Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BoE - changing of the guard

Kids First gets to bask in the light of their sweeping victory last week with the new members taking their respective roles.  Should be a nice crowd in attendance and this went out yesterday inviting others to be there:

Outreach educating on the power of savings and finance

Save the Youth Director/Founder Luis Acevedo invited Wachovia Bank VP/Branch Manager Luis Diaz to speak to youth on "Financial Literacy" - the importance of personal financial management last week.

Joining them at the Sty Studio was Hoboken Housing commissioner Jake Stuiver to offer some insights on banking, saving and career opportunities in finance.

Workshops will continue in May the second and last Wednesday of the month.  If you have questions or wish to help in this community outreach please email Luis Acevedo at thestyacademy@gmail.com.