Thursday, October 14, 2010

City offers free parking tonight


The City of Hoboken is providing free parking in Municipal Garage B (located on 2nd Street between Hudson and River streets) from 8pm Thursday, October 14 through 8am Friday, October 15 to Hoboken residents with a valid parking permit who live in flood-prone areas. The Hoboken Parking Utility is also extending the courtesy to Hoboken residents with Residential parking permits to keep their vehicles in Garage B from 8am until 8pm on Friday, October 15 at the reduced Resident rate of $5.00.

A map of storm flood zones is available on the City website:

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4th Ward Debate Video

Complete video of 4th ward debate

Nov 2010 4th Ward Candidates' Forum from Eric Kurta on Vimeo.

The debate held tonight went over live stream courtesy of the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta from People for Open Government.  Congrats for the first ever live online debate in Hoboken.

Here's the video shown earlier with no editing.  MSV will not be doing any editorial on this to allow the readers to view at their leisure.  We'll have some initial comments from the respective campaigns this week and then analysis later.

It was a wide ranging debate and the candidates made themselves clear on a number of issues.  Unfortunately, the questions were edited poorly and several people discovered they did not have even one of their questions asked of the candidates.

MSV was especially disappointed with the tilt on many of them, especially one on the police department that would have been valid a month or two ago but was clearly ignoring the reality today.

That wasn't the candidates fault but the people managing the questions failed to meet expectations.

Hoboken needs and deserves a broader online format for having candidates field questions.  Tonight was most definitely not it.

Talking Ed Note: Video is now updated and complete.  Thanks a million to the efforts of the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta for a superb effort bringing a Hoboken debate online live.

Update on upper Sinatra roadway action

City of Hoboken announces:


As requested by the City of HobokenHudson County is taking additional measures to prepare the collapsed area of Sinatra Drive North for the upcoming storm.

The County has brought in equipment and broken up the concrete and pavement that had fallen into the hole. The material has been moved inland against the bank to stabilize the soil and protect it from tidal action.

The County has also placed tarps and sandbags over the area to further protect the soil from erosion in anticipation of the predicted storm.

In coordination with the Police Department, the City has placed additional orange snow fencing to keep pedestrians from entering the area.

Two engineering companies are inspecting the site and preparing engineering proposals for the County. The County will select the engineer to prepare construction drawings which will be provided to several contractors for pricing.

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Storm front: Hoboken faces Nor'easter

City of Hoboken announces:


Residents are urged to take precautions, including moving vehicles from flood-prone areas, in advance of a Nor’easter storm predicted to impact our area beginning on Thursday, October 16.

A storm alert has been issued for Thursday afternoon into Friday afternoon. Strong winds are expected to develop on Friday and continue into Saturday. High wind gusts in excess of 45 mph are possible.

“With yet another storm fast approaching, I want to assure residents that for the first time in the history of Hoboken, we are within reach of truly addressing our City’s severe flooding problem,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Construction continues on the flood pump which is expected to significantly alleviate the worst flooding in Southwest Hoboken, and my Administration is advocating as strongly as possibly to get it completed as quickly as possible.”   

According to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, there have been some unavoidable delays, but they are working to have the pump completed and operational as early as possible next spring.

“In addition, we have purchased and will soon be installing a high-tech sensor system in our sewer system so we can collect the information we need to once and for all finally solve our flooding problem,” added Mayor Zimmer.

Rain is expected to begin on Thursday afternoon, become heavy during evening hours, and continue through Friday morning. One to two inches of rain and significant flooding are possible. Residents in flood-prone areas are strongly urged to move their vehicles to higher ground to avoid sustaining damage to their vehicles. A flood zone map is available on the City website:

Residents are reminded that overnight parking from 8pm to 8am is available every day in Municipal Garages B, D, and Midtown for $5. In the case that a flood warning is issued, the City of Hoboken will provide free parking in Municipal Garage B (located on 2nd Street between Hudson and River streets) and waive the $5 fee for residents in flood prone areas with a valid residency parking permit. This policy does not apply to Garages D and Midtown – only for those parked in Garage B.

Post debate: the next wave in the 4th ward election begins anew

Lenz for Council issued the following email:

The 4th Ward Candidates Forum, sponsored by the Quality of Life Coalition, was last night and the difference between Mike Lenz and Tim Occhipinti couldn't have been more clear.  (Video of the debate will be posted on, on our website, and will be playing on Cablevision channel 78 and Verizon channel 47 in a few days.  Also stay tuned for our official debate watch parties at the Lenz Campaign HQ! More info coming soon)

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is standing for the residents of the ward and bringing straight talk on how to lower taxesfight overdevelopmentend flooding, and finally bring a park to the 4th Ward. 

