Monday, February 15, 2010

Special Meeting - Hospital Board on Thursday

Thursday the Hoboken University Medical Center will be having a budget workshop for the public led by its board: the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority.  Following the two held for the city the past two Saturdays, the Authority will have a budget report presented before going into a closed session to review contract and employment issues.

As part of the special meeting, a public comment portion will be available.  There's been a lot said about the hospital in recent days from the Governor's transition team predicting its closure in December and the CEO's reply rejecting that characterization.  In a recent phone discussion with Mile Square View, CEO Spiros Hatiras stated Governor Christie is now fully aware and supportive of the numerous steps the hospital has taken to improve its financial viability.

Is it possible the new Governor may be visiting Hoboken to pay a visit?  Da Horsey knows but won't say.

This special workshop will be help Thursday night at 7:00 in Assumption Hall.  It's at the rear of the main entrance: 308 Willow Street.  Agenda follows.  (Public comments will probably move ahead of closed session as it has in the past.)

Photo courtesy Jhnnynewman, all rights reserved.

Mayor Zimmer: The Comprehensive Interview pt. 5

In the final segment part 5, more questions on infrastructure and parks across the town is discussed and also how the public can better stay informed on the developments on any number of projects via the City website on a monthly basis.  The City website is mentioned also as part of an overhaul to add municipal data, contracts, etc.

A question on how the mayor addresses her critics leads to some new information on revamping the hiring process where Hoboken residents can apply for positions online instead of going to City Hall.

Last the mayor discusses the impact of the recent fire on lower Park on Super Bowl Sunday and its origin and the importance of renters getting rental insurance.  A quick off the cuff follow-up delves briefly into the area of rent control.

Mile Square View wishes to thank Mayor Zimmer for the time at City Hall last Thursday.  For the record, the mayor answered all questions but had mentioned trying to leave in the late afternoon to attend a wake.  Don't believe she made it as early as hoped but at least she didn't call animal control on Da Horsey.

The five segments are best followed in order but are split up where you can listen in any order you wish.

This interview series is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Amato.  The fade from this 2005 City Council debate is stunning in how it captures the absolute spirit of the man no matter how many times you view it.

Photo: Mayor Dawn Zimmer in a recent photo at her City Hall office.  All rights reserved.

Mayor Zimmer: The Comprehensive Interview pt. 4

In part four efficiency and privatization questions with the Hoboken Library as a possible candidate, a pilot program for school vouchers, Councilman Ravi Bhalla's proposal to move elections to November, and dual office holding for elected positions.

The question on being elected to multiple positions leads to a broader discussion on potential conflicts of interests and how this has been addressed in a most recent City Hall hire.

Looking for good news on what's been "uncovered" in City Hall leads to a limited upside on animal control.  NJ Transit and an aggressive strategy is outlined with the public playing a role in presenting a better alternative.

Judy Tripodi's response to the Mayor's and Council President's press release earlier in the week is raised.

Timing of the opening Pier C and the possible legal issues with the birds filing suit of eminent domain is raised. (That's a joke.)