Monday, November 22, 2010

Mayor Zimmer on the waterfront - Video

Part 2, much shorter - (this was not in high definition but audio is very clear).

This meeting is important and part of the important record of Hoboken's precious resource, its waterfront.

Hudson Reporter: a blog post too far?

The Hudson Reporter like others has delved into the arena of whether parody has gone too far in the punditry of a graphic featured on Grafix Avenger.

The story appeared on page one along with the big news of the State Attorney General seeing the arrival of the stacks of alleged election fraud problems put forward from the Hudson County Prosecutor's office surrounding Tim Occhipinti and his campaign earlier this month.

As MSV rarely does online polls, if you wish to vote on this here's how they framed it:

To vote on their poll go to the link:

The poll closes on Thanksgiving.

Waterfront meeting tonight, Western Edge, and a shadowy developer group

Councilman Peter Cunningham sent this email out last night and it's notable for the heads up on the revisited Western Edge meetings in December and tonight's waterfront meeting:

Good evening everybody,

This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow night the Mayor will host a community meeting with regards to our waterfront infrastructure issues.  Please attend if you can. 

I will also be announcing in the next day or so the first set of community workshop meetings on Western Edge Redevelopment.  Those meetings will be held the week of December 6th.

Stay tuned...


On Monday, November 22nd, Mayor Dawn Zimmer will host the second community meeting to discuss waterfront infrastructure issues and concerns with residents. The meeting will take place from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Hoboken Historical Museum, 1301 Hudson Street. Mayor Zimmer will also be available afterwards to talk with residents and answer questions about any other issues of concern.

Residents who have questions but are unable to attend may email

Talking Ed Note: The shadowy developer group "Citizens for Sensible Growth," after some very odd telephone polling in early October during the fourth ward special election made a public appearance of sorts at the swearing in ceremony of Tim Occhipinti.

A horde of young people were seen wearing their stickers and appeared to be there in support of the new councilman Tim Occhipinti.  As we noted the strangeness of them assembled and the stickers and before questions could be asked about their presence, some signal was made and just like that, poof - they just all got up and left.

Kurt Gardiner at the Hoboken Journal was actually someone among those who were hit with a telephone poll from this developer outfit.  His story on it linked here:

All the worst concerns about Tim "personal integrity" Occhipinti are coming to pass with his campaign now being reviewed for numerous criminal referrals at the State Attorney General's office and this show of force from a shadowy developer group at his swearing in.

Last, this is ELEC day, so later this week, more of "Tim's Truth," will be revealed.

Frank Raia (c) found himself like others surrounded by a horde of shadowy developer zombies with the oddly named group, "Citizens for Sensible Growth."  How much do you wanna bet "they" are against the Western Edge development plan?  They have something more profitable in mind no doubt.

A group of wandering zombie developer types wore these stickers
at the last City Council meeting

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4th ward already souring on Tim 'money mouth' Occhipinti

TheBankRobber a 4th ward resident sent in this artwork from lower Jackson Street with the following thoughts:

A drawing of Tim Occhipinti shows him happy, missing but with smiling dollars

Just sending you this picture as a heads up of the missing 4th ward representative. I know Timmy has some other problems on his mind these days, but I'd like to point out that I've never seen Timmy in my beloved 4th Ward!

O.K., I saw him once, and that was after he finally figured out where to vote on election day. I understand that being the 4th Ward representative doesn't necessarily mean that Timmy has to constantly walk the mean streets of the 4th Ward, but he did say at the most recent council meeting that he's voting against the Corner Cars because of the people he's spoken to in the 4th ward. That is when I realized that I've never seen him here!

Also if he'd actually walk past the Corner Cars on Harrison and 2nd he'd see that those cars aren't there a lot of the time! Or maybe Timmy should even talk to me or all the other folks that are actually using the Corner Cars in the 4th Ward. So yeah, Timmy already completely misrepresented this ward by not knowing how many people are using the Corner Cars. Off to not a very good start as our representative. The drawing that accompanies this email is in the little park on Jackson between 1st and 2nd....If Timmy was really part of this ward, he might of actually seen it.

Talking Ed Note: Silly BankRobber, if Tim Occhipinti was independent he'd really care what you and other residents using the Corner Cars really think but that decision was made already and as we well know, the mayor introduced this program so the Council of No is against it.

Name another program in Hoboken that has generated this kind of success in such a short time. Doesn't matter, they abhor the idea of losing one or two parking spaces near them in addition to wanting to see the mayor's idea fail. Short of failure, they'll just work to kill it.

There's some additional problems with the Russo-Mason-Castellano hopes to see the popular program gone. They may also be putting the city in legal jeopardy. More on that to come.

Think of it this way, if you are and your family gave up your car and your resident parking permit because you signed on to this winning program and now the new "independent" Councilman Tim Occhipinti joins with the hostile Council of No to kill it off, how angry would you be? Dozens of people have already done so just about outpacing the spots needed for the program's introduction. Add to that almost 1,000 residents who have signed up.

Enough maybe to join in a class action suit? Think about it and after you do, you can blame Tim Occhipinti who has already voted against the program out of the gate in his very first City Council meeting. Way to be independent Tim. Represent!

Paula Dow, paging Attorney General Paula Dow...