Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eat, Drink, Hoboken - Don't Worry, Be Happy

Good times, bad times, happy and sad times - there's always a saloon or restaurant you can find to your liking here in Hoboken.  Oh we don't have all the panache of say a Hooters extravaganza at the ready but hey you never know when a couple of less than bashful Jersey girls will break out into a competition dancing on tables or what have you.

Hey MTV renewed the Jersey Shore kids, The Cake Boss is renewed for yet another season and the US just introduced the highest ever spending plan in the nation's history.

A new website EatDrinkHoboken.com encapsulating all the latest and greatest on a daily basis is up and it's a pretty nice reference point to get you started eating and drinking your miseries away.  They have a little $25 Twitter giveaway promotion running now too.

While Nero fiddled...hey bartender, drinks all around.  To all my friendzzzzz!

Budget Presentation, - Environmental Services

Here's a presentation apparently used as part of then candidate Jennifer Wenson Maier's interview process for the Director of Environmental Services position in Hoboken. Lots of interesting parallels between our two communities but what clearly makes the candidate a standout is the professional background in several areas and the experience of driving successful grant application outcomes. In this economic climate, that experience becomes more valuable to Hoboken than ever.  Page 2 shows the efforts in her last position driving $11MM in grants to Plainfield.

Even if you aren't a government junkie, this is worth a look.  It's well done and easily digested over, well just about anything.

As for Jennifer, Da Horsey would like to say, "Welcome Aboard!"  Now about our soccer field at Sinatra Park, we need $11,000,000 and....

City Hall announces new Director

Mayor Zimmer Announces New Environmental Services Director
City of Hoboken, February 2, 2010 - Mayor Dawn Zimmer introduced Jennifer Wenson Maier today as the City of Hoboken’s new Environmental Services Director.  Ms. Maier is the Director of Public Works & Urban Development in Plainfield, New Jersey, where she has brought in over $11 million in related grants in just three years.  In addition to her experience as a public works manager, Ms. Maier is also a certified planner and architect. 
“Given the City’s urgent task of building a new municipal garage, Ms. Maier brings an array of expertise that Hoboken needs for this position,” Mayor Zimmer commented.    
Ms. Maier will start her new position in two weeks. Mayor Zimmer thanked Director Pope for his service to the City and for agreeing to work with Ms. Maier until March 1st  in order to provide a transition period for the department.
“It has been my great privilege to serve the City of Hoboken and its residents,” Director John Pope said. “I have had the opportunity to work with a great group of people in both Human Services and Environmental Services. Their dedication has made my job easier.”
A copy of Ms. Maier’s resume can be found on the City of Hoboken’s website at www.hobokennj.org and follows at the jump.

Crown Heights Riots

Hoboken High School is doing an encore performance of the critically acclaimed play Saturday, "Fires in the Mirror" on the events surrounding the Crown Heights Riots in 1991.  We remember this time well as it was an ongoing blight over the course of days.  We'd note that the so called "Reverend" Sharpton denies any role causing the riots but many people remember his bringing in protestors by bus into the Crown Heights neighborhoods and leading marches that led to not the "subsequent death" but the murder of a student from Australia Yankel Rosenbaum who was stabbed to death after an auto accident killed a seven year old boy, Gavin Cato.

This Youtube video is interesting in many aspects as it captures the events and the impact of several very bad days in New York City history.

Stop the presses!

The Mayor's office released the statement announced at the beginning of the Budget Workshop on Saturday. Unfortunately, technical problems with the audio interfered, so here it is in its entirety.

This is not your run of the mill elected official statement. It's worth a close look, a very close look. It's the biggest policy statement out of the mayor's office since the election and it specifically covers several critical issues to Hoboken.

The Bottom Line

Saturday's day long Budget Workshop offered some useful moments and Claire Moses of Hoboken.patch.com captured some of the important late highlights but we'll suggest you take a look at the tape yourself.  Scroll over to the 2:47 mark and listen to Finance Director Nick Trasente explain the underlying importance in examining the essential area of "the amount to be raised" and it's eight percent drop.  Go on and continue right to the end here to see an important exchange among Council members.

We'd like to note there's a reason why Councilman Ravi Bhalla was the largest vote getter in the Council elections last year. MSV would like to commend his recognition of the voters.  We'll have more to say when some of the dust clears after the press conference tomorrow afternoon when Mayor Zimmer will weigh in as well.