Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beth Mason polling her Hoboken exit visa?

Councilwoman Beth Mason is a lead story today on Politickernj but not because she sought out the coverage.  A telephone poll asking numerous questions of residents is raising eyebrows and not only due to the lengthy political questions but also the sheer scope.

Beth Mason who would face strong opposition next spring for the second ward council seat in the most likely form of Hoboken resident Tom Greaney looks to be inquiring on not only her standing but also a Hudson County seat.  One of the questions asked in the poll in how she stands against current County Executive Tom DeGise.
Beth Mason last night - one foot out of Hoboken?

Former Councilman Tony Soares received a call for the telephone poll and played back the message when calling the number where the poll originated for verification.  He noted numerous questions centered around Beth Mason specifically asking if the view of her was very favorable, favorable, unfavorable or very unfavorable.

When the poll operator was given the most negative response, the conversation veered into why so many residents were polling very unfavorable on the second ward Councilwoman.  "Yes, I am," the operator replied on whether very unfavorable was coming up consistently on Councilwoman Mason's name adding, "What's up with her?"

According to Soares, fourth ward council candidate Tim Occhipinti wasn't faring much better.  The former councilman is currently working on Councilman Mike Lenz's campaign team for the fourth ward council seat special election in November.

Among the entertaining questions was where does the resident get local news.  The choices were: the Hudson Reporter, the Jersey Journal, Grafix Avenger, Hoboken411, the Hoboken Journal, and Mile Square View.

Which one of those doesn't quite fit?  Well Grafix Avenger would be the first to admit the effort is not the broadest or focused on daily news.  There's only one person with that kind of obsession who would add her to the list.  Disregarding Beth Mason's ubermensch little angry man for the moment, MSV would just like to extend a big thank you for noticing Da Horsey.

Another intriguing question asked respondents how would they feel about Councilman Mike Lenz cutting a deal with Councilman Mike Russo to put his campaign chair (Soares) on the North Hudson Sewage Authority?

Councilman Russo may not be so tickled by that one.

Related: Timothy J. Carroll wrote the inside story on the telephone PUSH poll.  Since he's left the Hudson Reporter the best of his abilities have begun to really shine:

Grafix Avenger also got polled and leaves no doubt it's Beth Mason with her Big Lie whoopers on the failed sale of the Municipal Garage and surplus exaggeration:

Yet another person polled proving beyond a doubt Beth Mason is spending yet more money. One of the questions:  Would you be more likely to support Beth Mason if you knew she was responsible for the biggest road paving project in Hoboken history?
- Someone should break the news to Hudson County they aren't getting that credit.

Talking Ed Note: This push poll is also notable for leaving out Hoboken's newest and most comprehensive full time website: Hoboken Patch.  We'd like to extend our sympathies to the very hard working Editor, Claire Moses.

The boys at Hoboken411 made sure not to give any exposure to their biggest and only full time competitor.

Scenes from outside the City Hall Protest

Protestors chanted against Mayor Zimmer making quite a ruckus

Hoboken PBA President interviews with Channel 9 as master of ceremonies Paul Swibinski stands by.
Paul Swibinski of Vision Media is contracted by both the PBA and Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Seniors were brought in on a bus and went into the City Council Chambers.  They took a large amount of the seating during the meeting.  Foxwoods?  No, not the casino the Hoboken senior building.
The union Rat prop made an appearance.  Both sides of the street were cleared of residents vehicles and the rat had a prime safe parking spot outside City Hall.  Here it's seen circling the block.
Paul Swibinski isn't saying he's number one although his 300K in earnings from Hudson County politicos surely must place him at the top of the heap.  Here's he's actually signaling to people to move during the protest.
A tale of two cities: a group of protestors walks south on Washington St. while residents head north.  There was no interaction between the protestors and the public witnessed by MSV.  Councilwoman Terry Castellano would most likely describe that indifference as "hatred" for Hoboken born residents.  The true difference: a group largely of civil service and non-taxpaying residents and the other: those paying the freight.  
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PBA Vince Lombardi speaks on change of venue denied

PBA President Vince Lombardi comments on the City Council meeting not being moved to a crowd of about 150-200 supporters against police layoffs.

A couple of dozen people watched in the lobby where a computer screen was set up for viewing.  Hundreds more watched the meeting online at Mile Square View and the Hoboken Journal.

PBA President Vince Lombardi chats with a supporter in the overflow room downstairs where the Planning Board meets in City Hall.  About half a dozen supporters watched the meeting there.