Monday, October 4, 2010

Lenz campaign: 'Occhipinti continuing the Cammarano legacy'

Lenz for Council announces:


Today, former Mayor and convicted felon Peter Cammarano is going to jail.  It ends another sad corrupt chapter in Hoboken’s recent history but under the Zimmer Administration, with the support of the city council majority, we are finally moving Hoboken in the right direction. 

In an earlier press release, Tim Occhipinti said it’s unfair to bring attention to his association with Peter Cammarano because many residents of our great city voted for Mr. Cammarano in 2009. While it is true that many good people with great intentions supported Cammarano, only 1 of those 6000 voters, Tim Occhipinti, has made the decision to surround himself with the same core Cammarano campaign team who somehow didn’t notice that their boss was willing to sell out our city’s future for envelopes full of cash.

Only Tim has brought back together that same Cammarano inner circle (Maurice Fitzgibbons, Michael Novak, Michael Goldberg, Perry Belfiore, Frank Raia, Matt Callichio, Nick Callichio, Ryan Yacco, and many others) to run his so-called “Independent” campaign. 

Despite saying in his own press release that “without proper checks and balances, [candidates] feel no need to work in the public interest,” Only Tim has refused to sign a Clean Campaign Pledge and run a race that doesn’t pay for votes or disrespect the voters and residents of the 4th Ward.

The night before Peter Cammarano was arrested by the FBI for selling zoning variances, Tim Occhipinti was one of a handful of people in front of the city council fighting to give Peter absolute power over….zoning variances.
Many former Cammarano supporters have learned from Peter’s despicable attempts to sell our city to developers, but Tim is not one of them.  Peter Cammarano going to jail may end a sad chapter in Hoboken’s history, but Tim Occhipinti is trying to write the sequel.

 ELEC filings are due today and the Mike Lenz Campaign has submitted complete forms and posted them on our website (  On the other hand, Tim Occhipinti has yet to call out Michael Novak, a high-ranking member of the Occhipinti/Cammarano Campaign Team, for not filing his legally required ELEC forms from his council run in 2009.

With all of the problems that Team Cammarano had, including accepting bribes, not filing ELEC forms, and leaving themselves open to charges of vote buying for their massive use of “vote by mail” ballots by paid workers, we once again call on Tim to respect the voters of the 4th Ward and sign the Clean Campaign Pledge.

The Mike Lenz Campaign is getting out in the community to talk about Mike’s plans to lower taxes, support balanced development, improve our quality of life, end flooding, and finally bring a southwest park.  Just as important though, past campaigns have raised serious questions about the integrity of our election process.  We are running a campaign that respects the voters, the integrity of the process and the law.  We call on Tim Occhipinti to disavow the unsavory tactics that have been used in the past and do the same.

Lenz for Council launches events Monday & Tuesday

  Meet and Greet for Mike Lenz TONIGHT
Hosted by: Scott Madison and Becky Newsom
Former Councilman-at-Large Tony Soares
91 Jackson St.
7 pm
Development decisions made over the next few months will layout what Hoboken will be for the next 100 years. Mike will stand up for the people of Hoboken and only support balanced, Hoboken Friendly Development that gives back to the community and pays its fair share.
Come meet 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz and learn about his campaign to lower taxes, bring balanced development, fix flooding, improve our quality of life, and finally build a Southwest Park.

Light Refreshments provided

Chat with Mayor Zimmer and 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz
Tuesday, October 5th | 7 pm -- 9 pm
Campaign HQ - 60 Madison St

There have been many positive changes at City Hall over the last few months and there is still plenty more to do. Come share your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns with Mayor Zimmer and Councilman Lenz at this Meet and Greet.

Councilman Mike Lenz is a key member of the Mayor's team and is the deciding vote to lower taxes,stop out of scale developmentfix flooding, and make City Hall more efficient. Mike's opponent is planning to turn back the clock and return to the failed policies that bankrupted our town, drastically raised taxes, sold us out to developers, and lowered our quality of life.

Come hear why this election is so important to the future of the 4th Ward and the entire city.

Lenz names the stakes in 4th ward special election

Comments from 4th ward Councilman Mike Lenz at his office kickoff on Madison Street on Saturday.  City Council President Carol Marsh also added remarks.

