Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hoboken411 pwned by The Boken!!

The recent turn of events in Hoboken regarding accurate information has spread to even one neutral website focused on food and drink in the Mile Square.

Apparently, Hoboken411's lies just got one too long even for them.  So the Boken, a regular on our short listed Blog roll here is coming out to defend the City of Hoboken!

Take a jaunt over there, give'em a shout out and tell them Da Horsey sent you.
Here's their entry:

Hoboken411 Misleads Readers on Hertz Corner Cars

Submitted by TheBoken on July 1, 2010 – 1:17 PMComments (0)
One thing that we have not done here on The Boken Online is engage the biased other news source in town Hoboken 411.
We feel that this time we need to intervene and stick up for the city of Hoboken.
In response to their post titled “Hertz Corner Cars Exempt from Street Cleaning” written on June 30thHoboken 411 goes on to say:
“Since the Connect by Hertz Corner Cars launched in Hoboken recently – Hoboken411 has been receiving a steady stream of concerns about this community car sharing program that city transportation czar Ian Sacs said will “remove 750 cars from the streets.”
So far, over 100 residents have signed up to the program, but no cars have been relinquished.
Some comments from the residents I’ve spoken with:
  • “Only $100 a month? I’d pay double that to have my own private spot in front of my apartment!”
  • “Who inspects the cleanliness of the parking spots? What’s the fine for non-compliance? Why can’t I be exempt from street cleaning if I sweep my spot too?”
Hoboken411 goes on to say:
“It seems to me that the concept behind this Corner Cars program, is so lazy residents don’t have to walk more than a block or two before they can sit down again and drive wherever they’re going.”
Wow, so not only are we going to bash the City of Hoboken for trying to improve the parking situation but Hoboken411 even goes so far as to insult the residents by calling them lazy.
Lets cut through all of this and get to the facts, we checked with the city administration, and this is what the deal is regarding keeping the area clean.
1. Care maintenance and cleaning (every 2 weeks) is coordinated to coincide with street cleaning regs.
2. Regular use of the vehicles will often result in the cars not being parked when street cleaning occurs
3. If 1 and 2 are not working hertz has agreed to manually clean up the area around the car.
The Bokens response to the resident who said that they “would pay double to have a parking spot in front of their apartment” you wouldn’t mind sharing your car with 50 other families now would ya?

Shark now served and skewered

Shark steak isn't the typical 4th of July holiday fare but there's been a buzz in Hoboken about the limited exposure of a Weehawken based political operative who goes under the moniker Hudson Shark.   

Hudson Shark is not a Hoboken resident but a Hudson Country political operative for hire who has attacked this website along with other independent voices in Hoboken, most recently Grafix Avenger.  His is a notorious brand of bottom feeding mirroring certain other notorious actors in town with personal attacks, half-truths and outright lies and the publication of personal information of Hoboken residents. 

The self-called Hudson Shark even gave a shout out to MSV via the Hudson Reporter challenging Da Horsey to a triathlon not too long ago.  He disappeared when the stakes were raised extending wrestling and boxing to the mix.  Most of the communication though appearing on's Hoboken forum has been of the nasty bottom feeding variety, not the harmless banter in the challenge via the Hudson Reporter.

Is his unmasking eminent?  It's believed among some enterprising Hoboken citizenry he's been operating with the notorious minions of Hoboken411, carrying the hatchet for pay and spewing lies on a regular basis about Hoboken residents including yours truly.  Who do you think is passing their private information over to Weehawken?

Yesterday MSV had one possible minion trolling here, perhaps to distract from the impact of Hoboken residents rising up and saying enough is enough.  They just aren't following the party line sticking to the meme about imaginary attacks on politico's children and pictures of poo.  The Hoboken Journal has another perspective on the matter and now the Grafix Avenger has weighed in too with some additional theories.

Shark or Catfish?  Bottom feeder now served.

Hoboken's wild west forum over at is often the place where these operatives go to spread their venom under multiple screen names but Hoboken residents are now turning the tables on them.  Now its the bottom feeders deleting the comments detailing said fish's identity.  

Paychecks from a certain Hoboken politician known to use the services of the cushy fish could come to an end permanently with his services no longer required.  

