Friday, April 30, 2010

BREAKING on MSV: Dr. Romano has landed! Franklin Lakes K-8 earns nod

A highly placed education source indicates Dr. Frank Romano, the recent choice by the Hoboken BoE to act as superintendent in the Hoboken school district and who withdrew from negotiations as a blistering internet scorched earth campaign was waged against him - has accepted a similar position for the K-8 Franklin Lakes school district in northern NJ.

The source indicated the Bergen Record may have already reported on the story but MSV has gone ahead to post the unconfirmed word coming off the highly contested race for the local Board of Ed elections held in Hoboken last week.

Dr. Romano who was acting as an Asst. Superintendent in Fort Lee at the time of his consideration in Hoboken was criticized as inexperienced, and seeking too much money to take on the Hoboken Superintendent role.

His anticipated salary acting as superintendent for the much smaller K-8 Franklin Lakes school district is reported to be exactly the same amount that was under consideration in Hoboken: $189,000.

BoE member Maureen Sullivan led the campaign against Dr. Romano finalizing a contract with the Hoboken BoE. Her defeat in a controversial board vote process of 7-2 led to her forming an opposition slate to Kids First called Real Results, the latter finishing last in the elections for four open seats. Kids First then swept the election and will now lead the effort holding six of the nine seats as the search begins again for a Hoboken school superintendent.

Dr. Frank Romano clearly has prevailed by finding  a lead superintendent role so quickly proving his Asst. Superintendent role was no barrier to landing an elevated career position in Franklin Lakes acting as its superintendent in a plum northern New Jersey district.

Talking Ed Note: The only thing worse than Frank Romano earning this nod so soon after the campaign waged against him on local Hoboken internet websites that led to his withdrawal from final negotiations is his landing a job for a prime northern New Jersey school district. The Franklin Lakes school district is exactly the type Hoboken has historically been unable to compete with having a diverse population of students with varying needs in a far greater challenging landscape.

The anger many parents felt in his loss here in Hoboken will sadly be a reopened wound now.  While MSV congratulates Dr. Romano on his new role, Da Horsey's heart is with our fellow Hobokenites who can only wonder what impact he would have delivered to the district.  It's a disappointing confirmation the man's background, experience and skills deserved a chance here in Hoboken.  Franklin Lakes pulling the trigger for the same money and in a smaller and less challenging district proves his value in the free market.  No idle speculation can change that reality now.

- The Jersey Journal's Mark Mauer confirms MSV's story, also reporting the story on
Hoboken Now.

Update: Grafix Avenger has posted a powerful feature and an absolute must read.


Hudson Parking Rule adjustment & Hoboken road work alert!

City of Hoboken announces:

Section of Hudson Street to Return to Parallel Parking

Due to potential liability concerns, parking along Hudson Street between 2nd Street and 4th Street will change from angled to parallel parking, as it was traditionally configured approximately ten years ago.

Hudson County began their resurfacing program in mid-April, including this portion of Hudson Street.

As noted in a memo from Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs, P.E. to Mayor Dawn Zimmer, "the angled parking configuration conflicts with county, state, and national roadway design guideline criteria" and does not provide sufficient width "to safely accommodate through vehicles. Due to this condition, Hudson County would not recommend returning to angled parking."

Because of the liability concerns, Director Sacs recommends "returning the street to the original parallel parking configuration on both sides." All members of the City Council Transportation and Parking Sub-Committee have been briefed on the issue are in agreement with the recommendation.

Talking Ed Note:  A reader submitted a photo of a flyer from Councilwoman Theresa Castellano on Friday stating the angled parking was being changed.


Milling & Paving Schedule (8 am to 4 pm) for Monday, May 3rd  

Milling:                       Garden St. - 12th to 14th streets
                                    Park Ave. - 8th to 11th streets

Paving:                        Garden St. - Newark St. to Observer Hwy.
                                    Newark St. – Willow Ave. to Monroe St.

Best Routes leaving the City (south):

Down 2nd St. to Harrison St. make left to Observer Hwy.
Washington or Hudson streets to Observer Hwy.

Best routes entering the City (south):

Jackson St., Park Ave., Bloomfield St., Washington St. & Hudson St.
(all accessible from Observer Hwy.)