Despite his claims of independence, Tim Occhipinti is standing with the same people who overspent our budget, raised taxes, handed out zoning variances like Halloween candy, and did nothing to fix flooding.

Last night's debate proved what we have been saying for this entire campaign.  Tim is not ready for prime time and will impede progress.  He has a dangerous lack of knowledge on the issues and during this pivotal point in Hoboken's history, we can't afford to let Tim have "on the job training."

Mike doesn't need to convene a panel to know where he stands on the issues.  Mike has been listening to his neighbors and standing up for the 4th Ward for years. 

This Election is as important as any in Hoboken's history.  For decades, the same group has talked about making changes for the 4th Ward, but have consistently stood against progress in Hoboken.

4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is proud to stand with Mayor Dawn Zimmer and work to bring REAL progress to the city and the 4th Ward.  Unlike Tim, Mike is not just reading a script, he is working with the right people and taking action.

In a little over a year the Reform Council Majority has worked with Mayor Zimmer to:
  • Decrease taxes by 5% (maximum allowed by state in a transitional budget period)
  • Stopped the 70 story NJ Transit project and fought against unfair PILOTs
  • Increased patrolmen  by 38% while making the police department more efficient andsaving taxpayers millions of dollars
  • Rejected unaffordable union contracts at a time when we just can't afford it
  • Begun construction of a 100 million/gallon flood pump that will solve 85% of floodingwhen it is completed in 2011
  • Brought Corner cars, the hop, and Muni-meters to make sure no quarter ever gets stolen again
  • Started the legal process to bring a real park to the Southwest, including study to reroute traffic on Pa terson Plank and Jackson St.

There is still more hard work to be done if taxes are going to keep going down and we are going to continue moving this great city in the right direction.

There is so much to be done that the speed of progress may be frustrating at times, but if we lose the Council Majority to the Occhipinti/Russo alliance, it will stop.  A vote for Tim is a vote for the failed policies of past administrations.

On Tuesday, November 2nd, please vote for Mike Lenz (9C) and keep progress going in Hoboken.

Sam Briggs
Campaign Manager
Friends of Mike Lenz for City Council

P.S.  There are only 19 days until election day and we need your help.  Our biggest opponent in this race is not Tim, its apathy and laziness.  There are more voters in the ward who would support Mike but Tim's "locked in" vote is going to come out in force.  Even a few hours between now and election day can make the different between progress and failure on Election day.  This is too important for Hoboken to let them lie and buy their way to victory. 
P.P.S.  Want an easy way to get involved right now?  Join our facebook page ( and suggest to your friends right now!

Meet and Greet Hosted by Councilman At Large David Mello
Saturday, October 16 - 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Home of David Mello
700 1st St. Apt 14V

Please join your neighbors and friends to discuss your questions and concerns about the 4th Ward and the entire City of Hoboken.

Come meet 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz and learn about his campaign to lower taxes, bring balanced development, fix flooding, improve our quality of life, and finally build a Southwest Park.

Light Refreshments provided.

Horse Sense: Hoboken's Pier C opening has slid

With all of Hoboken'a recurring infrastructure problems along the waterfront, the town certainly deserves some good news in this area.  Pier C opened for a test drive last July and is still not available for public use.  Some changes after the limited review came from the City Council but at this point the beautiful fall weather says the concerns about certain equipment being too hot and dangerous for children would no longer be problematic.  Areas with problems could be cordoned off if necessary.

Although viewing Pier C looks like a small play area for children, a walk out is a completely different experience.  The whole park is actually a marvel and would quickly become a popular destination for not only children but adults.

Last summer Mayor Zimmer tested out the slide.  The date for Pier C's opening has since slid as well.

During the review, some questions posed to the mayor about the opening highlighted problems inherited in contracts with firms in subcontractor agreements.  Although the City does not hold the agreement directly with some of the manufacturers needed to complete the job, the work needs to be pressed ahead.

The mayor and the administration need to find a solution and get Pier C open as the last target date of late August has come and gone.  Although Hoboken has made much progress in a number of areas, this is one glaring example where execution needs to be better.  The timing sooner than later comes to mind

Pier C Park, even with limited access due to setting aside other areas pending final parts for completion would be a big boost to children and the town as a whole.  It's that good.

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