Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hoboken411 still stuck on the big lie technique

The boys of hate at Hoboken411 should be happy to see their chief bogeyman, Mike Lenz off the stage on the City Council but their foul tempers are never so easily assuaged.

An easy trifecta of madness has been served up.  Here's the Hoboken411 accusation:

Under orders from the Hoboken411 minion, everyone is hereby ordered not to look under the rug of problems arising in this election.  The problems are numerous and some have been referred to the Hudson County prosecutor's office by the Hudson County Board of Elections as stated in a Jersey Journal story Thursday afternoon.

Unfortunately Lane Bajardi, the worst imitation of John Q. Public and concerned citizen since the Soviet Union fell and Pravda went under, made light of any such concerns declaring all such matters null and void.  (This prompted the Jolly Green Giant at the Hoboken Journal to raise an eyebrow and say hmmmn time to take a closer look.)

Although Perry Klaussen, "the editor," at Hoboken411 wouldn't know any of this firsthand, Lane Bajardi was way deep working on the Occhipinti campaign even showing up in the now infamous TO midnight lair video and hugging it out with Mike Russo.

Lane Bajardi - cranking up the usual poison pen of lies

Thursday's Jersey Journal news makes it clear the numerous concerns on the matter of election fraud isn't just going to go away.  An appeal directly to the State Attorney General's office is going to be made, no matter what Hudson County does.

Let's just put this Hoboken411 fabrication into the bad timing category - as in that's too bad you hate mongers.

The truth here is evident at least enough to show this too is a lie.  It's clear from the City of Hoboken video as there's just too wide a camera angle revealing the truth:

Now although you can't see everyone in the video, it's obvious City Council President Carol Marsh politely applauds.  That's sufficient evidence to counter more fibbing from Hoboken411 the the four reform members were all not applauding.  (Later Ravi Bhalla would congratulate Tim Occhipinti during the meeting himself, but hey what more needs to be said on this whopper?)

The last lie is of course just flat out laughable that the mayor and Councilman Dave Mello lost on their home court of 4-1 and 4-2.  This just flat out stupid lie says it was by over 200 votes on the machines.  The truth is the machine vote totals are readily available by district and have been already published here and elsewhere.

On that score it was Mike Lenz over Tim Occhipinti 688 - 377.  Guess these guys don't imagine any one would look at the obvious.

Well as MSV noted yesterday, this was a quite an odd City Council meeting.  The 'winners' were bitter and still seem to be struggling with the basic reality that the reform movement is not quaking at losing a fourth ward election, even with the old guard "all in" and pulling every string possible fair and unfair at the ballot box.

This seems to have unnerved some of them.  And it's made some unstable.  It's a real concern now.  More on this to come.

Talking Ed Note: The City released its comprehensive decades back overview on the waterfront. (see below)  At the previous City Council meeting, Councilman Mike Russo said "What did the mayor know and when did she know it?

Today he got his answer.  Understandably, it's causing major consternation.  Hoboken411 we hear posted its assortment of lies to try to help Mikie Squared get over the indisgestion.

It's going to leave a mark regardless.

Breaking: Criminal referals to Hudson County prosecutor underway

Katie Colaneri is reporting for the Jersey Journal confirming Mayor Zimmer's tweet this morning - there's ballots being turned over to the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office from the fourth ward special election.

200 challenges were written up citing numerous problems by the Lenz for Council campaign.  Red flags went up when the Hudson County Board of Elections declined to completely investigate a multitude of problems showing illegal voting.

Even with the a second hand report of "not interested" from the County, 96 ballots have been tossed based on the most cursory review such as signatures not matching, improper custody, etc.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla at last night's City Council meeting
recognizes electoral fraud fight has to go to the State level.
Councilman Ravi Bhalla says in the story, this needs to go to the state for investigation noting, "We intend to bring all this evidence to the attorney general's office and request formal investigation and I think it should have been done by the Board of Elections, rather than referring us to the county prosecutor's office."

Originally in the 4th ward special election, there were over 600 vote by mail ballot applications and over 500 were returned.

Of those, the last tally showed Tim Occhipinti with 390 vote by mail paper ballots vs. Mike Lenz's 34.  That means Tim Occhipinti received almost a full third of his vote in paper ballots!    

