Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Upper Sinatra roadway examination made

City of Hoboken announces:


Mayor Dawn Zimmer joined engineers from Applied Housing, Hudson County, and the City of Hoboken in a meeting earlier today to emphasize the importance of repairing Sinatra Drive and the need to move expeditiously to address this emergency situation.

The size of the collapse has grown due to erosion and may continue to grow. Divers performed an underwater investigation of the area. Engineers are expected to return with a proposed plan and cost estimates.

Residents are reminded that neighboring buildings, which are built upon pilings driven at least 50 feet into the bedrock, are not at risk.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

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4th ward election gets dirty with alleged vandalism of Lenz supporter's car

The fourth ward special election has taken a big turn of ugly with some old style intimidation tactics.  Resident Patricia Waiters a former candidate for mayor and the Board of Education saw her car allegedly vandalized while attending a Hoboken High School football game according to a report in the Jersey Journal.

Paper overlays one area of vandalism on Patricia Waiter's car

After the game Friday night, Waiters went to her car and discovered the damage.  Written on the vehicle was "Lenz sucks."  In addition a foam substance was sprayed over the car repeating the same message.

MSV recently reported in a political parody showing the Hoboken resident attending the Lenz for Council kickoff campaign.  The picture was published partially due to a request of Hoboken resident and Occhipinti supporter Perry Belfiore who was not available for comment at the time this story went to post.

Katie Colaneri published reaction from both the Occhipinti and Lenz campaign after the incident was filed with the Hoboken Police Department.

The Jersey Journal published comment from each:

"While I am confident that despicable acts like this are not condoned by Mr. Occhipinti himself, its very unfortunate that his supporters would resort to this kind of vandalism," he said. "Politics in Hoboken are important and controversial, but supporters of either campaign should never resort to physical threats and intimidation."

Occhipinti campaign spokesman David Cruz accused Lenz's campaign for the incident.

"We've had people spitting on our windows almost every day. People driving by and yelling all sorts of derogatory, vile, racist and homophobic comments at volunteers walking into and out of our HQ (headquarters)," Cruz said in an e-mail statement. "We're not looking to waste time on this sort of nonsense."

The Hoboken Police Department is currently investigating the matter.

Related: Grafix Avenger was first on this story with a piece posted earlier today:

Talking Ed Note: Vandalism is now striking Hoboken residents who are guilty of being active participating in a local election.  This strikes MSV as more than mere "nonsense" if true.  If so, the line of violence has been crossed with several weeks to go in the hotly contested race for the fourth ward council seat.

Councilman Lenz: 'Sinatra Drive demonstrates value of reasonable surplus'

Lenz for Council announces:

Mike Lenz stated "First we must state that although this is a horrible event, we are very thankful that no one was harmed when the uptown portion of Frank Sinatra Drive collapsed into the Hudson River.  The Council Majority, Mayor Zimmer and I have been warning about Infrastructure problems since Day 1.  Tim Occhipinti may not have been in town long enough to know, but that portion of the road was built by a private developer and then turned over to the county for maintenance and upkeep.  After years of backroom deals and developer friendly inspectors under past administrations, it is not a surprise that the work was shoddy and did not stand the test of time.  I am running for 4th Ward Council to ensure that we have a Council, Zoning board, and building inspectors who are working for the best interests of the city and its residents, not the developers and their pocketbooks.

Additionally, its unfortunate that it took a portion of our streets to fall into the Hudson to demonstrate the need for the city of Hoboken to maintain a reasonable surplus.  Some may call it a 'rainy day fund' but perhaps it would be better to call it a 'fall into the Hudson fund.' As a city, we dodged a financial bullet since this portion of Frank Sinatra Drive is going to be repaired with county and private funds, but the next time we may not be so lucky.  Had we followed the advice of Tim Occhipinti and his allies on the council and used the surplus for a one-shot revenue item, the City could have been looking at millions in financial liability." 

Tim TV and 3rd warders (and others) for Occhipinti

Tim Occhipinti has a YouTube TV ad up and it's pretty interesting because based on a quick view, it doesn't seem much connected to the fourth ward.  There are ties to other parts of Hoboken - the people in the ad, in fact the ad itself is mostly shot in the third ward.  There's also a special guest appearing in the ad who works on the Occhipinti for Council campaign and served as Treasurer for the Mason for Mayor campaign last year, Ines Garcia Keim.

So Hoboken's third ward does border the fourth ward but what makes it so special?  Yesterday, MSV walked past the Russo Civic Association and discovered on a whiteboard the following in green letters not readily visible from the outside window: "Vote for Occhipinti for the fourth ward" with a line below "in the river" in the same green marker.  The Association is in the Third Ward and it's unclear why such a message would be appearing there as residents who might even see it would not be eligible to vote in a fourth ward election.  Nor is it clear who or what is going in the river.

A reader on Hoboken NJ.com's Wild West forum where political operatives dwell and many a rumor circulate hit on this noting on Tim TV's youtube ad:

The Cammaronophiles are back

by FactChekker, 10/12/10 7:23 AM
Too bad Timmy O needs to get 5th,2nd and 3rd ward residents to endorse his "At-Large" campaign.2nd guy in the spot is Cammarano's last operative, Ines Keim is Mason's (edited) Operative, and the majority of the sham video is filmed in the 3rd ward with copyrighted music that is a crime unto itself

This post is sure not to last as paid political operatives have been busily plying their trade away having normal messages deleted.  (They were particularly unhappy with references to the voter fraud story on absentee ballots that appeared here.)  There is no true moderation on the board.  NJ.com outsources the work to a firm in India so any complaint with legitimate post(s) can be easily erased.

