Monday, November 15, 2010

City Council meeting @ 7:00

Due to the League of Municipalities meetings in Atlantic City, the Council is meeting today.

A rumor about the overthrow of City Council President Carol Marsh by the Russo-Mason alliance now with the new crunchy councilman "independent" Tim Occhipinti will be proven true or false if they introduce an ordinance to change the existing policy.

Bad taste has never stopped Beth Mason before so expect the unexpected.

Res pac link:

Waterfront emergency resolution on deck

City of Hoboken announces:
An emergency resolution regarding funding for inspections of the Hoboken waterfront will be before the City Council at tonight’s meeting.
The resolution appropriates $334,395 for divers to inspect all publicly accessible properties along the waterfront. The cost includes $86,775 to inspect City-owned properties and $247,620 for all privately-owned, publicly accessible portions of the waterfront. Mayor Zimmer announced the resolution at a waterfront infrastructure community meeting on Sunday evening which more than 60 residents attended.
“When it comes to the state of our waterfront infrastructure and ensuring public safety, we need to fully understand the condition of both publicly and privately owned properties by paying for our own divers,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “It is important that City engineers have first-hand knowledge of the condition of the entire waterfront. I hope the City Council and the public agree that it is critical that we inspect not just City-owned properties, but all publicly accessible properties along our waterfront, regardless of who owns them.”
The City Council was informed two weeks ago that divers would immediately begin inspecting City-owned properties per a State of Emergency declaration issued shortly after the collapse of Sinatra Drive North. To date, divers have inspected from just south of Sinatra Park and along the waterfront promenade to Pier A as well as the short section south of Pier A up to the NJ Transit property that was closed as a precaution last week. As a result of the review, the City is reopening this section of the waterfront walkway on Tuesday morning. Divers have also begun to inspect Pier A.
Since residents are concerned about the structural integrity of their buildings, Mayor Zimmer requested information from Toll Brothers and Applied. Toll Brothers provided notice from their engineers stating that “any possible deterioration of the bulkhead(s) does not constitute a threat to the stability of the buildings.”
An additional public meeting to discuss waterfront infrastructure issues is scheduled for Monday, November 22. The location and time will be announced shortly.
A timeline of events dating to 1995 related to the recent collapse on Sinatra Drive North has been posted to the City website at, and the page will be updated with additional news and information regarding waterfront infrastructure. Residents who are unable to attend the next public meeting may also with questions.

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Assemblywoman Joan Quigley tosses a red herring into the 4th ward election toxic fraud mix

Assemblywoman Joan Quigley wrote a letter to the Hudson Reporter printed this past weekend on the matter of Hoboken's fourth ward special election defending vote by mail. It should be noted her 32nd District does not include any part of Hoboken. Her letter follows:

Dear Editor:

Now that the Hoboken 4th Ward election is over, I must release some of my simmering anger about statements made by some candidates and their supporters, as well as actions taken by some bloggers implying that casting a vote by mail is inherently suspicious. As the sponsor of the legislation in New Jersey that expanded and encouraged the use of vote-by-mail ballots, I am personally offended; and as someone who believes strongly in democracy, I am outraged. Since 2003, the use of vote-by-mail ballots in New Jersey has doubled. Only 2.5 percent of ballots were cast by mail that year. But in 2008, that number had jumped to 5.7 percent, according to state records. Other states have used mail-in ballots for years, and New Jersey was somewhat behind the times until 2005 when the “no excuses” law enabled voters to request mail-in ballots without giving any reason for not wanting to vote in person at a polling place. In New Jersey, those numbers are expected to continue growing as people’s lifestyles change. When anyone can work, shop, bank, and attend college from home, there is simply no reason to require them to schlep to a poll and stand in line to cast a ballot. People are working longer hours, pursuing studies and athletic activities, ferrying youngsters around, taking care of elderly relatives, and carrying out a million other chores. And we all know weather affects turnout. Sending ballots to voters’ homes, where they can make informed decisions at leisure and in privacy, is an almost ideal situation. Unfortunately, actual voter fraud is attempted everywhere and should never be condoned. However, people – in Hoboken and elsewhere – who cared enough to obtain and utilize a mail-in ballot should be applauded and emulated, not intimidated or castigated. Regardless of which candidate you voted for, I express my personal thanks to everyone who voted. If you voted by any method at all, you are a good citizen.

Joan M. Quigley

Assemblywoman District 32

Talking Ed Note: One can only imagine what prompted the Assemblywoman to submit her "simmering anger" red herring on an election in Hoboken having no bearing on her assembly district. What comes to light this Wednesday afternoon at the Hudson County Board of Elections should make both her and Assemblyman Ruben Ramos take pause on the public stance they've taken on Hoboken's fourth ward special election. Then it should be followed with accountability for lowering a statewide office for the cause of? What's the cause again?

In the November special election, Tim Occhipinti's obvious vote by mail operation padded his machine vote by almost 50% not including the almost 100 ballots tossed aside by the County. Certainly the vast number of those were intended for Occhipinti too. Does this stunning fact give the Assemblywoman pause? That and "The Anomaly" well should.

On Wednesday at 4:00 pm, additional illumination on the matter of illegal electoral actions should come to light with anticipated multiple criminal referrals made to the county prosecutor. Those details should it include actual vote buying will prove to be very interesting, to say the least. Such electoral fraud most assuredly should not be "applauded and emulated." (Da Horsey doesn't like red herrings in the stable so in protest returns it in kind.)