Talking Ed Note: A commenter noted a good person to call on the state side: Gene Berry who reports to Robert Giles.  609-292-3760.

Please join the other readers in making a call and asking for the state to aid Hoboken in investigating the fraud in this election.

It's pretty clear there's not much interest from the Hudson County Board of Elections that kicked this over to the prosecutor's office.  They should be doing a comprehensive investigation but they won't.

Hudson County is the leader in the Soprano State culture of corruption. The battle must be taken by the readers to the State.

City updates waterfront walkway with comprehensive historical timeline

City of Hoboken announces:


Based on guidance from Boswell Engineering, the City’s engineer, Mayor Dawn Zimmer has decided to close additional sections of the waterfront in the interest of public safety. The City Council was informed of the decision on Wednesday evening.

The Waterfront Walkway north and east of the Hudson Tea Building will be closed to pedestrian traffic. Additionally, the short section of the promenade from the southern entrance of Pier A south to Warrington Plaza, which is owned by New Jersey Transit, will also be closed to pedestrian traffic.

The City is arranging for divers to inspect the entire waterfront.

Understanding Hoboken’s Waterfront Crisis
Since the recent collapse at Sinatra Drive North, the Zimmer Administration has been working with County officials to ensure that the roadway section is repaired for the long term utilizing modern repair methods and materials such as concrete and steel. The roadway was originally built upon very old timber construction dating back to the early 1900’s. An internal inquiry, following the recent collapse, found that there were at least two previous collapses along Sinatra Drive North in 1998 and in 2002 when marine grade plywood was placed on the deteriorating wood platform of the aged timber structure. A timeline of findings from the inquiry is included below. The Zimmer Administration is working with all waterfront property owners to determine exactly which sections of the roadway are built on land and which sections are built on pier structures and is taking steps to assess the condition of all waterfront structures.

Boswell Engineering is working closely with Hudson County to ensure the safest repair methods are used. A community meeting will be held soon in the 2nd Ward to discuss this matter and answer questions from concerned residents.


Wood Advisory Services, Inc warns the Russo Administration of wood boring shipworm (“Teredos”) problem in the existing wood pilings along the waterfront at Castle Point Park, on which Hoboken’s portion of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway was about to be built. They also cite “appreciable losses in structural capacity.” One year later, DEP receives a memo from Schoor DePalma recommending steel pilings instead of timber.
[Wood Advisory Services report (pdf, September 12, 1995)]

A memo from former Russo Administration Human Services Director Robert Drasheff references a Boswell Engineering report of an underwater investigation of Castle Point Park which says that the “general condition” of the timber relieving platform at Castle Point Park “is considered poor” and that “marine borer (Teredo) tunnels were also noted in several piles and pile caps, further confirming that the platform has surpassed its usefulness.” Additionally, it notes that “laboratory analysis confirmed that the piles are soft and have lost much of their structural capacity.” The report recommended removing and replacing the timber relieving platform.
[Drasheff Memo and Boswell Engineering report (pdf, October 5, 1995)]

Sinatra Drive North road is built by Hudson County. Union Paving was the contractor for the job, and the design was done by PMK Group.

First collapse of Sinatra Drive North, according to Applied Companies and Hudson County. Repairs completed by Applied Housing on behalf of Hudson County. The Zimmer Administration has requested additional information about this incident to review its correlation with the current collapse along Sinatra Drive North.
[No documentation with respect to nature of repairs available to date]

Russo Administration enters the City of Hoboken into a contract with the State of New Jersey, Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC) and the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to build the Waterfront Walkway at Castle Point Park.
[Castle Point Walkway Agreement (pdf, February 10, 2000)]

