Monday, November 1, 2010

Occhougly - HHA residents' 'letter' heaves charge of racism


MSV has obtained a letter circulating among a handful of select Occhipinti campaign people and they have been busy working on getting signatures for it. But not affidavits for voter fraud, they are looking to intimidate the media from even looking at what we've called 'The Anomaly."

Apparently they have gotten a handful of HHA residents to sign the letter. MSV is withholding the names of the people thought to have signed it. It's the ugliest card you can deal from the bottom of the deck and it reeks of desperation as 'The Anomaly' is about to rage out of control.

How long will it take before the Occhipinti campaign seeks to use their campaign worker who ghostwrites for Hoboken411 in a desperate attempt to stymie the emerging scandal? Get busy minion!

A declaration of voters’ rights
We, the undersigned residents of Hoboken public housing, wish to express our outrage over the recent actions by Sam Briggs and the Lenz campaign, including demanding our personal information and targeting members of our community for harassment.
For too many years, our neighbors have been stigmatized as criminals and cheats. The truth is that public housing residents are humble, honest, hard-working people from good families, who work hard, respect the law, and support the rights of all people to free speech, regardless of their social or economic status.

Over the past two weeks, we have been the victims of a coordinated and sustained program of intimidation and harassment. Our elderly neighbors have been accused of criminal behavior and coerced into signing incriminating documents they didn’t understand. Our children, many participating in their first elections, have similarly been harassed and accused of corruption. Our entire community has been targeted simply because we are poor.

We call on Michael Lenz and Sam Briggs to apologize to this community and to all residents of the 4th ward. They should cease and desist from this racist targeting of a neighborhood that has been the backbone of Hoboken for decades. We further call on the U.S. Attorney’s office and all pertinent investigative bodies to take notice of these actions and to respond with all appropriate actions. We demand our right to privacy and to vote for the candidates of our choice, without fear or under threat of retaliation.

(Residents signatures withheld by MSV)

Talking Ed note: Well the final card is being dealt here and it's the race card from the bottom of the deck. How many of these signers are already paid Occhipinti vote by mail 'campaign workers' you think? There are seven and MSV knows that is not a clean slate.
Word is many HHA 'campaign' people have not yet been paid. They receive photocopies of their checks. They then redeem their photocopied check on election day for the real cashable one!

But if you aren't on the lease list, well you aren't getting paid!
The word is spreading in the HHA and anger is now fueled heading into payday.

You think anyone is scared by this letter?

Michelle Russo - looking very bitter and angry today.
Here's one more gristy chewable: A haul of vote by mail ballots was taken in to the Hudson County Board of Elections today. Five people carrying today's 'bearer' loot.

You would think with such a haul they would be happy. The report says they were most definitely not.

There's going to be mucho problems with the vote by mail plunder. More to come.

Grist for the Mill: 4th ward electoral fraud

Brian Thompson, NY Channel 4 correspondent is in Hoboken this afternoon. The on air reporter has specialized on New Jersey news for years and has been spotted on Jackson St. by the Hoboken Housing Authority. He's said to have a special love for Hudson County corruption. And he looks to be doing a story on the Festivus miracle of Tim Occhipinti's near mathematical impossibility of vote by mail votes.

That total won't be in until tomorrow. But it promises to be the biggest Festivus miracle - ever!

MSV is very pleased to see more media attention on Hoboken's growing early season festivus miracle.

Also, here's something from what sounds like a Occhipinti insider posted on MSV:

The name is not shown because? Oh, wait! The person who signed it was intimidated into signing it and will no longer stand by that document.

Question: Why have all the affidavit signers recanted their claims?
Answer: Because they were pressured into signing it.

Simple: Put up or shut up. If you have Fraud show it. Accusations merely dirty the water; but wasn't that the point all along. Hudson County Politics for two decades will teach you that.

Is it ever wonder why the Judge ruled the way he did on Friday. Cheap tricks from a last-ditch effort.

For some reason this commenter thought MSV would delete their post. We want to alleviate them of this concern so instead we're highlighting it in a post - so you won't miss it.  Besides, if true, are we to believe that all these affidavit signers just miraculously signed refuting their earlier affidavits.  If true, Hoboken is blessed again with yet another early Festivus miracle.

It's pretty exciting to see Hoboken in the news again. Especially when corruption is what they keep coming back for and today will not be an exception.

