Thursday, May 27, 2010

Office of the Mayor announces:


In response to a letter from the New Jersey Schools Development Authority to Superintendent Peter Carter indicating that the “ConnorsElementary School project will not proceed to construction this June,” Mayor Dawn Zimmer today sent a letter to Governor Chris Christie emphasizing the urgency of funding the construction project.

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Director Angel Alicia accused of "double dipping"

Director Angel Alicia is the subject of a complaint filed with the New Jersey Attorney General's office for overlapping pension and pay - allegations made by an officer in the Hoboken Police Department.  The complaint stemming from a review earlier this year of the Hoboken Police Department audit, stated the role Mr. Alicia currently holds acting as Public Safety Director should be discontinued.

The complaint filed by Lt. Detective Mark Competello claims Director Alicia improperly assumed the position of Public Safety Director in Hoboken while still officially part of the Union City Police Department overlapping on both pay and pension while failing to meet a time requirement in between the two positions.  Lt. Detective Mark Competello insists the time requirement of six months being out of the Union City Police Department was not satisfied.  Director Alicia states in an interview with he in fact met that requirement while taking terminal leave from Union City.

City Business Administrator Arch Liston states the matter is under review with the state.

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Talking Ed Note: The police audit was stated as the basis for the complaint but there's a history in the Hoboken Police Department regarding Director Alicea who some time back had applied to transfer from Union City Police to the Hoboken Police Department.  There's also grist for the mill that former County Boss now NJ Senator Robert Menendez tried to aid in the transfer that was rejected by the Hoboken Police Department.  How this fits now into the current dynamics of Hoboken's political scene is unclear.  Director Alicea was originally appointed by ex-mayor Peter Cammarano and kept on in his current capacity under Mayor Zimmer.  Much speculation on that being the case has followed.

The motivation for the complaint is not altogether clear but the complete report is below.

Photo: Director of Public Safety Angel Alicia at a City Council meeting earlier this year.


               Mark S. Competello, CPP

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Sent Via Certified Mail and Facsimile 609.292.3508
Honorable Paula Dow, N.J. Attorney General
Office if the Attorney General
P.O. Box 080
Trenton, NJ  08625-0080

Re: Pension Fraud and Official Misconduct Complaint: Public Safety Director Angel Alicea

Dear Attorney General Dow:

I write to you requesting an official investigation, as it has come to my attention in my capacity as a Police Lieutenant/Commander of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Hoboken Police Department, that Angel Alicea II; Public Safety Director for the City of Hoboken appears to be in violation of state administrative law, pertaining to both his pension and appointment to his current position.

I did report this alleged misconduct in a confidential internal memorandum, dated April 22, 2010, both through my chain of command, as well as to the City of Hoboken, including Mayor Dawn Zimmer. To date, Mayor Zimmer and the City of Hoboken have met this matter with silence. Also, this matter may have been referred to the Hudson County Prosecutor for a criminal review, however, even if this is the case based on Director Alicia’s historically strong political ties in Hudson County politics, I would rather this be investigated by your agency in the best interest of neutrality and justice.