Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chief on Chief: a citizenry view on what lies ahead for the Hoboken Police Department

Richard Tremitiedi, former Hoboken Fire Chief who attended the Friday press conference along with his wife Mary, submitted his observations:

Former Fire Chief on Friday
"Giant step right, but it must be followed with the discipline for all to finalize their retirement, more (retirements) to come to mitigate demotions and the discipline not to replace them. This was not re-inventing the wheel; attrition was the name of the game under the Pasculli and early Russo Administrations. For example, I was promoted to fire chief in 1990 (Pasculli admin.) and there were no new hires in the FD since 1988 and when I retired in 1995 (Russo admin.),  there still were no new hires.
Again, this current action showed leadership by all involved and kudos have to go to the considerate police officers who earned their retirement and helped with this result, which is to the benefit of all the citizens of Hoboken. Good luck and health to them in their new beginning.
In conclusion, it shows that negotiation can follow confrontation.  By the way, I feel that our rather new police chief Falco performed well under the pressure of this crisis situation."

Saturday's 2010 Transitional Budget Workshop

Yesterday was a late summer like day and many people even the most ardent watchers of local government wouldn't be alone if they chose to go out and enjoy the day.

So for those who would like to catch up here's the complete proceedings.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Cammarano's neither gone nor forgotten


Peter Cammarano has been busy since attending his block party the previous weekend but not in ways some residents thought.  As reported here earlier, MSV has confirmed from independent sources he is still here in Hoboken and made a plea of some sort to postpone his sentence, possibly for two weeks for reasons unknown.

The hands of justice turn slowly, the Hoboken Journal already completing the countdown and many residents believed Petey had been sent off to the clink.
Two no parking signs were visible along with an American flag displayed at Cammarno's home last Thursday
As recent as Thursday, a moving truck was outside his uptown Bloomfield brownstone and he's been witnessed parking his car.  Two signs obtained for "no parking were prominently displayed covering four hours for the moving truck to complete its job.

Rumors his once basement tenant now girlfriend moved up to the main part of the house.  Clearly she's more adept than some thought, but what that means for the future of the building that's been for sale is not clear.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons shows Cammarano is not in custody.  Hat tip reader: Legal Beagle
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