Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hoboken PBA & PSOA hit the airwaves

As far as political commercials go, this is a solid piece of work.  It gets the simple details to the viewer and makes it clear what action to take.  So, kudos to Paul Swibinski for a fine commercial effort to earn some of the rumored $50,000 he's tallied to represent both of the Hoboken police unions.  A source indicated to MSV it breaks down to 25K for each: one for the patrolman and one for the senior officers.  That does strike us as unfair.  Seems like the upper officers are getting the bargain as it's the junior members who are going to lose their jobs based on internal union bumping rights, but Da Horsey digresses.

Now the real question is what do the police unions hope to achieve?  Based on this commercial it's clear the idea is to develop significant public pressure on Mayor Zimmer to retreat from the announced layoff plan. Is that realistic? Does it impede the next step of negotiations believed to be approaching soon?

At the end of the day, the commercials may only be a tool to impact longer term perception about an outcome already decided by both sides.  In that the lower ranks of the Hoboken PBA are dependent on the actions of the senior officers, re: their retirements to save jobs, the two are in a rapidly splitting divergent position.

In the end, does the commercial foster a spirit for movement or lock in each side to an inevitable outcome? The layoff notices are already out. The pressure is already present and the layoff date is set for September 24th. The clock is ticking.

Talking Ed Note: The union and political maven Paul Swibinski are going with the $20 million surplus figure. It certainly is a good whole figure and it sounds better than $10 million. It also puts the Hoboken PBA and Paul's other client, Councilwoman Beth Mason on the same linear line of surplus claims. How convenient.

City announces 9-11 service Saturday at Pier A


The Hoboken community will once again come together to share in its Annual September 11th Interfaith Memorial Service for the victims, their families, the City of Hoboken, and the entire nation. This year's theme will be "United In God's Love: Coming Together Through Faith."

The service will take place this Saturday, September 11th at 4:00 pm. City officials, the Hoboken Clergy Coalition, and various community organizations will share in this remembrance at Hoboken's Pier A Park.

Hoboken Veteran Sam Scardigno has written a song for this memorial, "Once There Stood Twin Towers There."  Youth from The Hudson School will be singing John Lennon's "Imagine" under the direction of Kerry Dunn.

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Chris Campos wants your money; Judge says "Denied!"

"Show me the money" lawsuit fails
A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos claiming a conspiracy by police in Hoboken and New York city against him. The decision came last month but is now being reported on's Hoboken Now.

The claimed conspiracy began according to Campos when they unnecessarily gave him a breathalyzer test after he ran a red light back in 2007.

There's no certainty on an appeal.  The likelihood of Chris Campos getting your money now is far more remote.

April 5th, 2010

Former Councilman Chris Campos facing a tough economic climate even for lawyers has decided he wants your money.  According to the Jersey Journal, he is suing the Hoboken police officer in his 2007 DUI arrest claiming it was some sort of conspiracy to discredit him.

In January 2007 he ran a red light got pulled over and failed a breathalyzer.  He later pled guilty to driving under the influence.

This is what happens to local small time elected pols these days?  They go on a rampage of lawsuits to try to cash in and Campos has named the NYC police officer, the City of New York and also Hoboken itself in his suit.

Photo courtesy the Jersey Journal