Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now up to bat....

The Hoboken Journal is a forum Da Horsey respects and the Jolly Green Giant has a revamped look along with a new poll.  Online polls of course are enormously weighted to produce less than scientific results.  But that doesn't mean your vote, especially on local issue is lacking in merit.  (Hint: all the local politicians read MSV and the Jolly Green Giant.)

So go take a gander over yonder up the block and see the freshest site in town with the most outstanding limericks you will ever read Hoboken way.

Consider this notice, MSV's official welcome back to the newer, fresher and improved version of the Hoboken Journal.  Da Horsey considers the Hoboken Journal and essential online reading.  Both are on our blogroll on the right of the page for easy linking.

Welcome Back Big Guy!  Keep'em laughing.

Talking Ed Note: On the up to bat list MSV is working on two feature stories, a POG post-op and yes the patient needs an operation but hopefully will recover in due course: and a comprehensive interview with Councilman Ravi Bhalla.  Da Horsey asked all the questions and the Councilman gave all his answers.
It's coming just don't ask when.

Related: Andrew Tavani of is first up with his feature piece on the POG meeting Tuesday night.  He references the ethics issues regarding Councilman Bhalla were discussed but notes the ELEC violations surrounding Councilman Mason were not.

As our feature is still underway, MSV confirms the accuracy of his report.


One more step: Fiscal Monitor duties conclude

City of Hoboken announces:

Hoboken Released from State Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi’s Oversight

Judy Tripodi's last day as State Fiscal Monitor will be Friday, May 14th, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced after appearing before the Local Finance Board in Trenton today. The board's vote was unanimous.

"This is a very important day for our City," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "We’re moving beyond the questionable financial practices of the past,” she said.   

“The City now has a Mayor and City Council working cooperatively together to manage the City’s fiscal affairs, and the reasons for State fiscal monitoring no longer exist,” Mayor Zimmer added.  In fact, Board Member Susan Bass-Levin complimented Hoboken on the cooperative efforts of the Mayor and City Council during today’s DCA board meeting in Trenton. 

"I want to thank Judy Tripodi for all her hard work, the help she has provided our city in enabling us to address problems of the past, and for helping position us to meet the challenges of the future," Mayor Zimmer said. 

As part of the final review, the City will be providing monthly financial reports to the DCA through September.

Related: Claire Moses has a fine story up detailing the good news for Hoboken

Adopt a Kitten Program in Hoboken

A reader is holding a very first cat adoption event this Saturday, 5/15. There's a tiny adult female and her three week-old kittens who are wearing out their welcome at  a Jersey City autoshop.

Please stop by at
Curves in downtown Hoboken - 168 First Street, cross street is Garden:

9:30 - 3:00. 

Ask for Jin.

Da Horsey is going soft.  It's a world of carrots, puppies and kittens. 

No tough questions, no accountability, hey no questions at all.
On second thought the MSV readers deserve more.  And so it goes.