Thursday, August 5, 2010

BREAKING: Cammarano sentenced: 24 months

Peter Cammarano seen leaving the Federal Courthouse after sentencing earlier today. Courtesy
Update: Some people are questioning the time to serve and it appears that the full 24 months will have to be served as there is no reduction time in the Federal system. However, a request has been made that Peter serve his time in Lewisburg, PA. *

As anticipated, Peter Cammarano was sentenced to 24 months in Newark Federal Court earlier today. He surrenders to serve his sentence for extortion on September 20th.

After Peter Cammarano serves his prison sentence, he'll then be under supervisory probation for an additional two years. He's no longer holding a NY law license and his NJ license is suspended and should be revoked with his felony conviction soon.

The people have spoken!

Get out of this house. And stay out!

Cammarano: victim of a "broken family" with new friend
Earlier, the Hoboken Journal onsite wrote the following remarks of Peter Cammarano's attorney Joe Hayden:

"Hayden has argued for additional leniancy based on the following
factors: the publicity around this case, his charitible work since his
arrest, the personal punishment of unemployment, broken marriage and
other collateral factors."

Can't you just tell from the picture above how his "broken marriage" is causing him grief. The woman's name and identity are blocked out intentionally by MSV. No doubt her family and friends are just thrilled she is the newest girlfriend of a married man and convicted felon.

The salvation for Hoboken was well underway beginning last July 31.
Here's a clip of the town's liberation:

And this is the scene of the protest from City Hall, a shot heard all across New Jersey:

Let's hear it for the powder!

The scene Monday at City Hall after Cammarano's defiant announcement Friday.

Da Horsey's original protest sign. Wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Related: MSV exclusively reported on a first hand account of Peter Cammarano overheard in an uptown coffee shop earlier this year.

Hoboken Patch reported from Newark and posted a story on the events.

* Lewisburg Penitentiary has housed many infamous criminals, such as:

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HHA Summer Outing

A Message from 4th ward Council Candidate, Tim Occhipinti:

On August 24, 2010 the Hoboken Housing Authority Presidents and Vice Presidents are providing a family outing for HHA children to Splash World Amusement Park in Clementon Park, NJ. Please join me in contributing to this wonderful event which will provide a very special day to some of the neediest children in Hoboken. It only costs $20 to sponsor a child's entrance fee and gives them access to the attraction rides and water park!

The coordinators are looking for sponsors to donate a minimum of 25 children's tickets; the cost will be in the proximity of $500.

Checks should be made out to: Clementon Park Splash World (include # of children you want to sponsor)
Mail checks to: Hoboken Housing Authority
ATTN Lisa Dortch
400 Harrison Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Please give generously and pass this request on to your friends.

Thank you,

Tim Occhipinti

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