Wednesday, August 18, 2010

City post court appearance - "We'll stay here"

Office of The Mayor announces: 
As a result of a Hudson County Superior Court ruling today, the City of Hoboken will continue to store its municipal vehicles at 1714 Willow Avenue.  The Court did not grant the plaintiff’s request that the City be forced to move from the new garage location. 
“This court motion is the first time that Hoboken Unleashed has requested access to the site, and while we were concerned about liability issues, we were at all times willing to provide access on agreeable terms so they could prepare for a variance application,” Mayor Zimmer commented.  “This decision means that Hoboken can continue with its objective of test driving shared services with the City of Weehawken as planned.  Shared services are an important tool to reduce our costs and make government more efficient. This site provides us with an excellent opportunity to explore the benefits of shared services and determine our long term needs.” 
While the City had explored the Willow Avenue site previously, it was advised that it was not available.  However, the next day after the City Council had approved the closure of Clinton Street and outsourcing of the garage, the property owner contacted the Mayor’s office by phone and advised the City that his site was in fact available.  Since the closure of Clinton Street was not an ideal solution, Mayor Zimmer pursued this opportunity expeditiously in the best interests of Hoboken residents.   
Out with the old; the city left the site (above) and remains on the existing leased site after today's Court ruling.

The Cartel is on the move; maybe to a friend near you

"How Do I Find Joy?" You Ask? 

Tell Your Friends Who Live in These Cities about the Upcoming Screenings ofThe Cartel.  The Cartel is an Award-Winning Documentary Film about Corruption in Public Education and the Promise of School Choice. 
The Cartel Upcoming Screening Date & Location
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Atlanta Documentary Film Festival

Thursday, August 26 , 6pmEDT
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Defending the American Dream Summit
Friday, September 3 - Thursday, September, 9
Peoria,  IL
Peoria Theater
Saturday, September 11 , 6:45pmPDT
Burbank, CA
Burbank International Film Festival
Sunday, September 12 , 6pmEDT
Cleveland, OH
State Policy Network, Annual National Meeting

And Finally :

An Exciting DVD Announcement in September!
We will be holding a "Private DVD Sale," only to Registrants of The Cartel Website. 

(If you got this email directly, and didn't have it forwarded to you, that means you're already on the list.  If it was forwarded to you, click on the link & join today!) 
Carpe Diem folks -- We're winning! 

Das Box

For August there's a remarkable spirit in the land of Hoboken.  Well, it's not necessarily all peaches and cream.  The latest duel comes between two "out of das box" thinkers - one legit, the other spewing the usual crass manure.

The Hertz Connect program is doing pretty well based on an interview with the Hoboken Journal posted earlier today.  The program shows promise with over 300 residents signed up and the car utilization increasing ahead of Hertz's projections.  None of this positive news finds its way onto that bastion of dire and mire at Hate411.  The Hoboken Journal discovered he was not the first to actually discuss the Hertz Connect program in Hoboken.  But you wouldn't know it as bad news travels fast and good news in Hoboken doesn't travel at all on Hoboken411.  Its operator, Das Klaussen rarely seen in Hoboken other than walking his dog and abandoning Oscar's poo struggled to find something negative to harp on and surrendered to more silence after a typical whiny slew of complaints about the program.

The Hoboken Journal dug in and has a revealing look on the Hertz Connect program.  In addition he features a political satire on the "out of the box thinking" at Hate411 with the new exterior of the wet water pump downtown.

Take a look:

Perry "crazy eyes" Klaussen what are you doing in there?

Snooki pleads "not guilty"

This news is peripheral to Hoboken in the sense we don't expect a visit by Snooki of MTV Jersey Shore fame any time in the near future to see Buddy at Carlo's Bakery.

After getting carted off in an all day drinking binge for disorderly conduct, she's submitted her plea of "not guilty" in Seaside Heights Municipal Court.  She was also charged with creating a public nuisance and will face an additional charge of annoying people.

One can only wish her luck.  Her trial is next month scheduled for September 8th.

New Looks proposed on housing downtown pump station

Proposed rendering of the wet weather pumping station for downtown Hoboken


The City of Hoboken is unveiling the façade designs for the wet weather pump station being constructed alongObserver Highway.

In March, 2010, the Zimmer Administration began a public process to solicit community feedback on the proposed initial pump station design.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Community Development Director Brandy Forbes, and representatives from the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and CH2M Hill, the engineering firm responsible for the pump station design, attended the public session.

At the meeting, participants shared their concern that the initial design for this building had a residential appearance, but the building would not be serving that purpose.  The building, not being regularly occupied, would provide a perception of being an abandoned residence.  The recommendation from the public was to make the façade more industrial in nature. In response to the public feedback, the City reached out to John Nastasi, an experienced local architect based in the Neumann Leathers complex who is familiar with the area and its history, to assist in redesigning the façade.

Based on feedback from the community, public officials, the Local Historic Preservation Commission, and the Quality of Life Coalition, Nastasi Architects developed a new design that was sensitive to community concerns and appropriate for the area and use.

The design honors the post-industrial city by paying tribute to its most historic icon, the 1907 Erie Lackawanna Ferry Terminal Complex.  Folded copper louvers are set over translucent glass panels citing the timeless aesthetic of aging copper while referencing classic industrial structures of the turn of the century rail yard.

The building is illuminated from within, providing insight and accessibility to the town’s essential aqueous program and pioneering engineering solution to the City’s historic flooding.

The structure's design is respectful of its' place in time. A set of varying patinized copper panels make up the contemporary façade, which overtime, will recede into a uniquely weathered pattern complimenting the City’s historic context on the Hudson River waterfront.

Two renderings are available on the City of Hoboken website at

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Side view evening look of an artistic rendering proposed for the downtown wet weather pumping station

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