MSV has been consistent in sounding alarm about concerns for electoral fraud in the fourth ward special election. As the evidence mounted beyond a mathematical certainty or frankly common sense, it's puzzling to hear voices defending voter's rights including the option to vote by mail as if that is the issue at hand.

It most certainly is not.

If the Assemblywoman is truly interested in a Hoboken council election, perhaps she or her representative will attend the developments to be made public this Wednesday at 4:00 at the Board of Elections in Jersey City to experience first hand what a true outrage in democracy really is. MSV cordially invites Assemblywoman Joan Quigley to voice her outrage here, there and elsewhere.

So save some outrage for Wednesday Assemblywoman. It's going to be needed.

Assemblywoman Joan Quigley at a HUMC board meeting

MSV intends to attend the Wednesday Board of Elections meeting in Jersey City and encourages other concerned Hoboken residents to do so.

When: Wednesday at 4:00 pm

Where: Hudson County Board of Elections, Hudson County Plaza, 257 Cornelison Ave. 4th floor - Jersey City

Why: The subject of fraud in Hoboken's 4th ward special election earlier this month

For those who can't attend, MSV plans to tape the entire proceedings.
It will also be broadcast live here.

Not a joke - yet another water main break

City of Hoboken announces:

Hoboken, NJ - Monday, November 15th, 2010
There is a broken 6” water main on Jefferson Street between 8th Street and 9th Street. A United Water construction crew is on the scene to make repairs. Work is expected to take several hours.
800, 816 and 818 Jefferson Street are without water service.
A water truck was requested and is located in front of 800 Jefferson St at the corner of 8th Street. Residents needing water may bring their own containers to the truck. Additional updates will be posted to the City website as they become available.

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Undervotes yet more evidence to 4th ward voter fraud

This article is an analysis of the under vote oddities in the fourth ward special election by former Hoboken resident and Planning Board alternate David Denning.  He departed Hoboken just this morning with his wife Mary for Paris, France.

An analysis of undervotes in the recent election

An undervote occurs when a candidate or issue receives fewer votes than possible total votes. Throughout Hoboken the undervote on the congressional race averaged 3% in the 32 voting districts outside the Fourth ward. The number of voters who made no choice in the congressional race was consistently between 1-7% except for the 3-2 with a high of 9.1%. On average, there was a small drop in votes for the Sheriff's race, 6% fewer than for Congress, and a much larger drop in votes on the public question, 46% fewer votes than Congress.

In the Fourth the council race apparently causes a difference in undervoting. While the drop in votes between the congressional and Sheriff's race and the public question is consistent with the rest of Hoboken, the council race appears to be the most important race leading to higher levels of undervoting in all these races. The council race is undervoted in 4-1 and 4-2 by 10% and 3.4% and the 4-3 and 4-4 have similar rates of 9.6 and 7.7%. In 4-1 and the 4-2 the congressional undervotes of 14.9% and 12.1% are larger than any district outside the fourth. This is, perhaps, the expected result of an intense council race taking precedence over the congressional race. The big difference in undervotes is in the congressional race. In 4-3 the undervote is 30% and it is a whopping 50.4% undervote in the 4-4. This makes the voting behavior of the 4-3 and 4-4 very different than their Fourth ward neighbors and Hoboken at large. This jump in undervoting accounts for at least 140 more votes, for the council race, than if they'd follow the voting pattern for 4-1 and 4-2.

The Question:
Residents in 4-3 and 4-4 must have been strongly motivated to vote exclusively in the Fourth ward council race such that a third of 4-3 and half of 4-4 did not bother to vote in the congressional or Sheriff's race. What motivated them?

Confusion due to 'noise on the ballot' isn't likely. The council race was in the middle position, if anything the council race's position away from the top left corner hurt it.

A better argument is that the residents of 4-3 and 4-4 were so offended by the Lenz campaign's incredible charges of voter fraud that they came out in force to vote against him. However in every other area in Hoboken, nearly all people who voted in the headline congressional race also voted for Sheriff. In the Fourth, where the Council race was presumably the headline race, it seems silly to make the trip to the polling location without one additional button press for Congress.

My Answer:
It is my belief that money made the difference. The special election for Fourth ward councilman gave us a unique opportunity to see that something was very wrong in by showing what wasn't there. Normally there are no other issues are at stake in a municipal election, a bought vote produces no impression in the voting record. The missing votes for Congress are like the shadow of a knife in a horror movie. There was no vote for Congress because a cellphone photo of a correct council race vote was all that was needed to get paid. Occhipinti won an unbelievable 93% of the vote in the 4-4 which had over 50% undervote on the congressional race. The 4-4 is also entirely in the Housing Authority and it is where Occhipinti got the majority of his paid 'workers.' In the 4-3, which also contains part of the Housing Authority went to Tim by 63%. I am looking forward to Tim's ELECs. There I expect to see over 100 last minute election workers, who didn't vote by mail. This should provide yet more evidence of vote buying and manipulation assuming these 'workers' weren't paid cash.

   Total vote     Council%  Congress%    Sheriff%                         Council
                        Undervote Undervote     Undervote              Total     Lenz   TO 
 4-1        462      10.0        14.9                 16.2                       416      223      193 
 4-2        651        3.4        12.1                  19.5                      629      445      184
 4-3        303        9.6         30.0                 30.7                      274      102      172
 4-4        339        7.7         53.4                 60.8                      313         21      292