Background on Brian Thompson is here.  Maybe this commenter wants to get over to Jackson Street and tell Mr. Thompson to shut up.  Hey, tell him he has no right being a part of Hoboken's Festivus miracle.

Tim "Mr. Integrity" Occhipinti just saw his illegal campaign ad yanked off the internet.
At least that's one less law broken by the Occhipinti campaign.  Congrats Tim!
Last the illegal youtube ad from Tim Occhipinti, "Bringing it Home," has been sent to a watery grave.  It isn't because they complied with the law though.  They resisted and kept it up as long as possible Mr. Integrity, Tim Occhipinti fighting for lawbreaking every step of the way, but now, sayonara.

How hard do you think Tim will fight for say something illegal with higher stakes?

MSV would like to thank our lawyer Alex Booth for his outstanding work.

Update: As MSV has clearly stated before, you can not put people in a political ad without their consent.

Lenz campaign blasts Occhipinti 'voter fraud'

Lenz for Council announces:

 BREAKING "NEWS" ON VOTER FRAUD ("View Images" on this email to get the full information):
Don't let them steal the Election!  Stand up for progress! Set your alarm 10 minutes early so you have time to VOTE TOMORROW, tell 5 of your friends to do the same, and then sign up to help us get out the vote across the Ward.
Show them they can't cheat their way to City Hall as long as there are (living) residents like us who care about Hoboken! 
Don't let Hoboken go back to the failed policies of the past!
Vote 9C TOMORROW and Volunteer TODAY! 

Come by Campaign HQ (60 Madison), Click Here, Call 201-588-5369, or to get signed up.
 Monday:  4 pm - 8 pm (Streets and Phones)
8 pm - 10 pm (Dropping lit to supporters so they remember to vote in the morning)

Drop by Campaign HQ (60 Madison), Click Here, Call 201-588-5369, or to get signed up!
6 am - 9 am:  Handing out literature and getting folks to vote BEFORE they go to work.
12 noon - 4 pm:  Leave Messages on phones and dropping literature at doors to remidn supporters to come out and vote
4 pm - 8 pm: THE BIG PUSH - If voters go inside their buildings before they vote, we lost them.  This is the last chance we have to make sure people vote.

Developers and shady characters - "We're with Tim!"

It's already GOTV (Get out the vote) time but the discussion on development like much of the facts in this election has been lost.  A cursory examination of the recent ELEC form filed by the candidates shows who is really backing who.  And the developers available for the record are clearly not with Mike Lenz - they are backing Tim Occhipinti.

What is it they know about Tim Occhipinti the rest of us don't.

Here's Micheal Fitzgerald laying down some big coin in a small Hoboken election.  He's putting up a hefty $2,600 and his occupation: Real Estate.

Developers for Tim

The above letter that has been circulating recently says it speaks for local realtors in Hoboken.  Not surprisingly, they're for Tim too gunning after Mike Lenz.  The same letter was issued earlier, that one going after Councilman Peter Cunningham.

Starting to get the picture?

Here's another big backer of Tim, David Rousso.  He's had a little problem with the law and securities fraud according to records from the National Futures Association.
He's with Tim too!


Charged were David L. Rousso of Hoboken, N.J.; Neil T. McGoldrick of Garden City, N.Y.; Richard Henriksen of Brooklyn; Kathleen A. Farley of Manhattan; and William J. Reidy of Chicago.
Each of the defendants is a floor broker in NYMEX`s crude oil futures pit. In addition, Reidy acted as a local trader, buying and selling oil futures contracts for his personal account.
The complaint brings to 13 the number of people charged so far in the investigation. It is the first time that a defendant has been accused of trading ahead of customer orders.
Rousso was charged with trading ahead of his customer orders on seven occasions. On each occasion, the complaint charges, Rousso received better prices on crude oil futures trades than did his clients.

David Rousso can't help but max out for Tim too for $2,600.  Think he knows something more about Tim you don't?  He has a remarkable trading pedigree, almost like John Corea.  You remember the former Director of the Parking Utility?  He's up on charges for swiping several tons in quarters while big Occhipinti backer Councilman Mike Russo was trying to stonewall on his behalf calling an earlier mention of monies missing, a math error - one he describes as "my mistake."

MSV predicts after the election you'll see a lot more of this on Tim Occhipinti's final ELEC report.  For now, readers should note the people with a vested interest in seeing as many big condos go up as possible are all "with Tim."  Along with some questionable other contributors.  What do they think they are getting for their investment?