(Standing in the sun the angle was too bright.  But the audio is very clean.)

Mayor Zimmer spoke at the Lenz event on Sunday.  (Video coming.)

Occhipinti: Cammarano's jail time 'ends sad chapter in Hoboken politics'

Occhipinti for Council announces:

A Sad Chapter in Hoboken Politics Ends Today

Today, former Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano reports to federal prison, ending another chapter in the sordid tradition of corruption in Hudson County politics.
More than 6,000 Hoboken voters who put their trust in Peter Cammarano were betrayed when he accepted campaign cash for influence.

There is no pleasure to take from this episode. A family has been destroyed, and more members of our community have lost faith in anyone holding public office. Power corrupts, and an elected official doesn’t have to take an envelope full of cash to betray the people. When elected officials operate without proper checks and balances, they feel no need to work in the public interest. It’s in that environment that backroom deals for political appointments are made in exchange for votes on city councils and public boards.

You will hear my opponent, Michael Lenz, invoke Mr. Cammarano’s name many times during this campaign. He’ll do this in the hope that the public will ignore Mr. Lenz’s own 25-year record of insider deals and influence peddling. He once called himself a reformer, but the truth is that Michael Lenz has spent more than two decades trading his political involvement for personal enrichment. It’s through one of these backroom deals that he was rewarded with a county patronage job for himself. This kind of cynical manipulation of public funds represents an ethical deficiency that, while not technically illegal, is certainly not in the interests of the people of Hoboken, and certainly doesn’t represent the actions of a reformer.

If elected, I will keep my private-sector job and fight only for the people of Hoboken. I will put the integrity of my family name on the line every day and bring dignity and honor to this office, guided by the tradition of honesty my family taught me.

Michael Lenz wants to paint every one of the more than 6,000 people who voted for Peter Cammarano as corrupt. This is cynical and divisive and serves to further discourage voters. For the good of our city, Michael Lenz should stop it now.

Tim Occhipinti no Western Edge & commercial; advocates Rockefeller instead

Here's a short video clip of Tim Occhipinti speaking against the Western Edge Plan last Wednesday night. Carefully note his support for a huge mega-developer who recently pushed for a 40 story commercial skyscraper in Hoboken as a centerpiece of a series of high rises. That 40 story building proposed by the Rockefeller Group in Hoboken would by far be the largest building in Hoboken.

So strikingly odd, Tim Occhipinti rises to complain about the commercial aspects of a mixed use plan presented in the Western Edge plan. Immediately thereafter, he says, "Rockefeller does want to have open discussions." Really Tim, you took a meeting with the developer and they told you that? That's so reassuring. Do they want to talk about how many stories their surrounding building should be around their 40 story mega-commercial centerpiece? Would it be 28 or 30 stories?

Here's what Rockefeller themselves planted in a story last July:

But those familiar with Rockefeller’s working concept say the development is likely to have a number of buildings, including a tower up to 40 stories tall — which would become the city’s tallest building.
The project, which would cost well into the hundreds of millions of dollars, calls for no residential development; instead it would be all commercial real estate...
The current Western Edge redevelopment plan Occhipinit describes as "ill-advised" brings limited commercial aspects but the Rockefeller Group with their 40 story tower and a 100% commercial development is good - that's the plan we should be having "open" discussions on? Well, knock me over with a feather.

A Rockefeller Group commercial prototype - Tim Occhipinti's commercial vision for Hoboken development?

Now Occhipinti in the same breath complains about mixed use with some commercial development in one plan on the table as part of the Western Edge redevelopment and then he pushes a megadeveloper who proposes a huge out of scale 100% commercial development changing the entire character and skyline of Hoboken.

Let's see if the other local media pick up on the this mega contradiction. So far they haven't. But warning bells should be going off now in all corners of Hoboken, not just the fourth ward.

Related: MSV earlier wrote a feature on Occhipinti's favored mega commercial developer, "Hey Rockefeller, there's a new sheriff in town."

An story last summer detailed Rockefeller's frustrated dreams for Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note:  MSV lost its Council footage taken of this exchange.  Fortunately, the Jolly Green Giant was there and also videoed this segment.  Video of Tim Occhipinti here courtesy of the Hoboken Journal.

MSV will look to obtain a response on this issue from Tim Occhipinti or his campaign.