Friday, April 16, 2010

Hoboken411 - Another Suspicious Dear Dawn Letter

It's business as usual over at Hoboken411 as the smear merchant whips out the usual last minute dirty tricks heading into an election.  Does he ever get tired trying?  Apparently not - in the Hobo411 latest installment of attempts to deceive the Hoboken voter hatched from his usual "Dear Dawn" I really, really hate you letters.

Reader Jane emailed us about a strange one posted earlier this afternoon being touted by a Hoboken resident voicing her concerns about Mayor Zimmer.  Hobo411 says,
"Here's a signed letter from someone offended by Zimmer's attack."

“Dear Dawn:
I was a resident of the 4th Ward and voted for you in 4 different elections, all the way up to mayor. At this time, you have completely lost my faith and any future support.

I saw your recent email stating that Real Results slate for school board intends to “starve the schools”. I am appalled at your lack of credibility at such a critical time for our schools. If you read the Real Results web page and/or literature or attended the candidates’ forum this past Monday at Stevens, you would have some clue about the Real Results platform. The goal of Real Results is to get more money to the children in our schools – not into the hands of overpaid and underperforming administrators who have bloated salaries and pensions.
You ran for mayor as a “reformer”; the Real Results team are also reformers —a group of enthusiastic young individuals who are committed to civic service and finding a better way to handle business. I voted for Kids First when they ran for school board and have been extremely unhappy with their “business as usual” approach. There are serious changes needed to improve our schools and Kids First has not been ready or able to make the tough choices. I believe that bringing the experienced individuals on the Real Results slate who have backgrounds in management and finance can only help our town.
Keep in mind that the candidates who are on the Real Results ticket, their supporters and families, are also your constituents. You can properly support your candidates without tearing down the other slate. Sending a mass email on the town’s time with your preferences for school board is inappropriate, at best. Tasteless, tactless and unacceptable also come to mind.
You are the mayor of this town – I ask you to act like it.

Gwyneth K. Murray-Nolan, Esq
First, let's give Perry Klausfurherer some credit.  At least he didn't go with the usual imaginary letter writer and make it up out of whole cloth like the infamous Louise F.  But who is Ms. Gwyneth K. Murray-Nolan, Esq?

Well she is a real, live Hoboken resident.  Congratulations Perry, you really got Da Horsey this time.  Or has he?  According to local tax records this is a real person.  Wow, this is pretty impressive.  Where does she live?  On Jefferson Street?  But what's this?  Who else in lives in the same building?  Actually who lives in the same condo.

Well take a look at this picture from the Lincoln Dinner.
Is this the same Gwyneth in the photo bottom left?  And who's that to her left in the picture?  Why it's John Forsman of the Real Results slate who lives at the same address.

Her husband.

Da Horsey just thought you should know.  Sorry Perry, pwned yet again!

Talking Ed Note: In a brief conversation with Nathan Brinkman, the de facto campaign manager for Real Results, he confirmed that Gwyneth is in fact John's wife. MSV would like to say we've met all the candidates on Real Results, including John Forsman and believe they are all good well intentioned people. In exposing the lack of transparency by Hoboken411, there's no intent to suggest a spouse shouldn't support their family in an election.

Nathan also wanted to emphasize that a swap out of this letter for one from Maureen Sullivan is not part of any conspiracy.  So noted.

BoE Candidates' Forum - Ch. 78 after 5:00 today

Just a quick update: the Candidates' forum hosted by the Stevens Institute should be available on Cablevision Ch. 78 after 5:00 pm today.

It may also be viewed online at or here at MSV below.

It will be rotated with the last City Council meeting through the aid of Patrick Ricciardi.

Thanks Patrick!


State to Hoboken - about the $4.2 million - "Pay up!"

Here's the second attachment from the Office of the Mayor detailing communication to the City Council on the potential hiring of the new Business Administrator.  The candidate has requested a vote of approval in the City Council before he gives notice.  Can you blame him?

Also, and closing a loop and possibly the final chapter of the Roberts Administration, the erroneous early retirements package that led to the State issuing a $4.2 million bill to Hoboken is due at the end of the month.  If not paid, the City would be paying 10% interest - about $35,000 a month.  MSV feels this should have been an independent release from the Office of the Mayor.  It's an important issue that played a major role in the current budget and impacted taxpayers in seeing any tax relief for the fiscal year ending June 30th.

State Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi had a different vision for handling this issue by bonding it over several years.  Councilman Nino Giacchi in the end agreed with that plan but was cognizant of the majority embracing the "bite the bullet" now philosophy as was MSV.  But this is one of those issues where people can disagree. In retrospect, one can respect the decision although MSV sees an obligation to provide taxpayer relief sooner than later.

With the hiring of a new Business Administrator close at hand, Hoboken will again be able to chart its own future.  Fiscal State Monitor Judy Tripodi performed a required and necessary service along with Finance Director Dan Trasente - helping put the town on a solid footing for years to come.  Much has transpired since Hoboken relinquished control over its finances to the State.  The changeover to independence is not far off now.

Let the mayor's administration accountability begin.

One step closer - City hires new Business Administrator

Office of the Mayor announces:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces appointment of new Business Administrator

Marking a critical turning point for the City of Hoboken, Mayor Dawn Zimmer today announced the appointment of a Business Administrator, a critical step toward the end of state fiscal control.

"I'm very excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Arch Liston for Business Administrator," said Mayor Zimmer. "I'm confident his exceptional record and experience will be a valuable asset to our City."

Mr. Liston currently serves as Business Administrator for the City of Bridgeton and was previously the Township Manager for Mount Holly. He brings a 25 year public safety record, including serving as police chief of the Mount Holly Police Department.

"I'm honored to be nominated and I look forward to working with Mayor Zimmer and the City Council," said Mr. Liston.

"Today represents an important step for Hoboken," added Zimmer. "We're putting behind us one of the remaining vestiges of past mistakes and looking forward to making Hoboken a better city through competent management, honest governance, and real accountability."

Mr. Liston's resume is attached, along with Mayor Zimmer’s memo announcing the appointment to the City Council. Approval of the appointment of Mr. Liston will be on the City Council agenda for the April 21st meeting.

(resume follows on the jump)

BoE Candidates' Forum - let's go to the videotape

Courtesy of the People for Open Government, The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition and the Stevens Institute, here is Monday's complete video of the BoE candidates' forum.

Please visit and support both of these fine organizations.  You can visit POG here and the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition here.  

First Panel:
Kyelia Colon
John Forsman
Ken Howitt
Jean Marie Mitchell
Irene Sobolov
Kathleen Tucker

Second Panel:
Leon Gold
Perry Lin
John Madigan
Elizabeth Markevitch
Rose Marie Markle
Patricia Waiters