Friday, October 29, 2010

Lenz for Council - hold on, election investigation continuing

Lenz for Council announces:

The reports by our opponents and certain journalists that our case was “thrown out of court” are incorrect and represent wishful thinking on behalf of the Occhipinti campaign.  Judge Maurice Galipoli ruled that our application to have Vote by Mail ballots sequestered was “premature” in part because the Hudson County Superintendant of Elections is in the midst of an ongoing investigation into the clear and solid evidence of allegations of pervasive Election fraud by the Occhipinti campaign.  He did not issue any opinion or rule on the merits of the allegations that are still being investigated.

Evidence of fraud will, in any event, be presented to the Hudson County Board of elections during the challenge process now and after the election.   In light of the substantial evidence already developed and the investigations being conducted by the Superintendent of Elections, we are confident that the ultimate judgement will be in our favor when the allegations are considered on their merits.  

Talking Ed Note: MSV does not comment on releases but in this case must do so to apologize for the incomplete story printed earlier.  The source stated the information came from a courtroom eyewitness.  Initially that information was posted while seeking secondary and independent corroboration.

Bold above is also done by MSV for emphasis.

Breaking: Judge refuses hearing on voter fraud, deems claim premature

In a potential huge victory for the vote by mail operation for Tim Occhipinti, Judge Gallipoli of the NJ Superior Court has 'thrown out the case of voter fraud in its entirety,' according to a source who heard from a witness at the court.

Expect the 'campaign workers' now to be paid in a jiff, hundreds of them who have all voted by mail in the 4-4.  There is no stopping the practice of paying hundreds of people to vote by mail.  Nothing at all. (Presently anyway.)

The Machine is alive and well in the Soprano State.
Long live corruption in New Jersey.

Update 4:00: Here's an update from someone who has direct knowledge of the case, "Judge said application was premature, didn't rule on merits.

An appeal process is anticipated and is currently underway.

Another report framed the key portion this way:

The matter has been referred to the superintendent of elections, but for now the ballots should not be disregarded, said Gallipoli.

On Saturday morning at 8 and 10 a.m. the Board of Elections will canvass the ballots, at which point the Lenz campaign can challenge individual votes.


A statement is anticipated in minutes from the Lenz for Council campaign.

Notice of Court Hearing Lenz vs. Occhipinti: 2:00 today

This note just arrived from the Lenz for Council campaign on the legal case announced yesterday:

There will be a Hearing for Counsel from each party today at 2 pm in front of Judge Gallipoli to get temporary restraint.  Due to the irreversible harm if the illegal ballots are counted (not only to the Mike Lenz campaign but also the Campaigns of Henrietta Dwyer, Congressman Sires, Sheriff Perez, and Undersheriff Schillari), the Lenz Campaign is calling for all Mail in Ballots to be sequestered until an investigation by the Superintendent of Elections and the Attorney General's Office can be completed.

Oct 29, 2010 at 2 pm
Hon. Maurice Gallipoli
Hudson County Courthouse
595 Newark Ave (Courtroom 906)
Jersey City, NJ 07306

I'm not with Tim

In the latest youtube political ad from Occhipinti for Council is a new ad titled, "Bringing it Home," and Tim Occhipinti has a surprise guest.

This short ad concludes with Tim speaking to someone at the Jubilee Center.  That person is yours truly.  MSV has a clearly stated policy it does not endorse candidates.  Neither Tim, nor the Occhipinti for Council campaign approached MSV about the use of my likeness or image in a political ad on his behalf.

Occhipinti knows the basic rules of political ads but even if he doesn't his campaign handlers do.  Yet they went ahead and flouted the law.  Again.

Got integrity?

My attorney Alex Booth, based in Union City and who represented me in the assault and theft at the April BoE forum against Lane Bajardi has issued this letter via fax to Jamie Cryan, Occhipinti Campaign Manager:

Violation Jamie Cryan Occhipinti

Really Tim, I understand you are not happy with the exposes here at MSV.  You claim you have integrity yet you violate the most basic rules of decency in a campaign.  You signed off on an obvious scheme of vote buying no matter what is said or concluded in the court case.  Everyone understands the core attack you and your campaign have signed off on against the fourth ward and all the people of Hoboken - as revealed in your latest NJ ELEC.