In this ad, Tim is apparently targeting professionals and Spanish speakers.  He's made real significant progress getting the "locked in" vote from the Cammarano birther pool and there's an obvious desire to get the Hispanic vote with a lovely dark brunette addressing the viewer in Spanish.  MSV would request she come help us with the "noise on our ballot." PĆ³ngase en contacto con el caballo de inmediato - Please contact Da Horsey immediately.  

Oddly, the ad also has its campaign worker Ines Garcia Keim, a die hard Beth Mason supporter appearing in the ad.  TV ads typically feature "regular" folks to appeal to different types of voters.  It's unclear what the message is in having someone associated with Beth Mason appearing.

Talking Ed Note: Things are heating up and there's more than green markers flashing in this election.  Complaints are starting to filter in uneven distributions of cash have begun circulating for votes.  In the world of vote buying, the biggest sin isn't selling your vote, it's that the cash being spread around is discriminatory - in the amount.  More on this and Operation Bounty to come.

Update: The woman speaking in Spanish is a fourth ward resident and girlfriend of Tim's campaign manager Jamie Cryan.  Da Horsey didn't mean to make an untoward invitation and apologizes for any unintended offense.

Correction:  Ines Garcia Keim contacted MSV to note two points: first she considers the anonymous attack of that post on NJ.com slanderous and although she held the title of Deputy Treasurer last year on Councilwoman Mason's mayoral bid in the spring, she states she never held rights to issue checks by the campaign.

MSV apologizes for not editing this portion out of the original post and regrets any concern that posting it in total constituted an endorsement.

Occhipinti on Sinatra collapse - 'Lenz and Mayor Zimmer questioned as culpable'

Occhipinti for Council announces:

Walkway collapse result of inattention and lack of planning

Hoboken 4th Ward Council candidate Tim Occhipinti called Friday’s collapse of a portion of Sinatra Drive between 12th and 14th streets further evidence of the city’s utter neglect of its infrastructure.

“It’s a miracle that nobody was injured on Friday. I spoke to a 4th ward mom who told me she had been walking by the collapse site with her child just hours before,” said Occhipinti. “When Sinatra Park collapsed last year, the city council finance committee chairman, Michael Lenz, should have fought to bring in a structural engineer to evaluate the entire walkway for the safety of our residents and visitors. He failed to do that, and the city was caught off guard - again. It seems the administration is always reacting to crises and can’t seem to get out in front of any of the major problems facing our town.”

Occhipinti called for a thorough inspection of the entire walkway, an honest assessment of the current dangers, and a full accounting of the ultimate costs of securing one of the city’s most important public assets. He said he will make an Open Public Records Act request for all documents pertaining to the waterfront walkway to determine when the city was made aware of the dangers. “What did the mayor and finance committee chairman Michael Lenz know, and when did they know it,” he asked.

“The waterfront belongs to everyone,” added Occhipinti. “Residents from all over the city - especially the 4th ward which has no park and where open space is so scarce - rely on safe access to the waterfront. The city is sitting on a major surplus, which it manipulates for its election year purposes. You can’t just take a piecemeal approach to this issue, hoping that someone else will foot the bill. What is the city’s plan to secure our waterfront? They’ve done nothing to get a handle on this problem, or even understand how severe it really is.” 

Occhipinti event joined by Councilwoman Terry Castellano on gas pipeline concern

Occhipinti for Council announces:

Occhipinti to host ‘No Gas Pipeline’ discussion, Q&A

Hoboken 4th Ward City Council candidate Tim Occhipinti will host a very important community meeting to discuss an issue that has been ignored in Hoboken.
On Thursday October 14th, 7 p.m. at 56 Monroe Street, Dale Hardman, of the group “No Gas Pipeline,” will speak about the dangers posed by a proposed gas pipeline that would run through residential areas right at Hoboken’s southern city line.

Spectra Energy, a Texas-based gas company, is proposing a major natural gas pipeline expansion that will run through the heart of Hudson County, but will serve only New York City. Natural gas pipelines are prone to high-risk leaks that are released as either fine mists or toxic spray. Most dangerously, they can result in explosions and fires that can do significant damage to property and life. 

“We saw an example of these risks last month in San Bruno, California, where a natural gas pipeline exploded, destroying an entire neighborhood, killing 8 people and injuring many others,” said Occhipinti. “Most Hoboken residents are unaware of the plans for a natural gas pipeline in our area, but our neighbors in Jersey City have organized to form a group called No Gas Pipeline (nogaspipeline.org). They have been raising awareness about the dangers of the pipeline, and we must join their effort. This is an important issue that deserves our immediate attention.”

Joining Occhipinti will be 1st Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano and other members of “No Gas Pipeline.” Hardman will make a presentation on the proposed route of the pipeline and what residents can expect if it is built, followed by a question and answer session. “I urge all residents to join us,” said Occhipinti. “Together we can stop this pipeline, which poses great risks and provides no benefits to Hoboken.”

The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served and a kids’ activity room will be provided. For more information: 201.850.1886