Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bard of Hoboken launches a lyrical fussilade

A horse is a horse and of course, 
he set up a website for open discourse. 

He set up a website not for personal gain, 
and he got attacked by a madman named Lane. (allegedly) 

He covers the beat for stories he is casin', 
And is not well liked within the circles of Beth Mason. 

To cover Hoboken he should be given a hand, 
and now his 2nd Cousin has been spotted on the web in Scotland. 

Da Horsey doesn't do graifx with punchbowls filled with crap, 
He just gets his kin to pose on Google street maps. 

And now while his kin is discovered in the town of Aberdeen, 
Beth Mason and company calls her detractors angry and mean. 

Beth's minions have been busy writing BS letters to the paper, 
but why was there no comment on Bajardi's assault caper? 

Now the people might be turned off by turds I have to admit, 
but this website exists to point out Mason and her supporters are just full of sh*t.

Talking Ed Note: More on this at the Hoboken Journal.

A relative of Da Horsey spotted in Scotland

A relative of Da Horsey was recently spotted in an unusual manner in Scotland.  Apparently Google was out doing their customary photos for their street views in Scotland and obtained this mysterious photo.

For more on this story:

Talking Ed Note: There's some discussion of cyber bullying which is all the rage now after online kid references have been beaten to a bloody pulp.  If this town's politicos could just find an issue to disagree on without the manufactured drama and intellectual dishonesty.

There's plenty of that been going.  For starters, if you want to comment, choosing a name, any name and sticking with it will earn you a minimal amount of respect.

If a comment is problematic you can report it and MSV will handle it with an absolute minimum of fuss and interference.  You guys can regulate yourselves.

Photo: Courtesy of Google.

Improvements slated for pedestrians near PATH Station


As part of a comprehensive initiative to make Hoboken more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, the Zimmer Administration announced today that it has secured $80,000 in additional funding through the Transportation Trust Fund for improving pedestrian safety at Hudson Place.

A letter from NJDOT Local Aid and Economic Development Director Michael Russo to Mayor Dawn Zimmer stated: "On behalf of Governor Chris Christie, I am pleased to inform you that the City of Hoboken will receive an allotment of $80,000 for Hudson Place Sidewalk Improvements."

"We are so thankful to the NJDOT and the Christie Administration for providing this important funding," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "This is one of the highest pedestrian traffic areas not just in Hoboken, but in the entire state of New Jersey. It's a critical junction in our transportation network and the first thing most visitors experience when they arrive."

In 2008, the City was originally awarded $80,000 in funding through the NJDOT’s Safe Streets to Transit program to improve the sidewalk along Hudson Place near the PATH entrance -- the highest pedestrian volume area in Hoboken. The funding went unused and was discovered by the Zimmer Administration in late 2009. Recognizing that a much better solution would be possible with additional funds, the City prepared a plan and submitted the proposal to the State of New Jersey for consideration.

An additional $80,000 was secured, and the total $160,000 in funding will be used to enhance pedestrian safety along this important segment. The plan includes wider sidewalks, shortened street crossing distances, and expanded pedestrian space adjacent to the PATH headhouses.

"Tens of thousands of residents and visitors walk along this narrow sidewalk every day," said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. "We're going to transform this area into a space that is safer for pedestrians, more welcoming to visitors who arrive by public transit, and more fitting of the important role it plays in the lives of the community."

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