Last night on the way to cover a meet and greet at West End Station hosted by Mike Lenz and Mayor Dawn Zimmer, I passed by Occhipinti for Council headquarters.  A lot of the regulars were present: Matt and Nick Calicchio. Lane Bajardi, Councilman Mike Russo, campaign manager Jamie Cryan and also Assemblyman Reuben Ramos.

Jamie Cryan was given the heads up last night on the violation of their political ad.  He said it would be taken down.  As of 12:10 today, it hasn't.  Jamie is your word good for anything?  

For the record, this isn't even about which candidate is better for Hoboken and the fourth ward.  This is about a practice that needs to be stopped.  It needs to be stopped now and Hoboken needs to enter into the 21st century of American standardized voting practices not back to the 1950's "On the Waterfront."

Below is a screen shot from Tim Occhipinti's political ad.  Can Tim look to the people in his family and say, aren't you proud of me?  Tim is your father proud of what you are doing?

For the record, again, I'm not with Tim.

Yet another illegal operation, this time a political ad.

Grist for the Mill: Midnight Monday meeting at the Occhipinti HQ Lair


Whispers early this week suggested the massive vote by mail (operation) was being scrutinized and well underway by Monday night. Based on the filed affidavits with the NJ Superior Court, investigators specializing in election law began speaking with residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority and collecting evidence. The evidence in the Lenz for Council complaint, if accurate shows an ongoing operation of vote buying.

Inquiries to a small group of residents produced several alleged cases where housing authority residents admitted to being paid for their vote supporting Tim Occhipinti's campaign in the amount of $40 each. According to the affidavits, residents also identified the individuals involved in the payments for votes.

The two people identified in the complaint are Hoboken 4th ward resident Matt Calicchio and Hoboken perennial officeholder/candidate Frank Raia. The investigation into additional allegations is not over and is in fact still underway.

Word travels quickly in the Hoboken Housing Authority and inquiries quickly got around and apparently back to Tim Occhipinti's campaign. An all hands on deck call led to a dead of night midnight meeting Monday at Tim Occhipinti's campaign headquarters. Another possible problem for Occhipinti's campaign is an OPRA request for leasing information in the housing authority made by the Lenz for Council campaign with a copy forwarded to them. (Residency issues will certainly come up with more examples of illegal voting after lease data is examined.) The two problems together may have spurred the late night call to arms.

Among those in attendance in the Monday midnight meeting were candidate Tim Occhipinti, campaign manager Jamie Cryan, third ward Councilman Mike Russo, his mother Michelle five-dollars-a-tow Russo, Weehawken political operative James Barracato, and Hoboken411 ghostwriter Lane Bajardi.

Although it's not clear with certainty why the midnight meeting took place, it's not beyond concluding the vote for pay inquiries by an investigator along with leasing data in the Hoboken Housing Authority were both valid if unequal factors for concern.

MSV has acquired exclusive video of the midnight meeting participants Monday night. In the video Tim Occhipinti is seen in a white shirt and tie with the other dead of night meeting participants outside of the campaign HQ as it concludes. He later follows Michelle Russo who breaks up the meeting and heads to her car. She can be heard asking if she can have something "tomorrow." Tim Occhipinti is then heard answering her in the affirmative before getting into the back of her illegally parked vehicle.

Councilman Mike Russo seen wearing a red visor then says good night sharing hugs first with Occhipinti campaign manager Jamie Cryan, then Lane Bajardi and finally James Baracatto. He does not hug or shake hands with a fourth unidentified person standing with the other three.

The video ends with Jamie Cryan standing and talking with James Barracato, Lane Bajardi and the fourth unidentified person.

Talking Ed Note: The Lenz for Council complaint filed with the NJ Superior Court will be evaluated on the merits Friday. If the court rules the evidence is sufficient for a hearing, a court date could be scheduled as soon as Monday.

This video is available for use on youtube. Media sources are free to post it and requested to provide credit to Mile Square View.