Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Cartel and the bow breaks on Hoboken's BoE Catch-22

Hoboken filmmaker Bob Bowdon's documentary "the Cartel," on the misfires of education with its excessive waste, rampant abuse and corruption in the state has added some extras to the DVD. Here's two bonus clips including one with Governor Chris Christie before he was elected:

For more information and to purchase a DVD, go to the movie's website:

Talking Ed Note: Education in the State of New Jersey is filled to the gills with two things: money and politics. Most recently, Hoboken's Board of Education found itself in a catch-22 situation; its designated choice for the position as superintendent was not being given a thumbs up or down contract review from the County Superintendent's office.

NJ's acting education commissioner froze all such reviews at the county level with a new statewide cap coming in February. The cap would max out Superintendent pay to $175,000 maximum and smaller districts as in the case of Hoboken would be capped at $155,000.

No one is publicly saying what the maximum length 4.5 year contract is but it's no stretch to think it's nowhere near the $155,000 cap applicable to Hoboken in February.

After a battle with legal guns firing and controversy over OPRA requests, a thaw may be underway. The state gave the green light for the county to review the contract for Hoboken's BoE selection.

After all when Gov. Christie first announced his toolkit of reforms, his first stop was right in the heart of the Soprano State: Hudson County. His kickoff with a plan to restrain NJ property taxes began in Hoboken breaking expectations of a partisan divide on the large systematic budget problems the state was facing.

This week another key point of the Governor's toolkit on arbitration crossed major hurdle with a compromise announced with Democrat leaders in the State Assembly.

Related: The news story detailing the most recent movement on the Hoboken Superintendent dilemma comes via Hoboken Patch's Andrew Tavani:

Leaving on a jet plane, parking in City's Garage B for a song

City of Hoboken announces:


The City of Hoboken is offering residents who are planning time away from Hoboken the option to park their cars in a municipal garage at a discounted rate.

“We created this option for residents who usually park on-street so that when they go on vacation, they can avoid the street cleaning tickets or the hassle of asking friends or family members to move their cars,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “It’s a convenient amenity for residents which also makes more efficient use of excess capacity in our garages.”

The vacation parking option allows residents to keep their car in the City’s Garage B on Hudson Street (6th Floor) up to 14 days per year. The discounted fee is $5/day, with a maximum of 14 days per calendar year. Interested residents should go to the Hoboken Parking Utility office and provide the same documentation as required for a Resident parking permit. Residents will receive a “Visitor parking permit” that indicates validity in “Garage B, 6th Floor” only and the dates the permit is valid. When departing the garage, residents should show this permit to the attendant to be charged the discounted rate.

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