Monday, June 7, 2010

Horse Sense: Point/Counterpoint with the Hoboken Journal

The Hoboken Journal posted an editorial on oil drilling to coincide with the appearance of Sen. Bob Menendez's press conference  in Hoboken earlier today.  MSV will take this opportunity to post a rebuttal with a point/counterpoint horse sense editorial.

You can read Kurt's original editorial at the link below. Hit the back button to return to MSV to read the rebuttal.  I will be playing the character of Dan Akroyd and the Jolly Green Giant (JGG) will play the role of Jane Curtain.  This old SNL parody took place on nuclear energy.  We see how that's turned out.  The US doesn't even build plants while France has and generates upwards of 75% of its electricity doing so.

The Hoboken Journal in typical armchair elitist fashion decries the cost of gas as too low.  Well with taxes going up (you do know they are going to go up as soon as they can get to it in DC don't you) what better way to destroy even more jobs and hurt rural workers all across the country by jacking up their costs to operate vehicles and get to work.  Unlike many parts of Europe, most people here don't have the option of getting around using public transportation.

Of course it helps if you live in an urban area and don't own a vehicle or have an essential need for one to earn a living and feed your family.  There begins the disconnect from rural and much of Middle America along with the constant romantic refrain to go green and "transform America" jacking up the cost of everyone's electrical bills via Cap n' Tax while no proven alternatives are even close to being ready to take up the slack from excessive taxation, making this pro-tax stance doubly troubling.  You know how bad the scam of global warming has gotten?  Some scientists now predict global cooling (due to current and overdue volcanic activity).

If you want to take a positive course on energy, the right tact would be to switch cars to natural gas, a product in abundance on our shores and one easily available to handle demand.  Yet there's nothing emanating from Washington DC on that front.

Now the Deepwater Horizon rig in the gulf is certainly an absolute disaster and one didn't need to see the early damage to be very upset by it.  Obama's timing in approving offshore drilling grew out of a need to counter criticism and falling poll numbers in other areas.  The Deepwater Horizon exploded mere days later.  But prior, Obama extended $2 billion in loans to Brazil so they could develop a huge oil find off their own shores.  And what nation do you think benefits from such a deal?  China.  That distant nation has a huge appetite for energy and no qualms in obtaining it near and far or supporting governments with less than stellar human rights records, such as Sudan.  None of the Petrobras oil extracted off the coast of Brazil will find its way to the US.  It's going to China.  Can you guess who will profit most off this odd US-Brazil investment to China?  Take a look at this news article.

Part of the trouble with offshore drilling is the extremes in regulation from both angles and the lack of appropriate international measures here.  There's been statements that an acoustic device costing $500,000 and typically applied elsewhere would have prevented this disaster.  The same device's use was not required in the United States.  On the other side, restrictions in drilling on land and shallower waters have places the most challenging  obstacles for deep water drilling, adding another factor of risk.

People advocating for higher taxes as a means to guide incentives for other technologies miss the point. There are other technologies but they are very limited in broad use and one only needs to look to Spain as an example.  As it turns out their "green" program was a total fabrication, one that President Obama cited as an example for the US!  Now with yet another Euro based concept falling under its own ideological weight, what is the real solution to America's energy needs?  The answer is not in wishful thinking but having the courage to take some practical steps while being smart in protecting our environment.  The extremes have taken over the dialog on many issues including this one.

The HJ cites "other areas" not factored into the cost of gas in the US?  Hey, the cost of the health care bill isn't even factored accurately into the national debt yet.  Every other day there's some new fact coming out revealing how much that bad medicine is going to cost the taxpayers.  But you don't seem to have any concern with that.

How'd you overlook that fiasco JGG?  Look yonder, I can see November from my house.


4th of July results, mayor says let's do it again


On Sunday, July 4thHoboken will be a prime location for viewing the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Celebration on the Hudson River. We are expecting thousands of friends, family and neighbors from surrounding communities to visit our City to celebrate and view the fireworks.

