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You don't say - almost 545 vote by mail ballots out there!


While much of Hoboken is not paying attention to the November 2nd special election for the fourth ward - the only 'noise' on the ballot is for Congress and County Sheriff, a war is going on in the back of town as promised by Frank Raia.

That war focused on the corner of town where the Hoboken Housing Authority is based has been extremely busy.  Why you could almost feel the pulse of a campaign back there although the rest of Hoboken is practically silent.

MSV is confirming that vast majority of vote by mail ballots are based from this corner of Hoboken.  Although there's been misdirected attacks made against Da Horsey and our colleague at the the Hoboken Journal for shining some light on this aspect of "voting" by a certain political faction wishing you wouldn't look there, here's the facts.

An operation to enlist residents of the HHA is very clearly underway - as 'campaign workers' no doubt. The overall numbers for the fourth ward are as follows:

  • there are 544 vote by mail ballot requests already made
  • over 300 of those outstanding ballots have already been returned
  • today is the last day to request a vote by mail ballot

Roughly 60% of this 'campaign' to bring in this specific 'vote' is already completed.

MSV is pleased to present the complete documentation showing page after page of vote by mail requests showing the actual evidence of where 'the war' is taking place.  As you can see from even a cursory scan, much of the addresses in the public information obtained from the Hudson County Board of Elections is specifically in the HHA areas.


4th Ward Vote By Mail 9_22_10 -10_25_10

According to a letter in the Hudson Reporter, Tim Occhipinti is happy to speak to people and answer questions.  Perhaps folks will ask him to explain this.  Or maybe ask the people working on his campaign starting with his campaign manager, Jamie Cryan, Councilman Mike Russo, Matt Calicchio, communications spokesman David Cruz, Michelle Russo, former Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, Mike Novak, Frank Raia, and Hoboken411 ghostwriter Lane Bajardi.

Listen to the wind blow and hear their silence echo across town.  And to paraphrase Councilman Russo from the last City Council meeting,

'What did you know and when did you know it?'

Related: Frank Raia was quoted by Timothy J. Carroll in PolitickerNJ as cited in this story.  Carroll's complete piece on these paper ballots is mandatory reading for this election:


New parking meter pilot shows 30% revenue increase!

City of Hoboken announces:


The City of Hoboken announced today that the pilot implementation of multi-space meters along the east side of Washington Street has resulted in dramatically improved auditing capabilities for coin collections and shows a nearly 30 percent increase in revenue.  The results of the eight week pilot implementation conclusively demonstrate that multi-space meters do exactly what they were promised to do by Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs; namely, improve accountability and increase revenue.

The new multi-space meters include real-time internal auditing, automated back-office reporting, and a coin box retrieval protocol that allows a match between a printed receipt from the machine and the deposit slip from the bank.

Hoboken residents continue to pay the price for decades of corruption, but thanks to these strong accountability measures, the era of missing quarters is over,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

"The audit receipts from the meters exactly match the bank deposit slips to the cent," said Director Sacs. "With the use of these machines, there will be no questions about collection and deposit methods in our City's metered parking zones. Nearly half of all transactions are cashless via new credit card capabilities, and we're also capturing more revenue previously lost to broken meters."

Some concerns about the new meters, such as speed of credit card transactions, display messages, and clarity of instruction cards, are currently being evaluated, and improvements to these concerns are underway. Last week, the unclear "Free Parking" message displayed overnight was replaced with "Free Parking 9pm to 9am", and the machines have all been retrofitted with faster modems to improve credit card transaction speeds. The Parking Utility is also currently developing more concise instruction cards.

The vendor contract was awarded earlier this year to Metric Parking via a competitive bid process that included two phases. The first pilot phase was intended to test the claims of the technology in Hoboken and evaluate whether a full implementation works for the City. In Phase I, the multi-space meters were gradually introduced along the eastern side of Washington Street in July and August, and collections receipts were compared to the traditional meters along the west side of the street. Additional revenue from the new technology has already covered the cost for two of the ten new machines. In coming months, the Parking Utility will be working with the vendor to identify other areas where replacing single-space meters with the new multi-space meters makes sense.