Second collapse of Sinatra Drive North. Repairs performed by Union Paving. Design and inspection performed by PMK. JT Cleary, Inc. and PMK performed inspections in the area and submitted reports to Applied Companies. Marine grade plywood was recommended and utilized for the repairs (See photos).
[J.T. Cleary report to Applied Companies (pdf, June 25, 2002)]
[PMK report to Applied Companies (pdf, August 16, 2002)]
Conviction of Applied Developer Joseph Barry and Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski for bribery in connection with application for $8.8 million in federal transportation funds related to the Sinatra Drive North/Shipyard project. Cooperation from Janiszewski assisted government in successful corruption prosecution of former Mayor Anthony Russo.
[Hudson County Waterfront Developer Joseph Barry and Janiszewski "Consultant" Indicted, Taken Into Custody (Department of Justice press release, October 15, 2003)]
[Hudson County Waterfront Developer Joseph Barry Sentenced to 25 Months for Making Cash Payments to Janiszewski (Department of Justice press release, October 21, 2004)]
[Hudson County Waterfront Developer Joseph Barry Admits Making $114,900 in Cash Payments to Janiszewski (Department of Justice press release, June 22, 2004)]
[Former Hudson County Executive Janiszewski Sentenced to 41 Months for Corruption
(Department of Justice press release, March 24, 2005)]
["Big House For Barry" (The Jersey Journal, October 22, 2004)]
[Developer Joseph Barry pleads guilty Admits to $114,900 in illegal cash payments to former county exec (The Hudson Reporter, June 25, 2004)]

Schoor DePalma writes memo to Roberts Administration regarding Castle Point Bulkhead Failure with suggested course of action including creating an inventory and investigating all “properties that were constructed on the timber relief platforms.” The memo also notes a “minor failure” of the Waterfront Walkway along the soccer field.
[Memo from Schoor DePalma (pdf, November 27, 2006)]

Castle Point Park Walkway collapses (March, 2007)

Roberts Administration advised of wood boring shipworm problem at Castle Point Park.
[Memo from Michael J. Korman (pdf, June 14, 2007)]

Frank Sinatra Walkway collapses (September, 2009)

Acting Mayor Zimmer implements emergency measures to protect integrity of soccer field and begins grant-funding search to pay for repairs.
[Letter from Mayor Zimmer to Congressman Sires re: funding for Sinatra Field and Castle Point Park (pdf, December 19, 2009)]
[Hoboken Addresses Sinatra Park Collapse (press release, September 23, 2009)]
[Sinatra Field Walkway Damage Update (press release, October 7, 2009)]
[Update on Sinatra Soccer Field from Mayor Dawn Zimmer (press release, October 29, 2009)]
[Mayor Zimmer Seeks Public Support For Waterfront Walkway Reconstruction Funding (press release, March 11, 2010)]

·         Thanks to support from Senator Lautenberg, Senator Menendez, and Congressman Sires, $1 million in federal money has been committed, but not fully secured at this time.[Lautenberg, Menendez: Senate Panel Approves $200 Million for Arc Tunnel; Bill Would Invest Multiple Transportation Improvements, Community Development Projects Lautenberg/Menendez press release (press release, July 22, 2010)]
·         Thanks to support from County Executive Tom DeGise, $500,000 from the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund has been recommended for the reconstruction of the Waterfront Walkway.[The future of open space; $6.5 million expected to fund 17 projects this year, (Hudson Reporter, October 3, 2010)]

Zimmer Administration also begins search for new City engineer. Maser Consulting selected in early 2010, but donation by firm to Peter Cammarano requires extended search process for selection of another firm.

Spring 2010
Boswell Engineering selected by search team and appointed by City Council.

Summer 2010
SubTerra Geoservices LLC conducts a geophysical investigation study for Applied Development Company on June 9, 2010 “to determine if voids in the subsurface may be present at the site.” Report to Applied identifies “anomalous areas” in the data collected “that appears to be indicative of the possible subsurface voids or other structures in several locations at the site.”
[SubTerra Geoservices report (pdf, June 21, 2010) – report not provided to Zimmer Administration until October 13, 2010]

Spring-Fall 2010
Boswell Engineering completes all geotechnical studies for Sinatra Park and Castle Point Park Walkway. Firm finalizes plans for both projects and conducts series of meetings with DEP in advance of final application in early December. Boswell Engineering completes overlay view of Hoboken’s waterfront, expanding to include roadways as well as walkways.
[Hoboken Takes Additional Preventive Measures Regarding Sinatra Drive North (press release, October 13, 2010)]
[Update On Sinatra Drive North, Castle Point Park And Sinatra Park (press release, October 20, 2010)]

Fall 2010
Mayor Zimmer to hold series of community meetings to discuss collapse at Sinatra Drive North and ask for community’s help with expediting approval process by the DEP for Sinatra Park.