It is also a day where participants must exercise good judgment to ensure an orderly and safe event.

All available police officers, firefighters, the Office of Emergency Management, and other municipal officials will be enforcing all codes and regulations regarding public behavior with a zero tolerance level.

This includes an absolute restriction on parties or gatherings on rooftops for viewing of the fireworks celebration unless said property has been properly zoned and approved for rooftop access. Gathering on fire escapes is strictly prohibited. The use of balconies, porches, or any other structures for viewing will be strictly enforced within the confines of the codes for such structures. It is imperative that no overcrowding occur in any of these locations. All codes for the use of rooftops and other aforementioned structures will be strictly enforced with a zero tolerance policy.

No alcohol will be permitted on any walkways or parks along the waterfront. Visitors will need to pass through checkpoints to access the waterfront. Coolers with non-alcoholic refreshments will be permitted access.

The safety and well-being of all participants is the highest priority. Your assistance in ensuring that this celebration will remain safe for all those participating is greatly appreciated.


Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Republicans of Hoboken make their Tuesday choices

Dear Neighbor,
             Tomorrow is Primary Election Day in the State of New Jersey. In addition to electing candidates to run on the Republican ticket for Congress and County Sheriff, the party will also be electing candidates to serve on the party’s committee throughout the state. Each voting district can elect individuals that will constitute the leadership of the Republican Party on the municipal, county, and state levels for the next two years.

Republicans of Hoboken was founded this year as an organization dedicated to advancing our party’s candidates and ideals. To further that end, we are running a slate of candidates to serve on the municipal Republican committee. Committee members are charged with the task of interacting with their neighbors on matters of local concern.  They are also responsible for coordinating get out the vote efforts during election season. 
For tomorrow’s primary, we urge fellow Republicans to support our slate of committee candidates in column G.  Additionally, we are also proud to announce our support for and endorsement of Henrietta Dwyer for 13thCongressional District and Juan Perez for Hudson County Sheriff.  In a short amount of time, our growing organization has accomplished a great deal. With your support tomorrow we will continue to build a Republican Party that is visible and competitive here in Hoboken.
The Republicans of Hoboken
P.O. Box 5041
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030


Ward district

1 - 3 Francis & Augusta Pryzgoda
1 - 4 Matt Meistrich
1 - 6 Jerry & Elizabeth Forman
1 - 7 Dave Dening
2 - 1 Scott Siegel
2- 3  Bill Tobias
3- 1 Beth Ravalico
3 -4 John Forsman & Kathlyn Tucker
4 - 2 Peter Morgan & Kerry Cowart
4 - 3 James Sanford
5 - 2 Peter Rozano
5  -3 Angelo Valente & Carrie Stefani
5 -5  Dave Small 
5 - 6  Sean McLaughlin & Beth Hamburger
5 - 7 Brandon Finn
6 - 3 Diana C. Davis
6 - 4 Chris Carbine & Jane Arsenault
6 - 5 Denis Harte
6 - 7  Donald O'Sullivan & Connie Allen

Correction appended: Leila Safa not Ingrid

Mayor Zimmer joins Senator Menendez's "close oil tax loophole"

Office of the Mayor announces:


Mayor Dawn Zimmer joined and introduced Senator Robert Menendez in front of the BP gas station in Hoboken on Monday morning to support his efforts to close a series of tax loopholes for oil companies — changes which would save New Jersey taxpayers at least $750 million over 10 years. They were joined by Freeholder Anthony Romano, NJ Citizen Action Organizer Adam Sherman, Quality of Life Coalition Representative JD Capoano, and several members of the Quality of Life Coalition. Mayor Zimmer and Adam Sherman’s prepared remarks are provided below.

Remarks by Mayor Dawn Zimmer
Good morning and thank you for joining us.
It’s always a pleasure to join our home town Senator and especially today to highlight such an important issue.

When I watch the news reports of the disaster in the Gulf, my heart breaks for everyone in the region affected by this tragedy: the livelihoods lost, the environment ruined, the local economies battered.

