Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grist for the Mill: PBA SOS - Get Paul Swibinski!

Paul Swibinski (c) was master of ceremonies for Beth Mason's
failed mayoral run last November
A rumor last week the Hoboken PBA would be bringing in a big gun to take on City Hall proved true with the release of today's press release.  Some whispers last week said Hudson County's Prince of Darkness - Paul Swibinski of Vision Media would be taking a $25,000 contract to represent the police in their battle against  layoffs.

Although there's no confirmation on the amount of the retainer, the press statement from an underling of Paul Swibinski did confirm it is in fact Vision Media.

There's been unhappiness in the PBA membership with the results of talks in both the union negotiations and in trying to obtain concessions in the city's announced layoff plan that will see both substantial demotions and layoffs.  Earlier last year announced layoffs by then Fiscal State Monitor Judy Tripodi were announced but never implemented after ex-mayor Peter Cammarano was arrested.

Paul Swibinski is a big inside player in the communications and elections game in Hudson County.  A recent video posted has gone viral with thousands of hits discussing his connections and multiple contracts in Hudson County.  Invoices in the video stated he is paid $3,000 a month for "services" in many suspected tawdry areas of the county.  For any other work, even just taking a picture, the additional cost challenges the top hourly rate of the state's best defense attorneys.

Last year, Swibinski successfully led ex-mayor Peter Cammarano's to a big win, making Camma-RAT-0 the youngest mayor in Hoboken history.  He didn't fare as well with a heavy negative campaign on behalf of Councilwoman Beth Mason last November where she came in thousands of votes behind eventual winner Dawn Zimmer.

Earlier this year Councilwoman Beth Mason held an event uptown and Andrew Tavani of Hoboken Path confirmed Vision Media as one of two consulting firms on retainer.

A columnist also listed him part of the "North Bergen Sacco stable."

He's featured in this video on Hudson County corruption:

Segment 2 The New Jersey Civil Circus from Vimeo.

Assemblyman urges bridge fix to save jobs

The office of Assemblyman Coutinho announces:


            (29th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Chairman Albert Coutinho (D-Essex) on Thursday hailed an agreement that will result in raising the Bayonne Bridge’s low clearance to keep New Jersey’s port economy vibrant.

            The Bayonne Bridge is too low to allow new super-sized cargo ships to reach Port Newark and Port Elizabeth. Coutinho was the first legislator to cite the problem, and - after holding a full hearing on the issue with industry leaders earlier this year - sponsored a legislative resolution urging officials to quickly address the concerns:

            “I applaud the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for quickly moving to address this important issue.

            “As the sponsor of the resolution urging quick action to resolve this problem, I know all too well that New Jersey could start losing business and jobs as these larger ships start using other ports.
  “That would be devastating to New Jersey’s economy, and that’s something we cannot let happen to our businesses and workers.
“I am extremely gratified that this agreement will lead to saving those jobs. I cannot emphasize enough that we must get this fix done for the good of our economy and our workers.”
Assemblyman Albert Coutinho

PBA Union President: Police layoffs will 'devastate' safety

Vince Lombardi, the President of the Police Benevolence Association issued a statement in response to one yesterday by Mayor Zimmer on police layoffs: 

PBA President Vince Lombardi
"Yesterday Mayor Zimmer issued another statement claiming that she is 'working to finalize a redeployment plan to ensure that there is no reduction in the number of officers patrolling our streets' regarding her plan to slash 37 jobs from the Hoboken Police Department. I was appalled and disgusted to read this.

The Mayor's plan will have a devastating impact on the City of Hoboken. For her to claim that she can cut 37 police jobs and have no impact on manpower and presence is an outrageous statement and an outright lie. You cannot fire 18 police officers and demote 19 others without jeopardizing the safety of the people of Hoboken and dramatically decreasing the department's capabilities.
The Mayor's plan is ridiculous in light of the city's recently discovered $20 million budget surplus. She has less credibility talking about the public's safety in Hoboken than George W. Bush had in talking about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Mayor Zimmer is now 'inviting the police unions to join and have a voice in these discussions' in a meeting at her office on Monday. We have no intention of cooperating with this obvious media publicity stunt. We will not allow our membership to be abused in this egregious manner. Any further discussion of the city's layoff plan is absurd and we will not be a part of this nonsense.
We again call upon Mayor Zimmer and the city council to rescind their layoff plan and stop playing politics with the safety of the City of Hoboken."
Related: Mayor Zimmer's statement yesterday can be found on Hoboken Now.

Talking Ed Note: Layoffs earlier approved by the NJ Civil Service Commission will become effective by September 24th.

Splish splash away: City to keep pool open to September 1st

City of Hoboken announces:


With temperatures next week predicted to reach 90 degrees, Hoboken’s community pool, which was scheduled to close on Friday, August 27th, will remain open until Wednesday, September 1st. As has been the case during other Saturdays throughout the summer, the pool will also open this Saturday, August 28th.

The pool is located at the Boys and Girls Club at 123 Jefferson Street and is open to children ages 5 through 12 between 11am and 5pm.

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A picture of the pool from last summer

Cake Boss' brother-in-law arrested for sexual assault

Remy Gonzalez - in law to the Cake Boss in jail
for sexual assault, related charges
In yet another shocking local story, a member of the cast of the Cake Boss, the famous Hoboken Bakery is in jail in Morris County for sexual assault.  Even worse, it's Remy Gonzalez who is married to Buddy Valestro's sister.

TMZ, the gossipy online celebrity website broke the story noting little details of the incident other than police enforcement sources confirmed the charge and the original time of arrest: August 18th.

From the sounds of it, Remy Gonzalez has been incarcerated since August 18th with bail set at $300,000 (unconfirmed.)

In recent days, Buddy Valestro has been honored with an outdoor celebration in Hoboken, a street, and a proclamation from the City issued at a City Council meeting.

Talking Ed Note:  Da Horsey has seen the Cake Boss and his work product at several events.  To say the man is well deserving of his good fortune is an understatement.  At the City Council meeting last March where he was honored, he described himself as a "Son of Hoboken."   The man has been very classy and first got to see him at an event hosted in Hoboken for the Wounded Warriors Project.  He was great showing real appreciation for our veterans.

Join us in prayers for him, his family, and the family of this unfortunate alleged victim at this difficult time.