After the election, there may be a Political Action Committee set up, "Criminals for Tim."
As they say in the biz, follow the money.

Talking Ed Note: Tim Occhipint claims he doesn't read "our stuff" but his campaign certainly are avid readers.  They've issued a press release denying their role in placing their stickers on private property and now publicly blaming the Lenz campaign.

From the release,

"The latest dirty trick began yesterday when the Lenz campaign began removing “paid for by Occhipinti for Council” stickers from 4th ward children’s Halloween treat bags and adhering them to residents’ doors and other private property."

Lenz for Council campaign manager Sam Briggs replied for comment:

This is not even worthy of a response. I thank them for giving me a heads up on what they strategy is for tonight (midnight flyer and tearing down their own banner) but I am not going to waste precious time today responding to blatantly false allegations. I know that Tim doesn't have to worry about turning out voters and coordinating volunteers today since his vote is bought and paid for and his campaign is staffed by paid workers, but we have to do field work to bring this home. Don't forget to Vote tomorrow and vote Mike Lenz 9C to keep progress moving in Hoboken.

Occhipinti is also predicting midnight flyers but says they will come from the Lenz campaign.  James Barracato of Weehawken a political operative who has been in the pay for service of Beth Mason was seen at a midnight emergency meeting last week at Occhipinti's headquarters.  He's certainly on the short list of people who likes to work those type of hours.  

What does this mean?  More midnight madness!  So expect to see some late night fishy character in the fourth ward.  Be nice to him, he's just a gun for hire and not even a Hoboken resident.  But call the police immediately.

Occhipinti campaign: stop looking at public information in the HHA

This guy says, 'I'm with Tim.'
Here's a letter signed by Occhipinti campaign manager Jamie Cryan speaking on behalf of, well we're not sure, it's so hard to keep reading when you're laughing that hard.  It's consistent with the vociferous complaints from all these Occhipinti hanlders as the sunlight is shining on the nefarious activities going on in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

David Cruz, Occhipinti spokesman really doesn't appreciate disinfectant shining on the land while the paper ballots are actively being tilled.

The people of Hoboken have an absolute right to know who is acting against the citizens of Hoboken and especially the people of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Got exploitation?

The letter was sent to the HHA Executive Director and in typical Occhipinti fashion lobs misinformation right out of the gate in the first sentence.  It's not actual leases just a list of the names of leaseholders.  Who are they really looking to protect here?  People who don't really live there or hold no lease but are planning on voting in the fourth ward election.

This letter is designed to protect the odd instances where four men are listed as living in a woman's one bedroom apartment and yet they are all listed as vote by mail supporters of - you guessed it, Tim Occhipinti.

What do you call those people in the Occhipinti campaign?  Their base.

Carmello Garcia
Executive Director
Hoboken Housing Authority
400 Marshall Drive
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Dear Mr. Garcia:

Please be advised that the Occhipinti for Council campaign is not a party to the request for information regarding leases for residents of Hoboken Housing Authority apartments. As a 4thward resident and the son of immigrants, I am offended by Mr. Briggs’ blatant targeting of our most vulnerable residents and the potential use for voter suppression. Someone speaking a different language or being a senior citizen or not being listed on a lease does not preclude a person’s right to vote, and the potential for intimidation is shameful.

Until every landlord across the 4th ward is compelled to turn over the names and leases of all tenants in their buildings, this request remains a violation of the civil rights of these residents, in my opinion. Residents of Hoboken’s public housing are incensed by the suggestion that they are somehow predisposed to criminality simply because they live in public housing. Housing Authority residents have been marginalized for decades and this latest effort is a further example of that.

Please be advised that we have ongoing conversations with the US Attorney’s Office, the ACLU, NAACP, and Urban League of Hudson County to alert them to this outrageous request. The Occhipinti campaign is one of inclusion and we support the right of every individual to privacy and to vote free of intimidation.


Jamie Cryan
Campaign Manager
Occhipinti For Council

Talking Ed Note: One interesting feature in this letter is again the cry of voter suppression.  The Occhipinti campaign continues to get more shrill, the more attention is placed surrounding the shadowy activities of paper ballots consuming the Hoboken Housing Authority.

You have to wonder if they won't be bringing Al Sharpton or a de facto representative bellowing that same line next.

MSV says bring Al or his cohort.  See how that person stacks up against the FBI or NJ Attorney General.

The civil rights of all of Hoboken are being violated in any exercise of massive voter fraud.  Let's get to the bottom of it once and for all.