All documentation noted in this article can be found on the above link to the City of Hoboken website.  The Editor

Assemblyman Ramos sponsors bill to curtail employee credit checks

Office of Assembly Democrats announce:


            (TRENTON) – Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Ruben J. Ramos Jr. and Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker to prohibit employers from requiring credit checks as a condition of employment is advancing toward law.
            “We all know this is a tough economy, but in most cases I see no legitimate reason for making a credit check a condition of employment,” said Ramos (D-Hudson). “Let’s be fair here and require credit checks only when an employee will be working in a job that’s financial in nature. In other cases, it just simply isn’t necessary and is quite simply unfair.”

            The bill (A-3238) prohibits an employer from requiring a credit check on a current or prospective employee as a condition of employment, unless the employer is required to do so by law or reasonably believes an employee has engaged in a specific activity that is financial in nature and constitutes a violation of law.

            “The bill does not prevent an employer from a credit inquiry or employment action if credit history is a bona fide occupational requirement of a particular position or employment classification,” said Tucker (D-Essex). “Otherwise, requiring such checks may actually be impairing someone’s ability to recover financially by starting a new job.”

            Credit checks would be allowed for:
·        A managerial position which involves setting the financial direction or control of the business;
·        A position which involves access to customers’, employees’, or employers’ personal belongings or financial information, other than information customarily provided in a retail transaction;
·        A position which involves a fiduciary responsibility to the employer, including, but not limited to, the authority to issue payments, transfer money or enter into contracts or involves leases of real property;
·        A position which provides an expense account for travel; or
·        A law enforcement officer for a law enforcement agency in this state.
      The bill prohibits an employer from requiring a prospective employee to waive or limit any protection granted under the bill as a condition of applying for or receiving an offer of employment.

            The bill also prohibits retaliation or discrimination against an individual because the individual has done or was about to do any of the following:
·        file a complaint pursuant to provisions of the bill;
·        testify, assist, or participate in an investigation, proceeding, or action concerning a violation of the bill; or
·        otherwise oppose a violation of the bill.
Any current, prospective, or former employee aggrieved under the provisions of the bill may bring an action in a court of competent jurisdiction for appropriate injunctive relief and damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs.
In addition, the bill provides for the imposition of civil penalties in an amount not to exceed $5,000 for the first violation, and $10,000 for each subsequent violation, collectible by the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development.
“Let’s face it – in most cases credit checks are unnecessary and say nothing about whether a potential employee is fit for the job,” Ramos said.
The bill was recently released by the Assembly Labor Committee

Twitter Wars! Mayor Zimmer challenges Ruben Ramos on 'exploitation of HHA residents'

Is it something in the water, because Mayor Dawn Zimmer just came out standing up for the Hoboken Housing Residents saying the Assemblyman "Reuben Ramos needs to" as well.

Although the Occhipinti campaign would like any more light on the election to go away, Mayor Zimmer comments criminal referrals by the Hudson County Board of Elections have been made.

MSV had heard of one person working in support of Tim Occhipinti in the Housing Authority would face such an outcome for election fraud.

It looks like it has come to pass and Mayor Dawn Zimmer is throwing down on behalf of the Hoboken Housing Authority residents!

Assemblyman Reuben Ramos who like many local politicos, shares twitter feeds among the group saw the mayor's twitter and responded:

Not exactly a powerful retort from the Assemblyman is it?  Well, this is going to set off a lot more attention on the electoral fraud in this past election.  The local media will enjoy the "he said, she said," aspect but perhaps they will (finally) look into the facts of the matter and provide detailed reports as the criminal charges of this come to light.

The twitter battle started off innocently enough but was kicked off by Assemblyman Ramos who derided the Corner Cars program as "rental cars."

Assemblyman Ramos initiated a twitter battle with Mayor Zimmer on the Corner Cars program.  It's escalated into something far bigger and far more important. 
Well Assemblyman, it looks like you wanted to get in a tweak against the Mayor.  You did.  And now Mayor Zimmer accepted your offer and raised you a million, in credibility!

Looks like it's your turn at the poker table.  MSV advises you to slink quietly away before the damage gets worse as it certainly will.

