Sunday, April 18, 2010

BoE Election Grist for the Mill....

As we head the into the backstretch, the BoE election is yielding some wacky turns and spills nearing the finish line.  Keep an eye out Monday as Da Horsey will be putting together one gristy piece for your chewing pleasure.

Gristy chewables before the vote on Tuesday.  Check back Monday.

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Kids First - One last "Meet the Candidates" opportunity

  • Kids First Final Rally Party!

    When: Sunday, April 18, 2010
    Where: Columbus Park
    Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm

    On Tuesday, April 20, 2010, we hope to keep moving forward with positive changes. Your continued support of the Kids First slate is crucial to a better education.

    Polls are open from 2pm to 9pm. Please get out the vote and support Kids First.

    Kids First 2010
    4A - Rose Marie Markle
    2A - Irene Sobolov
    1B - Jean Marie Mitchell
    1A - Leon Gold
    Please show your support one more time by attending the rally at Columbus Park this Sunday.  

  • Come and pick up t-shirts & posters!
    Thank you,
    Frances Jennings
    Kids First 2010 - Event Chair

Guest of the Stable: Kyelia Colon

My name is Kyelia Colon and I am running for the Board of Education with Ken Howitt and Patricia Waiters to focus on issues important to me, including many issues faced by residents of the Housing Authority, where I am a tenants’ association president. My mission is to work to develop services to help enhance education and services for our children and keep them off the streets after school hours. I plan to invest in a Teen Prevention Program, (teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol, self-esteem issues, crime, and violence) and host summits around the community. I want to build a communitywide commitment to youth development, to create ways to mentor, tutor, and organize apprenticeships and summer-employment programs for our youth.

As a board member, I would also work to expand opportunities for adult education and literacy development for people without high school diplomas, who need basic lessons in how to complete important tasks like filling out job applications correctly. I would also strive to build more inclusive learning environments for children with special needs. Every student graduating should have knowledge, skills, and desire to pursue post-secondary education that will benefit their future.

Another issue high I consider a high priority is the need to evaluate the classification of special-education children, and to explore the connections between the Alternative School held at Demarest, the Board of Education and the Giant Steps program. I would also work to build a strong communication system that responds to ideas and concerns, while emphasizing and encouraging meaningful dialogue with school staff, residents, town officials and organizations.
Finally, I would start partnerships with families and educators to find stable and adequate funding sources. A high quality public education is the essential to our children’s ability to make the most of their lives, and residents of my community are entirely dependent on the quality of our public schools. Strong curriculum, instruction, and assessment methods support unique ways students learn. And, safety is an important issue as well, and I would work closely with city officials to ensure parents that every corner has a crossing guard posted, especially when the Connors School children attend Demarest School beginning in September.

Vote 6A, 9A and 3B

Kyelia Colon is a candidate on the Children are our Priority Slate in the BoE election Tuesday, April 20th - 2:00 to 9:00 pm.