Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guest of the Stable: John Keim

The second ward councilperson recently brought to our attention that she felt her kids are unfairly being brought into what lately has passed for this community’s political discourse.   Then she got attacked for bringing up the point.
She is correct.  Bringing up people’s kids in these contexts is beyond out of line, it is creepy.  Last night during the council meeting’s live stream, one of the blogs that allows instant messaging “commentary” had a back and forth discussing how my children get to school and the fact that one of them sells candy to benefit a travelling youth team that has had its funding cut by the city and has to do much aggressive fundraising to compete at a national level. 
During a political campaign it is o.k. to malign adults for questioning your candidates’ qualifications and resumes (although simply answering the questions might serve the polity better).  The campaign is over and I guess it is still o.k. to continue attacking anyone who disagrees with the administration (although it might be better to simply allow the administration to prove its critics wrong by doing the job of governing) but it is never o.k. to bring up people’s children.  With the level of intensity out there and the number of potential mentally disturbed people who act on suggestions they see in public it is dangerous to all the children of our community and it is frightening to parents to know their kids’ daily activities are being watched and reported on the internet.

This is child stalking and it must stop.

State of Hoboken discourse and that comment thing

Hoboken's discourse has been a topic of discussion lately and since it's election season again, a quick note to folks to be aware of the comment policy.

Yes, it is election season again in Hoboken with a 4th ward council seat up in November.  Heck, a government official not part of City Hall remarked to Da Horsey the other day Hoboken has become all politics all the time adding it's absolutely ridiculous.

Couldn't agree more.

MSV strongly prefers people use good judgement in their comments.  Keep'em coming.


The ins and outs on the 4th

City of Hoboken announces:


With the Macy’s Fireworks relocating to the Hudson River this year, Hoboken will be host to tens of thousands of guests on July 4th. To assure the welfare of both residents and visitors, the City of Hoboken has established a comprehensive public safety action plan.

The fireworks display will begin at 9:20 pm and last 26 minutes with approximately 1,500 bursts per minute.

Due to the closure of Hudson Place, Vezetti Way (Observer Highway) from Washington St. to Willow Ave. will be the designated taxi area with no public parking after 8 am.

The following streets will be closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles between 8 am and midnight on July 4th:

· Sinatra Dr. from 15th St. to 1st St. Parking will be prohibited beginning July 3rd at 8 am.
· River St. from Hudson Place (PATH) to 4th St., however between 1st St. and 3rd St, River St will be open for limited access to residents and parking patrons only.

Additionally, no parking will be permitted on the following streets between 8 am and midnight on July 4th:

· Sinatra Dr. from 15th St. to 1st St (no parking as of July 3rd at 8 am)
· 4th St. from River to Clinton (on the south side of the street)
· Willow Ave. from 11th St. to 4th St. (on the west side of the street)
· Hudson place (by the PATH)
· Newark Street from Hudson St. to Sinatra Dr.
· Clinton St. from 7th St. to 8th St.
· Hudson St. from 14th St. to Observer Hwy. (on the west side of the street)

Visitors are strongly encouraged to arrive via public transit options including the PATH, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, or NJ Transit commuter trains and buses. Additional information and schedules can be found at and Visitors looking for parking will be directed to municipal garages B and D on 2nd and Hudson St, respectively.

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