But if there is a silver lining to this disaster, it’s that the country is seeing with its own eyes the often hidden costs of our addiction to fossil fuels. We’ve been taking steps to make Hoboken a greener, more energy efficient, and less car-dependent city, but this problem requires a comprehensive, national approach.

That’s why I’m proud that our Senator has been leading the fight on this issue — from raising the liability cap on oil companies, to highlighting the fact that offshore drilling is “not too safe to fail”, to pushing for a green 21st century energy plan, and fighting to close loopholes that give away billions of taxpayer dollars to some of the most profitable companies in the world.

He’s been an outspoken leader, advocate, and tireless fighter for the people of New Jersey.

It’s my pleasure to introduce and welcome our Senator, Bob Menendez.

Statement of Adam Sherman, Central Jersey Organizer, NJ Citizen Action
Good morning, my name is Adam Sherman. I am the Central Jersey Organizer for NJ Citizen Action, the State’s largest, independent citizen watchdog coalition representing over 60,000 family members and 100 affiliated organizations. We work to protect and expand the rights of individuals and families and to ensure that government responds to the needs of people, rather than those with money and power.

And that is just what the Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act does. We are proud to stand with Senator Menendez today who, by authoring and sponsoring this critical legislation is responding to the needs of millions of working families in this state and across the country rather than extremely profitable multi-billion dollar oil companies. Oil companies do not need, nor should we continue to give them, tax loopholes that pad their already high profit margins at the expense of American taxpayers

Despite experiencing a near collapse of our economy, giant oil companies have made record profits in recent years at the same time that many people in New Jersey have lost there job or have seen their wages cut or frozen. Citizen Action talks to working families and seniors every day through our door to door canvass and every day we talk to folks who are struggling to make ends meet and hope for a better life for their children. And they pay their taxes.

It is estimated that The Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act will generate more than $20 billion over ten years for taxpayers. Based on the proportion of federal taxes paid by New Jersey residents, passage of this legislation would bring between $750 million to $1 billion for New Jersey tax payers. As we all know, New Jersey is facing a critical budget shortfall, unemployment is stuck at dangerously high levels and we are looking at cutting support for our state’s schools and critical safety net programs. More money coming to New Jersey by eliminating tax breaks for big oil companies is just the kind of help we need from Washington. And if giant oil companies pay their fair share, we should be able to lower taxes for everyone else.

Once again, and on behalf of all of our members, we want to thank Senator Menendez for proposing this bill. Citizen Action looks forward to working with Senator Menendez and will be using the full resources of our coalition to work for passage of this legislation.

Sign of the Times: Coors Light gets billing with HHA, Director

Why a beer manufacturer is on a sign billing an endorsement for a Hoboken community isn't clear.  Was this cleared with the makers of Colt 45 and Crazy Horse?

Questions on this one, lots of questions.  Maybe you have some too.

Photo: Banner sign posted at the corner of Jackson and 4th Street.  All rights reserved.


Mayor calls on grass roots in Tuesday election

Share This: 
Dear Friends,
I am writing to remind you about the election tomorrow, June 8th, and urge you to vote for the candidates listed in Column B of your ballot.

Tomorrow, you will have the chance to cast a vote in theprimaries for U.S. Congress, Hudson County Sheriff, and your local Democratic and Republican Committeecandidates.
Tomorrow's election is an important step in our continuing grassroots efforts to change business as usual in Hoboken. The future of our City depends on the involvement of energetic, motivated leaders at the local level. 
It is for this reason that I am asking you to cast your vote for the Democratic Committee candidates listed in Column B of the ballot on Tuesday.

Your single vote can make a difference in advancing our priorities for Hoboken. 
Please remember to vote on Tuesday. 
The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Mayor Dawn Zimmer

74 Washington Street | Hoboken, NJ 07030

Paid for by Dawn Zimmer for Hoboken Mayor, 74 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030