That's too bad.

Here's the most recent posting.  Hurry before it's deleted as a long thread was yesterday.  
What's the best way to cook your favorite bottom feeder?

You know this could go on all summer.  

Update 1:30: One reader submitted another enchanting theory.  The Hudson Shark suggested as part of a duet actually is now believed to be a trio having added a third political operative; this one a woman!

The fishy foul smell coming out of the Hudson is thought to have played a central role in one mayoral candidate's campaign last year and borders on the other side of the tracks in Jersey City.  Danger: Don't step near those tracks, oily when wet.

So Hudson Shark is not just a political operative in Hudson County, it's a political franchise!  

How many bottom feeding scum sucking lying political operatives can be fed on one Hoboken politician's payroll?  

Who said the Hoboken411 minions had no friends.

From the Hoboken forum at

22704. shark’s behind deleting frantically
by drdarkly, 7/1/10 8:07 ET
ah, but what good will it do, mon petit poisson? you’ll have to delete the whole dark family. drdarker, paging drdark, durango darkford. it’s quite a large clan and you have so few letters left. trust me, there are more than enough darks to expose your dark life of lies, weehawken where were we? i believe the contestant is going with a "j" this time ... and...
look at that - right again! the playah is on fiyah!
I guess it's fun to give out names but not so much fun when your name is the one being given out? are you embarrassed because you clumsily admitted you were both hudsonshark *and* horsesbehind yesterday? what's the big deal? think anyone didn't already know? you’re so much less clever than you imagine.
that’s why 411 likes you. you’re easy to manipulate. he gives you some names and you publish them like you figured them out yourself; but they were people you never heard of since you don’t live here. you never thought there would be consequences to you. how’s that working out? Is 411 lifting a finger to help you now?
i guess you're giving up denying your name and that you are from Weehawken now and just going to try to delete it every time? that makes more sense in a way – no one, i mean no one, believes your denials. but when you have posts removed that works against you too – it proves you know your only option is to have the truth deleted. but have you figured out how you'll get it deleted from patch, reporter and revolt yet? problems, problems. hope it was worth it.
don't worry, our little game will be over soon. and your little game of pretending you live and pay taxes in hoboken will be over too.

World Cup break ends tomorrow with Quarterfinals

Hoboken a town of vigorous diverse interests among its populace isn't immune to the World Cup: its passions, its global reach, it's simple beauty as both an art and a chess game.  Among those who are closely following the beautiful game are many who honor their ethnic heritage.  National pride is on the line.

An Argentine flag flies proudly on Garden Street after their win over Mexico.  Argentina faces Germany in a clash of giants Saturday morning at 10 am on ABC.

The teams met in a similar elimination game in 2006 World Cup where a shootout and clash afterwards produced some controversy.

A large England banner flies proudly after the 4-1 loss to Germany.  Da Horsey has a friend from England and hasn't chatted with him just yet honoring his mourning period.
A US Flag flies proudly nearby.

Despite the US elimination last weekend, this quartet of flags flew proudly on Bloomfield.

These roses were pinned at the corner of 6th and Bloomfield last week on the corner by the Juventus club, a famous international soccer club in Italy.  Mourning for Italy, the US or something else entirely?  Italy was the defending champions but failed to advance out of their group in the round robin portion.

Tomorrow its a battle of titans with the Netherlands taking on Brazil.  The two have played some historic matches in recent tournaments including a classic Quarterfinal in the 1994 World Cup in Dallas with Brazil advancing 3-2 and then in a shootout in the 1998 World Cup in France with a similar outcome.  ESPN Friday @ 10:00 am.

Later Uruguay will take on Ghana the last African nation in the tournament.  Uruguay a small nation of about three million people holds special significance having hosted the first World Cup in 1930.  ESPN Friday @ 2:30

Along with the Argentina - Germany clash Saturday, ABC will broadcast the second match: Spain - Paraguay @ 2:30.  

Mulligans in Hoboken on 1st Street between Bloomfield and Garden is showing all the matches on many screens to accommodate fans.  Here's a picture from the mid-afternoon Spain-Portugal clash the other day.