The Assemblyman who was said to be neutral in the council race between Mike Lenz and Tim Occhipinti later came out strongly backing Occhipinti.  He may land up regretting his decision.

And he may not be alone when the full story comes out on this.

Talking Ed Note: It's way past time journalism in Hoboken work to get at the truth.  This story came to the fore a full week ago, what MSV called "The Anomaly," and little has been done shining the light.

As for the HHA, this is sorely overdue.  It's about time people rally on behalf of the residents there.  They are part of Hoboken too and merit our concern and protection from the vultures who swoop down and exploit them at election time.

MSV will absolutely be following the story on these criminal referrals.

City Council Post Mortem

All the signs are there for bad things to come. First, Jersey Journal reporter Katie Colaneri captures Councilman David Mello saying he was offended his name was on a tombstone set up at the Russo Halloween event this past weekend. He asks for an apology. Councilman Russo and Councilwoman Castellano refuse.

Some rich hypocrisy from an Occhipinti campaign worker/Hoboken411 ghostwriter took the cake with comments about post-election behavior during the City Council public portion and then attacks on Hoboken residents outside directly after. That story is coming. (Trust me truth is stranger than fiction.)

The tension in the room was interesting in that all the bitterness and invective seemed to be coming from the Occhipinti supporters. At one point MSV spoke to a regular council watcher and said are you picking up on this? It wasn't just what went on up front, although Councilman Mike Russo was especially nasty even more than usual.

In the crowd it was worse. A well known campaign supporter of Tim Occhipinti was overheard saying in a clear audible voice, "effin scumbag," when Ravi Bhalla was actually congratulating Tim Occhipinti on his election win.

I've never seen a group of more angry, bitter, disgruntled winners.

Let's put it this way. Victory has done nothing to assuage the upset caused by putting a modicum of light on what has transpired during this election. In fact, it's created the opposite effect.

Patricia Waiters made some comments about intimidation and the attacks on her and family. There was smirks and grimaces among the Occhipinti backers as she detailed her upset with the targeting. She lamented where would it end?

MSV doesn't wish to overstate this but it's fairly clear there's some serious problems in this town. It's not just the wanton flagrant violation of election rules, it's just short now of full all out attempts to intimidate with violence.

MSV captured an incident just outside and one can hope it was just an isolated incident. What followed in a disagreement among two individuals turned into something else as the little angry Hoboken411 minion started to shoot invective toward two individuals in the reform community. Neither of them had involvement in the words between the other two people. That didn't stop him from showing how deep hypocrisy runs. Minutes earlier he was moralizing about how the election is over and... it's simply off the charts.

That story and video will come tomorrow.

Last, this past week after we broke "The Anomaly" story of Tim Occhipinti's paid 'campaign workers' on his ELEC seems to have caught on in a big way. Readership skyrocketed this past week with thousands of readers in the the last couple of days alone. The jump has been like nothing we've seen before. Corruption really captures the keen interest of the people in Hoboken. (Too bad Hudson County doesn't share it. More on that later.)

Speaking of anomalies, the Jersey Journal highlighted earlier the latest off the charts vote by mail totals adding to The Anomaly. Here's the breakdown:

Tim Occhipinti - 390
Mike Lenz - 34

That's right nothing to see here, move along. Several people we spoke to had different reactions about this. One senior political watcher noted our concern saying how do you explain something like this in a one off small ward election? He noted "He's right," as another observer expressed concern about Hudson County tossing out a vote by mail ballot of a woman who died. Riddle me this, how many out of that 390 do you think are 'campaign workers?'

Talking Ed Note: MSV is forced to admit we profited from this election. A buddy who is a new City Council observer made a friendly wager for dinner and drinks over the controversial vote by mail absentees long before the election. He was convinced Councilman Mike Lenz would generate a significant paper vote total and Da Horsey was sure of the opposite. So each side set their stakes.

His prediction was Mike Lenz would have 201 or better vote by mail (absentee) ballots.
Da Horsey predicted Tim Occhipinti would come in with 301 or more in a very large scam on the Hoboken electorate. Thanks for being a good sport about it buddy.

MSV wishes to thank you for making this website part of your Hoboken life. We're particularly grateful for all the recent emails and positive feedback of support from readers. This is the truest and best reward.