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Guest of the Stable: Justin L. DePascale

I am writing this letter to lend support to my friend Tim Occhipinti for the upcoming election on November 2, 2010, in the 4th ward.  

Tim represents so many thousands of Hoboken residents that look for honest government, respect for tradition, and a government that works on behalf of its people.  I found it remarkable that Hoboken unfortunately had to pay a 6 million dollar tax increase to Hudson County, an increase that Occhipinti would have fought against.  I found it amazing to learn that Michael Lenz was hired by Hudson County, given a raise, a credit for health insurance, and also holds an important position in terms of Hudson County politics.  Like Occhipinti I started to think about how this would affect the city of Hoboken.  I then also learned that neither Michael Lenz, who claims to have great concern for the city’s finances, nor Mayor Zimmer did anything to try to appeal the largest tax increase of any city in Hudson County, in the history of county government. To date, there has been no appeal and no lawsuit against the county for this incredible increase (as Bayonne and Secaucus have done in ht past).  How are we not to believe that the involvement of Michael Lenz in the Hudson County political machine is somehow preventing this appeal?

I know that Tim and I share a lot of the same desires for our city, a city where we should not be beholden to such unfair circumstances.  And if such circumstances occur, I expect my government to fight for my city, not to be complacent.  I also know that Tim has full support of our Police Department, and will stand by us even after election season if over. If you support a government that is honest and a police department that does what’s right for our city, please support Tim Occhipinti on November 2, 2010.

Tim goes on the hunt again, goes for the wedge - attack Soares time!

Occhipinti for Council announces:

Dear Friends,

Throughout his campaign Michael Lenz has continuously attacked my friends and campaign supporters, including many non-political private citizens. He does this as a way to deflect attention away from the own gross manipulation of city government to give jobs to his friends and supporters.

Several months ago Michael Lenz cast the deciding vote, which gave former City Councilman Tony Soares, a Lenz campaign strategist and close friend, a second public job with free healthcare at the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. The move was even condemned by Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Our neighborhoods are devastated whenever it rains. With the opportunity to vote for an expert who could provide innovative and dynamic ways to help solve the flooding problem, Michael Lenz voted to reward his friend and political ally, Tony Soares, with a Sewerage Authority post. There can be no better example of exactly what is wrong with our local government.

As Councilman, I will be an independent voice. I will vote for the best available, most qualified candidates for the position, never for my close friends. I will apply the highest standard of personal ethics to every vote I take, and I will concentrate on the needs of the 4th ward.

On November 2nd please vote 9D for Tim Occhipinti. Thank you for your time.


Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Beth Mason announced last night she's up for re-election next May. How does that relate here. Well, this announcement is from her email distribution list and it even comes in the Beth style. (We left out the personal Tim signature, we don't want anyone playing with that.)

Tim's handlers have decided it's time to go on the attack again on the Tony Soares front. Whatever you think of someone holding two unpaid board positions, he's a competent person and he does a good job for Hoboken.

Although it's not our preference for any Hoboken resident to sit on two major unpaid board positions as a matter of policy, this is water under the bridge now.  (NHSA falls under Hudson County and has a stipend of $5,000 per year and a complete benefits package, Soares elects only partial coverage.)  Occhipinti gets in one more lie saying the mayor condemned "the move" and that's untrue.  She did not do so in interviews with MSV or Hoboken Patch.  She expressed her wish for board positions to be one appointment per person while saying she respected the council's decision - as the choice is made by the City Council.

There's much larger concerns at this point. MSV thinks it's absolutely fabulous to see Tim saying here he's going to take the highest standard of ethics on the City Council.

MSV finds it humorous that the Occhipinti handlers whine incessantly when their operative work is uncovered over and over again. They are not concerned about the individuals so much as the methods being revealed.

MSV finds it laughable to hear this refrain considering Occhipinti's lying with the devil at Hoboken411, where personal attacks by its little angry minion are a specialty.

MSV promises the light is going to be further illuminated yet still. More to come.

Update: A commenter notes:

TRANSLATION : "pay no attention to Maurice Fitzgibbons' $35,000 "Public Relations"/ Patronage Contract handed to him at the North Hudson Sewer Authority to deal with digital media and web. 

The more you know...

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