Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mayor Zimmer to residents on Western Edge redevelopment: 'Bring it'

Office of the Mayor announces:


Last night the Zimmer Administration officially handed responsibility for the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan to the City Council. 

“The City Council, as the redevelopment agency, has ultimate authority over the redevelopment process, and I thought it was important to clearly mark this transfer by placing the Western Edge resolution on the agenda,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

The Zimmer Administration is fully committed to assisting the Council through a collaborative approach and will make professionals available to assist as needed to further refine the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan with input from the public.

Unlike previous plans, the currently proposed Western Edge Redevelopment Plan includes a guaranteed location for the long-promised community center with pool which must be built before developers can open their buildings. The area occupied by this community center accounts for the difference between the amount of open space in the prior plan and the current plan.

“I believe it is important to finally fulfill the promise of bringing a community center to the residents of Hoboken,” added Mayor Zimmer.

The plan brings balanced development, including much-needed retail and commercial space, to Northwest Hoboken which has seen close to 100% residential development over the past 10 years. In addition, the mixed usage helps reduce the tax burden caused by services required by residential development. Importantly, the plan requires that 5 percent of the space be set aside for incubator office space to support existing businesses within Hoboken and create affordable office space for new startup businesses. The Administration has been in discussions with community members and the Stevens Institute of Technology about potential partnerships and use of such a space.

The Administration, working with the Trust for Public Land, has been in discussions and negotiations for the last year to acquire a large area of land adjacent to the Western Edge for a park. The property known as the Henkel site is owned by Cognis. The City currently has $3 million in funding to acquire the site, and the Administration has applied for an additional $2 million in Green Acres funding. The Administration’s intention has been to develop the Western Edge in concert with the adjacent planned park at the Henkel site. The City was close to an agreement to purchase the site, but because Cognis is now being bought out by another entity, discussions were delayed until the closing of the purchase, scheduled for the end of November. The Trust for Public Land has been in communication with the company acquiring the Henkel site, and they are very receptive to working with City.

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Operation Bounty launches with $1,000 reward for Absentee Ballot Fraud

The Hoboken Journal and MSV Announce “Operation Bounty”
Initiative to stop Absentee Ballot Fraud

Concern has been elevated on the topic of election fraud and it is raising its serpentine head in the upcoming November 2nd special election for the 4th Ward city council seat. To combat this practice, The Hoboken Journal in conjunction with Mile Square View (MSV) is launching "Operation Bounty," a plan to take absentee ballot fraud head on with a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any individual disenfranchising the vote using absentee ballots in the Hoboken special election. 

“Operation Bounty” is not partisan and is not affiliated with any campaign, political group or organization.*

The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View are hopeful for a clean election in November with no malfeasance or electoral skullduggery. In past Hoboken elections, there have been misgivings over the validity of absentee balloting practices and both MSV and the Hoboken Journal extend this reward to discourage any untoward activity that disenfranchises voters. Both the Hoboken Journal and MSV stand together in their pledge to condemn illegal and illicit absentee voting practices by ironically putting our money where our mouth is.

Regardless of which campaign is responsible for any untoward activity, both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View will honor a commitment to reimburse the person responsible for reporting the incident. The reward is payable for the first tip leading to an arrest and conviction.

An example of absentee ballot concerns was illustrated recently on another website:

PolitickerNJ reporter Timothy J. Carroll has posted multiple stories on the issue of absentee ballot fraud and it's not even October.  He quoted a resident familiar with the practice:

“I think you’re not going to see 600 absentee ballots in the 4th Ward, or else somebody’s going to jail,” said another veteran of Hoboken elections."

The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View wish to thank all concerned Hoboken residents for their consideration and welcome your support. We encourage our readers to spread the word throughout the 4th Ward that the citizens of Hoboken demand fair elections and do not subscribe to the notion of “winning at all costs”.

*Operation Bounty is paid for by friends of the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View. If you wish to make a pledge to support the goal, email or The $1,000 reward will be increased if sufficient pledges become available. Any difference not covered by fundraising will be underwritten equally by both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View. 

*Paid for by The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View

PDF - for download and print version:

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Councilman Lenz kicks off special election bid with opening, new website

Lenz for Council announces:


What: 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is opening his Campaign Headquarters
Where: 60 Madison St – Ground Floor
When: Saturday, Oct 2 – 11 am AND Sunday, Oct 3 – 1 pm

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz will open his Campaign HQ this weekend and will have two events in order to accommodate the busy schedules of 4th Ward residents. 

Mike stated: “With the Arts and Music Fest on Sunday and many people busy with family and sports events on Saturday, we expanded our original opening into to two events. We invite all 4th Ward Residents to come enjoy a hot dog or hamburger and find out more about Mike's campaign to lower taxes, fix flooding, support balanced development, and finally bring a park to the 4th Ward.

Grab a friend and come see the new space, pick up a window sign, and then sign up to volunteer.

Our opponent is reuniting the Cammarano team to try and stop progress in City Hall. They may be able to throw around money, but they don't have our secret weapon: YOU!

This is a grassroots campaign and we need to show our opponents that they can't buy their way to victory.  Show the community that you care about the future of the 4th Ward and the entire city. We won't let them return Hoboken to the failed policies of past Administrations.”


What: 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz launches New Family of Websites
When:  Right NOW!

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz has launched a newly redesigned website this week that covers the major Issues in his campaign: Honest Budgets and Lower Taxes, Balanced “Hoboken Friendly” Development, Flooding Solutions, Improving our Quality of life, and Running a Clean Campaign.  In addition, the campaign has multiple ways to connect with the residents of the 4th Ward who may not have the time to attend one of the many campaign events listed on the site, including Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, and Email Updates.

Mike stated: “This election will determine the direction of Hoboken for not just the next 7 months, but for years.  Do you want a return to the failed policies of past administrations and city councils, or do you want to keep progress going in Hoboken? I am proud to stand with Mayor Zimmer in lowering taxes, fighting overdevelopment, and bringing integrity to city hall.  While my opponent was assembling his web of corruption, we were working hard to create a website that addresses the important issues that matter to the 4th Ward.  Please visit our website, see where we stand, share it with your friends, and sign up to get more involved by donating, volunteering, or hosting a house party.”

Gov. Christie returns to Hoboken

City of Hoboken announces:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer will welcome and introduce Governor Chris Christie when he visits Hoboken on Thursday, September 30th to discuss his education reform agenda. The public is invited to attend the town hall meeting at the Elysian Charter School at the Rue Building Gymnasium located at 301 Garden Street. The event will begin at 2pm, and admission is first-come, first-served.

Surrounding streets will remain open, but there will be no parking permitted on Garden St. between 3rd St. and 4th St and on 3rd St. between Park Ave. and Bloomfield St.
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