, Demarest= 71, HHS=530, Connors=372, Calabro=173, Brandt=446 PK-k(80 or so K students), 84=St Francis-rented space (pk).

Public Speakers included Patricia Waiters, who requested information on the Superintendent search believing that the public would not be told the names of the candidates until February 9th. Ms. Waiters indicated that as a former Mayoral candidate, she would keep a close eye on the process to discourage any political patronage.

The Board reiterated that the Open Public Forum for the Superintendent Search will be held on Tuesday, January 26th at 7pm at Hoboken High School and that public notification would be given as is standard practice.

The Board further explained the process used by the Board as determined by the New Jersey School Board Association. The process included the acceptance of 21 applications, which were checked to determine  stated criteria (education, years of experience, certification etc..). Interviews were held by the full Board of the remaining candidates. Second round interviews were held by the full Board to determine the remaining top two candidates. For reason of privacy and to protect the candidates that do not receive an offer of employment, no names of persective candidates are ever released until the top two candiates remain in any Superintendent search.

Other public speakers included Alumni of Hoboken High School wishing to work with the Board and Superintendent to establish a Hoboken High School Alumin Association for the benfit of the current HHS students. Mr. Carter enthusiatically accepted their offer and information was exchanged.

There were many new faces in attendance. Hopefully, they will continue to attend. 

Hoboken411 vileness to resurface soon?

Who let the dogs out?  There was a rare public appearance by Hoboken411 at City Hall last night.  This is Perry Klaussen's first appearance since his threat to City Hall and its employees for his humiliation in being denied automatic distribution status on government updates.  Well that's too bad.  Hoboken411 didn't stay at the Hoboken Zoning Board for any of the actual business.  Just showed up taking pictures and then left.

As we had stated in an earlier piece, Hoboken411 would be attacking private citizens.  Not even minutes later, an attack piece appeared targeting Hoboken Revolt's Richard Pasquarelli with some empty, twisted attacks of the variety we've come to expect from the bowels of the vile.  It's seems the bitterness for broadcasting his king maker status over the course of the mayoral elections last year has popped a screw loose, or two.  Hoboken411 has now been wrong in backing Beth Mason in the spring election, Peter Cammarano, (his trampoline jumping pal) in the runoff and Beth Mason again in the special election.

Shouldn't there be a statute of limitations on being a three time loser in a year?  Well the bitterness of being a loser is clearly not over, not by a long shot.  Expect the vile, personal attacks on all things concerning the current mayor's administration to reach deeper into the gutter.

It's all Hoboken411 knows.  And it's apparently all he lives for now.  The only question left is if there is anyone commissioning the dirty work of the unleashed dog.  Hoboken411 is once again on the loose.  Expect the dirtiest, slimiest attacks on Hoboken citizens yet.

City Council - Live Blogging with the Hoboken Journal

Tonight's City Council meeting kicks off at 7:00 and we'll be teaming up again with the jolly green giant for the live blog bringing onsite reporting, pictures, and maybe some live interviews.


Hoboken Zoning Board's 2010 Reorg

Hoboken's Zoning Board had its first meeting for 2010 last night and as the first order of business, the revamped membership went ahead and made their executive selections.

Former Hoboken City Councilman Tony Soares is now Chair replacing Dominic Lisa.
Jim Aibel who moved up to regular member in November is now Vice Chair replacing Murray Fusco.

In addition, tonight's City Council will look to fill the position vacated by Alex Corrado.  We reported on that at the turn of the year in a MSV exclusive.  Alternates Phil Cohen and Mike Evers will probably be under consideration to move up to regular member.

Pictured:  Tony Soares (l) and Jim Aibel.
Photo courtesy: Amy Sara Clark / Hoboken Now

Somewhere Soros, a DC Lobbyist and a Goldman exec are crying...

A reader just sent us this and well it's sure to become an all time classic.  False idols have a tendency to shatter when falling.

Anniversary of the Fall

No we're not going back to review the Berlin Wall's fall but quite another, as it's actually a year into the Obama administration and the shockwaves felt yesterday are still coming harder than a typical aftershock to a major earthquake following a tsunami.  If anyone had any doubts the American people could be rolled and fooled indefinitely, that answer came back with a resounding "No!"  Never again do we want to see attacks on ordinary Americans who take to the streets to petition their government.  Never again do we wish to see self-proclaimed "journalists" slur the American people with sexual innuendo and insults for using their Constitutional and might we add God given rights.  Most importantly, never again do we want to see in this 21st century where technology on public opinion is now always available at hand, the will of the American people ignored so brazenly with no regard for their concerns.

With that, let's take a video review of where we were a year ago.  And with that, excellent analysis by historian Victor Davis Hanson, "Why the growing backlash" and the good doctor, Charles Krauthammer on the fall.  It's also important to note, this isn't a state victory, a Republican victory, or a victory of ideology but the People's victory.

We're reminded of the saying by the famous 20th century writer G.K. Chesterton,
"When a man ceases to believe in God, he does not believe in nothing. He believes in everything."