Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HUMC Board Meeting - streaming live @ 7:00


Update: Post Meeting

The Hospital is seeing some benefits from the new emergency room.  At this meeting the numbers showed a significant boost in the admissions and also surgeries.  The numbers overall are a bit off from projections but far more in line than recent years. One big concern is the accounts payable.  There was an increase from the average of 123 days to 129 with $16.8MM estimated outstanding. The new board showed a strong unified voice and looks to be very active in the oversight role, a drastic improvement from years past. MSV will update some additional information later as the board members went into executive session.  Apologies for some of the audio, the room had fans running due to the heat and members are not using microphones.


MSV will be broadcasting live the monthly board meeting of the Hoboken University Medical Center.  The hospital's health is critical not only for those who depend on its services but to Hoboken as the town has backed the institution with $62MM in bonds.

This will be the first live broadcast of the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority Board.
With some new members and new initiatives underway, the changes may prove critical to both the hospital and Hoboken itself.

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Please note, MSV will not be available to respond during the meeting.  No phone calls or text during the meeting.  Thanks.

 Agenda below at the jump:

Operation legal taxi underway...

City of Hoboken announces:


The City of Hoboken has been increasing its efforts to enforce taxi and limousine regulations for the protection of residents and visitors.

“My Administration is taking taxi and limousine safety issues very seriously,” Mayor Dawn Zimmer said.

Code enforcement officers have already issued over $60,000 in summonses to illegally-operating taxi services. In addition to scheduled inspections, spot checks for proper documentation and vehicle condition are now regularly conducted.

The relocation of the taxi stand at Hoboken Terminal combined with a dispatcher posted during peak periods has improved organization and dramatically reduced illegal and inappropriate haggling. City code states that the first fare has a right to refuse additional passengers.

These increased enforcement efforts contributed to the recent arrest of an illegally-operating driver by the Hoboken Police Department. The driver had a suspended license, four warrants out for his arrest, and was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. Due to this and other events, the City has been cooperating with higher level agencies to assist in expanded enforcement efforts.

“Out of town operations that had been ignoring our rules are now thinking twice before driving on our streets,” Department of Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs said.

Residents are reminded that hailing a licensed Hoboken taxi is perfectly legal anywhere in the City. All licensed taxis bear a shield and number on both front doors of the car. Despite the City’s efforts to crack down on unlicensed operations, residents are advised that riding in unlicensed vehicles not only poses a safety risk, but also harms legally-operating Hoboken-based taxi businesses.

Residents who suspect a violation or have a concern about a taxi should call the Taxi Division at 201-216-1090 or email and provide the number in the shield on the door.

Residents who suspect a violation or have a concern about a taxi should call the Taxi Division at 201-216-1090 or and provide the number in the shield on the door.

Residents can get important updates from the Department of Transportation and Parking by following the department’s twitter account:

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